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2019/12/05  Toigan:
Intelligent animals who limit and reduce ourselves to greed , gluttony and all the other primitive shit. Like scrolling cat pics on Facebook. Does not sound very intelligent to me tbh. Just another evolutionary cul-de-sac.
2019/12/04  Samurai:
What if we are just intelligent animals living in a beautiful world and then we die? Some of you will have definitely left only a trail of negativity and shame.
2019/12/04  Vaelrin:
What if our planet dies and all our brains get uploaded into an inter-galactic MUME network. And we only exist as characters in-game. Some of you would definitely qualify for NPCs!
2019/12/04  Sylvana:
Damn Dong, my armour dropped on first hit, good job. Too bad about the staff looting, seems another couple years of a break from mume. Have fun.
2019/12/03  Arayna:
Nice fights! I was amazed you came back so quick.
2019/12/03  Cocktail:
nice quake!
2019/12/03  Estan:
Damn Dong, we offered 2v2 in empty HC and you needed to add a legend Troll to feel safe? Didn't realize we were so intimidating!
2019/12/01  Bardock:
2019/11/28  Smulk:
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat Turkey until you drop! =>
2019/11/27  Cyndane:
Your link probably sucks because it's trying to translate the hieroglyphics that are your client settings.

2019/11/23  Slayah:
![ CW HP:Wounded>kill *man*
*Cyndane the Black Numenorean* (x) 동쪽에서 왔다.
A pack horse 동쪽에서 왔다.
A lithe orc 동쪽에서 왔다.
A lithe orc 동쪽에서 왔다.

![ CW HP:Wounded>
*Cyndane the Black Numenorean* (x) issues the order 'kill 1.slayah'.
A lithe orc quickly approaches, trying to hit you.
A lithe orc quickly approaches, trying to hit you.
You're already fighting!

![ CW HP:Wounded a lithe orc:Fine>

Ooof, link OP!
2019/11/23  Enforcer:
Rumour has it, it was an STD, spread by a Hobbit (obviously)
2019/11/22  Gilhdur:
Zant died? how? tell me, tell me! did sky fall down? what will get nerfed this time? TELL ME!
2019/11/20  Jahara:
Robal shared the messages with me, thanks!

You get entangled in numerous branches and twisting roots of a rotten tree.
You break free from the wet grasp of a rotten tree.
You can't seem to escape the wet, rotten shrubbery!
2019/11/20  Iminyë:
I know only rooting message for gr-mate: Bunnud gets entangled in numerous branches and twisting roots of a rotten tree.
2019/11/19  Jahara:
Anyone have the exact messages for what happens when the 'rotten tree' roots you and you try to flee? Do you have the failure and successful flee messages?
2019/11/19  Slayah:
Ahhhh hobbit vengeance! Sorry Smiles <3
2019/11/18  Merarl:

2019/11/18  Sudo:
Thanks guys, it was great!
2019/11/18  Slayah:
Was Epic! Much blood was spilled, hobbit orc and man! BLOOD FOR THE SHIRE
2019/11/18  Smulk:
thanks for the fight Sudo and Slayah! Was a super rush! :)
2019/11/17  Slayah:
Nah, you die 2x to a bn, you deserve no eq! i kill u next time
2019/11/17  Zakuzka:
log back and loot, left all that time:)
2019/11/17  Slayah:
Nah you were fucked, i had full hobbit power left.
2019/11/17  Zakuzka:
Outcome woulda been same, i was thinkin either quake or qbolt, later took fastburns, actually one burn and you died.
Had rearm and still around 40 manas.
2019/11/17  Slayah:
![ CSW HP:Bad Mana:Icy Move:&#54588;&#44260;&#54644; *a Man* (x):Wounded>f

MUME closed the connection.

You can explore the map offline or reconnect again...

![ CSW HP:Bad Mana:Icy Move:&#54588;&#44260;&#54644; *a Man* (x):Wounded>
#Connection closed by user.
#Connecting to host...
#Host's adress:
#Trying to connect...

2019/11/17  Ramsay:
Why on earth would anyone stand around in a war zone picking through equipment in a corpse? First I'm going to grab everything if I think there is good stuff there. Then I have control of the eq and I can decide how much I want to drop. I would never just stand there picking legend eq piece by piece because anyone could come by and gac everything from under my nose.
2019/11/17  Somnium:
@Shurik, yeah I wondered wth you did when you quaked south, was the nail in the coffin I suppose. Thank you as well!
2019/11/17  Shurik:
nice screwup from my side :) thnx fo fight elfie
2019/11/17  Eq:
Listen - when you R.I.P. I am no longer yours, this is true. But do not loot me and scatter petals and other such bullshit across Arda, claiming that you did not loot me or dropped me.
2019/11/17  One:
If you die you lose any claim over all your eq! Stop bitching about being gacced. And plz a metal set, you can get that back in 10 min as a puke caster. Be glad he left your foci and STFU. When I hear people bitch like that it makes me want to loot foci! It’s a good supply of draughts and even a chance of a worm hide shield that I’m just leaving behind. Nobody is entitled to their old gear after getting beat in pk.
2019/11/16  Smulk:
Now you are just trying to get me heated up. If I cried every time I was GACED, I wouldn't play. Then again, I have nothing to justify to you. Why would I even post on ER if I didn't leave your shit. By the way there is a reason why corpses are taken, we make horns to of them, door. You are an angry person, and a break is good when you take everything so seriously. I think my new title will be 'NOT GO GAC'
2019/11/16  Brundeor:
Why would you EVER measure to the same standards as I? I have never gacced like you do on regular basis. Last time i overlooted, I did so by mistake, typoed dropping an ebs and my old shield, that was it. Two items, and I felt like crap, but we left burnished hewing spear of my request. Compared to you taking all metals I would say its day and night in comparison. So no, you do not compare. Dont bother posting here sounding you are nothing but a shitty gaccer, dont pretend otherwise. See how I didnt get mad until you posted your BS here? Because im fucking fed up with your bullshit, you can fool yourself, but you sure as hell wont be fooling me. And then you will cry when ppl gac you.. I WONDER WHY THEY DO!
2019/11/16  Smulk:
So mad bro. It's a good thing I don't measure you by the same standards. Like I said next time, I won't post anything at all. Bye.
2019/11/16  Brundeor:
If you are so fking clueless NOT GO GAC why would I believe you would drop things? Its not like its hard to loot whatever you interested in instead of gaccing and THEN drop. Have fun playing with yourselves.
2019/11/16  Smulk:
Nope, you came back too fast apparently.Next time I won't bother posting.
2019/11/16  Brundeor:
<held> a crude torch; [LIT]
<used as shield> a reinforced oak staff; [LIT]
<worn about body> a fine grey cloak (flawless)
<worn on feet> a fine pair of metal boots (flawless)
<worn on finger> a golden quartzite ring

You mean ALL that? So nice of you! Why not just gac when you are such a shithead eh?
2019/11/16  Smulk:
Hope you went back Bruendor.
2019/11/15  Dong:
Ohh I mixed you up with someone else with a name starting on B, he was the one with the candles, sorry. But I remember sleeping and blinding you now, in the armoury. I think I was trying to remove you from the pukes running around outside, or to remove you from your eagles? You then rocked out immediately. I guess you didn't have rocks today though, or you spent them already (hah, I know you did!)

I'd say it's overpreparing to do gloom and claw before seeking out 1v1 fights, and whining like the world is ending when you still don't get things right.

Still I hold that as a combo with 2 eagles, you should have been able to fight one bn without charmies, as well as a blind bn with one lithe, as things turned out.

I'm not saying it would have been 'easy', like it would have been to fight a single bn, blind it and put 2 eagles on it, which was likely your intention to begin with.

As far as I know Astrex blocked the crevice from the outside, and you yourself had blocked both towerdoor and crack, probably about 5 minutes earlier, as you sat in there for that long? Blocking an extra exit - even though it's a mistake - seems like something you should be able to handle, with you being a staffpuke, and handling your own blocks is your responsibility anyway. Maybe you should have used some kind of timers if you forget things?
2019/11/15  Brundeor:
Cool story. Not very accurate though. As I never used a single candle in tbad. What happened was you sleeping me in a 1-roomer, then blinding me. Another wimp-point for you I guess?

Two bns with lithes easy for a combo? A combo that had spent most of his mana blocking both exits as Astrex had not been comitting to any battle at all (I did not know crack was blocked already). So after 2 quakes I had no mana left. Lithes autohitting me and you spamhitting me didnt really make it easy to coordinate, typoed to wake my eagle a few times, so thought it was blinded when it didnt woke up.

Choosing my battleground perfectly while im going solo into brolg for Astrex. Are you that disconnected from reality seeing the flaws in that logic?
2019/11/15  Dong:
So you jumped and wanted to fight me a few days ago while i was exping in WC, caught me armourless and with less than half mana. So I ported out - it wasn't stored, you just sucked at predicting where I went and disrupting it, maybe you run around wimpy, what do I know.

Next issue you have, I log on today, get a tell not even 1 minute after I logon to locate, and start walking that direction. After 10 20 minutes you were stuck in brolg again (guess you ran in repeatedly?) and the fight started. You immediately blinded your supposedly only opponent (Astrex) with an obsidian eye, and somehow he still landed a sleep before, on one of your eagles. It would have been easy for you to wake it with the other one, if you had a cool head. Since Astrex was the only one with 1 charmie against your 2, being blind for most of the fight, and you still lost somehow, I believe this proves you suck. I was hitspamming you and/or tanking your eagle to stop you from doing anything - dunno why THAT worked but you should have done better.

Last time you fought me 'honorably' you went to tbad stables after a long fucking while, and used like 10 candles to sleep my 1 thief charmie. I don't know man. You seem to over prepare with consumables, choose your battleground to perfectly suit you, and get butt hurt everytime it doesn't work out exactly like you want. IMO you should have won this last 2v1 fight after the blind landed, can't believe you didnt try bash me even once and then get your shit together with eaglespam.

You are demanding that you can sit uncontested for 30 minutes, inside Brolg, as a puke. I think you are being unreasonable and that if you trap yourself you better be ready to deal with what comes for you.
2019/11/15  Brundeor:
I respected you before dong. But all you is looking for is cheap kills or sleep trapping pussy like all the rest, or even better like that insta port out a few days back like a true fucking wimp. Its sad to see. And Astrex, nothing but traps and being the biggest fucking pussy in mume. WHOLE BROLG + 2 lithes, wasnt enough to want to fight just me solo. Congrats, one less player to fight you sorry asses.
2019/11/14  Magua:
Crack re-popped immediately there. Literally bashed it before you entered.
2019/11/13  Gloim:
Like you did to that lvl 21 orc last night? :)
2019/11/13  Shaukr:
Can't speak for whoever killed you, but that's how it is in this bitch of a war I guess. Stick around, you'll get revenge!
2019/11/13  Michio:
They didn't happen to see me, it was the good 'ol 'go bait him into fleeing in here and we'll block him and kill him!'

Like, how is this fun for you? Takes no skill what so ever. Enjoy the eq, just know there's 1 player less to play with now : )
2019/11/13  Shaukr:
I really empathize Michio, but were they supposed to see you and not try to kill you? :P
2019/11/13  Michio:
So you come back to the game after 3 years, run around looking for something to fight, and you guys are still getting a kick out of fleeing a solo player in and wizkilling him 4v1. And you wonder why the game died :P
2019/11/12  Narsel:
2019/11/11  Earlran:
Thank you for fighting :)
2019/11/11  Michio:
Holy.. I have no words Shog : P Thanks for the fight, please don't post log LOL
2019/11/11  Fieldy:
Not sure what I did now, but hey, no probs!
2019/11/10  Nás:
Just lost a bet. Thanks Fieldy. Unreal.
2019/11/10  Fieldy:
Since when are you allowed to use group manager in pk?
2019/11/10  Ghanic:
Yea I'm sure you will. Good luck on your next attempt
2019/11/10  Nás:
See you on the battle field then? <3
2019/11/10  Ghanic:
That's a terrible comparison. Me and the random ppl I group with aren't weighted down with scrolls/rocks/staffs/group manager. Get real
2019/11/09  Nás:
Be fair here. :) We were there fighting mobs and Troll for a long time before you arrived. You are just being an asshole now. In comparison it would be like you 3 clearing zoc and when you are on last mobs we arrive and wonder why the fuck you flee? Fuck off
2019/11/09  Ghanic:
Yes. Fight warrens like you guys were earlier today. It was 3v4 and y'all still left. I get it, you get defensive when ppl don't let you overkill them and then mock your attempts, I get it, just dont act ridiculous on RR like you and elestir fight nobly. We all see it for what it really is
2019/11/09  Nás:
Shaukr? I am speaking to Eric in my last post and him alone ok? I see one of his characters around and I expect he can turn the tide for his group in the right conditions because he is more of a mobilizer in playstyle and not quick to fucking run. Having mobs on his side is one of them, so yes, I pointed out that it didn't seem to matter where we chose for a battlefield suddenly.
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