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2019/05/20  Fieldy:
No, it is still pray, but you have to move to the western room. Or are you retired? Then leave first : P
2019/05/20  Ares:
Lol what was the command for bns to leave hidden island again? Thought it was pray but its not working anymore, wth.
2019/05/19  Bardock:
jajajaja im at the same point mi amigo this game is hard to keep playing XD
2019/05/19  Meriaglo:
Hey, not your fault Padan - that's the game, you played it well. I just feel I've spent far too long on it now, more recently than in many years, and when you wake up thinking about it and getting far too involved in it for hours at a time at the cost of other things, it's time to reconsider. Losing another foci (albeit, ring/crystal combo that I hadn't sailed on yet) was frustrating, too much so, but that isn't overly why I reconsidered :) I'll be around here from time to time, but there's other things I need to do now and the enjoyment has gone. Nothing more, or less, than that.
2019/05/18  Bardock:
padan u got massive nuts brah :)
2019/05/18  Padan:
Almost everything was dropped, you didn't have a focus.. I was just very low and running away from Tindoome, so it was dropped across various rooms..

I'm sorry man, I don't know what to say.
2019/05/18  Meriaglo:
I think one too many deaths losing another foci and far too long on here - 20 years on and off! Scrambled the password, no idea how to get it back. Lovely game, but no longer for me. Good luck all, it was mainly fun much of the time :)
2019/05/18  Bardock:
if you ban me now I will return more powerful then you can ever imagine!
2019/05/18  Asmodean:
Axel, get real, this situation is not gonna solve itself,as he will never grow up; Time has proven this. So either you disable his chatting privileges permanently, or you add an report function to all posts. And after a certain threshhold, that person gets shoutcursed for a month. After that, they get unbanned after 1 month. And for every consecutive ban, the ban is doubled. Voila problem solved. And this way you have not been the dictator of an admin, but your code, and the community has banned him. Oh yeah. 3 strikes, and your out. Muricans love that i've heard!
2019/05/18  Bardock:
yes indeed!
2019/05/18  Axel:
Bardock, we all know you are right, but please stop repeating over and over. Calm down ok and if you are not able to do so please go shouting somewhere else. Ok?
2019/05/18  Eolome:
You are a repeated dumbass. expect another QQ outburst in 3 days. *start timer*
2019/05/18  Meriaglo:
19 Per, Mood Paranoid - and I couldn't search out of Amon - wht gives?
2019/05/18  Bardock:
im a fucking dumb ass not gonna lie
2019/05/18  Eolome:
Here bardock! Stop barking and whining! Good dog!
2019/05/18  Ghanic:
You're welcome
2019/05/18  Bardock:
ok Ghanic thanks for the advice boo <3
2019/05/17  Sarkazein:
Come back already bro, I made Meatloaf to play with my favorite trolls and I do not have said trolls.
2019/05/17  Ghanic:
@samurai harumph! Harumph! Harumph!

@Bardock last night I got 5 pks on 3 diff players. Youre delusion that only 2 darkies play nowadays is bullshit. We all see thru you and its fuckin hilarious. Please dont leave, my chars need more xp. Maybe just stop using the communication commands ingame and RR. Keep your bullshit opinions on /pol/
2019/05/17  Bardock:
I didn't get gacced, my group mate did because he was grouped with me. I don't post here when I get gacced. I could care less.
2019/05/17  Earlran:
Does anyone have contact with ElvenRunes admin so that people can be banned or something?
2019/05/17  Vra:
Bardock how can you say you dont care about getting gacced when you posted a whine about it not more then a dozen posts before.
2019/05/17  Samurai:
Mithfalen, I know you have serious rl issues so I will try not to be too harsh, but...
No one wants you here. You are so toxic thatyeswe would prefer the game to be empty rather than having you here. So please, accept what you have been preaching to everyone else: the game is dead. Move on. Do something else.
2019/05/17  Zaram:
2019/05/17  Bardock:
Lol nah arvedui is a bitch act like hes some tough pker but hes gor tiny balls. Just saying wont bother with his pussy ass. I care less about losing obviously you dont know me atleast 4 deaths a session. He acts like hes some brave hot shot but hes just a fat poon who revenge gacs people who have nothing to do with it. Yall realize this dead game has 1 darkie on usually? You seem to want it to die faster with your sackless safe puke play style. Arvedui is just a feckless cunt lol. Gac me all u want i hardly care but dont cry when your only option on mume turns to mobiles cause thats clearly the direction were going with v like arveduizz. did you see his whine log where he said hes gonna quit and he cried cause he got slept? hes a fucking type a hypocrite lol. Anyways nothing more to say, if you think I care that I get gacced get a clue lol, happens like 3 times a day, gear means shit to me, gac away gay boi.
2019/05/17  Ena:
When you die in pk, the other side has every right to your eq. You need to get over the idea that people shouldnt gac you. I assume my eq is gacced and will happily yell thanks if Im not. Its part of the game. I find people who yell and trash talk get gacced more often. Perhaps you need to make a change and stop blaming everyone else.
2019/05/17  Eolome:
Big boy Mithfalen is b*tching that he lost to 2 blinded charmies and a mage when was trying to overkill? #madskillz
2019/05/17  Ghanic:
don't sweat the small stuff
2019/05/16  Sarkazein:
The man just says ok. That's it. I fricken love it. Her thinks so little of you as a person. This was just beautiful. Ok. Hahahaha
2019/05/16  Arvedui:
2019/05/16  Bardock:
punish me all you want, gac me all you want. Theres literally 2 darkies online, you want to punish one of the last few people online to give fights?????? He did nothing to you and we gave you a fight against the odds knowing we wouldn't win. Your just a wimp looking for that quick xp not wanting to even have a challenge. Have fun running around with 2 meagles with your power puke with no one left to fight lol. 'let that be a warning to people who group with you' you think your hot shit don't ya?
2019/05/16  Fieldy:
Sry, but.
'let that be a warning to anyone that groups with you'
Get over yourself.
2019/05/16  Bardock:
1 battle shaman 1 pure shaman vs full power puke in max set and two meagles. He didn't say shit to you that was me. you will never get fights from me again your a huge poon. your such a bitch :D anyway enjoy gaccing the only people that gives on the game.
2019/05/16  Arvedui:
mmm you mean me and my 2 eagles vs. two battle shamans in tall orc where you blinded my eagles? followed by you running out and letting your group mate died? followed by

*Nzle the Orc* yells loudly from above 'so lame arvedui'
*Nzle the Orc* yells loudly from above 'ur bitch ass'
*Nzle the Orc* yells loudly from above 'big fat pussy'
*Nzle the Orc* says: faggot

I only looted shining bplate until you ceased to yell. let that be a warning to anyone that groups with you
2019/05/16  Bardock:
gac and overkill arevedui, he gacs shaman after we give him a 2v2 with his 2 mother eagles lol what a chump. I see why your ass got slept by darkies now. grow a pair poon boy.
2019/05/16  Fieldy:
Unfortunately no, but I guess he reads randomrunes.
2019/05/16  Sarkazein:
If you have a way of talking to him tell him Shaukr and I were worried about him ok? Thanks!
2019/05/16  Fieldy:
Ahh, sorry, I got confused on the names. I did not see him last night, haven't seen him for awhile either. But I know what you are talking about and he will probably be back soon : )
2019/05/16  Sarkazein:
I used to play with him every night, and he told me some things going on with him and then I haven't seen him in like a month. Just making sure he's ok!
2019/05/16  Fieldy:
I saw pBurznuk yday on with a few of his darkies. Why you ask?
2019/05/16  Bardock:
game needs balance, literally am the only darkine on at night.....
2019/05/16  Sarkazein:
Anyone know if pSur/Fozuk/Burznuk is ok?
2019/05/15  Bardock:
I have defected to the dark side, join me my brothers. My lithe scuddlebutt and I require blood.
2019/05/14  Shaukr:
I take one weekend off and my darkie comrades are checking out! Dark days for this snaga.
2019/05/14  Smulk:
Have fun guys, I'm off as well. =)
2019/05/14  Arvedui:

in all fairness i had to block 2 doors so i started with 70 mana...maybe using stips and bashing me would've worked better there since i went armourless fast and even if i rocked, it was a double door area and you probably couldve spammed me down. narv and azure won tho
2019/05/14  Padan:
I'm off for awhile, need a break. Have fun fellas
2019/05/13  Bardock:
need more bears, to many wimpy darkies not enough me :D
2019/05/13  Raudo:
@ Earlran thanks ! well i am so sucky in playing mage that i hardly believe i won :-p . next time three charmed trolls would make me more confident . Til next time!
2019/05/13  Aeldae:
Anyone tried the new Palantir?
2019/05/12  Gagni:
Next time I'll try fighting with a weapon and see how that works out ...
2019/05/11  Bardock:
Did yall like my buck naked ass in that fight with a warsword? lol
2019/05/11  Myrka:
2019/05/11  Glasya:
haha, so out of practice on a BN, was fun for a bit there :)
2019/05/11  Koala:
Oh buddy, if that's your play style, you would love troll.
2019/05/10  Bardock:
Im on bear , its so great. I don't give the enemy satisfaction of gaccing me cause I pk naked and I love it! Honestly the suicide pking has been more fun then me anything. Don't think il ever play anything but a bear again.
2019/05/10  Earlran:
Good fight Raudo! Lucky you I mished my healing lore 2x though I might have had more of a chance :)

Def don't need 2 trolls next time ;p
2019/05/10  Thorr:
I will play bear tonight if youre on!
2019/05/10  Bardock:
didn't bother revealing cause I didn't think you would land a stab with 2 cavebears in the room :D so good job Shog. I was hoping to close and bash but I guess I wasn't hidden eh?
2019/05/09  Dunmir:
come play zorc with me boys I love you all and xp all night
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