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2020/07/02  Khorga:
Huhh, hands still shaaking, made soo meny mistakes, tho was cool :D was out of arrows at the end :S
2020/06/30  Marillion:
Haha awesome job Piglet. That is just frigging awesome how you mindfucked me there :P thumbs up!
2020/06/28  Rogon:
A new certificate made it so mmapper couldn't connect to mume while direct connection worked. Should be fixed now though.
2020/06/28  Walo:
mume down?
2020/06/25  Toigan:
u bore me
2020/06/22  Tufo:
Guys, my balls are itchy
2020/06/22  Iminyë:
Really sad that anonymous immortal cheater narrated to all sides that i was on
2020/06/22  Marillion:
Congrats on hunting down a lithe orc fain. Fucking disgust me to watch you guys play. pathetic is the most fitting word.
2020/06/19  Khorga:
I gac only very 'Special' ppl or when im on very shitty mood. Thnx for fight :)
You shoulda tank your eagle, when it was dead it was kinda sure win for me.
2020/06/19  Indros:
Thanks for not gaccing Khorga! I need to stop my panicking fingers and start landing spells.
2020/06/18  Marok:
Can we all agree that it's utter horseshit that in the 20 years the game has existed not a single player hasn't stepped in dog shit? Create a message for that. No one cares about rabbits nibbling at leaves. Give the players what they want.
2020/06/17  Fieldy:
2020/06/17  Bardock:
I don't think anyone is truly displeased, Mume is a gigantic anomaly hated and loved by those who play to hate it and love it. I would say its doing pretty good. Keep up the updates and work, there is only one mume in this life.
2020/06/17  Fieldy:
Yeah, like
eat bread
>>>>>>>>>>YOU ****EAT**** the __BREAD__!<<<<<<<<<<<
2020/06/17  Naranu:
@Ignacio there is ton of stuff 'veteran' players create themselves anyway that the game doesn't provide itself - smoke pipe multi-alias is a great example and I don't see anybody complaining the fact you can't do it in a single in-game command. Veteran players also add many text replacements or color enhancements to make things noticeable in the spam - again you could argue the game doesn't help you quickly distinguish individual messages, yet I don't see anybody complaining about it.

There is also plenty 'muddle' messages in various areas, where it helps the atmosphere, but doesn't provide any information to Veteran players (e.g. Gilded shield ghost area).

I agree that it doesn't provide anything game-play related (yet), but at the same time, I believe that most of us are here because we enjoy the Middle-earth universe & atmosphere. To me personally, it supports the atmosphere.
2020/06/17  Ignacio:
I strongly dislike the new animal emotes. They are spammy, and don't indicate anything useful about gameplay. New players that I've tried to get into MUME have all had the same major difficulty and point of confusion - the crazy amount of text flying by, and how difficult it is to figure out what to focus on. This 'addition' exacerbates that problem. Some random message about a rabbit doing something cute might be charming the first time you read it, but after reading the same useless message a dozen times, it just becomes more noise to filter through, especially if you're in a tense moment of gameplay and there's already a lot going on.

If veteran players are having to add code to their client to hide the 'feature' you've added, maybe this feature is taking away more from the experience than it is adding. And really new players are likely not going to be able to easily customize their client to gag these messages.

I appreciate that the Ainur are continuing to work on the game and keep it running, and there have been some great improvements recently, like the addition of new zones, unique names for forged rings, etcetera, but the wildlife spam seems like a bit of a misstep.
2020/06/16  Naranu:
I like the new deer/stag/rabbit messages - it's something the new Ainu can work on and contribute to the game that way. These messages make the world more alive, I hope at some point in the future more like these can be added. Whoever hates it, can always filter it out in the client.
2020/06/15  Fieldy:
I actually had no idea, but honestly I really don't care about that fact.
2020/06/15  Nerd:
That is no news or secret. Yet when the game is down, here you all are, hoping that 'management' hears your addiction and withdrawal cries. Stupid!?
2020/06/15  Stupid:
elvenrunes was made cause they were anti-management btw
2020/06/14  Nerd:
Imagine some nerds on a text game, crying all the time, complaining and being ungrateful shitheads about 'management' on some stupid forum, yet they are still here each and every day, and just can't seem to stay away. Oh BTW, since you are 'Stupid' I will explain: it is due to 'management' that you are able to still log in, play, and then have something to complain about right here for us all to enjoy. You're welcome! :>
2020/06/14  Stupid:
imagine in a game that is dead, management decides to focus their efforts on retarded FAT RABBIT and DEER spam. idgaf about them nibbling on fucking leaves. ....
2020/06/11  Shaukr:
Post some logs you reprobates, I don't have time to play!
2020/06/10  Arsenio:
Ok i can evaluate it as just bad luck ! enjoy ring.
2020/06/10  Khorga:
was tracking. Thnx for iron ring !
2020/06/10  Arsenio:
To the orc that stabbed me , and killed me in ne vale, while i was afk for 20 second pee, were you tracking me , or you just met me there resting afk ? i only want to measure me fucking bad luck of getting stabbed in these days in a 20 second afk.
2020/06/09  Ornil:
log plz.
2020/06/09  Aristotle:
World's wimpiest warlord needs 4 rangers to kill depressed lowbie bn, and the best part?


Learn to play, newb.
2020/06/08  Auron:
He mad bigly
2020/06/08  Cyndane:

y u mad
2020/06/06  Slampen:
@Solenya stfu.
2020/06/06  Toigan:
he mad
2020/06/05  Solenya:
Telolet you absolute fucking piece of a human waste of garbage. Stop playing this game if you are such a fucking pussy that you cant take a fight with 2 stone giants outgunning any bn so vastly its not even funny. But no,. you are so fucking scared to even fight 1v1 that you call rest of wholist. So fucking pathic with trashplayers like you. Tak and rest. I hope yo fucking choke. Enjoy one less player in this shitty games that promotes this kind of fucking retarded gameplay.
2020/06/02  Shalani:
is it down, or only for me ?
2020/05/29  Baratheon:
Had a great chat tonight with a handful MUMERs. These are the type of things that make me want to relog.
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
And Lincoln would have died if he didn't sacrifice you.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
Erm, Bueller? Not only did your fren throw some harm my way which is why I was trying to bash him with that silly ass shadow you guys had on us, but you also had 2 mobs north, which were not aggressive to tarks if I recall? NEWS FLASH, your fren RIP? I may have lost the battle but but I still feel its a win because you let Lincoln out on 8 hps. :) Thanks for sticking around and fighting though regardless, was fun and you are still a snaga.
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
And yet you died to a snaga.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
I hear you snaga's have things called shops? If you were worthy of the Zaugurz Tribe, I may be able to hook you up from my black market keyring and coach ticket shop I'm running. :D
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
well i wish there was take 50 gold cause i needed that:(
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
All good, was fun, thanks. Just don't touch my keyring collection or coach EVER.
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
Wasn't going to gac you. I could have. Only wanted ring.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
Oooooo Scary? The real prize was in the sable bruh? :) l o l
2020/05/29  Cuuldur:
You lost your strength ring.
2020/05/29  Verrückt:
What just happened? :D ha :D
2020/05/28  Shaukr:
I'm not going to complain that rogge at least gets done or that there are darkie groups :) I haven't heard of them griping about a pkless quest item being looted yet though!
2020/05/28  Obvious:
shaukr, darkies are pukes nowadays lol. trolls permasmobbing with full shining metals, luke ftw
2020/05/28  Hargon:
My link ! :(
2020/05/27  Morzhel:
Ugh, get more next time!

2020/05/23  Shaukr:
Pukes treating a piece of their equipment as sacrosanct and above looting should always be pointed out.
2020/05/23  Iltz:
Justice has been served, Ena.
2020/05/23  Martyrson:
Thanks for the... what has that got to do with anything?
2020/05/23  Shaukr:
Darks don't get foci at all.
2020/05/23  Martyrson:
Seems a real shame that foci has to be the cost of charging 4 trolls with 3 pukes... I guess you get to do it once, eh!
2020/05/23  Ton:
comf man... yday we broke and nearly quaked that tower b4 realizing it was puke...
2020/05/23  Sert:
*. CR HP:Fine Move:Exhausted>call open
You call for the metaldoor to be opened.
*. CR HP:Fine Move:Exhausted>
A voice yells back, 'The metaldoor is open! Stop bothering me!'
*. CR HP:Fine Move:Exhausted>lead
You stop riding a hungry warg.
A hungry warg starts following you.
*. C HP:Fine Move:Fainting>e
You feel so much better hiding in the shadows!
Fortress in the Plains
A sturdy Beorning is here, guarding the fortress.
A sturdy Beorning is here, guarding the fortress.
Exits: (north), (east), south, *(west)*. - n:wallstone.
A hungry warg has arrived from the west.
Lead to mob death and wp loss. Be aware this exists and avoid mob deaths, my dudes.
2020/05/23  Ena:
Did you lose link sert? I hope it wasn't a mob death :(
2020/05/20  Thiwzan:
Welcome to the club Soronto. Nice timing
2020/05/19  Berror:
Pub trip?! Which country is that? I'd love to go to a pub!

I'll need to check for flights! =)
2020/05/19  Bardock:
don't compare Iminye to me, he does not deserve that shame.
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