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2022/05/16  Peetie:
sorry for the rekill Zorgruz, bad communication on our side :-( left ur stuff
2022/05/13  Troth:
Balhad, find me. I have all of your gear.
2022/05/06  Lamia:
looks like ER profiles are broken
2022/05/02  Lear:
Yes, that was a crap kill followed by a almost clean loot. This surely is not helping in having more frequent pk since i will be busy with staff and eq ... bah.
2022/05/01  Facelift:
When I logged darkie, it was much worse:
view war
*** War status ***

The forces of the Dark Lord are matched by the armies of the West.
Fighting has been limited to a few skirmishes.
A few soldiers of the Dark Lord fell in battle, latest kill being 64 days ago.
A few soldiers of the West fell in battle, latest kill being 150 days ago.


*Lear the Silvan Elf* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.
2022/05/01  Fieldy:
The seal was broken on day 149. Was nice action.
2022/05/01  Ulvian:
That's wrong. Zud died last night afaik.
2022/05/01  Rik:
Log on check war. 140 days till last kill.
2022/04/28  Marillion:
Yeah tried Shaman with the warg change. Took me 3 minutes from i logged on until a decent pukeplayer died in sun. They made a really rough class ridicolously much stronger. Quite simple. They weren't for all before. They are now.
2022/04/28  Facelift:
I made fish and chips today.
2022/04/28  Dale:
Shamans are not strong, its the weak opponents that make them look strong. They are also getting boring fast due to no flexibility in stats, if you wanna take advantage of shadow/warg in pvp.
@Dunmir: 9 bolts and 1 spray through armor should sum up to like what, 200 hps? A pure shaman with decent stats starts at 260+. Its not surprising that he survived that, all he needed to do is keep armor up.
2022/04/25  Marillion:
They made shamans easy too. Changes happened
2022/04/25  Xavan:
so confused. If you gonna kill my mount and guard the corpse, why not just GAC it off the bat? saves us all some time.
2022/04/23  Dunmir:
Jesus they keep telling me shamans are weak but facelift eats 9 bolts and a spray. good fight though sadly we had a mishmash of combos and Lowbies. muchlove...
2022/04/22  Facelift:
I've seen it so many times (2 random logs being the same) I've begun to suspect a broken code rather than a 1:5000 coicidences.
2022/04/22  Kroom:
Today's random log is the same as yesterday's - what are the odds?
2022/04/20  Facelift:
To be fair, I waited for you to come back from RD and pick em up for like 15 mins! Gold is gold!
2022/04/20  Azagbor:
Facelift, If you need gold for your molly and gay porn addiction just ask me bud. You don't have to kill my Mercs ill give it to you. your just making me waste more time before i can come wiz kill your whole crew.
love you/HATE YOU
2022/04/19  Marillion:
Scrambling is for wannabes! If you want to quit , i recommend deleting your chars. That way you can't change your mind anytime you feel 'weak' lol.
2022/04/19  Agarwaen:
Account password scrambled, Agarwaen has left the building.
2022/04/17  Gagni:
Takes longer to bash the exit than to spam in and check priest. Seems silly.
2022/04/17  Facelift:
Ok I understand that when you are actually doing EP, but I have seen mobs alive, exit bashed, troll tracks 3 ticks in and out and was curious why :P
2022/04/17  Troth:
If I'm soloing EP for purple, I get low fighting the guards, and it is often close-ish to day, so I don't wanna get blocked in by a big group. Call that what you want, but I have no problem admitting it. Why bash Ohurk rock, though? Can always swim out.
2022/04/17  Facelift:
If there was one question, I'd like to see answered is what is his mindset behind bashing the EP door as troll when checking purple load? or Ohurk rock when regenning moves there?
2022/04/17  Cyndane:
Great interview! #TrothForPresident
2022/04/17  Zud:
Great interview, thanks!
2022/04/17  Zíntilden:
Site news: Troth's interview is posted, enjoy! Happy Easter!
2022/04/16  Tyor:
Ah thanks, values make sense
2022/04/16  Facelift:
Stab/sneak was at 106-107
Bash 71
Endu 51-61
Parry 51-71

Something along those lines, sadly lost my txt file with pracset incase i ever want to reprac to scout from war :/
2022/04/16  Tyor:
What kinds of %'s does that mix of pracs give Facelift? Sneak/stab/parry/bash?
2022/04/16  Facelift:
Yes, it's been discussed several times. I did a lot of stab-tests on Risneth. 60 max pure scout with 0 offpracs stabbing for 180-280 damage randomly in 20 stabs. 60 scout with bash/endu/parry stabbing exactly 270 damage every time out of 20 stabs.
2022/04/15  Rambler:
Anyone know if thief skills are effected by the same issues as spells (example being 105% sleep has potential to be less effect than 100%)?
2022/04/15  Cuuldur:
At least gac me when you kill me afk. Not sure if you think your sparing some crap justifies it.
2022/04/08  Estan:
So, Elden Ring has sold 12 million votes, and it's a brutally difficult open world game with flexible character customization and harsh death penalties. Sounds familiar. Should we try advertising again and target these players?
2022/04/08  Facelift:
I kid you not, I had a bunch of surreal dreams tonight, one part was about pIminye actually playing a zorc and having 2 extra accounts following him, one with bob other with mage stuff - on a zorc, seriously. I don't know why but that's how it was.
2022/04/08  Voltis:
lol...@zud, cat killed me. Misspelled seek rivendell 2x due to cat on keyboard, and died like a lamer. Its like the cat knew....
2022/04/07  Cyndane:
Iminye drove Iminye off.. Getting caught cheating will do that to a man
2022/04/06  Facelift:
I agree, at this point quantity over quality. Now who drove Iminye off? Soon Applefell is gone too, and then what?
2022/04/06  Rashnak:
Regarding two previous comments, those are probably separate issues and quite possibly countering each other.

One is to have more players on the same side (in that case darkie), so that they may group and do whatever together.

Other is having more players on opposing side(s) for more PK opportunities.

Out of limited number of players, cannot really get both.

To increase that limited number, everyone would probably have to get outside their comfort zone, rather than getting to cherry pick type of players they prefer.

You will get wimps, farmers, whiners, over-killers, trappers, gaccers, maybe even cheaters. If you want to keep them anyway, it doesn't help to whine and trash talk about them, like seems habit to some here.
2022/04/05  Facelift:
That's what I've been saying. It's not about 'oh the PKers left because they now have family and rl' it's because who the fuck wants to log on to PK and spend 4+ hours every evening to roam arda in a vain hope for something to actually happen besides a rare sighting of a spamfleeing puke or only have to fight a hugegroup that kills them in 1 failed flee. Doesn't seem nor fun nor productive. Obviously the PKers are still gaming, but they opt to play games that actually offer what they seek for.
And unless changes are implemented to encourage/enforce/increase PK situations this game is going to keep dying a slow painful death.
2022/04/02  Breaux:
I was the only one on dark side for most of my session. Sure felt like a joke
2022/04/01  Estan:
Is there an Aprils 1 event this year? Seems not
2022/03/30  Facelift:
I have so many of both of you in my trophies, I think I'm fine. I just proved it because you shit yourself instead of trying to fight 3 of you vs solo me in orccamp lol instead trying to trap in 1 roomers for 2 hours. Pathetic, absolutely trash.

Don't worry. I got a lot of lame chars to ruin your day with ;)
2022/03/30  Zutror:
@Breaux This was so close to the perfect heist !! WP there and was fun like always with you

@Facelift git gud ?
2022/03/30  Breaux:
We had a fun 3v3 in moria vs the zorcs. Was frustrating that you (Knack & Atum) lived so low. Wouldve been even worse if Grrik also had gotten away, which he almost did. Well played.
2022/03/30  Facelift:
Trying to fight some retard zorcs who have been trying to trap me all night and refusing to fight 1v3 in orccamp and then dying to Grriknak actionfollowing on river and being gacced is hilarious. Choke on it. I will unretire some real chars and return the favor.
2022/03/24  Katse:
2022/03/22  Knack:
Thanks @Zin Awesome
2022/03/22  Zíntilden:    * Site News *
Team-Nocks Interview is up, enjoy!
2022/03/20  Hildebald:
Say what? When did I say my opinion counts as everyones? Never said that, nor do I believe that.
I do, however, believe you have tendencies that border far into what an average narscisist would.
Funny how you can't seem to see it yourself. :>
2022/03/20  Facelift:
A handful of people thinking that whenever they post an opinion, they count as 'EVERYBODY' and yet you have the audacity to talk about narcissism, haha. You are so far gone, its beyond hope.
2022/03/20  Hildebald:
Snakr simply can't see beyond his own views, as most narscisist can't. It's pointless trying to explain to him...
2022/03/19  Snarp:
You are assuming people trusted you, they never did. One builds a reputation over time and it’s hard to change.

Play the game how you want to play so you get some enjoyment.
2022/03/19  Facelift:
There's a difference if i enter closable with lithe as a bn and there's backup coming to help me (which i never have) or when i save some nub orcs from being overkilled by powerpukes. If this constitutes me as a trapper then fuck it. I am done being a good sport and will focus on trapping then. You created this.
2022/03/19  Snarp:
I think Breaux is pointing out that you can’t bitch and moan about not getting fights (1vs1s) when you trap. The circumstances of the trap are irrelevant when it’s you.
2022/03/19  Facelift:
Barely 5 mins pass when you try to dunk some newbies in HC and then not only you yell shit ingame but you have to post this here, clearly trying to portray me as a portaltrapper because you're sour about not getting free exp? So I again have no reason to tell you to get fucked?

How else do you want to see this? This is how it went down, did it not? Even if it was a 'portaltrap' then you had it coming for it, so don't blame anyone but your own greed.
2022/03/19  Breaux:
On my side it was more a chuckle and amusement rather than whine, but we see things differently. We can leave it at that - You think I'm a petty pathetic dipshit who should go get fucked. Got it. Have a good one.
2022/03/19  Verien:
No, the only reason I even replied to you is because of your petty whine in-game and here. While in reality you are just butthurt because you missed out on free 200k on your powerpuke and had to waste rocks instead, so you come here calling names and insults trying to 'shame' someone because of your own fucking actions that led to it. It's really petty, like really.
2022/03/19  Breaux:
hehe you portaltrap me and you are angry with me? :) I'm not upset, obviously I'm fair game for a portaltrap when I block in Terash 3v1. Not sure they wanted a 2v2, there were 3 of them but the BN died just as I arrived. The 2 orcs had 2 bashwargs. We entered as 3 (granted, not really a fair fight), one orc left, Terash got blocked in and the portal came about 2 secs after my block went through, so yeah.. i'm sure it wasn't planned :P Oh and on this char I'm sanced as often as I can be; I am a smiting battlecleric without absorb, negative defence and no armourspell.
2022/03/19  Facelift:
lol, fucking Breaux, you are pathetic. You enter into HC on 2 noob orcs trying to get 2v2 fight, as 3 ppl, SANCED and when i run and portal in 2 orcs to help them you cry about traps?

Get fucked, 0 respect for you for this shit. Also remember the 30 minute rule of sharing ingame info, dipshit.
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