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2018/12/13  Atalante:
Darkhand--I believe you were the only person that didn't die from your group of ZOC terrorizors. Siegwhatever troll killed me after I got disconnected, gacced. Then we killed all but you, so you must got my sable w/blue scroll/vellums/emerald/garnet/topaz power rings? Cuz apparently they weren't looted by anyone on our side.
2018/12/12  Odd:
No prob
2018/12/12  Malek:
Thanks for putting my new stats to the test, Odd. I lowered my Per a bit and it almost killed me twice.
2018/12/11  Darkhand:
Zant is like the salvation army bell ringer and I just threw all my eq his bucket.
2018/12/10  Rael:
since a piece of myself is so valuable i cannot stop playing ... and will never do :-)
2018/12/10  Bardock:
I understand, I thought I have toned it down a bunch tho. That one comment really was not me, I left ER open next to a buddy who used to play mume (Herby, Snargle) :D sorry Samurai not really sure who you are but I am not a homophobe or bigot.
2018/12/09  Baratheon:
Only Thromonk has the right idea. You're all idiots (sorry if this offends)
2018/12/09  Livien:
I agree with Samurai. I played this game as a kid; but I grew up & I try not to act like one anymore. I don't think this community should tolerate slurs (but I don't agree that 'butt hurt' is one).
2018/12/09  Malek:
Thank you, Jahara!
2018/12/09  Roadkill:
I'm with Samurai.

I'm not saying I'd like other people, with obvious personal issues, to leave, but I would like MUME more if it were a less toxic verbal environment. And I do think it has harmed the game, and is still doing so.
2018/12/09  Jahara:
MMapper 2.7.2 has been released! You might have a 30ms better link!
2018/12/08  Rashnak:
In my opinion Samurai makes for good reading here, and serves as better example of reasoning and argumentation than most, even if one would disagree with the content.

About the namecalling, it would be one thing if those people actually were 'butt hurt', or 'vaginas' or gay-whatever - but they almost never are. So it's just bad language, trying to put the other person lower in one's eyes so they are easier to reach and punch.

If you were to really blame a gay for being a gay, for example, then you would have to explain what you have against gays. Or if you have problem with genitals of (usually) the opposite gender, explain what exactly your problem is. Though I guess that having such problem would make one gay anyway.

2018/12/07  Thromonk:
Only logged in here to tell you, that the battles have continued. WE have died some and we have killed some. As those pesky elves and weak men, not to mention the minor race of dwarves, are so poor, they grab every piece of gear... including the most valuable - Rael's scalp.
2018/12/07  Nero:
Saying 'butt hurt' isn't homophobia. Drop that Tumblr nonsense. And what do you mean 'more prevalent in recent years'? Mume has always had people get really upset about not getting their way and used to react much worse to it (MUME is a game utterly without mercy). Now there's just the usual suspects mostly.
2018/12/07  Almarian:
Samurai: Stay, and come play Zaug. 8)
2018/12/07  Samurai:
Jessy/Ortansia I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. But whether I was a dick to you 15 years ago is not really relevant, and by changing the subject you are just burying the issue here.

What I am talking about is homophobia (e.g. you are 'butt hurt'), sexism (e.g. you 'need a tampon' or 'are a vagina') and the other attacks on people's real-life identities that--from what I can tell--has been pervasive on MUME in recent years.

Does anyone care about this? Seriously. If the answer is no I can just walk away and leave you all to do your thing.
2018/12/07  Almarian:
TBH, Samurai was not mean, cruel, etc. At least not when I played around/with his BN or Tark, but he could RP well and did pk. I could see some people taking this as harsh behavior if one did not know him well enough. His BN was a good role model to follow imo. :p
2018/12/07  Ortansia:
@Samurai I'm talking about personal attacks like name calling and, newbies abuse, but since your profile is anonymous it is hard for me to know if it was you or not....
2018/12/07  Samurai:
Mithfalen, I don’t think I ever played with you—our play times might not have overlapped at all. I am basing everything I say here on ER posts. And I even stood up for you against Ugurz in one log that I came across when digging up your bigotry in the post below. This is not about your relationship with me.
2018/12/07  Bardock:
Why so incog Samurai? Who are you? Maybe I can get to the bottom of why there is so much pain coming from you. Wanna give me some names I may know? Sorry If I was a dick to you at anytime but I am no bigot or homophobe.

@Uge thanks :)
2018/12/07  Samurai:
I know I am in the minority here, but I don't want my point to be watered down.

The MUME playerbase includes loudmouths that spout insults based on gender, sexual orientation, nationality, race, and religion.

When I call someone out on this board for making those statements, the responses are usually: (a) nothing; (b) 'you are too sensitive'; or (c) 'yes he's a bigot but he adds to the PK scene.'

The management cannot deal with this problem. The only way the bigots will leave is if you, the players, speak up when you see bigotry and call it what it is. But I do not see that happening. I see other players condoning the behavior, or even standing up for the bigots.

I think MUME is a really cool game, and I often consider returning and encouraging my friends or even strangers to come play it with me. But every time I think about doing that, I remember that MUME is a community that at best condones bigots. That makes me too embarrassed to bring other people to MUME, and too sad to return myself.

So all I can do is wait and hope that someday the community changes.

@Jessy, I have no idea what you're talking about but I would not say the kinds of bigoted bullshit that I am complaining about here. Maybe I rekilled your lowbie or burned your corpse, or same-sided your snaga for no good reason. Those are different--they are based on how Orcs behave, not based on someone's real life identity. Orcs don't call people fags etc.
2018/12/07  Uge:
I love having pBardock to fight for pk. It’s like having 100k just waiting to be claimed!
2018/12/07  Bardock:
dude Samurai, you seem like a real up tight kinda guy. You exaggerate the stuff I yell. There has been times when I was a teenager and yelled more then I should and said a bunch of dumb shit. You probably have never played with me these days. I am not as bad as you think. I have plenty of great friends on mume who love grouping with me so...… sorry you don't but I def bring something to the table to mume (PK) and bring people into battles etc.
2018/12/07  Jessy:
@Samurai (If you are the same person I met when I started playing ), It is hypocritical for you to come here and pose as defender of the weaks against the cyber-bullies, when yourself was very abusive to newbies and use personal attacks against them. Though I apology if you are not the same Samurai I met a long time ago when I started playing.
2018/12/07  Nero:
Ok, well I don't play puke side very often so I've not seen him saying something like that. If he was narrating things like that or sending private tells then management should obviously take action and I'm really surprised they didn't. But my issue is calling for banning (unless the other punishments are not working, obviously). Back in my day you'd get silenced for that (which made the game a lot tougher) or put in some kind of Mandos prison where there was nothing to do but sit in silence. People usually didn't calmed down after that kind of punishment.

I really hate this Tumblr mentality of lets just go straight to censorship for everything. MUME management has lots and lots of tools to reign in bad behaviour that banning should only be considered for serial behaviour (e.g. Snakr constantly cheating) or really major violations.
2018/12/07  Glaysa:
Hey Samurai - Come Back! :P
2018/12/07  Samurai:
I'm truly glad to hear that, Thromonk! And your discussion of battles and puny BNs kindles my urge to play again. Back when I played, the relationships between the various in-game races was part of the fun. When I battled I would curse, scalp, and behead the pukescum with my fellow roleplayers, and we loved it.

What drove me away was when, amidst that awesome battle, someone would start spamyelling 'FAGGOT PUSSY COCKSUCKER YOUR COUNTRY IS A SHITHOLE' etc. Or if not during the battle, their lowlevel Immortal would log in and do it after they died.

It really distracted me from the Tolkien experience and made MUME a lot less fun. And it slowly grew more pervasive until it was common.

But with Snakr banned and Mithfalen apparently quitting, who knows... maybe MUME become less toxic and I will log in and smite you!
2018/12/07  Thromonk:
I only logged in here to tell you there have been battles. We have lost some and we have won some. (We have lost bns, but they really do not count as loss, right). Rael is a beast and i proudly wear his scalp.

What i find here are punch of old men sitting on a park-bench and arguing if pigeons can fly. (Can't call you kids after all those years)
2018/12/07  Samurai:
I stopped playing about 5 years into the Snakr era. The unchecked cheating and filth that came out of his mouth were large reasons why I quit. I have tried to come back but when I play I soon run into someone like Snakr or Mithfalen who is polluting the narrate channel and this board with disgusting hate and stupidity. If you read this board often, you will have seen my posts calling out that behavior and begging the management to oust the assholes doing it.

And management would do it, if more players were like me. But more players are like you: they don’t care.
2018/12/06  Nero:
Samurai who do you play? Do you contribute as much to the pk scene as Bardock does? Because if not, I'd rather have him than you. Stop running off and tattling to management every time someone says something you don't like. Mume isn't a safe space.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
I agree it does not excuse him. I also think they should take it to the battlefield imo instead of posting the insults here too though, if they are going to stick around that is.
2018/12/06  Samurai:
I don't really understand what you're trying to say. But I dislike bigotry or personal attacks from anyone. For instance, I railed against Snakr for many years for the same behavior, and bemoaned the management's failure to ban him. I similarly criticized Ugurz for name-calling recently.

The fact that other people are misbehaving does not excuse Mithfalen. They should stop the behavior or leave. So should Mithfalen.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
Samurai: Many of the comments that were completely targeting someones real personal life were based off statements from another players 'assumption', the same player that had a falling out with Seth. You are alright with that? All I'm saying is many of those comments were worse than what happened/was said in the log in question. In general speaking, its poison that spreads imo, for an example. Two wrongs dont make a right.
2018/12/06  Samurai:
I accept your apology. I did feel insulted and targeted when you incorrectly accused me of 'spreading poison I am not sure of.'

And thank you for helping to censor some of Mithfalen's abusive language. I wish you would do more of that instead of targeting me when I call him out on it.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
When I said that, I meant it in general. My mistake, I will spell things out so people don't get so easily insulted or feel like I was targeting them specifically with a comment. MY APOLOGIES to you, sincerely.

And yes, I instant messaged Axel about the log. He did not know about it until I pointed it out and gave him good enough details about why it should be removed. He then looked into it and then agreed it should be removed and messaged me back saying it was done. So no, sorry, he did not know about it before I brought it to his attention.
2018/12/06  One:
STOP!!! Take to emails if you want! We don’t all need to see you battle out who is right about this detail and that. STOP!
2018/12/06  Samurai:
Almarian, do you know that Mithfalen did not ask Axel to remove the log? How do you know that?

After receiving your request to remove the log, did Axel read the comments and see that Mithfalen, the log-poster, also wanted it removed? How do you know that?

If you don't have those answers, you are speaking from ignorance.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
long=log. And no, I don't agree with his actions/comments. But I also wont attend the circus when it comes to town either. Two wrongs don't make a right, and the inappropriate comments on that log were not just from the poster :). It was mentioned here a few times already about him having the log removed, and I just wanted to clarify it was not him that had it removed is all.
2018/12/06  Samurai:
So to sum up, Almarian, you agree that 'it is embarrassing to have new people interested in MUME see' Mithfalen's abusive language.

And, after initially telling me not to 'spread poison I am not sure of,' you are now saying that you 'didn't bother to read all the comments,' but nevertheless feel comfortable making a blanket statement that Mithfalen did not request the log to be removed.

Please let me know if I missed something.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
I'm sorry, but to clarify: I didn't bother to read all the comments because the few I read made me sick. He did not go to Axel and ask him to remove it, I did, as I stated. I never said I agreed with him posting such a long in the first place. Just because the circus comes to town doesn't mean you all need to stand in line or attend. Sure burned me I guess! So rad, impressive etc. I do not agree with the personal attacks, and never have. Often people here take things from game play and taunting to a much more personal level of insulting that isn't necessary. It is embarrassing to have new people interested in MUME see it. The people posting comments are sometimes no better than the log that was posted.
2018/12/06  Lolek:
samurai kinda nailed it... :)
2018/12/06  Ghara:
Buuurn :)
2018/12/06  Samurai:
Almarian, in two comments you went from 'he never requested the log to be removed' to 'He may have posted he wanted it removed as you said.' Doesn't say much for your credibility. And you say: 'New players do not need to see all the personal level attacks that were going back and forth.' So you apparently agree that new players would be driven away by Mithfalen's personal attacks in that log.

Mithfalen, here's a little Google search sample of your recent abusive language:,80502_start_0_omode_nzbzuhwbftnfkh_typ_whine_show.m
This is your log titled 'Retard Crew Assemble' from July 2018. You said: 'Ugurz is the biggest pussy in the game,' 'You got to be a retard to claim any of this was unfair,' 'Had they not panicked like little female orcs they would of woken up their buddy and won the fight,' and 'I am defending my honor from known vaginal orifices like ugurz.',36668
In the comments to this log you said: 'You had plenty to go out and re eq yourself, better then the GAC I get from you and your vagina crew.'

Here in Random Runes you said: 'So much butt hurt,' 'the butt hurt is strong within these Padawans, tampons they need,' 'GG Carl the cuck.'

This is just a small sample. It does not include your other chars (Mithfalen), your in-game statements, the log that Almarian had removed, etc., etc., etc.

Just try for a moment to think objectively about the impact that your words had on people.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
I asked Axel to remove it. New players do not need to see all the personal level attacks that were going back and forth. As a community, none of you should want this or partake in it imo if you are so concerned to make MUME a better place and populated more. He may have posted he wanted it removed as you said, but he wasnt the one that had asked for it to be removed. You all represent the MUME community here and MUME is what we all make of it/contribute imo.
2018/12/06  Samurai:
Almarian, he requested that the log be removed right in the comments to the log.

Mithfalen, if you are claiming that you don't use racist, sexist, homophobic slurs, I can search this site for you and quote you to yourself.
2018/12/06  Almarian:
He never requested the log to be removed BTW. Don't spread poison you aren't sure of, it doesn't do well for the 'community' you all supposedly care about.
2018/12/06  Bardock:
Samurai you called me all the hot buzz words of today, that literally mean nothing anymore cause they are thrown around like a bag Cheetos. I am not racist, homophobic or a bigot. Those words pretty much lose their meaning when people like you over abuse them to describe anyone who disagrees with you. Lets have peace n love ya?
2018/12/06  Enforcer:
If someone quits because of Bardock, how committed were they in the first place :)
2018/12/06  Bardock:
Lol samurai, none of what you said is true, I can't appease a social justice warrior so I won't try. I am not homophobic or racist you clearly are coddled.
2018/12/05  Samurai:
Mithfalen, I don't have a grudge against you. The reason I don't want you here or on MUME is because you are a toxic, abusive hypocrite.

You consistently hurl homophobic, racist, sexist insults at other players in MUME and people in the ER 'community' that you say you love. In the log that you recently had removed, you initially told a friend of yours that he should not be so mean to you because you have a mental illness. A few sentences later you accused that person of abusing his wife (or girlfriend, I don't remember).

It is hypocritical for you to come here and say you 'Wish there was a way we could get new players.'

If you want more players in MUME, you should stop being an abusive bigot. Players are driven away when you spout off your bigotry (and most recently 'my pee pee hurts').

I expect you are probably going to now say 'someone else wrote that comment' or 'sorry, I'm mentally ill.' Those excuses do not change what other players see. They see an abusive bigot.
2018/12/05  Bardock:
dude be reasonable, I post on here just as you post on here. So I guess you are seeking attention as well then eh? I enjoy mume and I always will, I enjoy being apart of this community and I like being active on here. I just mean butt hurt because you sound like someone who has a long grudge and just tries to poke at me for any reason. I am sure I will log on mume again but literally haven't played in months and the literally 2 player population during my hours I can play is super depressing. I hope mume comes back , I am not wishing it dead. Wish there was a way we could get new players. I try to tell people about it whenever I can. What we need is a celebrity to endorse it and bam the game is on the map again :)

lets drop grudges and focus on the power of love and friendship.
2018/12/05  Lolek:
I think you're misreading my observations for, in your own words 'butt hurt' :).

there's no real reason why you should announce your departure every single time you are 'quitting', except for attention perhaps.

same goes with all the other jibberish you tend to spew out, both on rr and on the arglebargle-section.

i've given you enough attention now by just replying :)

oh and, 'qq noob' yourself! :)
2018/12/05  Bardock:
Lol attention? So much butt hurt. It's funny you think that's a valid response. Mume is always gonna be number 1 in my heart. I'm just bullshitting on a forum of a game I been playing for almost 20 years.......get over yourself Lolek. I will always come here and post and check up mume is apart of all our liv es and for this community it always will be. Qq noob.
2018/12/05  Lolek:
glasya, he's just after attention. you should know this by now... :)
2018/12/05  Verrückt:
Coming for you! But for now: TEAM SMULK 1 > 0 TEAM VERRÜCKT
2018/12/05  Glasya:
Last I checked PK is alive and well, just based on observations of you are referring to American nights, it is filled with groups left over by your previous formations of large overkill squads with very little willingness to provide the heart pumping fights we all for. By engaging in comments on here you indirectly imply you want to play this game. When most people
quit, they do so and are legit without further responding. Either contribute to the solution or stop providing whiny responses looking for some sort of continuous validation to why you quit. I still play despite the obstacles. If you do not your comments do not matter here :P
2018/12/04  Bardock:
that's true, mume is more hardcore. Like I said mume is superior but how can I play a game that has 2 active players on during the time when I can play? That's the only thing. I been forced to play other PK oriented games with friends since all of my friends quit mume. All my IRL ones atleast.
2018/12/04  Uge:
Storage for races that rent in cities would be great! Or even just a bank to deposit some coin.
2018/12/04  Shaukr:
'its like mume you get everything they have when they die' isn't really a fair comparison Bardock. People get annoyed by gac because if pk is what you want to do, you're hamstrung by not having gear and needing to spend time replacing it. In Runescape when you die, you have both a banking system and a functioning economy to easily replace items, both of which MUME prohibits/punishes.
2018/12/04  Bardock:
I never met a kid who plays it, game has been out since I was 10 years old. Most people are adults who play and are older then me. You can wait all day on mume and get 0 fights. Log into runescape which is very similliar but with some graphics and you got infinite amounts of fights and risk all around. Its not as dumb as you might think. Maybe a lot of kids played back in 2000 and 1999 but they are all grown up by now :)
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