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   (40 ratings and 9497 hits. Posted 2004/05/03)
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*an Orc* has arrived from the east.

o% CW HP:Hurt>
*an Orc* leaves west.

o% CW HP:Hurt>
*an Orc* has arrived from the west.

o% CW HP:Hurt>
*an Orc* says 'hit ne'

o% CW HP:Hurt>
*an Orc* giggles.

o% CW HP:Hurt>
*an Orc* says 'wasp hay kack bo faanez'

o% CW HP:Hurt>s

*an Orc* says 'ell do wysels a navoal'

o% CW HP:Hurt>
You swiftly dodge *an Orc*'s attempt to hit you.

o% CW HP:Hurt *an Orc*:Hurt>
You hit *an Orc*'s left leg extremely hard and shatter it.
*an Orc* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.

o% CW HP:Hurt *an Orc*:Dying>No way! You are fighting for your life!

o% CW HP:Hurt *an Orc*:Dying>No way! You are fighting for your life!

o% CW HP:Hurt *an Orc*:Dying>
You hit *an Orc*'s body extremely hard and shatter it.
You feel more experienced.
Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!
Your blood freezes as you hear *an Orc*'s death cry.
*an Orc* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.

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2004/05/04 13:01, Djinn: 
I agree, it's weird, it's not lifethreatening though :p

I'll let you revise that opinion you have on men when you see the gorgeous Adonis that is me.

2004/05/04 13:04, Ling: 
To me you look like a cute, yellow cat :P

2004/05/04 13:09, Gamla:Rated: Awful 
Aaaaargh! I don't like Garfield

2004/05/04 13:24, Britney:Rated: Superb 
Now comes the big question: What is the thing thats covered? Is it the 'sausace-thing' or is it the 'pie-thing'?

2004/05/04 13:30, Arble: 

a question to you all..

what is a 'binary code?' and what i have to delete to upload my next amazing log?

2004/05/04 14:16, Djinn: 
It's an evil instrument, it contaminates your entire computer, and I'm afraid you won't be able to upload any logs :(


2004/05/04 17:01, Seldaran:Rated: Awful 
lol Djinn *nodnod*

2004/05/04 17:28, Conspiracy:  Rated: Good 
Umpf :(

2004/05/04 17:39, Paavov:   
Seems Winzi has been skipping math lessons to play mume...

2004/05/04 18:59, Tarden:  Rated: Awful 
OK Djinn 'I' am the one who needs help? if help would include me liking pictures of naked guys i dont WANT help.. and if you like his profile i think you are the one who needs help.. fucking sick

2004/05/04 19:06, Djinn: 
I never said I liked it, I just said you don't have to die from seeing it.

2004/05/04 19:44, Gamla:Rated: Awful 
Haahaha, I like the comments on this log!:P

2004/05/04 22:39, Gwendolyn:   
Apart from Djinn, there is very few people of Mume i really miss :P

2004/05/05 01:08, Dagor:  Rated: Awful 
Hrmm, I didn't see Arble's 'art' or kiddie porn as people say it was. Do I want to know what it was? ohh btw clean up log before claiming afk :)

2004/05/05 01:12, Rimuldor:  Rated: Awful 
Dagor: The guy's pics gave good explenations as to why his gf's called him 'milimeter peter'

2004/05/05 04:49, Arble: 
2004/05/05 01:12, Rimuldor:
Dagor: The guy's pics gave good explenations as to why his gf's called him 'milimeter peter'

haha you know me so well?

AND what are you people yapping about? your like puppies with a bone taken away.. heh.. and i thought estonians dont rock.. well.. they do..



2004/05/05 08:37, Andróg:   
Erm? We must have really different consepts on what 'rocks' or not then. Because I find it ridicilous that some people have the need to post their naked pics on ER.

2004/05/05 10:10, Fankil: 
Shitlog :) The best afkbattle must've been when Erebos goes afk at Malardil and a BN attempts to slay him, closely followed by the Dork in BBT log. This was just a L1 orc out tping. Tss!

2004/05/05 11:28, Manaja:  Rated: Awful 
:I Why does it bother so much what bunch of incognito foreigners think about your profile.

OMG There was a guy with clothes hiding his willie i'm gonna die now..
What do you do at the beach i wonder? Puke after every five steps or what?

2004/05/05 19:34, Dagor:  Rated: Awful 
Arble don't give me crap about saying anything about your nasty pictures, I just said that I missed it, Rimuldor told me enough so you can chill out and just keep on 'rocking'

2004/05/06 11:44, Nacs: 
Hmm i should go take a naked pick and put it up on ER so u all can whine how gay i am! And saying that u puke when u see a naked man/boy makes me feel kinda strange, I bet u take sauna fully dressed aswell then :S Since it would be kinda wierd to puke at sauna party!

2004/05/06 13:15, Gamla:Rated: Awful 
Aha! I see a connection!
The people who puke from seeing the picture are all(1 person, as far as I can see) from the USA, and the people who think this is more than normal are from Estonia!:P

2004/05/06 13:59, Aschit:Rated: Average 
Ahahahaha! I had the only 'average' vote! Hanne had the only 'poor' vote! What do we win?

(And if it's a poster-size photo of the aforementioned picture, I want to change my vote)

2004/05/06 14:01, Tankist:    -Tempus-Rated: Good 
I wanna add something smart but i cant:(

2004/05/06 15:33, Ling: 
Nacs: depending on what you drinK! :P

2004/05/06 18:12, Stolb:Rated: Awful 
there is quite some amount of people who never visit sauna. :(

2004/05/06 18:40, Hector: 
nudity is perfecty normal. humans were made that way. now if you think picture of same sex nude is horrible then something is wrong with you not with the picture. putting that picture on public website shows some tendency of exhibition but puking after seeing that picture seems like homophobia to me.

2004/05/06 19:33, Nero:Rated: Awful 
Oh man, how many more 'I can't believe you would puke' comments must we endure? Clearly they were all exagurating/teasing/joking/whatever.

2004/05/06 19:39, Hector: 
guess it wasnt clear enough. since so many people took it seriously :P

2004/05/06 19:56, Ytinas: 
Humans were made hairy. Clothes/shame removed the hairs ;)

2004/05/06 20:13, Nero:Rated: Awful 
So you really believe that these guys actually went blind? Or they really puked?

2004/05/06 21:00, Gamla:Rated: Awful 
I just saw a picture of a penis in a hot-dog bread!

2004/05/07 04:42, Hector: 
no but i belive they were annoyed enough to make such comments.

2004/05/07 09:36, Fankil: 
Ling, who are you to judge somone from what picture s/he uploads here? You change your pictures every other day; smells like you'd enjoy, just that you do it here. Tss, tss!

I like naked men, why did he remove the picture? Evil MUMErs :/

2004/05/07 10:24, Kerstin:Rated: Awful 
Only time i feel bad when seeing naken people is when someone from Malmö sends them to me. There's something within their culture that involve various bodyfluids and stuff in every single piece of porn they enjoy :D

2004/05/07 12:02, Nilin:Rated: Awful 
Being a smartass as I am, I'm going to point out an error in posts.

2004/05/04 11:59, Ling:
I mean don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with you, I'm just wondering why anyone would post a nakedpic on a place like ER :P Especially when 95% who plays are guys and 90% of them not gay :P

2004/05/04 12:06, Winzy:
5% gay?

Here comes the clue train, last stop is you - CHOO CHOOO: thats 10%!

I can't believe how good I am!

2004/05/07 12:30, Gamla:Rated: Awful 
I can't believe someone else already pointed that out:)

2004/05/08 10:21, Winzy:Rated: Superb 
Bleh :)

2004/05/09 10:55, Locram: 
hrm i'd really like to see that picture that everyone got so upset about..
Upload it somewhere else??

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