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2017/04/26  Narsel:
Check out JustMUMEthings on facebook/twitter/youtube if you need a smile today!
2017/04/26  Ton:
numnber 6! keep it going!
2017/04/26  Jormungandr:
Cthulhu got your staff, if you are still interested in it log on.
2017/04/25  Strori:
Mr. Rogon should create a voting plug-in for a web-browser
2017/04/25  Sjivi:
Axel: Inline in comments of logs and here on RR would be nice ..
2017/04/25  Roadkill:
2017/04/25  Axel:
gifs in what way? as avatar? as attachment? or inline?
2017/04/25  Ton:
Voted today?
2017/04/25  Roadkill:
I wanted a prize, not a punishment!
2017/04/24  Merarl:
I play D&D on We could put an advert on there. What is the rule on doing this for Mume?
2017/04/24  Fieldy:
Roadkill, you can take Zepir.
2017/04/24  Zepir:
I am not a possession to give fieldy, I a sovereign patriot , here to expose the globalist :)
2017/04/24  Fieldy:
You can have Zepir?
2017/04/24  Roadkill:
I voted. Do I get a prize?
2017/04/24  Samurai:
Number 7 on TMC! Vooooote!
2017/04/24  Sirdar:
When someone camps your corpse, gets you awful/exhausted/bashed trying to retrieve and then fucks up the rekill. LOL
2017/04/23  Nizul:
Well for new players, I found a teamspeak channel that has a bunch of people playing old-school AD&D on paper and with an online dice app. There were a ton of player in there. Should open a mume room in there for players. Curious players would probably come.
2017/04/23  Gimilzagar:
Well that wasnt really what I ment. Sure its crucial for us to get fresh blood to sustain the community, and I do try to help out as good as I can. However the numbers of players that have left us is vast in comparison, and to get them back, would be invaluable for us.
2017/04/23  Ton:
only a few votes away from 7! - There are some things that could be done differently in mume.. doubt an arena is the way to go tho.
In the meantime... votes=rank=new players..
Voote! :)
2017/04/23  Zambin:
What a fucking luck:P hp?
2017/04/23  Fieldy:
Ok, someone just shoot him.
2017/04/23  Zepir:
that is actually the best idea I heard in a while, seriously starting a Mume Meme culture! that's a good idea :) truly lets mail axel an get someone to make a mume meme gen :D
2017/04/23  Sjivi:
I hope the next change will be support for .gifs on randomrunes - Axel ? Im dying to post meme responds to Zepir :)
2017/04/23  Zepir:
thanks for supporting my thing about voting for mume is not gonna do shit, we need real changes , players voices need to be heard , implement a fucking arena for fuck sake, I have talked to scores of players who support thus FULLY but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

gg ainur killing mume one lame update at a time :D
2017/04/23  Baratheon:
I can't disagree with Gimilzagar more. If what you say is true, none of us would be playing? The learning curve is steep, it is a hard game. Thus none of us should be good? But wait, someone helped us. Someone taught us the game and how to best play. Just like YOU can do to people who need help to learn the game.
2017/04/23  Rashnak:
Perhaps some help with babysitting, carage for the Harley, new wife younger than your kids (or boob job for the old), or new set of teeth would bring some of the old players back?
2017/04/23  Gimilzagar:
Voting for mume is like pissing on a forest fire and hoping for the best. How about making changes and improvements so all inactive players gets an incentive to get back? Learning-curve is pretty steep and unforgiving, so make it good to the players that are currently active/inactive instead eh?
2017/04/22  Zepir:
2017/04/22  Ohrvk:
tmc rank: 8
updated: May 26, 2009 <--- 7 years ago is an eternity
created: October, 1991 <--- one of the oldest on the 'net?
2017/04/22  Fieldy:
I actually can't argue with that statement. For every time there is MUME there is something similar to Snakr around. Atleast one.
2017/04/22  Zepir:
I am necessary in a game/community such as this, if I do not exist then what can?
2017/04/22  Fieldy:
We are just using you as a good voting incentive. :D
2017/04/21  Zepir:
I was just quoting 2pac SHEESH
2017/04/21  Samurai:
Okay, Axel says he will ban Zepir here on ER if se get MUME to number 1 on TMC!! Vote! Vote! Vooooote!!!
2017/04/21  Zepir:
You guys are so opposed to reality! I can be a negative nancy if I please! I am just expressing my freedom of spam and fruitloops, leave me be oppressors!
2017/04/21  Fieldy:
Nor voting for MUME or changing MUME won't shut you up Zepir.
BUT! We have a possibility to gain more players by holding ourselves up in the TMC rankings, so the new players would silence the mindless prattle of Zepir! So, everybody who cares for that cause, vote up!
2017/04/21  Zepir:
I seriously doubt voting for mume does anything , how about we get some changes, I see no changes , I wake up in the morning and I ask myself, is life worth living should I blast myself, I am tired of being poor and even worse I'm black, my stomach hurts so I am looking for a purse to snatch. Cops give a damn about a negro pull the trigger kill a N*$$$ hes a hero.
2017/04/21  Baratheon:
We would check the source of this information and be relieved. Then we would re-double our efforts to increase exposure and make MUME great again
2017/04/21  Zepir:
what If I told you....... voting for mume does not make mume better......

2017/04/21  Samurai:
Dear Mumers,

We are now number 8 with 360 votes on The Mud Connector.

Let's make our next real goal to get 468 votes and take number 4.

Please keep voting!
2017/04/21  Shagan:
Free rerolls pls.
2017/04/21  Ton:
voote :)
2017/04/21  Svarten:
Marry fucking xmas, ya worthless bree legends!
2017/04/20  Ton:
Tied for Nr.8! voote!
2017/04/20  Alfred:
We dead atm? Or is it my international link?
2017/04/20  Samurai:
We are four votes away from climbing to number 8 on TMC!
2017/04/19  Fieldy:
2017/04/19  Ton:
number 9! voote!
2017/04/18  Zergo:
that game hates me

A wild dog leaves his hiding place.
A wild dog hits your right leg and shatters it.
You are <[incapacitated]> and will slowly die, if not aided.
2017/04/18  Baratheon:
It is hard to expect less on American nights. I shouldn't complain. But only if they didn't spam narrate to each other ;(
2017/04/18  Risca:
2017/04/18  Baratheon:
When you're trying to die in some fun fight but they will only fight you with 5 :( #feelsbadman
2017/04/17  Ton:
top ten - where Mume belongs...

keep voting!
2017/04/17  Bles:
Closing in on single digits - I voted
2017/04/17  Telessar:
5v5? Sounds fake ;)))
2017/04/17  Fieldy:
I am trying to locate a log where there was a fight in wnoc I think and it was something 5vs5 and I remember that one of them was pElestir's char. Anyone know what I am talking about?
2017/04/17  Dzhekk:
This snaga voted!
2017/04/17  Fieldy:
I am still so on it...
2017/04/17  Samurai:
I just voted for MUME at The Mud Connector.

Do it, snagas!
2017/04/16  Nockurzh:
Zeihral as much as I've seen them lately, they almost always need the gear due to beeing looted themselves:P
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