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2020/06/02  Shalani:
is it down, or only for me ?
2020/05/29  Baratheon:
Had a great chat tonight with a handful MUMERs. These are the type of things that make me want to relog.
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
And Lincoln would have died if he didn't sacrifice you.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
Erm, Bueller? Not only did your fren throw some harm my way which is why I was trying to bash him with that silly ass shadow you guys had on us, but you also had 2 mobs north, which were not aggressive to tarks if I recall? NEWS FLASH, your fren RIP? I may have lost the battle but but I still feel its a win because you let Lincoln out on 8 hps. :) Thanks for sticking around and fighting though regardless, was fun and you are still a snaga.
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
And yet you died to a snaga.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
I hear you snaga's have things called shops? If you were worthy of the Zaugurz Tribe, I may be able to hook you up from my black market keyring and coach ticket shop I'm running. :D
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
well i wish there was take 50 gold cause i needed that:(
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
All good, was fun, thanks. Just don't touch my keyring collection or coach EVER.
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
Wasn't going to gac you. I could have. Only wanted ring.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
Oooooo Scary? The real prize was in the sable bruh? :) l o l
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
You lost your strength ring.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
What just happened? :D ha :D
2020/05/28  Shaukr:
I'm not going to complain that rogge at least gets done or that there are darkie groups :) I haven't heard of them griping about a pkless quest item being looted yet though!
2020/05/28  Obvious:
shaukr, darkies are pukes nowadays lol. trolls permasmobbing with full shining metals, luke ftw
2020/05/28  Hargon:
My link ! :(
2020/05/27  Morzhel:
Ugh, get more next time!

2020/05/23  Shaukr:
Pukes treating a piece of their equipment as sacrosanct and above looting should always be pointed out.
2020/05/23  Iltz:
Justice has been served, Ena.
2020/05/23  Martyrson:
Thanks for the... what has that got to do with anything?
2020/05/23  Shaukr:
Darks don't get foci at all.
2020/05/23  Martyrson:
Seems a real shame that foci has to be the cost of charging 4 trolls with 3 pukes... I guess you get to do it once, eh!
2020/05/23  Ton:
comf man... yday we broke and nearly quaked that tower b4 realizing it was puke...
2020/05/23  Sert:
*. CR HP:Fine Move:Exhausted>call open
You call for the metaldoor to be opened.
*. CR HP:Fine Move:Exhausted>
A voice yells back, 'The metaldoor is open! Stop bothering me!'
*. CR HP:Fine Move:Exhausted>lead
You stop riding a hungry warg.
A hungry warg starts following you.
*. C HP:Fine Move:Fainting>e
You feel so much better hiding in the shadows!
Fortress in the Plains
A sturdy Beorning is here, guarding the fortress.
A sturdy Beorning is here, guarding the fortress.
Exits: (north), (east), south, *(west)*. - n:wallstone.
A hungry warg has arrived from the west.
Lead to mob death and wp loss. Be aware this exists and avoid mob deaths, my dudes.
2020/05/23  Ena:
Did you lose link sert? I hope it wasn't a mob death :(
2020/05/20  Thiwzan:
Welcome to the club Soronto. Nice timing
2020/05/19  Berror:
Pub trip?! Which country is that? I'd love to go to a pub!

I'll need to check for flights! =)
2020/05/19  Bardock:
don't compare Iminye to me, he does not deserve that shame.
2020/05/19  Tufo:
Imagine the sub-atomic dick is now on a scale only Dr. Manhattan can see by trying to hide his insecurities with a bread trail Hansel and Gretel would be jealous of.
2020/05/18  Jotne:
Whoa whoa, hold your horses Tuco, what's up being obsessed with male genitals? I can imagine one only thing right now and that is not having a pub trip with you because your sarcasm level is too low and you get offended easily.
2020/05/18  Björn:
Yes you did Dong and that's the right way to use the shining- to do things you otherwise couldn't do. Did you notice the two critical shots where I simply failed to shoot?

And I guess you noticed how I didn't jump at the fight first? I was trying to find whatever backup or charmies you were trying to sneak in there, couldn't believe you were taking the fight first. (Last few days I've had encounters with staffed pukes and two eagles who still also require all spatial advantages to fight.)
2020/05/18  Tufo:
Now imagine you're above the age of 30 and the microscopic dick has shrunk to sub-atomic level sizes where you have to continue to insult people because you're that arrogant and sad with your own existence.
2020/05/18  Jotne:
Nice hat, Iminyë! Have a cup of coffee with less insecurity.
2020/05/18  Tufo:
Now imagine your dick is that small you have to post about it on a public forum and be racist at the same time because the a free to play game run by people with full time jobs wasn't up for 11 minutes.
2020/05/18  Ryalnos:
I clicked on Iminye half expecting to find Mithfalen's profile.

Aaaand... game is back!
2020/05/18  Tufo:
Imagine being mad that you can't play a free to play game for 11 minutes run by people with full time jobs.
2020/05/18  Iminyë:
Jotne is using hatespeech on ER. this is official complaint to ER managements
2020/05/18  Jotne:
Minor update my ass indeed. If MUME was a profitable company the entire IT team would have been fired instant. The coder was probabaly some euro swedish snowflake, now all the yanks are pissed off.
2020/05/18  Iminyë:
another shitcoder with hands growing straight from the ass killed mume
2020/05/18  Morzhel:
Assuming no one can connect right now?
2020/05/18  Ton:
show us! :)
2020/05/18  Dong:
Yeah thanks for that Gorgoth, think I chewed through through almost your entire quiver?

Furiel you were LD only bbecause you zapped link to try avoid pk death. Which is bugged as hell, I couldn't land spells but luckily the ranger was 1. in room so i could quake. I didn't get trophy and I don't think I got XP.
2020/05/18  Gorgoth:
Hats off, Dong. That's the best and bravest playing I have seen in like forever, all things considered. Still can't believe that fight just happened the way it did.
2020/05/18  Fuiriel:
On the twenty-sixth Cerveth in the year of 2989, you were killed under the Dike by Dong the Black Númenórean (while feeling less in control of yourself than usual).

Jeez Dong:/ guess you really needed that fgc!

But thanks to nice pukes for helping after!
2020/05/15  Fieldy:
Well, in that case, MUME has some dark karma to give out - had to take the comp to warranty repairs :D
2020/05/14  Koala:
MUME has a 6th sense on when to crash crash your computer and/or break your link
2020/05/14  Fieldy:
Wow. My computer crashed and has still not come back up. Nice timeing
2020/05/12  Marillion:
That last quake was ridicolous. Wasn't even afraid it could happen.
2020/05/10  Vra:
Donating xp sound like cheating to me!
2020/05/10  Aristotle:
That's quite nice, I donate xp to you as level 21, and you gac all and take staff!

Retribution cometh.
2020/05/08  Clemenza:
mume down?
2020/05/08  Cyndane:
All hail Troth!
2020/05/08  Shaukr:
Troth lives!
2020/05/08  Troth:
High Moor
A small campfire burns here, its low flames giving off only a little light.
A cluster of white star-shaped forget-me-nots flourish here in reminiscence.
A statue of a troll is posed in a moment of flight yet forever frozen in stone.
Exits/emulated: north, ^east^, west.

!. W HP:bad>sob
You let out a deep-throated sob, testament of your endless suffering.

!. W HP:Bad>who olog

Troth the Troll Brute

I have returned!
2020/05/07  Toigan:
Why didn't chicken cross the road?

It was moveless.
2020/05/07  Shaukr:
Sorry man, I only wanted your opaque but its tough to demand groups leave all.
2020/05/07  Eorlynn:
Y'all make me hate this game. Adios!
2020/05/06  Arvedui:
? Trolls killed pukes dt. Pukes were clean looted. Only trolls and your tracks left DT, no orcs. So I hunted you. Don't know why I need to even justify this. Stop complaining and move on
2020/05/06  Marillion:
I giggled IRL! That bash-bait was awesome also.
2020/05/06  Tyus:
Leave my bashpig alone next time Masi! :D
2020/05/06  Eülogy:
Hush little groupie. I wasnt aware that he was on my tail as I was looking for gaunt to mend one of the shields. Do you think I would do that if I thought he was looking for me? And I must say I admire the psychic powers 'knowing' I had those shields, which is total bullshit by Arvedui and constructed after he went through my corpse. Yet here you are as always Miriath, thinking you have any clue what was really going on when you werent even there. Stop living through other high profikle players glory and accomplish something by yourself for once, and no dying doesn't count.
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