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2017/06/22  Jessy:
That's one of the many reasons why I stopped playing, you cannot conciliate mume with rl life. Anyway it is more important to take care of your kid.
So less time on mume and more time with your kid is actually a great deal :)
2017/06/22  Ghanic:
*whisper* lil bits
2017/06/22  Bles:
In fairness some people are saying it is was the greatest most epic AFK kill of all time.
2017/06/22  Gortrete:
Hopefully he doesn't eat at Burger King... and now cue the mass confusion among the Europeans (and probably a lot of others)
2017/06/21  Bles:
I'll toss some vague politics too -, Auwdi probably has tiny hands too.
2017/06/21  Ghanic:
Glad to see RR being used for what it was made for.... Whines.
2017/06/21  Bles:
Well just ate an obvious AFK death from Auwdi and a dwarf while tending to 2 year old that woke up screaming and sick. Hadn't previously been fighting anyone, just minding my own business hidden in some random room... I guess its good news i was surprised, it had seemed like folks had mostly grown up about AFK kills at least in the past few years.
2017/06/20  Juutti:
Yeah it would seem so now wouldn't it... well evil got served again and wave for another year or so =)
2017/06/20  Canina:
yeah nothing change juutti ,u as was gaccer , still gaccer are
2017/06/20  Juutti:
Nice to see the game hasn't changed at all in the last year =)
2017/06/20  Aranaeth:
I started off some wounded, had no bow, not sure i can even carry one wo str ring, not much i could have done other than leg it.
2017/06/20  Kyoko:
I assume your Fluffins - and in that case I totaly deserved it :P Waited for pop on key, killings wraiths and waiting for you for 15 ticks :P But yes - Was nothing special :) Left most tho!
2017/06/20  Aranaeth:
2017/06/20  Kyoko:
2017/06/20  Aranaeth:
Grats, you didnt really deserve it tho, i was being total idiot, coulda walked out
2017/06/20  Madox:
The game is so borIng without Zud and Mrek.
2017/06/20  Scūm:
Sorry bud, but there was no way of telling you were LD there. It just looked like I outbashed you, then you fled into foreman and rest is history. Waited for 10-15mins for you to get back before I finally looted. Found LD/Afk elf yesterday in Fangorn with shining breastplate that I did not kill.. So better luck next time.
2017/06/19  Bitzer:
thanks for the LD kill, Mr Zaugur!
2017/06/18  Merarl:
2017/06/18  Fieldy:
And whoever posted under my name, stop doing that : P
2017/06/18  Algroth:
hi snakr! Im not sure why you started posted under Toigan now, you were silent for several days but suddenly posted randomly after i wrote on the wall. Not surprised! Gingers carry hard grudges.
2017/06/18  Fieldy:
I was just thinking about how much I loved a good reach around, preparation H couldn't come any cheaper!!! Thar she blows matey.
2017/06/18  Fieldy:
I guess noone just wants to play with you. Seen and had plenty. Don't miss Snakr's cheating.
2017/06/18  Zepir:
I played for two nights, same old shit. Already bored, usually only orc on etc. Fights are sparce and rare, sad I missed when Snakr was playing, that would of been guaranteed fights every night and far more fun then what its become today , XP MUD.
2017/06/18  Toigan:
And I thought you'd learn your lesson and stop being a retard Algroth.
2017/06/18  Algroth:
Hm thought you quit Zepir :p
2017/06/18  Zepir:
lol i bashed him but then the gateguards bashed me had no idea they bashed... so when i recovered my nar prob went through.... also dont drink whiskey and play mume lol
2017/06/17  Saurum:
Knew i shoulda gone in :D
2017/06/16  Zepir:
I mean you say that but it was you and 2 vs me and freshly ripped Maddy. True I got no reason to tell you how to play and I prob should learn to keep my mouth shut a bit so il give ya that.
2017/06/16  Hobo:
I have been noticing your recent comments and find you to be an obnoxious person....nothing personal. If I choose not to enter ur quake trap with a thief that's on me. I don't owe u shit. I play this game for me not u.
2017/06/16  Zeihral:
I am just being honest, sorry if you don't like my personality. I don't have anything against you or dislike you but I find it funny you are laughing calling things hilarious considering the level of Wimpey I have seen from you the past few sessions. Don't comment if you cant handle the heat :) no hard feelings.
2017/06/16  Dritz:
lol look at the mouth on this kid
2017/06/16  Zepir:
hilarious? Like how ballless wonder just tried to trap us with 4 trolls and 2 orcs after refusing a me and maddy vs you and two orcs? RIGHT HOBO hilarious :) lets not forget before that you portal trapped maddy who was trying to give you a 1v1.... interesting. Don't ever bother with hobo hes a ultra wimp scum :D
2017/06/16  Cocktail:
@  Gilhdur, yes it was :)
2017/06/16  Dritz:
Lol how many for 2...hilarious
2017/06/15  Zepir:

<3 Poland, Poland is amazing. Chosing not to sacrifice the lives of their own citizens and not cuck to the Evil EU, Poland you are doing your citizens the greatest favor you could ever hope.
2017/06/15  Gilhdur:
Haha that bash door delay was fun :)
2017/06/15  Cocktail:
roar, 5 pukes i manage to kill 2 - hahahahaaa - wimps
2017/06/15  Zepir:
I don't fuck with hysterical paranoid Russia phobes from Estonia :D
2017/06/15  Ghanic:
Yall should just fuck and get it over with
2017/06/15  Fieldy:
2017/06/15  Zepir:
mmk well stop disturbing the troll from his slumber if you truly want me to stop posting on here ya?
2017/06/15  Fieldy:
Easy target and fits into the marketing.
2017/06/15  Zepir:
Fieldy why do you keep talking shit about me , do you want me to start spamming on here again?
2017/06/14  Fieldy:
Everybody! Don't forget to vote! Takes as much time as mixing bannocks or spamming from Fornost to Bree or at least three times less time to understand what Zepir has wrote again.


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2017/06/13  Strori:
Faine, you wanted moar logz. Here you are.
2017/06/13  Khorga:
Lol, was runnin moria hopin something was left from Redleaf, that was unlicky shit, and third time got stabbed buy wobbit in brolg - seems not my day ;)
2017/06/13  Vidgri:
Khorga, log where you die.
2017/06/13  Khorga:
Hehe, 't was too long that lowbi was warlord :P Thnx for fights and enoy your reeq :)
2017/06/13  Strori:
Big bad darkons are back to mume
2017/06/13  Zepir:
lol if you are saying I am a wimp you clearly dont know me nor do you live in reality. O well I dun care :D
2017/06/12  Faine:
Post some logs better!
2017/06/12  Algroth:
The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Zambin thought, as he took a sip of Snakrs kool-aid.. :P
2017/06/12  Uzziel:
Is Zepir calling people wimps? Didn't you get most of your pk kills by stabbing afk people in noc?
2017/06/12  Rato:
ER friendship!

This reminds me of the 2000's.
2017/06/12  Aranaeth:
Heroics are for movies,try to be a hero in real life and youll end up dead. Thats how it usually goes at least.
2017/06/12  Fieldy:
Says Mithfalen?
2017/06/11  Zepir:
no just recalling how wimpy of a squat you were when I played :)
2017/06/11  Aranaeth:
Did someone talk to you?
2017/06/11  Zepir:
you are a snivley wimp whats new?
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