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Shaky plans (Absinth)back

2021/03/03 17:06, Belamir:Rated: Superb 
Oh my fucking God why is this not on notables?

Also, is looting and then purposefully suiciding in a room like GC room to make looting harder/impossible legal?

2021/03/03 17:10, Nockrip:Rated: Average 
Puke sanc + quake is so overpowered. Awesome log.

2021/03/03 17:28, Torkild: 
The 2nd part wasn't bad

2021/03/03 18:33, Elízalde: crack me up man:

*an Orc* leaves west. # bye have a great time
The door closes quietly.
You hear a *click* in a lock.

2021/03/03 18:42, Absinth: 
*insert meme here*

2021/03/03 19:31, Alweon:Rated: Good 
At first I was like why is this in notables? Then I saw part two, lol. Daaaaamn that had to hurt!

2021/03/03 21:01, Singleton:Rated: Superb 

Impressively executed.

2021/03/04 05:35, Nazgum: 
I think that orc looting sumba and going to suicide in GC room was super smart. It would for sure delay looting and give them a chance to gather and storm you.

Unfortunately their storm did not go so well lol.

2021/03/04 17:26, Bungo:Rated: Good 
Nicely executed. But no Dongkill so 4 stars.

2021/03/05 10:41, Faine:Rated: Superb 
2nd part was awesome.

2021/03/17 20:20, Ryalnos:   
Ah, Telessar didn't vote!

2021/03/17 20:30, Telessar:  edited 1x   
Feeling generous these days. Agreed with Nockrip's comment though, this ain't a #47 all time log ;)

2021/03/18 14:13, Ryalnos:   

2021/03/18 21:43, Belamir:Rated: Superb 
First log to make it into the top 50 in 5 years.

2021/08/08 08:00, Torkild: 
There is a ton of shit in top50 and a few good ones. Well people rate anything superb, so there you have it. This one is probably one of the okay ones there.


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