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Bloodbath in Magus (Gagzik)back

2021/07/02 22:27, Elizalde:   
Loved the co-op between Nazgum and Facelift. So very sweet how many targets they killed working together.

2021/07/02 23:39, Eolo:   
I was really hoping you guys would forget me. Wooden ring did not work and crumbled to dust. Rock on the door didn't work aswell. Had Moro outside and some other I forgot trying to break from outside, but you guys reblocked. Didn't have enough picks to pick backway -- which I forgot to collect key, only one I did not have. Nicely executed by Nazgum, of course.

Facelift tells you 'have you seen eolo about?' -- Needless to say he's got a crush on me.

2021/07/03 03:07, Snorlax:  Rated: Superb 
Dunno how low Angelfire got, but seems the rest of us were around bad for most of that fight :P.

I was in it, so I can only rate...

2021/07/03 10:05, Zud:  Rated: Superb 
Fantastic execution, thanks for sharing.

2021/07/03 10:25, Torkild:Rated: Good 
The performance in this log. It's not particulary well played by the darkies. It's just i dunno. Like fighting poorly coded npcs?

2021/07/03 14:24, Snorlax:   
Main thing darkies did right is reading the enemy to realize this 4v8 was doable. Gagzik was right to drop quakes, other than that we mostly stayed on the same page with targeting and didn't panic around when each of us went bad, shrug.

2021/07/03 15:02, Lonewülf:   
Just delete your account on ER Torkild or ask an admin to do so. Noone misses you in game, and noone will miss you coming here spewing shit all over the place as it seems to be the only thing you got going in your miserable life. Darkies had a plan, not to shit their pants, and it worked out for the better, got numerous logs when you did just that and died like a pig.

2021/07/03 15:28, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Okay yeah I wouldn't doubt it. Is it spewing shit Lonewulf? Lets just agree to disagree. It's facts, deny it as you want. Show me a log where i lose 8vs4 with 2 shamans and a bn. Fuck it, show any log of anyone doing that. I think this was a good charge, but tell me who did you think played well. Elaborate it please. Facelift weren't bad. I think the bn and orc warrior did okay too. Imagine a full lvl 90(?) Warrior with 7 team mates. How much space does he need to wreck this darkiegroup. Yeah i don't really miss this either, but i'll comment when i feel like it. Ps i have a few logs of you too lol.

2021/07/03 16:04, Nude:Rated: Superb 
Wish this kind of stuff happened more often, 13+ players fight in closable is amazing in itself. Good job to darkies for waiting this out and picking right moment to totally wreck the panicked pukes and shame to the puke group for such a poor display..

2021/07/03 17:43, Snorlax:  edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
What would be a nice outcome from this imo is if the pukes involved would make better plans to communicate, etc. We knew if Reich died it would be every puke for themselves. Other than quakes, one spell landed from them?

Much more fun to fight an opponent with plan, and if pukes had more confidence in their organization they might actually take more fights instead of running around in megapacks that still need to be carefully stalked around.

2021/07/03 18:18, Nude:Rated: Superb 
@Snorlax: all they had to do is dodge the quakes..

2021/07/03 18:41, Neamir:Rated: Superb 
Awesome fight - MUME still lives! Damn how come I never get to join anything like this.

I wonder what % of all online players were involved in this fight lol.

To me, it looks like the pukes were all engaged with the orc mobs s when Angelfire went to quake, which meant their screens were full of spam and (as a result) their reactions were slowed. Additionally the fight spam would have obscured the noise, so no warning. When a big puke power group is rolling all over Arda, no darkies online in hours (per Gagzik being the only player online), it's easy to get lulled into a stupor where you're just spamming assist and not paying too much attention. I suspect that's a big factor here. If they'd been sitting unengaged and saw the noise coming, perhaps a different outcome. As it was, the pukes went boredom to panic instantaneously.

By my count, Angelfire did: 1 block, 3 quakes, 1 bolt, 1 cure serious == 101 mana for a BN. Pretty badass utilization.

I think this log is a great example of how one player (Gagzik) can organize and create an awesome fight on their own initiative - I wish there was more in-game mechanics/incentives for such leadership.

Perhaps their could be a mechanism like a 'track trophy' where if you are the first in your group to have tracked a player before the group kills it, you get some type of bonus.

2021/07/03 19:34, Dearth:  Rated: Superb 
Awesome. Torkild never change

2021/07/03 19:53, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Do you find anything i say not true? Or is it just that i speak my mind you find annoying? Yeah who cares lol.

2021/07/03 20:30, Elizalde:   
Torkild - I read your first two comments as follows:

Comment 1 - They all sucked, basically like they were killing stupid mobiles.

Comment 2 - The darkies were all 'ok', besides Nazgum, because you know - I have 'Nazgum' issues.


2021/07/03 20:50, Torkild:Rated: Good 
Thanks for letting me hear your analysis. I never said he played shitty. The big thing here is the misplay by pukes, not the effort of the darkies. However the initial quakes were good. Singletargetting out reich was good.

2021/07/04 22:57, Fieldy:  Rated: Good 
Good log, thanks!

2021/07/05 17:17, Elizalde:   
Dearest Torkild - You are very welcome. So let me continue -

Comment 4 - Then you have my most sincere apologies as I clearly misread or misunderstood the 1st and 2nd comments. I mean this with all my heart too and I am not being sarcastic one bit - truly.

Yes, even I fuck up, misjudge and make assumptions that are not correct, quite a lot in fact. As you know, some of you trigger me into mamma bear mode. Sorry, but not so fucking sorry about that?

Thank you for clarifying it for me though. 8)

2021/07/06 07:43, Dracol:  Rated: Superb 
The element of surprise. Awesome log!

2021/07/16 04:44, Shirefoot:  Rated: Good 
Gutsy charge! It doesn't seem to have been an exceptional play by darkies so much as it was a poor performance from pukes. Not sure what happened there. Too bad there doesn't seem much commentary from the whities. There's no shame in effing up. I would know!

2021/07/18 13:48, Facelift:  edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
Eolo coulda easily 1shot bad armorlwss shamans reciting scrolls. Just sneak in and shoot once. But no, insta panic and try to gtfo when you outnumber enemy 2x, mighty warlord, the senpai.

Just like pRik who rates log bad but would never have balls to even enter lol


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