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(8173 hits. Posted 2004/06/14)
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##Really short luck but just wanted to share what is the most strange thing
##that ever happened to me in my mume career. I was xping near misty mountains
##on my level 4 Zaugurz snaga and just bored doing Goblin scouts and...

)(~ HP:Hurt a goblin scout:Dying>Ok.

)(~ HP:Hurt a goblin scout:Dying>Ok.

)(~ HP:Hurt a goblin scout:Dying>
You stab a goblin scout's left foot extremely hard and shatter it.
Your victim is shocked by your hit!
You receive your share of experience.
Yes! You're beginning to get the idea.
Your blood freezes as you hear a goblin scout's death cry.
A goblin scout is dead! R.I.P.

)(~ HP:Hurt>corpse (here) : 
a black cloak (satisfactory)
a black hood (satisfactory)
a pile of coins
a ring
a shortsword (well-maintained)
a thick pair of soft leather trousers (used)
a thick, soft leather jerkin (worn)
a wooden ring

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2004/06/14 03:16, Masekh:   
I posted this on but I wanted to share with people here as well.

2004/06/14 03:18, Nilin: 
I hope bunnies will start loading fine chain and shining someday.

2004/06/14 05:14, Eder: 
Pls stand still, i will go and fetch my minigun for you stole 5 secs of my life!

2004/06/14 05:28, Valgard: 
Move to notables please.

2004/06/14 05:48, Paunch: 
How many draughts do you get for that thing?

2004/06/14 08:27, Snakr:   
Teleporting Zaugurz Orc!

(it rhymes)

2004/06/14 09:09, Guido: 
Please stand still, Eder, while I slap you in the face. Reading your comment took away 3 seconds of my life. Ohfakk.

2004/06/14 10:38, Andróg:   
Arh... Guido, when you're done with the slapping, let me spank you some! I just wasted 2 second of my life reading your comment!

2004/06/14 10:59, Rootsikunn:    -Tempus- 
And i sure wanna slap the one who doesnt like my name

2004/06/14 12:49, Narlah: 
we like it but CANT type it :P

2004/06/14 15:16, Edvard: 
How does that rhyme?

2004/06/14 16:35, Sogard:   
It took you THREE seconds to read his comment? *comf Guido* :P

2004/06/14 16:37, Bendor: 
so what you do with it??? carted i suppose? :P

2004/06/14 20:36, Langdin: 
of course he carted! know those filthy zaugs! spam loot and cart everything! *wink*

2004/06/15 02:32, Eolo:   
Erm... does it rhyme?

2004/06/15 02:33, Eolo:   
This remembers me of a log of some god who kept giving rocks to grasshoppers... and rumours said that one of the grasshoppers was somewhere in Arda... hahahahahaha... legends were spam killing all grasshoppers :P

2004/06/15 07:08, Teue: 
I wonder if he really did!
Wooden can help Zorcs alot!

Still, i miss a wooden on my ring-collection on Que.


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