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Huge fight 10 vs 8 in Moria! (Swrek)back

2019/05/05 09:40, Fieldy:  Rated: Average 
Fun :D

2019/05/05 14:16, Rogon:   
Uzz lightly pierces *a Half-Elf*'s head and tickles it.

This is a key strategy for any troll who wants to fight sanced pukes!

2019/05/05 22:12, Shaukr:   
I'm glad that big fights like this still happen.

2019/05/06 02:27, Vaelrin:  Rated: Average 
I was so hoping that the trolls would start to organize up and actually target properly. Woulda wanted to see those shitters who are picking and swapping shining from satchel to die so bad. Almost makes me wanna play. Really sad that trolls failed, but at least they denied rogge.

2019/05/06 02:55, Samurai:  Rated: Good 
Yeah, Snakr, if you’d been on you could have had your throwaway multiaccount player accidentally quake the puke group and then ask the leader to rescue you in a preset trap where the trolls were waiting. So sad you weren‘t there! To show your “skills”!!

2019/05/06 05:19, Espen:Rated: Superb 
Was really fun :) Just like the old days..
We had no names to target. Who were the pukes?

2019/05/06 09:42, Agate:   
We were in a similar position there. I labelled a troll and started to hit him til he was bad. Then he was less eager to enter our room.
Turned out to be your leader.

Hugefights are so rare that both groups were missing something resembling a solid battle-plan. You did better with 'hit elves first'. It turned out to be an unreal plan, but it was better than what we had.

I was confident a group that can kill a Balrog, can survive some softskins. Your timing was just perfect... perfect for us!

2019/05/06 15:28, Vaelrin:  Rated: Average 
[submitted link]

Here's how the game mechanics work, Samurai

2019/05/06 17:43, Swrek:   
Yeah, was fun but I was too terrified to label anyone or do much else than use my hotkeys. I don't know why I'm taking this so 'seriously' :D

2019/05/08 20:33, Bruenar:  Rated: Good 
I was the dwarf that had the honor to be the first to meet you and go instantly low, ouch. Crawled back to group and then just wimpy cleave with max rescue and hope our hobbit and helf don't die.I ended bad, i know one of us went to very low awful. It was close Trollies, especially for no names to target.

Second fight was just pure luck by us. We had done one round where Balrog should have died and were almost completely set for round two when you arrived. Different timing and it would get ugly! Thanks for the fun session.


 Superb Espen, Jahara 
 Good Antti, Bruenar, Samurai 
 Average Curve, Fieldy, Vaelrin 
 Poor Dreag 
 Awful Vidgri 
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