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2018/09/07 18:06, Krae:   
!ekil I ,gol eht rof sknahT

2018/09/08 05:45, Praska:  edited 1x  Rated: Average 
Only cool thing in that log was use of phial, rest of it even not worth loggin IMHO.

2018/09/08 07:11, Forsgonthen:Rated: Superb 
I was in this log so Its superb!

2018/09/08 08:37, Grizzle: 
Somebody has no love for the Bears! :(

2018/09/08 18:00, Rybin:   
Krae, go home you're drunk

2018/09/08 21:58, G˙rpg˘rk:   
Awful vs Awful, so moist.

2018/09/09 10:49, Eriond:   
Huh, didn't think that shining metals was so dispensable these days. Guess any nab dying at guardian can load it. Good to know!

Man those paws.. nasty things.

2018/09/10 16:30, Samurai:  Rated: Superb 
I thought it was a fun log!

Close fights in and out of sunlight and big mobs, gratuitous berry and snake poisoning, bear using phial, and a corpse with shining metals left untouched even though there was no shadow. What more could you want?

2018/09/10 17:18, Bungo:Rated: Good 
'...and a corpse with shining metals left untouched even though there was no shadow. '

Paranoid as i am, i would call fixed fight on this fact only. Estonians, you know. :SP

2018/09/10 17:42, Grizzle: 
Sorry, I dont care very much about shiningz as Bear :P - besides I wanted to fight him some more...and I did, but then I died Zorcs (who blinded me :P)

2018/09/10 21:08, Bungo:edited 1x  Rated: Good 
Nah, just joking. If there are few of us i never surmise, one of them would be you. Don't prove me wrong, please.
I liked the log, if fixed is out of question.

2018/09/21 18:55, Grizzle: 
Holy crap, not love for bear logs I see :)

2018/09/22 01:18, Vaelrin:Rated: Poor 
random shitlog what u expect

2018/09/24 09:04, Glaurog:Rated: Average 
Nothing personal Enforcer, this log is missing 'the spark' though! :) It is not a rare event, rather a typical bear 'close fight' nearby safe Anduin and I've been in these fights as a Bear too. Sometimes lucky, mostly unlucky. I can say it is a a bit thrilling to be in those situations or to fool around as poorly equipped bear but never notable for me.

2018/12/07 07:26, Nero: 
Always enjoy an Enforcer adventure but in round 3 why was the orc standing around eating bashes? His weapon too slow to fight that way, isn't it?


 Superb Fieldy, Forsgonthen, Samurai 
 Good Bungo, Dagor, Zippo 
 Average Glaurog, Praska, Tramd 
 Poor Baratheon, Telessar, Toigan 
 Awful Ava 
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