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2019/03/14 11:58, Khalifa: 
Maybe wrong category, but the last log here is way too old :)

2019/03/14 12:27, Fieldy:  Rated: Good 
Nono, right section! Looked like fun.

Btw, I encourage people to post more under notables, every kind of fight there is - fun to rate. Other stuff can go to 'other logs' section.

2019/03/14 14:07, Wreak:  Rated: Good 
I enjoyed! Slay 'em all (or die trying)! :)

2019/03/14 15:22, Murduk:Rated: Good 
3 roomer cleaver vs smiter should have been an easy win for the cleaver with the faster bash. Didn't play aggressive enough. Good fights nonetheless. Thought you were gonna get him at the end but berserk mode and bash dis :/

2019/03/14 17:58, Kheith:Rated: Good 
Dong is a monster. Good fighting.


 Good Dagor, Fieldy, Kheith, Khundin, Murduk, Singleton, Tekel, Wreak 
 Awful Telessar 
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