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2021/04/18 10:47, Belamir: 
Which character got the kills? Are you that level 16 that hit first warlord?

2021/04/19 08:26, Pinch: 
Bistri narrates 'what is a very large knotted tree-branch'

But but! Where's the sleazy joke :(

2021/04/19 08:48, Faine:Rated: Good 
Another pleasant log, keep them coming.

2021/04/19 10:15, Torkild:edited 1x  Rated: Awful 
Pleasant log? Just pure shit as usual.
Edit: Woops. Didn't have my morning Coffee yet. What I meant was, why post this to notables?

2021/04/19 12:06, Faine:Rated: Good 
I'd prefer 2 shit logs per day over no logs at all.
Notables or not, rly dont care.
No need to be so bitter, fyi your 'usual shitlogs' are pleasant too.

2021/04/19 14:12, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
nah just speaking my mind. He can upload all his overkills for all i care. I do also generally like reading logs. No idea why it's notable tho.

2021/04/19 19:04, Dearth:  Rated: Good 
lol Torkild never change

2021/04/19 21:40, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
Come to lick some ass Dearth? You also think this was a notable display maybe?

2021/04/20 04:41, Drogtash:Rated: Awful 
And charsep? Why include dying on other characters for no reason in the log? Except to tell Dong that he's an ldkiller which you could've just as easily done on RR?

2021/04/20 05:47, Fieldy:  Rated: Average 
Thanks for the log!

2021/04/20 14:21, Bungo:edited 3x  Rated: Good 
I am almost admirer of Torkild. Man who has never shown any skill, who dies left and right because it's 'brave', has something negative (usually about others 'skill')to say anywhere and everywhere. :-)

Drogtash: Because it was entertaining? For me, at least.

Nice log, thanks for sharing.

2021/04/20 15:37, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
I usually don't log my (over)kills though, unless on a rare occation. I'm sure there are players with a higher skill level than me. I always try to challenge those to become better. You aren't one of them though. To be fair I like reading most logs. And yeah if he wants to spamupload mediocre performances i'm okay with that. I know he can pull off better shit than this to put on notables.

2021/04/20 16:02, Bungo:edited 2x  Rated: Good 
I don't play for a LOOONG time, Torkild. So yeah, i am not 'one of them'. Actually i just remember two occasions i gave you almost full warrior gear (ornate, rubyring and cash for metal, looted from recently slain orcs). Both times you lost it in 30 minutes. To be honest, i really suspected, that you did it on purpose, to give gear to the 'dark side'. Hard to believe that you are so 'dieable'.

2021/04/20 16:16, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
What 20+ years ago?

2021/04/20 16:35, Bungo:Rated: Good 
Maybe ten to five or so. Was really surprised you still playing Torkild.

2021/04/20 17:15, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
Yeah well it really depends on the char. It could easily be true, if i found the right opponents. Not denying that. I am not as interested in ending my life with the chars i play these days. Or against the players that play these days.

2021/04/20 17:47, Enforcer: 
Yikes! Chill people, I never claimed it was a rocking log, but notable for Dong dying (the top dog playing this game right now (bn too at that)). And for people who play with me know how I obsessed for my revenge :). Just rate or dont and move on.

2021/04/20 17:59, Bungo:edited 1x  Rated: Good 
Yeah. You 'ripped him a new one'. For Elizalde too, as it seems. :-P

2021/04/20 18:02, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
Yeah i could show 10 logs of the same. I had the same happen to me too, but i didn't log the kills. I logged once i died of it though. He's fun, but top dog? Yeah i don't think so.

2021/04/21 11:43, Dearth:  Rated: Good 
Calling the log 'pure shit', saying I 'lick ass', throwing insults left, right, center.. what a badass. Elizalde dying redshirting Dong & spawncamping made it notable for me

2021/04/21 13:01, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
yeah i may have been abit extreme about the log. The pattern where you enter and kiss ass isn't something i apologize for though. It's how it's always been.

2021/04/21 15:21, Dearth:  Rated: Good 
Sure I kiss ass, Sardaukar is better in MUME than you or me. Your comment was retarded, good you have enough self-awareness to agree

2021/04/21 15:54, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
Atleast you.

2021/04/21 17:17, Dearth:  Rated: Good 
He's better than you because he has better logs;) Btw we will repeat these discussions every time you make another unfair toxic comment to anyone.. which is going to be soon based on past 20 years

2021/04/21 17:40, Torkild:Rated: Awful 
Yeah maybe he can be better with some rust shaken off, who knows. We'll see. I will always accept his fights, he's usually pretty cool that way. Unlike you.

2021/04/21 23:56, Elizalde:   
Spawn camping? I think not. He was tracked there from pretty far away, also he was on foot, for quite a while. The door was blocked as soon as we shut it, so where the fuck was I to go in the 30 seconds (if that much) that he rented? He needed moves and didn't get hit, so he was able to rent and log back in almost instantly.

Anyhow, since the nursery is full here, I'll leave you boys to it.

2021/04/24 22:23, IminyŽ:Rated: Superb 
bold font for *Dong... is not working on ER for me

2021/04/28 02:22, Shirefoot:  Rated: Good 
Enjoyed. Thanks for the upload. Have fun out there!

2021/04/28 16:17, Britney:edited 1x   
Hah. Nothing have changed. Dong still linklesskilling and people whining about 'wrong section' :D :D :D


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 Good Bungo, Dearth, Emi, Faine, Shirefoot 
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