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2019/10/17  Ghanic:
Bap relog. Got most of your eq
2019/10/17  Rogon:
He didn't even come more than a stone's throw south of the wall. The whole winter is gonna grip the continent for years foreshadowing fizzled out into a big nothing.
2019/10/16  Enforcer:
Night King may come far south, but then he dies with 1 stab...not impressed.
2019/10/15  Moonglum:
No country, no matter how far south, is out of reach for the Night King. :)
2019/10/15  Kabysh:
Winter is coming and Brazil sounds great in January for a month or 2 ?
2019/10/15  Taramikir:
lucky both of you Smulk and Asmodean, 1 more quake will rip you both.
Though the door blocked, but noone block it :(
2019/10/15  Rashnak:
Deliberately in this case means spamming k troll in the path west of icedoor, so it was unable to walk in and sundied.

Not something that needs to get rid of, because given the circumstances I would do it again any day.
2019/10/14  Neni:
'Vainamoinen deliberately sunned an olog near icedoor'
'he is tan'
thats what was told to my troll eons ago
thats what i recalled reading tan's talk about sunning
that is still there. you shaws-troll...

remember this you puny pukes wanna-be-troll-sunners
you can never get rid of it, even after 20 years of rl pass
2019/10/14  Gruzz:
Zintilden, thank you for the kind mention :) BTW I only have 30 distinct kills on my trophy so you are part of a very exclusive club!
2019/10/13  Vra:
It wouldnít remove hit fleeing. Just the times you get the panic message you are switched into wimpy. That might help some people if they were aggressive and then get bashed after failed flee/panic.
As for you weaker group wanting to fight a more powerful group comment. I play solo 99% of the time, and if I meet a group to pk against they still hit flee. And if you enter a closable, they bash the door and continue to hit flee. But perhaps Iím the only one who sees this as an issue. And a forced wimpy after panic just means the have to change mood, itís not like a 3 sec penalty like nosneak.
2019/10/13  Elestir:
@Vra Hit-fleeing is not really problem here. How else do you want to fight against more powerful group than by hit-fleeing? Remove that and you prevent weaker group to even try to fight.

Wimpy mood should be forced to bashed person though rather than to fleeing person (for the duration of the bash) as when someone is knocked down there can't be any aggression from him which would impair his defense. Being knocked down should reduce defense, but it should do equally so for both aggressive and wimpy target, which currently is not the case. Eat a bash vs troll group when you are aggressive and you are pretty much dead (unless you get a lucky flee from bash).

And as for my style, that style is adapted to what is effective and what is not. If soloing was more viable, I would be soloing more. Right now, if you pk solo, you are asking to get slept, bashed and wizkilled. If some1 who wants to play solo asked me if MUME is game I would suggest him to learn and play, I would have to say no, just because of this.
2019/10/12  Vra:
I find it hilarious that pZant complains about sleep spell. With his play style itís not even an issue. Only change I would make is to have sleeping people become nobash. Then you canít die in 1 bash, and you have more time to rock or use stun pouches in a closable. I donít see how you can knock down a sleeping person anyway.
Something to make trolls less powerful would be a forced wimpy mood change when you get panic flees. Would make hit fleeing a little harder.
2019/10/12  Telessar:
Sleep spell to pk is for dicks. It doesn't matter if you do it against a troll char or not. I would have no remorse sunkilling you (Svarten) as you use that spell to get kills all the time on other characters. No-one is forcing you to play the easiest race
2019/10/12  Shaukr:
As a slight aside to that, Taramikir: you fairly killed Cyndane and didn't gac him, and I appreciate that. Not enough for me to not spam there and try to kill you, but in general!
2019/10/12  Cyndane:
Nice! Thanks for the rekill and gac!
2019/10/11  Yawn:
Glad we all understand the rules of this bet now so RR can move on to better insults, sad songs and opinions.
2019/10/11  One:
Ok Iíll explain simple conversation to you.
Person A states I am going to get my account deleted, this is my last post on this site.
Person B says I call BS, bet you it will never happen.
Person A says Iíll take that bet.
Then the bet is that you will never post again. You can see this exact conversation in my first post. You can just tell someone that you agree to the bet they offer and then months later say you meant to bet something else. Imagine if I went to a horse track and tried that shit, it doesnít work that way. So you lost the bet, and you should just STFU.
2019/10/11  Rael:
I just restricted my opinion to Trolls, not to darks. I found orcs as a very enjoyable race ! For Bn i must be honest i still need to apply on it, the few i created died horribly too many times.
2019/10/10  Shaukr:
Rael: fair enough, but you found playing puke more challenging? ;)
2019/10/10  Bardock:
again One, since you don't seem to comprehend, I BET I would never play mume again. I indeed did state I will never post on here again but I never offered money against that notion. Please point out where I said that, so far no one has produced that.
2019/10/10  Zintilden:
I think there is a huge difference in these two things:

1. Troll enters some closeable that if enemies attack at daylight hours could cause sunning risk to him/herself IF they choose to flee.

2. Troll looking for a fight solo in open at night, gets slept by some wimpshit punk that wants troll to sun to lvl 1.

I was slept by Gruzz on troll characters a few times, which was fine for the act itself, being that each time I brought it on myself for the simple fact of challenge. I died horribly and it was fine by me. He could of easily taken me out a different way outside but chose not to and still won few times.

Just clarifying because I dont have any issues with sleep spell or trolls sunning, it is instead the action behind the troll being slept and then sunned on purpose for me. That person would be a 'bag of dicks' imo regardless if the troll was L15, L21, L90.

Another difference nowdays with playerbase being lower imo: if you were a straight up dick back in the day there were more people around that simply wouldn't tolerate such behaviors and most of them(and all their pals) wouldn't forget what was done and took justice into their own hands, basically keeping assholes more in check. :p
2019/10/10  Rael:
During my 25 + years playing this game i made several trolls , and i found them really little challenging , in the sense that the class was (to me) so easy to play that i didn't find it so funny to play.So i never went above hero level...and now all of them are deleted .I think that the only side effect they have is the sun thing , that is a good compromise considered how they are powerful. If you play troll you must count that you could be sunned . it is just part of the game..however, in the history of mume i can recall very few examples of trolls sunned on purpose ,compared to the slaughters they have done across arda.
2019/10/10  Rashnak:
@Svarten: 'intrigued by your idea that ALL players including trolls embrace this behaviour'

Not my idea - I was discussing the imaginary painting that you brought up. In that painting where majority of players would think it's OK to sunkill a troll, I think your arguments wouldn't hold.

I for one do not condemn intentionally sunning a troll. I've never slept a troll personally (at least not to sunkill them), but also I've never stepped down from fight because a troll would risk sundying in it.

You can of course argue how much of a troll player I am anyway. I didn't play much troll during my first 10+ years, which was for reasons other than risk of sundeath of any kind. When I did play, I played differently than most players. And as far as avoiding sun goes, more succesfully too.

I'm sure that if sunkilling trolls became an acceptable mainstream thing, reducing troll playerbase to zero, the management would react to it.

I'd hope that they wouldn't react by removing the sunkill option, but by making troll race more atractive by giving the trolls something new/more.

Anyway, my point originally was just to turn your notion of 'Tro W60' upside down.
2019/10/10  Svarten:

No, because troll players were always in a minority - some or most of the older players have never tried playing one, to my knowledge. Players who prefer to play troll probably are and will be separate from those that prefer to sun trolls.

I am kind of intrigued by your idea that ALL players including trolls embrace this behaviour... only I don't see how the social dynamics between people actively playing would work out. Like you log on your olog and tell the person next to you 'hey dumbass, my puke sunned you AGAIN yday, lemme give a hand leveling up + maybe explain what the fuck you do wrong IF YOU WOULD LISTEN THIS TIME.' I think lesser issues have brought up enmity amongst players...
2019/10/10  Rashnak:
@Svarten: 'paint the image of a game where the majority of players thought it was OK or desirable to sun trolls on purpose'

But won't such painting show those same players getting their own troll characters sunned on purpose? Certainly if they think it is OK to sun trolls, they'd also be accepting when it happens to themselves.

But maybe you mean that if there was this kind of majority, none of that majority would want to play trolls anyway. I'd consider it an extra incentive for others to play the race regardless of the risks.

I'd rather keep it that way. Players who avoid troll characters for fear of sundeath, might be best to stay away anyway. Losing 50 levels being sunkilled or accidentally by your own mistake, they stand to be disappointed regardless.

2019/10/10  One:
You lost the bet. Any reasonable and sane person reading the post would realize that you mention never posting on ER again, a bet was offered about that specific post, and then you agreed. You then proceed to mention multiple times that you will never post here again. Take your own advice and STFU!
2019/10/10  Aganir:
I think God switched out your brain with a peanut, and you didn't even notice.

Three times someone has reposted the fact that you said you'd not play, nor comment on RR as part of the bet. And you just blithely go on, ignoring the evidence that's shoved in your face. I can't tell if you're doing it on purpose, or if you just can't do the whole reading comprehension thing.

And for the record, we would all love it if you played, because you fight, and continue doing so. We just hate pretty much everything about who you are as a person, which makes the desire for fighting so much less important.

Make an incog char, play, shit, I'd even be nice to you and help level you and eq you, but you just have to think before you type anything, and then type the opposite, because you're the epitome of fucking annoying.

Think about that for a minute. No one has ever said they didn't like how you played, we just don't like your constant narrating, incessant insulting, bipolar attitude, your ass backward opinions, or pretty much everything you show us about who you are as a person.

Think about that for a few.
2019/10/09  Bardock:
the only way Im gonna lose the bet is if mume goes back to 2002 and there was constant action and 50 pukes and 20 darkies always on but we all know that wont happen. <3 seriously tho I want this money how many years do I have to go before I get it?
2019/10/09  Svarten:
Tan/Rashnak, I don't consider you nor me to be an average player, together we have more than a years playtime on these two characters of ours. I probably also will keep playing even after I sun despite the reason.

I wanted to paint the image of a game where the majority of players thought it was OK or desirable to sun trolls on purpose - and then figure out if it would be a game worth playing, to me or to any other troll player, or whether there in fact would be no players remaining on the side. Let's assume that an average troll player would eat sun death every month, or every 2 weeks? I think that if the troll player list was made empty as a result of bad behaviour to others, I'd also stop playing.
2019/10/09  Ghanic:
Whoever you are *dwarf* who fought troll 2x in shaws, thank you for the fights. They were really fun and I wish we would have been able to get a real ending to the fun but I made the mistakes of fighting too long at moors and of choosing to go to eastern shaws instead of western shaws which is closer. I'll be back tho and we'll get our round 3 someday
2019/10/09  Svarten:
Samurai, I missed that you wanted me to answer what value I put on equipment, and if given a choice, which character out of a nude 36 and fullsetted 35 I'd play.

I'd play the level 36, I'd then kill someone for a fullset, lose it shortly thereafter, and like it very much if I got +1 level every time it happened.
2019/10/09  Rashnak:
In response to Svarten's comment below.

As Tan I was slept on few occassions with intent to sunkill (at high level too), and if they had succeeded, I would have remade the character.

The character meant more to me than 'Tro W60', but that meaning would carry over any death, sun or other, through to next incarnations. Everything what you could call insignificant, was attached just to the 'Tro W60'.

Therefore I don't sign your argumentation below. In fact I'm pretty sure you might agree if you think it through more carefully. Svarten would be Svarten no matter how many times he had been sunkilled.

Sunkilling you on purpose would only destroy the 'Tro W90' part, but as you already said, 'people generally don't view characters as 'Tro W60''. What else there is to the characters, cannot be killed.

2019/10/08  Bardock:
ya I get it , I mean I been playing this game since I was 12 years old lol. I never bet I wouldn't post just I would not play :D we all know I cant stop from posting here lol. I am part of this community and games history even if yall don't like it :D
2019/10/08  Aganir:
2019/10/08  Ghanic:
Its all good. Now lemme bump RR so ya'll can continue :D
2019/10/08  Samurai:
Sorry Resin/Ghanic, got you confused with Aganir.
2019/10/08  Aganir:
I've noticed that the people with such insane superiority complexes are the people that deserve to have it the least.
2019/10/08  Resin:
Why are you responding to me? I don't give a shit what you think you are and I never called you special
2019/10/08  Samurai:
Yes, Ghanic, I am special. I am an intelligent, creative, empathetic, and curious person. Back in the early 90s, most of the people that played MUME were like me. Since then I have watched the community sink lower, and lower, and lower, until people like you are about average.

It's sad, and I miss all of the great people that were involved in the early days. I should probably just move on, but I still have some hope that some of the old players will come back when the you and the other 'hurr durrs' have left.
2019/10/08  Aganir:
You are some type of special, aren't ya.
2019/10/08  Samurai:
Okay, you guys seem to be having a private conversation in your own language now. Hope it's enlightening for you!
2019/10/08  Ghanic:
Greed is a foul stench and it goes hand-in-hand with irrationality
2019/10/08  Aganir:
Hurr durr it's just text hurr durr.

Why do you care so much about money, it's just paper.

Ramen is just as good as steak, it's just sustenance.

Hurr durr.

People attach value to something they put time into, and who are you to think it's ok to take all of that away from someone? You attach more value to the words 'shining breastplate' than to a char someone has put time, energy, love, and attention into, so yeah, lines of text matter to you apparently. Just the wrong ones.

Also, Shaukr didn't call you dumb. I did. I think you're as dumb and just lack any type of empathy. You're dumb. Thumbsup!
2019/10/08  Samurai:
Shaukr: thanks for sharing. Makes no sense but you tried to use your words at least. Really ironic to call someone dumb when you donít even know what that word means.

Svarten: I see your point that we are more attached to our chars than our eq. I probably donít make that distinction as strongly as most people because to me itís all just text. It doesnít matter if you call it ďSvartenĒ or ďtro W60,Ē itís just data sitting on the MUME server. And given the benefits of good eq and the amount of time it takes to get it, I would much prefer a fullsetted level 35 to a naked level 36 whitey, wouldnít you?

Elestir: glad to see youíre a ďno good piece of shitĒ and agree that sunning a shining-eating troll would be acceptable sometimes. Zint says youíre a bag of dicks.
2019/10/08  Zintilden:
How the fuck can you compare eq, shining or not, eaten whenever, to sunning a Troll? What is WRONG with you people? EQWIPE WEEKLY PLZ! The eq makes some of you such assholes.
2019/10/08  Elestir:
@Svarten Well, here it depends. If you eat that shining in situation when it's obvious you will be killed soon (e.g. after close BBT fight when there is still lot of time for the whities to re-enter), you are basically doing it just to maximize the damage to the enemy. Then you can't really complain if they maximize the damage on you by sunning you. If you eat it in the safety of Warrens, that's another story. But why eat it if you can make your friends happy by kitting their orcs anyway?
2019/10/08  Svarten:
Samurai, when you die - your equipment is lost to you no matter what, so it shouldn't matter to you what happens with it next. Trolls also aren't the most effective at disposing of shining and other legend equipment. Retired characters that never get logged on anymore, are. Perhaps you should include 'eating' and 'trolls' in a broader sense? Too easy...

Sunning trolls on purpose is an act designed to remove players from the game, not their characters, because people generally don't view characters as 'Tro W60', at least none that I've seen. Instead they will recall the effort and adventures they had with others throughout the years and assign it to the character. They will play the character as an act of remembrance, and use it to give a face towards other characters playing alongside them. The way the game handles characters and interactions between them is designed to reinforce their willingness to play. This has certainly the case with this character of mine, as well as previous characters I've played, and I bear my past years of playing and growing list of reincarnations with something that resembles pride. Don't think I'd stuck around this long if that attitude you're displaying had been the prevailing one all these years.

I do remember a pretty fun April fools joke that was in the line of 'everyone is now L25 with fullsets, there's a portal Grinder-Bree, go kill each other', and now that I think of it in this context it's a pretty subtle (or bombastic) way to communicate that the game isn't supposed to, or possible to be played in that way.

Do you, while you play, consider your own characters to be 'H-E C67' or whatever, and feel like they and their equipment are a bunch of numbers that you're spending, gaining or shuffling around? And how would you feel if someone decided to do a complete character wipe, for instance? Would you view it as a removal of all those numbers and assets, a nulling of the perceived 'value' of your invested time and what you view as your lasting rewards for playing, OR would you instead outrage at losing 'your characters'?
2019/10/08  Aganir:
You are flawed, Samurai. Do Robal, and Cali, and a few others whom I forget, deserve to get sent to level 1 because they looted my tarnished wristband? Unlike shining, it's impossible for me to get one with any degree of certainty of any timeline. Since Squaretooth was implemented, I've only gotten one. Just using the timeline of 6 months, that's over 4300 hours to get one? How many pukes do I have to delete from the game because they looted it?

You're just dumb man. Dumb. You lose shining, you can still PLAY. How can you not see that?
2019/10/08  Shaukr:
Samurai: you can play MUME normally (pking, smobbing, whatever you like) without shining (or even without staff!). You cannot play MUME beyond doing lowbie xp as a level 1 troll. The two aren't even remotely comparable.

One comin' in with the proof!
2019/10/08  Aganir:
I forgot how confident I was, 50 to 1 odds is pretty intense. You don't have to pay me Mr. Bean, but go give a homeless man a dollar.

Thanks for the proof, One!
2019/10/08  Nockurzh:
I think those lines might've confused us all:
2019/07/18 Bardock:
I am gonna try to get my ER account wiped as well, wont post here anymore enjoy :)

2019/07/19 Bardock:
'im done with mume im done with elvenrunes'

2019/07/20 Bardock:
'I hereby declare this is my final post on this website ever'
2019/10/08  Bardock:
and where does it say I bet I wont post on RR? Bet was I wont play mume so.... were still good on it whos still in?
2019/10/08  One:
2019/07/20 Bardock:
roflmao, seriously tho lets get this bet going and use a third party pool based on the variables. what do they call that escrow? I hereby declare this is my final post on this website ever and Sarkazein owes me 50 bucks lol, <3 seriously tho love you all mume was a great thing to grow up with and it will never be the same as it used to be <3 <3 <3 il miss yall so much. <3 Matt, Gene, Ted, Kim Love you all see you in the next life.
2019/07/19 Bardock:
Ok whats the time frame, il take that il bet the dollar, when do I get my 50? 2 years sound fair? Il give you my cash app tag bro :D im done with mume im done with elvenrunes. the era has ended for me. Its just not the same, its a pretty empty place, nothing like when I first played, never a dull moment in those days. Now its just clicks and xp groups and darkies that play like pukes. My account is gone, I wont be playing ever. Let me know where can put this bet.
2019/07/18 Sarkazein:
I'll give anyone 50 to 1 odds that this is bullshit. Your dollar vs. my fifty! Any takers?
2019/07/18 Bardock:
dead serious lol, I am gonna try to get my ER account wiped as well, wont post here anymore enjoy :)
2019/10/08  Bardock:
I never agreed to any bet regarding RR posts, I have no problem admitting I said I wouldn't post, show me the comment, I said I wont play mume ever again and that's the bet here is a screenshot of my account with my password feel free
2019/10/08  Samurai:
Shaukr, yes, I am conspicuously comparing a troll eating shining on the one hand to a whitey sun-sleeping a troll on the other hand.

Let's just say for the sake of argument that it takes 24 hours of playtime to make a level 25 troll, and it takes 24 hours of playtime (7 warriors, 3 clerics, a few extra hours getting keys) to do balrog.

Who's the bigger jerk: the troll who eats _two_ sets of shining, or the mage that sun-sleeps that troll? If you say the mage, why? I'm genuinely curious to see your thought process.
2019/10/08  One:
The bet was that you wouldnít post on ER again. Itís not hard to find. Dates 2019/07/18 - 2019/07/19. You probably owe $20 by now.
2019/10/08  Bardock:
bro the bet was I would not play mume, would be happy to give you a screenshot of my account, have not logged in many months. sure I said I wouldn't post on RR but I never put money on it, please reference that :) Runescape is literally mume with a little bit of graphics, the game was built of a MUD and it plays just like a mud. Constant pk 24/7 huge risks, great game. reminds me a lot of mume of course it has differences but yea. I don't owe anyone money until I log in mume and the terms were never discussed , how can I ever win the money? Its really a one sided bet but I don't intend to lose it.
2019/10/07  Aganir:
I would prefer to be one of the last three people to ever log onto MUME than to have to listen to and/or have your existence thrown in my face.

You owe me 5 bucks I think it is, right? 10 to 1, my 50 vs. your 5?
2019/10/07  Bardock:
personally, not that anyone cares or asked for my opinion but the fact that you can sun trolls just makes this game that much more real and unique. only problem with mume is that nobody plays it.
2019/10/07  Paque:
Holy shit, Samurai! I'd forgotten that adventure. In fact, I'd forgotten Paque ever existed. It turned out that I got off of Sauron's list - and Eale turned out not to be such an asshole.

But you made my rather shitty day in discovering that log.

No idea what you're all arguing about. I just enjoyed that lil bit of attention :)
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