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Attack of the Hobbit Cleric-Thief (Dissonus)back

2021/09/19 17:30, Singleton:Rated: Superb 
Nice!! You played your cards well, even when blind continued to fail :-)

2021/09/19 20:08, Shaukr:Rated: Average 
I dunno. The 'thief cleric vs warrior' headline is great, but it felt more like 'do I have enough metalbolts and scrolls for a hp race with a slashing warrior who's stuck on mobs?'

2021/09/19 23:37, Nazgum:Rated: Superb 
i don't think beleth realized how close he was to winning, hobbits without 2nd breakfast easy pickings! hehe

2021/09/19 23:41, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Beleth: I see master Zud has thought you well. Should probably try fighting the rider from time to time :)

*Beleth the Orc* (k) slashes a mountain mule (minu)'s left foreleg extremely hard and shatters it.
You hear a mountain mule (minu)'s death cry as he collapses.
A mountain mule (minu) is dead! R.I.P.

@Dissonus: Nfc how you manage to play that hobbit thiefcleric of yours.. not only that, but you also pick one warrior out of the darkie blob and kill it without breaking a sweat.

2021/09/20 00:00, Ares:Rated: Superb 
That blind was never going to land with a char like that :D but yes even though there was 2 blue scrolls and all other consumables involved, im still surprised the orc died :P

2021/09/20 01:13, Zud:  Rated: Average 
I think it was well done, but I also agree with Shaukr's opinion as well. The open mobs combined with the consumables did tilt this a bit, but I don't think Dissonus had a chance at all without the 2 blue scrolls.

@Antrax - I have yet to see you ever fight 1 on 1, and/or in any group other than 5-7 versus me, and from what I recall you don't really actively PK. Your just a puke GLOB. Grow some, and bring some change to American nights. I commend Mike for at doing it!

2021/09/20 01:27, Dissonus: 
Instead of dying with the scrolls, I decided to try a fight I had absolutely no business winning.

He should've, and almost, killed me with just returnblows alone.

How did the scrolls tip the fight? I started off half hps, and 16 mana after I blocked.. At best, the scrolls brought it to where I was full hp.

_AND_ I was hungry, so absolutely no regen whatsoever.

I also think many are missing the fact that my sneak maxes at 90, so in all reality, the open mobs hurt me as much as they did him.

There's no way this can be ever considered even; I was eating shatters from him outside in the open just before this, from full hps. That's why I started so low.

I don't really see anyone else trying a fight as any type of caster vs. a purewarrior, unless they have charm.

Anyway, sorry for posting notables, I thought it had all the earmarks of a great log; greatly disadvantaged, good use of consumables, near deathx3, huge group outside desperately trying to get in, and the miraculous escape to victory.

2021/09/20 01:32, Shaukr:Rated: Average 
You were right to post it. I thought your last xbow murderfest was better though!

2021/09/20 03:23, Zintilden:   
Even with all the toyz & goodies - good job, sounds like a character you need all that stuff on though? mmm sounds like a huge annoying chore and too much weight. So on the note of weight and combo-sneak-draining move type of characters: sweet job then, Beleth!

Master Mrakomor taught me the same thing as Zud apparently taught you! Sucks when some lil hobbit-nerdlet gets low and is a slingshot away from Bree, much less with a mount - 'just in case' he needs to flee, am I right? Rather have him sneaking along and draining moves the whole way if an escape was attempted - so good plan IMO!

Thanks for posting. Own that shit with no regrets and ignore confidence killers. Give them the good ole '#GFYS'.

2021/09/20 03:56, Ryalnos:   
Your power blocking the gate resisted a breaking attempt!

??? Why do this

2021/09/20 04:36, Zintilden:   
PS - Ryalnos tooted a fart toward the gate and got a resist. (lolplz!!!!)

2021/09/20 09:11, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Zud: I do PK on occasions, but do not spend all my playtime doing it. If my memory serves me right, i did fight you 1 on 1, and even 1 vs 2, against you and Sumba, although Sumba was a bit 2 much for me to chew.
The comment for Beleth was supposed to make fun of how your group spamkills mounts regardless of zone/player/etc. It is a good tactic sometimes, but not when loads of mounts few rooms away. Also, not that great versus people with bob, they have infinite moves pretty much :)

Lets not steal the spotlight from Dissonus though, he did amazing on a char that has no business working :)

2021/09/20 12:42, Zud:  Rated: Average 
@Antrax you love to make comments on this but again, your playtime consists of exp. if you do however change your mind and wish to fight, I will wait. I was speaking of the poster of this log until you threw my name in it which has nothing to do with me.

In this case Beleth chose this on his own and he was fiddling with the pesky hobbit before this fight. As far as the hobbit getting away easily either way, donít be too sure. A lil hobbit told me he had to sleep 6 rooms away from Bree to make it safely.

Lastly, I cannot recall the last time other than the person who logged this who actively looks for PK on the puke side and furthermore, will even enter somewhere to do it. If you fight only people who fight outdoors 100% of the time you would also do the next best thing. PK in this game is sad and more players should try to PK more. When people ask, it is like tennis. Until you try it, and fail, you wonít improve. That is meant for the general mume population including your puke. I win as much as I lose. Although my deaths lately have just been stab and gacs, I still love to read fights like this.

I guess you canít change the person only the player itself.

See you on the battle field! :D

2021/09/20 14:26, Qpid:   
I think the mount killing is what saved you. If he had just finished off the 3 rats quickly, all he had to do was keep the door to the ghost closed. Why would you start killing non aggressive mobs after being blocked inside a closable?

I do find it hard to get people to enter closable too. I think the only people brave enough for it these days are p Torvi, Dong, Dissonus. Everyone else just wants to overkill, or kill your mount.

It does make for safe regen though. 3 darkies found me trying to solo BW this week, but they just left because they didnít want to enter a closable door, saved me from dying.

Zud i have not seen you willing take a 1 vs 1 indoors in a long time, hell I canít even get you to 1 vs 1 in open areas if you donít know it well. And donít say the time in brolg counts, I had to trap you to fight.

2021/09/20 15:56, Zud:  Rated: Average 
@Qpid How about Brolg quite recently where you killed me with your 2 pets? I could have run out too you know. And if you think for a moment I didnít know I was being trapped you are wrong :P

And as your scout you are just like the rest, stab and run or swim. It is boring to be honest if you are playing a warrior unless you make a critical error.

2021/09/20 16:02, Elizalde:   
Hi Qpid? I was online a day fighting some other puke near Brolg while you were in the area goofing around near ohurk and hc. Zud and Terash or one of his chars I believe were also around - they were bouncing between you and the one I was targeting. All three of us were doing our own thing, and my suspicion was that you and my targeted puke were in a similar situation and hunting/pking your own way? We tried communicating but with you running hc, other running hillside - well, we each had our own agendas as well! Sorry we couldn't accommodate ypu better!

Then, I believe it was also you who was portaling from pkhot spots to GC, letting it be quite known you were doing it - several times im fact. Trying to flee orcs into mobs/randoms where sun is...mmmmmmm yes, I believe this was you indeed!

Still wondering why no one took your bullshit fight? Similar to the bullshit pat on the back you just gave yourself above, pkdaddy. Let me help: good job and fuck off with that BS plz.

2021/09/20 16:05, Dissonus: 
If ER allowed the posting of gifs, I would post the one of Homer Simpson slowly backing into the bushes.

2021/09/20 16:07, Qpid:   
Yeah the time you entered brolg, saw me there and then tried to get the door mob to open again so you could run away? Considering you spammed open a few times while I blocked the door makes me think otherwise. I bet the only reason you were low moves at the end is because you spammed them away on the narr channel. With those 6 heal scrolls you should have won that fight easy.

2021/09/20 16:25, Qpid:   
Oh Eliza, I have 1 character with any kind of teleport spell and heís been retired for 5 years. I donít think you can even portal to GC but Iím not sure. It would be a solo hobbit scout vs 2-3 darkies in GC with some mobs alive. I guess thatís to scary for you. Iíll just keep to killing you in the open. I tend to play solo 99% of the time, I did team up with eolo once, but I have never had a portal group doing bs like what your imagining. Perhaps your just paranoid.

2021/09/20 17:06, Zud:  Rated: Average 
Come on Qpid. I fled up and you blocked it. I knew you were there. Canít we just say it was fun? I lost but still enjoyed the battle.

2021/09/20 17:11, Qpid:   
Ok. Iím glad you had fun too, thatís what a mume session should be.

2021/09/20 18:03, Elizalde:   
Looking for another pat? Sure! *PAT*

I didn't investigate this myself, I was informed of it, so I then questioned if it was even a typo 'GC' instead if 'HC', twice it was relayed to me in confirmation 'GC'. I assumed you where doing the portal to wraiths, had one at entranced charmed (typical forte type thing of yours!), much like I've seen you do at webs around Emyn, trying to hide/use mobs to flee someone into a mess. In this case it would be fleeing orcs (if they have an unlucky flee) up to more mobs which more often than not flee people east into sun if day and moved draining randoms for heavy warriors on foot!!!!!

Anyhow, before you bother to put yourself back on the pedestal for back-patting and spew out more shit about me, I'll just add before you do it for me that I can't do anything without Dong! Thought I would save us some time here, since we have been doing this for so many years! I'm content with that and I'll see you on the battlefield again only when Dong is holding my hand to help me, etc!

yuuuuuuuuuuuuup, so again, fuck off pal, I have better things to do then pat you.

lol Zud, I just noticed what you did back there and having a proud-mom-type-moment going on here 8) bahaha

2021/09/20 18:36, Lamia:Rated: Good 
Now now, let's not let ourselves get distracted. Great log, Dissonus!

2021/09/20 18:58, Zugh:Rated: Good 
see how evil mike is ! cant you see now!

2021/09/20 23:59, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Zud: I wont try to explain how trying to bash/nuke solo people dead in open, or hunting lowbies with 4+ is to one sided to be called PK, you can figure that for yourself. That would also explain why people do not take your group's 'fair' fights most of the times. The gacing is also a huge problem, as some of the combos people play nowadays, cant really work without key items, that take forever to obtain.
That being said, you are right, nearly everyone is playing on the wimpy side, including you/me, as the game caters towards that sort of play. Larger zones, plenty of mobiles to farm for experience, new levels that allow some combos that were simply not possible a while ago, and last but not least, the ever smaller player base. PK is now more of a side thing, than a main activity and most of the PK oriented community already retired. If you are happy with doing something else, until you happen to bump into pk, or pk happens to bump into you, all good, if not, then i'm afraid that the good ole days when you grabbed a spiked mace and rushed the first closable with something in it are long gone.

2021/09/20 23:59, Fitzcarraldo:Rated: Average 
Of course this is notable, thanks for posting!

Fun read.

Couple questions:
* If you're sneaking and type shoot, doesn't it give your opponent a message like 'Dissonus leaves his hiding place', then take a half second to shoot and deal damage? Or is it almost instantaneous for xbow, and not interruptable? I guess I'm wondering if how much time a warrior has to either attack you and interrupt the shot, or simply leave the room.
* How often do you get 1v1s these days?

2021/09/21 00:20, Zud:  Rated: Average 
@Antrax - I agree with what you have said. Too bad the GACING is still going on, and yes we all know old Mume, which is all what we really hope it will be again. I just didn't think myself making a comment would turn into 'who has the biggest dick' contest. I only play to PK, and as you know I don't play the Puke side. I look for fights, even against odds. Everyone just loves to dump and blame a warrior, and that's me. I don't care enough though. I log for fun and I just don't enjoy the constant xping. Just ask anyone I try that with, it usually involves me literally falling asleep :P #toeachhisow

It doesn't take long to get a decent set, at least enough to PK with on a warrior which is why I enjoy it more lately.

@Fitzcarraldo - one on one's just don't exist in Mume 2021. I wish they did!

2021/09/21 00:36, One:   
Pre loaded the xbow shot is almost instant, and you donít see them taking aim. Flushing can stop it, or if they fail sneaking and you hit them first. Loading the xbow will reveal you, so a warrior has to hunt quick.

I had a semi 1 vs 1 last week with my dwarf. Mainly because of the area I was fighting. But the backup came right after the death cry.

2021/09/21 01:04, Elizalde:   
#1 - I'd pat you on the back and feed that sexy ego even more, but my wrist is still stinging from Lamia's reprimand.

Tomorrow is a new day though and then the behavior chart is wiped clean again, mmmkay?

2021/09/21 04:23, Ytinas:   
flushing doesnít stop loaded crossbow shot in my experience, but shoot is as fast as flush q so tough to flush anyway. Pretty nasty. Canít wait until al the charmers start running around with them.

2021/09/21 08:49, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Zud: Yeah, the pure classes are way easier to equip, and warrior in particular, but unfortunately, they are also weaker then the average thunder farting combo. I did try the hunt for PK aproach, and you end up roaming for hours just to have people avoid/run, or try to overkill. Some people might still be able to outplay and win against the odds, not me though, and its probably the same for the majority.
You do not have to mindlessly exp until you fall asleep, that is boring indeed. It can be something like helping a friend get some gear, learn a new zone, trying out a new idea of a next to be op char, or figuring out ingenious ways to use the game mechanics to your advantage. Collecting TPS is also one of my favorite activities, i just love to mindlessly run in circles for hours...
@Ytinas: Flushing will stop loaded crossbow if you doit in time, move dir/flush prespam works, but it wont prevent the xbow from going off, since the person shooting can just double shoot and land the bolt on 2nd shoot, while your weapon is on cooldown. It wont hurt as much as a bolt landed from sneak, but its still painful. One weapon hit vs 1 bolt (that can potentially hit for 100hps) is a very bad tradeoff, one of the reasons why xbow is so op. It does take some good timing with reloading though, and Dissonus is very good with it.

2021/09/21 11:48, Jinjer:Rated: Superb 
what an unprepared hobbit you are! never leave the shire without enough bannocks! what else? had no pipe-weed too?! get your basics straight!

awesome log :-)

2021/09/21 17:42, Ytinas:   
I tried the move-flush prespam, figured flush was too slow because shot is always on same line as hit; until I hit back from incap, and figured flush was quicker after all. Not tested beyond that tho.

Does losing concentration unload bolt?

2021/09/22 09:30, Enforcer:Rated: Average 
Hmm, I thought it was a shaman in sun when I read this. But it was a warrior? +2 stars because you won, -2 stars for the bad play of the Orc.

2021/09/22 09:50, Torkild: 
Obviously it should be impossible that this happened if they were remotely at the same skill lvl. The warrior should beat 3 of those chars together.

2021/09/22 14:29, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Torkild: I thought so too until i got to play around with the xbow. A decent scout with xbow, in 3+ rooms closable, will wreck a pure warrior 9 out of 10. Not needing high missile % is bonus. Should ask Mike to duel your warrior on one of his decent scouts, and see how that goes..of course, if its against non-metal char with armor, xbow suddenly becomes close to useless, but versus a char clad in metal and no sanc/armor spell, it will wreck.

2021/09/22 17:51, Neamir: 
Has anyone ever tested the sneak bonus on missile damage? I wonder how it works, is it:
- There is a missile bonus applied when the shooter is status=hidden in room, regardless of whether the target sees him
- Or, the missile bonus is applied only when the target does not see the shooter

Basically is the bonus determined by the shooter's flag for the room, or for the target specifically.

2021/09/24 16:29, Svarten:Rated: Average 
What an amusing hobbit trickster. Was good to see all resources at hand used to try pull off a win, but it hurt my eyes to see Beleth giving up. I suppose there was 1 more dirty trick the hobbit could have pulled in case the fight turned out unwinnable for him.

2021/09/24 17:34, Torkild: 
I've fought xbow scouts plenty. They are still scouts. As long as the warrior can move, and is willing to there is zero threat imo.

2021/09/27 08:33, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Torkild: Then you are playing your warriors way better then me. Mike wrecks my warriors most of the times when we do test duels.

2021/09/29 14:02, Ezmodius:Rated: Good 
Well done.

@Antrax: the only problem with GAC is that it's too rare! muhuhuh. You don't have some right to your eq after you die because you chose to make some character that can only work with some kind of ultra max set. If you have trouble getting eq then play something that's easier to equip.

2021/10/03 00:01, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Ezmodius: Unfortunately you are missing the point entirely. The discussion was about how people play defensively/wimpish/etc, and one of the reasons being the equipment they end up loosing on death.
Since you brought up GACing though, a little secret that any mildly successful pk-er knows is that if you do not GAC your enemies, and leave them enough stuff, they will continue to provide fights. A GACed target though is out of the game for a good while.
If for whatever pathetic reason you feel better by being an asshole in a game with such a small community, then by all means, play as you want, and see where that takes you.

2021/10/07 12:31, Ezmodius:Rated: Good 
I'm not missing any point. I can't control how other people react to the game. If you want no risk to lose your equipment go play WoW or one of those hand-holding games and be safe and comfortable. This game is about a war. Do you think Gandalf would have helped out the orcs so they could come fight again?

I was never a great PK'er, but pk has always been my favorite part and what brings me back. I don't recall ever hearing much about any of your characters either so you can get lost with this condescending nonsense. The fact is: it doesn't matter what I do or don't do [1]. This is what the game is and what the game is about. Any 'gentlemen's agreements' you think you have in place can only lead to disappointment. You have no rights to what was on your corpse when you die. Thinking that someone is going to leave your artefacts because it was a 'fair' fight will simply raise your stress level and dissatisfaction with the game when this naÔve wish is inevitably ignored by someone. The game doesn't enforce this (in fact helping your enemies is literally illegal) so it's not rational to expect it. Be glad if it happens but if it doesn't the only person who did anything wrong is you for expecting something that's not part of the game or the wishes of the designers.

[1] For the record I pretty much always gac if there is a chance enemies could get the eq before I pick through it. Then I drop what I don't want as soon as I can which is usually at the corpse or very close since I don't want to waste moves on it. I don't do it to help my enemies or because I think this is my own personal WoW arena where I can wait for my opponent to spawn so we can joust some more. I do it because I don't want to die because I went moveless carrying junk.

2021/10/11 08:34, Antrax:Rated: Superb 
@Ezmodius: You are like that rude kid that interrupts the adults when they are having a conversation, trying to be interesting but only managing to make a fool of itself.
Ohh, and you should be banned from this site for trying to recruit people for that WoW game, to bad there are like no active moderators :)

2021/10/14 12:16, Ezmodius:Rated: Good 
Right, the one who advocates a bunch of strangers follow some made up rules not enforced anywhere (and in fact illegal to some extent) is definitely the adult in this conversation.

2021/10/15 12:26, Antrax:edited 1x  Rated: Superb 
@Ezmodius: And where exactly did i advocate that?
Edit: You should probably make time to catch up with the rules (try 'rules interrace' for starters).


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