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2017/05/24  Zepir:
couldnt that be dangerous then if the Nurses were concerned like that lol?
2017/05/24  Ohrvk:
gr toigan
c 'armour'
c n 'earthquake'
c q 'earthquake'
c q 'earthquake'

Enjoy lots of xp from all those *nurses*, *doctors*, and *hospital equipment*, and get better soon!
2017/05/24  Ghanic:
Cast 'heal' toigan
Cast 'strength' toigan
Cast 'bless' toigan

Dont worry, you'll be just fine ;)

2017/05/24  Toigan:
Actually not sure if I am gonna be ok or not, seems things are worse than I thought, if it wasn't for MUME i'd be going crazy here probably. I've got more wounds than a smiter wearing leather set now from all the procedures they are trying to do :D
2017/05/24  Zambin:
He prayed back from mandos to rdell to bectreated by Lird Elrond
2017/05/24  Singleton:
@Toigan So you lived? ... O:-)
2017/05/24  Ton:
omg thats funny! Get better man!
2017/05/24  Fieldy:
Nice one Toigan :D :D
Get well soon!
2017/05/24  Toigan:
That awkward moment when you peacefully grind xp and get jumped by Oedipus and noname and your heart rate jumps to 140 causing the ICU monitor to beep like crazy, nurses rushing in and you have to explain everyone that you were not really having a seizure, you were just playing a text based game and got attacked...
Muming from intensive care unit bed has it's quirks...
2017/05/23  Mojo:
You'll be looking for them for a very long time, Zud. However I heard they're strung piece of string around pFluffins' neck.
2017/05/23  Merarl:
2017/05/24  Ton:
Sry to hear your quitting Zud.. If you get to see this contact me... Your email makes -no- sense :P
2017/05/23  Zud:
Still waiting for real balls from Robal instead of more than expected puke overkills. I'll keep dying trying though :)
2017/05/22  Kordoch:
Bashing dispelling half elves, quaking sneaking bolting stabbing hobbits, you pukes have too much pracs!
2017/05/22  Taramikir:
Mume down? cant connect
2017/05/21  Zmej:
Congratulations to all the sweeedeeees out there!
2017/05/20  Tpp:
Generally you can't just copy an installed program's folder to another computer due to registry, dll files etc. It might sometimes work but much easier to just install it into new computer with .exe and just copy-paste the conf and script files.
2017/05/20  Fieldy:
Does it work on the first computer? If so, then redo the zip, copy or whatnot until the it works. Had the same problem at some computer changing point. On third attempt it started to work.
2017/05/20  Breaux:
copied my JMC files over to a new laptop - why does it not work?
2017/05/19  Vaelrin:
Mighty bbt camper warlords perish, oh noes the horror
2017/05/18  Aldon:
Yay, logs!
2017/05/18  Singleton:
@Algroth: Hm...*Maug* looted e.g. your golden belt ... your seven-stone-heavy hoard in backpack was still untouched dropped on floor when you came back ...
2017/05/18  Gomi:
Can trolls not use boats?
2017/05/18  Algroth:
River claims another troll warlord. What bullshit. Can fight best you can, able to run to live another day, but die to bullshit muddle and get looted. Great job pukes.
2017/05/18  Atastor:
@Rashnak: hehe, just like you allways did with newbies :-)
2017/05/18  Fieldy:
I have always imagined trolls being like huge rocks that fall into water. Plop, splash and silence.
2017/05/18  Ohrvk:
Algroth has a point!
also Endearing story, Rashnak. grin
2017/05/18  Algroth:
But but.. if you are reading logs you can't be muming! :)
2017/05/17  Aldon:
Someone poste some logs already, even shitty ones. I just want something to read.
2017/05/17  Moonglum:
Trolls don't swim, they wade.
2017/05/17  Fieldy:
Heheh, gratz Rashnak!
2017/05/17  Estan:
Fun skirmishes EP all. Seems the mighty War-Trolls might need to allocate more budget to their swimming lesson program? But hope you got your equ back, H, we left most everything.
2017/05/17  Baratheon:
I hope you gave your baby an MDA? Or at least a smiting claymore at 12 str for a caster. You must have at least provided an EMB?
2017/05/17  Rashnak:
Two weeks with newborn baby, and MUME flashbacks mix in with reality. This morning after night feedings I found myself dreaming to dress him up in heavy metal set and sending out to level up while I sleep.
2017/05/16  Zambin:
Aha. I never get anything else than flasks for sapphires so i mostly drop those as tark :P
2017/05/16  Zepir:
ahh right, take that back cause I have gotten alot of copper rings from Sapphire rings :D I never turn in staves and leave them but when I come around a sapphire ring you can get fat loots from sage :D
2017/05/16  Zambin:
2017/05/15 Auron:
Its stupid to take any Focus really.. Its doesn't really benefit the darkies bc pukes cant/wont fight without them.

They certainly can but for some reason many really take staves aas something they cannot live without. Same goes for legend eq. Even breelegends had more balls without eq :D
As for does not really benefit?
Foci can give draughts/ scroll/ wormhide. Worthless for zorcs to take tho.
2017/05/16  Cohen:
Did something change as 1 PP in steal is not revealing inventory for me anymore?
2017/05/16  Trick:
thanks for the fight :) realized after looking back w/ the insta blind attempts and glow sword it was you guys surprising us! would have been much different if we hadn't saved blinds/sleeps before i was finally slept :)
2017/05/16  Zepir:
yea strange, thought we had some sort of agreement but you continued to shine through your true colors :) enjoy gaccing people and killing PK I dun care nor do I play anymore :)
2017/05/16  Trick:
Put it on repeat, everyone bitching about eq. Foci or not it's f'ing role play. Yes it sucks, but for christ sakes get over it. And yep, maybe it will screw with pk if a troll wants to nibble on a staff. So what?

Also sun tanning a troll on purpose is completely different than any gac. That's straight douche bag, IMO. But if that's how you want to roll play then go for it. Keep in mind I recently left a shit ton of EQ in bbt, including shining metal, foci, etc. Note that I will rarely, if ever, take a staff... but I won't blink an eye, bitch, or argue if someone else in my group wants to
2017/05/16  Glasya:
@Zepir - not that this is even worth debating, but even when I gave 2nd and 3rd chances with you, I never gac and you know it. I have many situations where you have done quite the opposite, if you wish to quibble over this on ER because you saw an opportunity it just shows how petty you still are.
2017/05/16  Zepir:
indeed that's why I never do it, it only impedes pk, now you cant always stop group mates from doing it but does not hurt to try.
2017/05/15  Auron:
Its stupid to take any Focus really.. Its doesn't really benefit the darkies bc pukes cant/wont fight without them. And really dumb to take bn staff cause you can't even get xp for it..
2017/05/15  Zepir:
hah atleast I am not a notorious pussy like you, that title holds a bit more weight then people wanting to gac me :) wont stop me for dropping gear its more of a principle something you don't know about
2017/05/15  Josie:
LOL @ Zepir, for you we all make exceptions. I can comment on your history, but anyone who knows you already knows that. I will always GAC any characters you have around. You have created your own demise on that one :P
2017/05/15  Zepir:
don't expect anything from Glasya, he will full gac you after you leave his whole set. :D is this news ? always been this way?
2017/05/15  Horast:
Glasya and I get gacced 95% of the time and we try to keep the greedy from taking what they don't need as best as possible. Seriously I never have any1 leave my shovel. Most time don't leave my scalps, beards, necklace etc. but I still always tell people to not take anything they don't need every time. And wtf is up with gilhdur taking shovel, pukes hoarding shovel, etc. it makes no sense. Annoying.
2017/05/15  Glasya:
@Auron, yep I know that feeling all too well. I will say after my death and taking of staff when the opportunity came for me to return the favor in this case I did. Although I did not take them, the rest of the group turned them in. I did not protest as I am equally annoyed with losing mine 100% of the time.
2017/05/15  Auron:
@glasya Yeah should drop staves. Especially when your group takes the staff of someone who spares full sets to certain group mates.
2017/05/15  Fieldy:
End of semester...
2017/05/15  Waru:
where is everyone??
2017/05/15  Horast:
So yes I will remember and appreciate it very much Estan. I told them to not loot staves in that fight but not sure what happened. I wanted u guys to fight more... but I can't believe. I got slept then soon as I saw bash land my ISP died and I was linkdead for like 4 mins. Did u spare me ld on purpose? I reconnected to hildi dispelling me only hheehe
2017/05/15  Glasya:
@Estan ... you might want to start with your group not gacing a darkie staff to begin with, it might end the fight more valiantly like it typically is with staffs being spared. Funny how I manage to do that, and the favors are not returned. Nonetheless, much like Jabez, play dirty and ask questions later. I don't mind dying at all. Today was a blast :) But I too agree leaving foci is the least we start doing. :P
2017/05/15  Estan:
Horast brother, had your level 70 ass slept there. Based on noise sounds like your darkie friends had been alerted via Skype and were on their way, but of course can't be sure. But regardless, we hurried and tried to bash before sun to give you time to avoid burn - hope that is appreciated, especially when your crew seems to have kept so many foci tonight.
2017/05/15  Jabez:
Glasya, I dont know what i find more amusing, the fact that a 13 wil sleep landed or your constant inability to count. There was myself and two others you twit. And the barage of texts telling me how pathetic an attempt it was is also fun. Grow the fuck up. Lose my number. Learn to count. Hilarious EVERYONE knows your manipulation of numbers when you whine and bitch. 'Three pukes' turn into 'six' because you ran across some xp group twenty minutes prior. Thats your justification for roaming in overkill packs and portal trapping. I admit I'm a trapper. You just cant seem to accept who you are... Ever the valiant player. Never gacs. W T F ever. Lol
2017/05/14  Gaar:
*Horast the Hill Troll* demolishes: unbeleivable
Yeah it was. i laughed my ass off RL. Next time you make troll dont go for max str/con but take max int instead.
2017/05/14  Estan:
Narsil??? Does anyone have any info at all about Narsil, the broken sword used to cut the Ring from Sauron's hand. It loads as 'a broken sword' inside a chest in Elrond's private rooms in RD. Is it possible to do anything at all with it? Any quest? In the Fellowship, the elves in Rivendell forge it into a new sword Anduril, for Aragorn. Is this possible in game? Does any old school player know anything?
2017/05/14  Marok:
Oops, typed Zambin's name by accident. Was posted by me.

2017/05/14 Zambin:
Was fun regardless. Another time haha
2017/05/14  Baratheon:
double zambin!
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