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2017/09/23  Aranaeth:
By being more active in whining and drama department yourself, obviously.
2017/09/23  Samurai:
2017/09/23  Marok:
The quality of shitposting on here has gone steadily downhill. How can we fix this?
2017/09/22  Yabba:
Thanks alot for the fight Hoplino, Pastori and Slartibartfast!
2017/09/22  Merarl:
Driven by hunger, a fox tried to reach some grapes hanging high on the vine but was unable to, although he leaped with all his strength. As he went away, the fox remarked 'Oh, you aren't even ripe yet! I don't need any sour grapes.'
2017/09/22  Taramikir:
thanks for fun Vamp, see you next fight
2017/09/21  Aranaeth:
No wonder this game is dead, if this is your assessment of fun.
2017/09/20  Jeraziah:
3/171 hits, 7/129 mana, and 96/98 moves.

2017/09/19  Marie:
Only the fact that the certain someone gets to meet up with p(Somnium) is way worth the trip to Gothenburg. Also - Gothenburg is quite nice !
2017/09/19  Somnium:
Just an article for someone considering going to Gothenburg, *hint* *hint*
2017/09/18  Aranaeth:
hihi, i was totally sure im goner, no idea where moves went all that quick, no lore up, no lorien cit, no nothing

*f CRW HP:Awful Mana:Burning Move:Weak *an Orc*:Awful>

with unbound crit wound and venom that never did any damage.
2017/09/18  Khorga:
rofl awful to awful shot, how f*kin lucky can some be :S
2017/09/18  Taciturn:
Damn I messed that up so bad and was low moves. You deserved to die Chortle
2017/09/17  Fieldy:
Okay. Easy to participate in Special Olympics if you use steroids.
2017/09/17  Zepir:
Fieldy knows a great deal about being a faggot, he knows from vast amounts of experience. So I wont question his knowledge.
2017/09/17  Merarl:
haters gonna hate
2017/09/16  Fieldy:
Easy to be a faggot if you are a faggot.
2017/09/16  Zepir:
2017/09/16  Vaelrin:
Easy to dominate when all actual pkers have long quit lol.
It's like competing at Special Olympics. You may win but you're still retarded.
2017/09/16  Zaghnar:
I feel like my Zaugurz brethren missed a great chance to capitalize on the failures of others tonight...
2017/09/16  Estan:
ELVES GON' GIVE IT TO YA. But seriously, thanks Trolls for being bold and developing a dramatic western fight like that. To those of us in the obscure corner of the earth (west coast usa to australia), hope we can have more fun fights like that. We looted gently, hope you're back in the game.
2017/09/15  Moonglum:
I thought something was fishy when I saw 14 arrows in your corpse Spears. :(
2017/09/15  Spears:
Rael narrates 'troll was spears'
GZ mate! :D

You prolly would have died even without me being at comp if there were no half-orc+bandit to buff me while you bashed+shot my afk arse to bad. Afterall you managed to get as low as 1 hit from corpse after i returned to comp =)
2017/09/15  Fieldy:
2017/09/15  Bugli:
*Commercial break starts*
Do you find yourself pracing charm to open scaly beast rubble all alone? You have no-one to share your fresh cooked bannocks with? Are you tired of NOC echoing?
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*Commercial break ends*
2017/09/14  Zaghnar:
I was just teasing! You guys should play zaug or something though, you seem to have puke figured out
2017/09/14  Tyrion:
Easier to dominate when you loot everything of value so you never encounter more than 1 *orc* at a time.
2017/09/14  Zaghnar:
Volcam flexing on his redshirt game *flex*. Congrats Marie on dominance recently. Go play another mud lol
2017/09/14  Volcam:
im honored acidevil :>
2017/09/14  Acidevil:
#action {*orc*} {hit *orc*;cast q 'dispel'}
2017/09/13  Estan:
I believe some charmies, pursuant to their nature, have always had a chance to agg against opposite-aligned players? e.g. meagles can hit darkies even if darkie is not 1. in room, and lithes can agg against whities same way?
2017/09/13  Vamp:
Did they change charmies recently? or is this normal.
Sitting with a lithe (hidden) in a closable, i'm resting, no shroud. Dwarf enters and lithe insta hits to reveal himself even though i'm 1. in room :( I thought as long as i'm 1. is not aggressive.
2017/09/13  Toigan:
We need more ppl to play zorcs! It's fucking depressing having to fight powerdwarves and bears solo!
2017/09/13  Somnium:
Will do, or try to convince Jacob to tag along to Gothenburg! ;)
2017/09/12  Telessar:
Sweden! Probably Stockholm but i'll see if I venture out to Got :D let me know if you come to Stockholm

Breaux, hit me up at don't recall my skype info :-?
2017/09/12  Somnium:
So Telessar, have you come to any conclusion on which destination yet? :D
2017/09/11  Zaghnar:
So you had 1 hp after eat cleave awful to awful at Takhr?

Also, nice parry at GG. FML
2017/09/11  Guido:
Sup it's ya boy Guido like me on Facbeook much love to the lovers haters gonna hate
2017/09/11  Aranaeth:
lol yeah :D
2017/09/11  Merarl:
2017/09/10  Aranaeth:

fun site, quite some interesting statistics, that should make one think
2017/09/10  Zepir:
any other crypto currency traders out there?
2017/09/10  Mojo:
Shut it Gene! We all miss your ugly face ;(
2017/09/10  Gene:
some people really really hate me
2017/09/08  Sjivi:
I fell for that commercial - thanks Fieldy!
2017/09/08  Fieldy:
*Commercial break starts*
Do you find yourself pracing charm to open scaly beast rubble all alone? You have no-one to share your fresh cooked bannocks with? Are you tired of NOC echoing?
We have a solution for you! Vote for MUME in TMC and TopMudSites now! Takes only 1-2-3 minutes of your time and can help us bring in more players!
Act now and help make Arda great again!
*Commercial break ends*
2017/09/08  Rael:
based in Milan for work, but i am from the coast near Genova
2017/09/07  Telessar:
Whereabouts are ya Rael? Milan right?
2017/09/07  Rashnak:
Well, if you are into local food, then you should absolutely come here. The province where I live is the most diverse in the country in terms of nature and geology, and ethnic populations as well. We have snow covered mountains in the north, and jungle in the south. But for solo traveller, language may be a problem here, as almost nobody speaks English here. Also politi - oh did you mean Finland? I'm in China.
2017/09/07  Täpp:
I was in Oslo in April, we travelled all the way to Holmenkollen ski tower only to find out it was closed:( It's open from September, i've been there before, amazing view!

We also went to the government building that Breivik's bomb hit.. the street was closed and they intentionally left some of the damage unrepaired. There are even some

The Vigeland park was pretty cool.. my Norwegian friend told me that most famous sculpture in that park is this one:
..make of that what you will, kinda wierd if u ask me.
There's another sculpture called wheel of life and the interpretation is that 'Man's journey from cradle to grave, through happiness and grief, through fantasy, hope and wishes of eternity.' Kinda sounds like history of MUME
2017/09/07  Rael:
very interesting sharing about nothern lands :-) thanks !
Telessar if you'll decide to come southern i will set up and trap for you..and i will fail as usual.:-p
2017/09/07  Walo:
don't come where I am theres nothing to do. but the sunsets are nice. oh and a hurricane is coming, don't want that. :x
2017/09/07  Telessar:
Thanks Somnium for excellent write-ups btw! Really appreciate it.
2017/09/07  Bombi:
As a swede, I've never been a huge fan of the term Scandinavia. I think 'Norden' is better. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Åland and Färöarna. There's alot of shared history with Finland and the other nordic countries.
2017/09/06  Telessar:
Mojo: Finland isn't part of Scandinavia technically ;)
2017/09/06  Fieldy:
Heheh, alright. We have '4 seasons of shitty skiing weather'.
2017/09/06  Somnium:
Fieldy it's a saying especially in Gothenburg, the rain is constant :P. Tel you can check the weather forecast at usually is pretty accurate for both Sweden and Norway
2017/09/06  Mojo:
Rashnak and Britney you're up! Lets hear about Finland! :D Also, i cannot recall immediately any Danes that are playing, I think there was one on upper management somewhere?
2017/09/06  Fieldy:
'if it's not raining it's windy and raining'
Wait, what? :D
2017/09/06  Somnium:
Sweden pros:
1. There's alot to see and do(checkout Scandinavians best amusement-park Liseberg( wanna go sightseeing then checkout 18th century districts of Gothenburg, medieval old Town in Stockholm or Lilla Torg in Malmö) I personally prefer the west-coast(Gothenburg, Malmö, Halmstad, Strömstad) It's really beautiful in summer, less so in winter, then I would recommend going north of Stockholm(Åre, Sälen, Vemdalen) for skiing but we're nothing compared to Norway.
2. Bars, restaurants and night-clubs, all kinds and all flavors. Wanna swing margaritas with celebrities checkout Stureplan Stockholm(, bar-crawling checkout Andra Långgatan Gothenburg ( and much more.
3. We're relatively cheep, 3-course meal and 6 handmade IPA beers can be as cheap as 60USD, leaving you full, drunk and content. Varies a bit of course, cheapest is Malmö, then Gothenburg. In Stockholm you can double that price. Travelling in Sweden is fast and relativity cheap. Train Gothenburg - Stockholm is 3 hours can be bought for 30USD and Malmö - Gothenburg is 2.5hrs for 10-20USD. Renting a car and driving between cities is easy, we have really nice roads.
1. Swedes can be arrogant and tight-lipped(especially in Stockholm, no offence Breaux!)
2. The weather is really bad, if it's not raining it's windy and raining. When we get nice weather it's awesome but it's rare. Winters are usually slushy in 60% of the country, go really far north and you might get some sweet snowy weather.
3. In the big cities it's easy to end up in a bad neighborhood stepping on the wrong bus/tube or tram with a high crime-rate(mostly muggers/assault/gangs) in Malmö(Rosengård/Sofielund/Lidängen) Gothenburg(Biskopsgården/Tynnered/Bergsjön) and Stockholm(Husby/Alby/Rinkeby) so make sure you travel with someone that knows the town so you don't end up in the shittiest parts.

Since I live in Gothenburg I'll throw in another Pros/cons list for that.
1. I work as a Software Developer downtown with a lot of room and good internet connection so I can easily arrange a lab for up to 20 people(if we still are that many active players :P ).
2. My girlfriend works as a hotel manager and can arrange really nice accommodations for a reasonable price.
3. Wanna go to Oslo, it takes 4 hours with bus and it's cheap, wanna go to Denmark, we have a ferry that leaves 4 times a day and it's easy to arrange a day-trip to Copenhagen. Wanna travel to other parts of Sweden, going by train takes less then half a day to the biggest cities, apart from Northern part of Sweden, for that you'll need a night-train, all within a reasonable price-range.
Cons: None!
I beg pardon if any Norwegians/Swedes have taken offence by this list, but from my perspective it's as accurate it can get comparing our two, incomparable nations.
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