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Balrog Army in Moria (Itzit)back

2021/06/06 18:30, Fieldy:  Rated: Good 
I was really worried about the dog. You two - not so much, you can handle yourselves :D
Thanks for the log!

2021/06/06 18:47, Capcaun: 
Did the dog make it!?

2021/06/06 19:53, Itzit: 
hehe yes dog made it =)

reading it here after posting, this probably isn't very entertaining lol, but i like to see more logs then one a month on the main logs page of elvenrunes =P

2021/06/06 20:07, Vikat:Rated: Good 
It's fine :) Good read, thanks for posting.

2021/06/06 23:47, Burk:Rated: Superb 
We had the gates watched pretty well. I was worried you'd call beast up in icewall and get out that way.

2021/06/07 00:18, Shirefoot:  Rated: Good 
Pretty cool adventures! But your dog needs a doggy-door.

2021/06/07 06:27, Phae:Rated: Good 
After reading this I'm more shocked we didn't get Zud. Also I lmfao @ Zud's group tell 'WTF' too.

2021/06/07 07:30, Singleton:Rated: Good 
Very entertaining, thanks for posting!

ps: I was NOT worried about the dog, more about you having to clean up :-)

2021/06/07 17:34, Eolo:  Rated: Good 
Nice adventure, but I was also worried about your dog. I hope you had some quality time with it later lol.

Thanks for the log, something nice to read, as always.

2021/06/08 06:02, Slampen: 
Did the Balrog die?

2021/06/08 10:53, Belamir: 
Yeah, Balrog died before this log started. Itzit ran into the group as it was (going to be) leaving Moria.

2021/06/15 14:23, Ibrahim:Rated: Good 
This is what happens when Moria is your sandbox. Thanks for posting! I don’t think you need to worry about quality when reading material is so sparse, and I enjoyed reading it besides. Good job surviving and finding a kill.

2021/06/17 16:26, Bungo:edited 1x  Rated: Poor 
I have red your logs enough that even without reading it to grade it poor. :-)

2021/06/17 23:30, Elizalde:   
'Superb' to one-up this asshole ^^^^^^^^^^ who ironically posted recently and spit fire my way about how much of an asshole Erebos was and blahblahblah.

Stepping it up these days and following Erebos in even the dick clickin of log vote, hmm?

Fucking twat.

2021/06/18 00:44, Ryalnos:   
Bungo just keeps posting because he needs someone, anyone, to feel something about him even if it's hate.

2021/06/18 01:59, Facelift:  Rated: Average 
You can all see the high standards of Bungo's posted logs :D

2021/06/18 12:05, Elizalde:   
His votes no longer count. Don't be straight up assholes and come bragging about it like a punk if you value utilizing Elvenrunes.

2021/06/18 15:28, Arcanum:   
Dear Elizalde
Please stop snapping like that. No need for ER to end up like some 'woke' 'cancel' $h..hole. People leave those places en masse.

The plead is general, nothing personal. I do not rate logs and loved to read this particular one. I also have no idea who Bungo is.

If someone wants to speak his mind, let him. You guys even have first amendment for it *wink*.

I love to read logs from early 2000s, also comments. Lets assume people are in their teens 20y ago and the flamewar, blamewar, he-did-you-did-read-this-old-log-link-where-you-sucked-hard clanwar is childish but understandable. Somewhat sad while somewhat surprising and even amusing is same people still doing the thing to some extent.

Let them do it. Please?

PS and some people always rating awful. let them have it too.

2021/06/18 15:56, Ryalnos:   
Bad-actor votes have never been censored before... Top logs always have a bit of animosity luck - e.g., was Telessar around to rate ;)

2021/06/18 16:44, Elizalde:  Rated: Superb 
Someone voting and stating they didn't read the log, just to be a dick is completely different than voting based on their opinion of the log itself.

I don't care what was done in the past - but I would guess a period of between 7 to 10 years there was no admin or moderator whatsoever, only Axel adding accounts. So...of course it was a free for all? 8)

2021/06/19 18:51, Dearth:  Rated: Awful 
Please stop censoring votes. Your friend Erebos voted logs awful for ~10 years because he found it amusing and he should have the right to do it, now it is up to some crazy old lady to judge if your opinion is valid. Voting it awful because fuck Elizalde, ban me too

2021/06/20 01:20, Elizalde:   
Dear Dearth,

The feature was created and installed for a reason by Axel as an Admin Tool. Reasons just like this, and probably Erebos in the past too.

I never said his opinion for voting is valid or not. Please learn to read! He stated himself he voted it poor without even reading it.

Say what you like about me, I wouldn't let him do this to you either, even if you constantly are spewing shit about others without fully reading the very comments you are spewing about.

Have a great weekend!

2021/06/21 21:18, Arcanum:   
heard there was an english (i know an english teacher from US is a joke per se) teacher from US teaching abroad long ago, who gave grades for what pupils thought instead of how they put it in english. your idea is 'wrong', hence you get a bad grade no matter how perfect your grammar or vast the vocabulary. grading ideas measured against her twisted understanding of the world.

heard there was a person who escaped north korea and ended up in columbia university and had a deja vu - she felt she was forced to think the way they wanted her to think.

reading last comments under this log gave me those associations.

what's next on elvenrunes?
ignorance is strength?
Hate Week?

2021/06/21 21:49, Belamir: 
I would love an entire week devoted to Hate.

His logs were fucking awesome.

2021/06/21 23:03, Zintilden:   
Look - pretty simple here. Complain to Axel if you don't like me or the way I do things. The same 6 people like to nitpick about anything I do, complain, make it seem as if I'm overstepping - and I'm done answering to the nitpick crew to be clear. I don't owe you a damn reply even.

1. Complain to Axel - stop pussyfooting around like old geezers do, bickering amongst each other - DO SOMETHING about it, tough guys.

2. Elect yourself for all I care to take over, then at least it's less on Axel to have to deal with - got it?

3. Don't message me privately about this post - there isn't anything else to be said imo.

4. Feel free to continue to nitpick, comment after every little thing I do here, after every comment I make, etc., that is your right to do so. I don't have to respond or explain myself though - and I won't.

2021/06/24 15:11, Ryalnos:   


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