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Dinner Party with Bill Bert Tom (Seopa)back

2018/11/07 19:15, Ghara:   
Hard to watch.
Dunno who played this more horrible, the pukes or the trolls.
Also sweet out of game communication. (Giving you draughts without you askin)
Not notable whatsoever.

2018/11/07 19:27, Samurai:  Rated: Average 
Agree that play was bad—tempts me to return, because I could apparently be decent by today’s standards!

But encouraging to see about 7 pukes on at one time!

Also, doesn’t wearing a staff as a shield reduce barehand damage? Seems like it should, since it gives pb and would be held in a hand (as opposed to bucklers).

2018/11/07 23:57, Josie:  Rated: Poor 
The pukes could hardly be stated terrible, considering it was a bear and a hobbit at legend or higher level. The other two were level 21 or less. There was doom for that group, even for idiot trolls. Then again I hadn't logged a puke in over 10 years, so I was a bit out of practice anyway. The communication was horrible, especially on round two, and being dragged in naked just left it hands down open for a re-kill. I honestly didn't care at that point anyway. At least it's a fight, of some sort forcing a final outcome. That I'm supportive of. :)

Dare I say one of the chargers (also relatively new) thought BBT was sleepable. I'm just grateful there were people on to even try something at all! :) :) :) :)

P.S. the mume community definitely needs a come back!

2018/11/08 00:27, Seopa:   
Every log where pukes die in the home of Bill, Burt and Tom is notable.

2018/11/08 00:31, Sudo: 
It was just a baaaad experience...

2018/11/08 04:01, Bardock:  Rated: Average 
cool log but notable?

2018/11/08 04:10, Seopa:   
Every log where pukes die in the home of Bill, Burt and Tom is notable.

2018/11/08 18:56, Gruzz:  edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
Grrrrrrrr, I almost re-wrote that story. Too bad on my noobish part I didn't know BBT was nosleep :( Also, I entered not having any clue that everyone else was naked and just killed LOL! But, it was still quite a fun, my first big battle!

2018/11/17 08:29, Michio:Rated: Superb 
lul, people complaining about out of game communication in towthousandandalmostnineteen.

PvP is competitive, why wouldn't you want the highest possible skill-ceiling in a comptetitive setting? Good communication is hands down the most important aspect in anything that demands team work. Plus, you can't consistantly regulate it. Guess what, wether you like it or not, it's never going away. Ever. EVER.

Also, there are like 20 people playing this game. It's dead and gone brother :)

2018/11/26 21:41, Drogtash: 
Yeah that was painful to read, missed the rating period though :(


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