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(3152 hits. Posted 2007/12/09)
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*****************************  Deadly awakening *******************************************
* Pointless log, but i wanted to say everybody 'EEIIIII, hello!!!, I'm Back! how are you!!! got money!!???'
* Written by Fallen de Black Numenorean in perfect spaninglish

// Ok, i was back to Middle Earth. I was carring cakes, earthquakes, wine and fireballs from my natal city to
// my old enemies. I was sure they will be happy to see me again.
// After a long travel i was having a rest.

[ CW Mana:Burning>sc
122/122 hits, 126/126 mana, and 109/109 moves.

[ CW>wake
You wake, and sit up.

[ CW>st
You stand up.

[ CW>l
Inside a Wooden Lift
A wooden crank is here, ready to operate the lift.
A sturdy pack horse is standing here.

[ CW>stat
OB: 30%, DB: 41%, PB: 48%, Armour: 63%. Wimpy: 30. Mood: wimpy.
Needed: 261,121 xp, 0 tp. Gold: 6. Alert: normal.
Affected by:
- shield
- stored spell earthquake
- novoid
- armour
- stored spell earthquake
- stored spell earthquake

[ CW>zz
cha spell normal

[ CW>car
cast 'armour'
You start to concentrate...

You hear Someone's death cry as he collapses.

// ??????
// Someone is having trouble anywhere

Your magic armour is revitalized.

// Let's just ignore him, i have never been a hero.

[ CW Mana:Burning>whois ostu
Ostu is an Elf [Retired].

     For whom the prey weeps.

[ CW Mana:Burning>
A pack horse plunges down from above and lands with a loud crash on the wooden
You hear a pack horse's death cry as he collapses.
A pack horse is dead! R.I.P.
*Rendra the Silvan Elf* plunges down from above and lands with a loud crash on
the wooden floor.
You gained some renown in this battle!
You hear *Rendra the Silvan Elf*'s death cry as she collapses.
*Rendra the Silvan Elf* has drawn her last breath! R.I.P.

// ??????????????????????
// What the f*** was that?. Almost had a heartbreak
// How things have changed in MUME? Equip and wp just fall to you?

[ CW Mana:Burning>zz
cha spell normal

[ CW Mana:Burning>ee 1
l in 1.corpse
corpse (here) : 
a bejewelled oak staff
a broad silver belt
a ceremonial dagger (flawless)
a fine pair of metal gauntlets (flawless)
a forest green cloak (flawless)
a fortune in gold
a keyring with several keys and a set of lock picks
a leather backpack
a magic mushroom
a pair of smooth, black boots
a pair of white chain mail leggings (flawless)
a pair of white chain mail sleeves (flawless)
a ring
two sable pouches
a violet orchid
a water skin
a stone
a white chain mail coif (flawless)
a white chain mail jerkin (flawless)

 * Ok, i skip narrates of rendra RIP, and how she portaltrapped me with 6 more but brave me i make them all flee
 * and then i lost link but i still managed to kill her with my naked fists and then gods wanted to demote me
 * because having me playing is unfair for other players but i said 'you dont dare to demote me' and they
 * shivered in fear and let me go and...
 * ... and well, the ussual stuff.

[ CW Mana:Burning>l
Inside a Wooden Lift
A wooden crank is here, ready to operate the lift.
The corpse of *an Elf* is lying here.
The corpse of a pack horse is lying here.
The corpse of *an Orc* is lying here.
A sturdy pack horse is standing here.

// ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!
// corpses multiply?

[ CW Mana:Burning>ee 3

Helcaraxe narrates 'Lol.'

[ CW Mana:Burning>Fasho narrates 'oh bleh :P thats cheating'
l in 3.corpse
corpse (here) : 
a black pair of padded boots (flawless)
a brown bottle
a butcher knife (well-maintained)
a fishing rod
a forest green cloak (well-maintained)
a large sack
a longbow
a metal wall shield (well-maintained)
a nasty orkish fang (flawless)
an orkish shortbow
a pair of plain trousers (flawless)
a pair of rigid leather gloves (satisfactory)
a pair of snowshoes (neglected)
a plain leather belt
a plain pair of sleeves (flawless)
a quiver
a sacrificial knife (used)
a soft cloth cap (well-maintained)
a soft woolen shirt (flawless)
a sturdy pair of soft leather gloves (flawless)
a water skin
a stone

[ CW Mana:Burning>
Helcaraxe narrates 'Funny tho'

f~ CRW HP:Fine Mana:Burning>*** TROPHY *** (Number Killed, Knowledge, Mobile)

   1,  0%,  #Rendra                   |   1,  0%,  #Psychonaut               |

 * Ok, a pointless log doesnt deserve more of my time to waste. I go see my neighbors through the window.
 * What happened in log is simple, but a bit funny. Of course Rendra knows what happens if you try to step in 
 * a lift that is 100 meters below you, but she saw Psychonaut(level 15 zorc) step in there and she though:
 * 'Well, an zorc will not be stupid enough to fall there, lets spam on him andAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH'
 * To late to remember zorcs are stupid.

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 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2007/12/09 04:10, Kark:   
hahaha this log was great. I love seeing people die like this because they are to gitty to check to see where lift is. plus your comments made it hilarious.

2007/12/09 04:10, Steoadswoeifn:   
if stupid = lagged, sure :)

or thats his excuse at least :)

such a cheater! jk. looks like fun-

2007/12/09 06:19, Réndra:   
Hahaha, I was sitting outside waiting for you to come out, when orc enters, of course, I can't see wether it's a zaug or tark, so I concluded that you had called it for backup. So I follow it inside, see it go north in the lift room, figure you've elevated the lift to let him inside, so, of course, the logical move is to enter the room and pursue both of you inside. Haha, felt pretty stupid when I realized what had happened... :P

2007/12/09 10:14, Nockurzh: 
Nice name to post this log with:P

2007/12/09 11:27, Edvard: 
Hah that was awesome :P

2007/12/09 11:28, Edvard: 
People returning to mume, i like!

2007/12/09 11:33, Horus: 
we like :D

2007/12/09 12:42, Dianos: 
Maybe you should have posted it in the notables section. Not only do WPs and equipment fall from the sky; logs like this get 5 stars.


2007/12/09 12:48, Mhoghedin: 
Fallen, nice to see ya again!

2007/12/10 09:50, Chark: 
Hahaha! Good log.

Welcome back to Mume Hate!

2007/12/10 18:19, Adverse:   
5 stars!

2007/12/11 23:02, Gaurog: 
had never seen that death message when someone (orc) sneaking falls from above and dies...good stuff. death to action-trackers


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