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Fine, lets do bbt (Erasys)back

2021/12/03 07:42, Eolo:  Rated: Superb 
Funniest session ever. Thank you all!

2021/12/03 14:15, Singleton:Rated: Good 
That was fun reading :-)

Thanks to all involved in the making ;-)

2021/12/03 16:15, Phae:Rated: Superb 
My favorite part of your commentary >>>

!O W XP:90.7k HP:Fine Mana:Icy>
Aahhh. Good Old Toby's!
The smoke makes you confused! ## smoke to frozen, musta bought my weed from brenny

lmfao I almost chocked on my morning coffee reading this. Also I seriously thought the tides of war changed for yall and you had full recover after slaying those trolls. Slay is an old troll? I remember the name.

2021/12/03 20:05, Slay:  Rated: Superb 
Bloody spam reduction!! You spoke and I was blind for what I'm pretty sure was the longest blind on anyways, I expected more pukes to show up but when they didn't, I said screw it, and jumped back in. Act three was a rescue mission on no life to save me brethren, good times all around, guess this time the wheel decided troll on top! *suggestive noises*

2021/12/03 20:10, Cyndane:Rated: Superb 
Brenny-weed be that Mexican brick weed shit apparently

2021/12/04 01:53, Rumble: 
2 obbits and a buffer with no abs doing bbt, What can possibly go wrong! I encourage that always.

2021/12/05 20:54, Arcanum:   
If you are trapped in bbt with *trolls* in, make sure all you do is fight shadows and gac what you can, else your group might actually survive.

2021/12/06 04:16, Eolo:  Rated: Superb 
@Arcanum: Idea was to do shadow to give eq to Jolly so he could join us. And I only had the blade. Of course a bit more of eq could help us 'might actually survive' than naked.

2021/12/08 05:50, Lingura:Rated: Poor 
Best part -> You have 12 practice sessions left.

2022/01/02 19:07, Drogtash: 
Lol. Sadly missed voting, horrible and still 4 stars


 Superb Cyndane, Eolo, Foroil, Grennif, Jinjer, Khundin, Kroom, Phae, Slay, 
Toe, Tsort 
 Good Singleton, Tramd 
 Average Rik 
 Poor Lingura 
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