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3v5 battle in tall orc (Itzit)back

2021/04/12 07:28, Singleton:Rated: Good 
Nice! And thanks for the video :-)

2021/04/12 08:46, Facelift:  Rated: Average 
You know the main criteria of a notable log?


2021/04/12 10:04, Osilin:Rated: Superb 
When I wanted to practice something interesting as a shaman I asked a while back if the black breath worked or not, everybody said forget about it.
So does it work, even remotely?

2021/04/12 10:29, Pinch:Rated: Superb 
Wow, good job! Were they all legends?

@Osilin I think the skill only works for p(Nazgum)..Also this comment ->

## time to cast the only offensive spell I have!!

!= cW>cast q 'black breath' *elf*

2021/04/12 10:45, Torkild: 
Fear, blackbreath and quake during seconds, I like it.

2021/04/12 12:12, Ain:Rated: Superb 
Now start to use 'silence' too.

2021/04/12 16:57, Ignacio:Rated: Good 
I really like Nazgum's video logs. Thanks for posting. All those involved made this fight look too easy.

Fear only kills low levels and those with low will? I've seen it kill a scout legend before, if I remember correctly. Didn't seem to affect much this fight but I haven't read it closely yet.

I was disappointed when ceiling didn't get blocked. I demand satisfaction!

2021/04/12 17:23, Shaukr:Rated: Good 
Fear interrupting Black Breath is quite the unexpected combo of spells going off!

Naz is the one to answer this Osilin, but some observations:

BB drains a percentage of remaining moves/mana, giving some to the caster. The amount I've lost in testing has ranged from 'eh' to 'where the fuck are my moves'. It needs a target, but affects all non-grouped entities. It seems like the spell % is not important beyond casting success, making the 35 max pracs a trap. Haven't confirmed that myself.

Ignacio: fear can do nothing, make you flee, make you 'collapse' (like 50~ dam?), or wizkill. I assume these are thresholds where fear's power is drawn from a distribution and the roll is checked vs the target's save. Given that there's no friendly fire, it (and BB) are kinda neat in a teamfight!

2021/04/12 17:38, Breaux: 
Would love to see more interesting combinations of spells, eg a stacking spellsave reduction spell for a limited manacost, eg 10 mana for 10 spellsave or whatever stacking up to 5 times. Could be useful in both smob and pk. Dummy numbers but can easily be balanced. Or similar with armour reduction or pb/db.

2021/04/12 18:47, Emi:Rated: Average 
I also just had similar experience with black breath. I ripped out in wide open wondering wtf happened to my moves! never seen it used before but was really effective.

2021/04/12 20:32, Shirefoot:  edited 1x  Rated: Poor 
First of all, major props for jumping us 3v5, while armed with black breath?! :-) Very gutsy as you didn't know what to expect. But it was really a 3v4, since Holey was midbie and new to the game. Also, as far as I know, Eldest is more of an xp/rp guy, though I suppose that in MUME you PK whether you want to or not.

The action itself was a 'Meh' at best. More of a slaughter than a battle. Our quake avoidance was nonexistent. I had a purple that I never bothered to recite. Nor could I be bothered to bolt a specific target. Honestly, I think just Zud, Cyndane and a couple of meagles could have handled this mission AND made a log worthy of notables. Not this one though, sorry!

2021/04/12 22:43, Cyndane: 
This was fun, I had 2 stored quakes and hot mana. I really had no clue who was in, this group just cleared Brolg and Khuzur.

I was going regardless, just glad those two were close! 🤣

2021/04/12 23:16, Stoik:   
First of all, props to you for charging in with no idea of what was in there. We were definitely not a power group by any means. I haven't played this dorf cleric in a long time and had decayed all quake and store in exchange for fear. I was about 4 beers into this session when we got jumped. I panicked and spammed a couple fears. We were in no way prepared for PK. I got lucky as hell to make it out. Not proud of my play, but still giggle at the badass comment for double fear in the log. :P

2021/04/13 00:07, Stoik:  edited 2x   
Was hoping for a lucky fear like this one:[submitted link]

2021/04/13 10:52, Belamir: 
Fear AND black breath in the same log?? What year is this??

2021/04/13 20:02, Ryalnos:   
[submitted link]


2021/04/15 14:16, Bungo:Rated: Average 
Sucks. To be honest, 95% of darkie logs suck in my eyes, so don't feel offended.

2021/04/17 11:51, Belamir: 
Hey, feel free to post a dark side log yourself, that doesn't suck.

Or any dark side log.

At all.

2021/04/17 20:03, Morak:Rated: Good 
hey I'm doing my best Belamir

2021/04/18 10:41, Belamir:edited 1x   
Sorry, was it not obvious I was responding to Bungo? Or are you one of those 'multiaccounters' Zintilden is trying to crack down on? :)

2021/04/18 21:23, Morak:Rated: Good 
*bonk belamir* No, I was saying that I posted a dark side log! Now it's your turn!

2021/04/20 14:40, Bungo:edited 1x  Rated: Average 
I don't play 'dark side'. Wasn't it obvious? First i don't like them, second, RP reasons. Can't storm caves you know with another char. Maybe you can, but not me. Takes a lot away from game.

And yes, multiaccounter i am. Good Manwe.


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