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Blast of the Past
normal AMERICUH!!!! (Breaux)2016/11/08
Visited 58622 times, last comment 2 hours ago by Eldaril.5407 comments
normal Covid-19 - time to save the old and... (Luke)2020/03/22
Visited 6135 times, last comment 2 hours ago by Eldaril.478 comments
politics The Official Androg, Conspiracy and... (Enforcer)2004/12/31
Visited 176893 times, last comment 2 days ago by Andróg.40567 comments
off-topic God Wars II (Nero)2019/02/03
Visited 2447 times, last comment 2 days ago by Nero.10 comments
normal Let's talk about orc shamans (Grak)2010/08/31
Visited 11810 times, last comment 3 days ago by Osilin.148 comments
normal Have you seen this person? :) (Boddah)2012/10/29
Visited 3130 times, last comment 5 days ago by Boddah.72 comments
normal MMapper v20.05.0 (Jahara)2020/05/21
Visited 166 times, last comment 8 days ago by Emerka.3 comments
normal Why don't we got an immigration thr... (Axel)2015/09/24
Visited 17641 times, last comment 11 days ago by Fieldy.562 comments
normal Mage-thief combo stats (Madeline)2010/04/03
Visited 2584 times, last comment 14 days ago by Shaukr.20 comments
normal Stealing skill useless? (Odoinn)2006/01/21
Visited 1023 times, last comment 16 days ago by Tapio.42 comments
normal - archive/backup (Facelift)2020/04/15
Visited 738 times, last comment 17 days ago by Björn.18 comments
in-character News 2524: The stats of magical bel... (Ryalnos)2016/10/21
Visited 3206 times, last comment 18 days ago by Spe.90 comments
normal News 2478: Level Power Re-balance (Antti)2015/03/06
Visited 6260 times, last comment 19 days ago by Marion.185 comments
idea Mudslinger - an actually playable w... (Facelift)2020/05/13
Visited 179 times, last comment 20 days ago by Facelift.1 comments
off-topic Business ideas, cooperation, job op... (Luke)2020/05/08
Visited 375 times, last comment 20 days ago by Rashnak.14 comments
normal MUME goes down from time to time (Iminye)2020/03/02
Visited 822 times.7 comments
 Random Runes
 Shalani: is it down, or only for me ?
 Baratheon: Had a great chat tonight with a handful MUM...
 Cuuldur: And Lincoln would have died if he didn't sacrif...
 Verrückt: Erm, Bueller? Not only did your fren throw s...
 Cuuldur: And yet you died to a snaga.
 Verrückt: I hear you snaga's have things called shops? ...
 Cuuldur: well i wish there was take 50 gold cause i need...
 Verrückt: All good, was fun, thanks. Just don't touch m...
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