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2021/02/23 21:35, Bhugbór: 
I remember this one. Grats on the job, I shoulda won this one.

2021/02/23 22:09, Neamir:Rated: Good 
Damn dude, do you play as well as you do with only MUME aliases, nothing in your client? Wow

2021/02/23 22:25, Aristotle: 
I wouldn't say that I play well, I get lucky.

And also, I do have stuff in my client, mostly my badass targetting system that Imago made 15 years ago. But yeah, a large part of how I play is MUME aliases. You should see how long the alias list is..


2021/02/23 23:36, Shaukr:Rated: Good 
Let me know when you're ready to get serious and make an 18 str BN, Aristotle.

2021/02/24 06:18, Belamir:Rated: Superb 
I mean, you either got lucky landing every single one of your stored spells, or you played well enough to time them to when he was chasing you aggressively.

Either way, it looked like great playing to me - thanks for posting!

2021/02/25 00:41, Ignacio:Rated: Good 
My favorite line:
emote philosophizes 'fuck'

Absolutely bizarre log by two of my favorite pkers. Thank you for posting.

2021/02/28 13:35, Björn:edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
Well I guess you could always try to make a sleeping sub in the client so you don't miss it, something like
An olog-hai troll is --- SLEEPING --- here.

Edit: Or wait, you already have it...

2021/03/02 02:58, Veld:  Rated: Good 
lol me likey.

2021/03/10 15:35, Aristotle: 
Nice rating Telessar :P

2021/03/11 08:54, Jeraziah:   
Bitter scrub Captain America still alive?

2021/03/11 14:48, Zíntilden:   
'bitter' lolplz, I see it more like 'entitled'. Just my opinion...


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