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Dong Interview - October 31, 2020 (Elizalde)comments   back
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                                   OCTOBER 31ST, 2020
                                     DONG INTERVIEW


Adrâgor the commander snorts derisively.

Dong slaps Adrâgor the commander across the face!

Adrâgor the commander says 'Visitors from afar. Lesser minions come to mingle with their betters.'

Dong Pimp-slaps is a Black Númenórean.

You would need some luck!

Elízalde harks "lol You would need some luck!" 

Dong shrugs indifferently.
Dong slaps you with: only some

Elízalde harks "I'm so tiny?"
Elízalde harks "I never have luck though, you know this."

Dong slaps you with: well yes

Elízalde harks "Ok, so the great Dong interview!" 

Dong nods solemnly.

Elízalde harks "So, any RL info you want to provide/admit to for people curiously wanting to
know? Type of work you do? or where you are from? hobbies outside slaying people here?" 

Dong says 'I live in Stockholm, Sweden'

Elízalde harks "What is your link to MUME then btw? :D" 

Round-trip time: 162ms (kernel:166ms)  Link options: sack wscale 

Dong says '88ms it says but i dunno if i trust this ingame ping'
Dong says 'it feels more laggy from time to time'

Elízalde harks "Do you think yours is faster or slower?" 

Dong says 'both!'
Dong says 'I'd wager everyone gets laggy on occasion though, just scary when it happens at a
bad time'

Elízalde harks "It always does happen at bad times I think hehe" 
Elízalde harks "Care to share your RL age?" 

Dong says 'Alright, it's 46.'

You see everything special about him. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Dong is an adult male Black Númenórean.
Dong Pimp-slaps is in an excellent condition.
Dong Pimp-slaps is using:
<wielded>            an ashen blade (flawless) 
<used as shield>     a metal-shod staff
<worn on head>       a twisted crown
<worn on body>       a shining chain mail shirt (flawless)
<worn about body>    a fine grey cloak (flawless)
<worn on arms>       a shining pair of chain mail sleeves (flawless)
<worn on hands>      a fine pair of soft leather gloves (flawless)
<worn on legs>       a shining pair of chain mail leggings (flawless)
<worn on feet>       a pair of smooth, black boots
<worn around neck>   an old length of iron chain
<worn around neck>   a red ruby; it has a soft glowing aura
<worn on wrist>      a keyring with several keys and a set of lock picks
<worn on finger>     a ruby ring
<worn on finger>     a diamond ring
<worn on back>       a leather backpack
<worn as belt>       a gleaming belt
<worn on belt>       a butcher knife (flawless)
<worn on belt>       an enhanced herbal kit
<worn on belt>       a sable pouch
<worn on belt>       a stone

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a wightblade (flawless)
a wooden pipe
a bloody hand


Elízalde harks "I tried to steal your hand :D"

-- If he only knew how many times I've gotten mobs aggressive to me at the most awkward
-- moments possible for us, all because I decided to play the little "I'll just quietly
-- test if Management fixed steal yet". Erm...In no way was it ever done "quietly", lol!!! 8)

Elízalde fall down laughing.

Dong says 'well it's my hand'

Elízalde harks "What age did you start playing MUME?" 

Dong says 'Have to think about that one but I think around 25.'
Dong says 'After NSL but before ML'
Dong says 'that much I remember'

Elízalde harks "Did you play other muds before this? How did you find MUME?" 

Dong says 'I played some other mud briefly but never got any far, think it was or something like that'
Dong says 'mume I found by being shown to a fellow at the comp lab'
Dong says 'Shadrach was his name'
Dong says 'and I have a memory of Dain roaming the halls back then'

Elízalde harks "Oh? Interesting, I didn't even know this association :P" 


Shadrach the Butcher of Bree is a Tarkhnarb Orc [Retired].
Last login 11 years, 5 months, and 21 days ago.

I consider Norsu yet another step in the pussification of mume.

There can be no honour between enemies!


Dong says 'maybe it was only once but he pointed him out to me at least'

Elízalde harks "I mean I didn't know you had labbed at all with anyone, or would have
guessed, in regards to Shadrach" 
Elízalde harks "From his whois did he really not like Norsu? :P" 

Dong says 'yeah that's true'

Elízalde harks "11 years on Shadrach, doesn't play anymore at all? " 

Dong shakes his head.

Elízalde harks "Norsu killed him too many times on other chars or?" 
Elízalde smirks.
Elízalde harks "Norsu was scary when I started" 

Dong says 'no idea what occurred but back then 2-handed swords were in high demand because
you'd often lose yours'
Dong says 'when gac meant gac i mean'

Elízalde harks "indeed, now if you loot someone's waterskin and gleaming its full gac" 
Elízalde harks "So what lured you to stay then? Did you group with your pal a lot back then?
After you learned the game?" 
Elízalde harks "Did you guys actually 'lab' or just a fellow showed you the game/basics and 
you then you stuck with it solo?" 

Dong says 'I don't think we played together much, I played lowbie mostly the first year or so'
Dong says 'I remember getting lost outside DT and getting laughed at.'
Dong says 'as a darkie'

Elízalde harks "Do you still talk to him? Keep in touch? Just curious myself" 

Dong shakes his head.

Elízalde harks "I labbed with several troll players :P F12 hotkey was rescue Shimmer joke
that never seemed to end" 
Elízalde harks "So what made you stay then, on MUME, in particular?" 

Dong thinks till it hurts.

Elízalde harks "PK? Exploring? Just new in general so it was 'fun'? Socializing?" 
Elízalde harks "There had to be a main reason?" 
Elízalde harks "Huge LOTR fan?" 


      Kzog the Troll Brute
      Karliah the Black Númenórean
      Smiles The Better Evil Choice For President    <--Indeed!
      Elízalde the Tyrant of the Black Shadow Clan
      Khyrz the Orc
 [Mw] Elemir the King of Catastrophe
      Agak the Orkish Necromancer
      Burkah the Orkish Wargrider
 [Mw] Ryalnos is never Wrong, so he always (Idle)
 [Va] Rogon Rogoff (Idle)
 [Ms] Orlanth the Wonderous (Idle)
      Dong Pimp-slaps <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

12 allies and visible Ainur on.


Dong says 'I think it was mostly the way there always was some new challenge, be it enemies
at the gates or  skulking around some area as a thief.'

Elízalde harks "So was thief your first char type?" 

Dong says 'It was nice to just roam around pk areas, learn a bit from fellow players and
trying to make myself useful'
Dong says 'I think I played thief a couple years mostly'

Elízalde harks "Neat" 
Elízalde harks "Do you think you will ever give MUME up?" 

Dong says 'I think I'll probably come back from time to time even if I give it up.'

Elízalde nods solemnly.
Elízalde harks "good :D" 
Elízalde harks "Have you met other MUME players along your journey here? If so, besides
Shadrach obviously, do you care to mention who/what event and brag about how fun it was?" 
Elízalde harks "I think back then when you started it was probably not as common?" 

Dong says 'I recall aschit/oscarmeyer was active while i was new to the pk on the dark side'

Elízalde harks "Unless in a lab, and few of those get togethers etc" 
Elízalde harks "Yeah he was awesome <3" 
Elízalde harks "Did you meet him RL though? I was more curious about if you meet up
with any other players RL or attended MUME events" 

Dong says 'never met any americans except for velgular once'
Dong says 'was on one of those events, bogger held it'

Elízalde harks "Was it fun? Any comment about it? " 
Elízalde harks "Ah ok" 

Dong says 'yeah that was fun'

Elízalde harks "Was there a lot of people there?" 

Dong says 'yeah about um'
Dong says 'better if you ask him!'
Dong says '15 I think'

Elízalde harks "Neat" 

Dong says 'most areas of sweden represented atleast, and some neighbors as well'

Elízalde harks "Do you prefer to play alone, in groups, or combination of both?" 

Dong says 'nowadays I like groups when I can get one'
Dong says 'but it has become obvious to me that people expect me to lead them around which
can be straining'
Dong says 'very hard labor!'

Elízalde harks "For PK or Smobbing or both, you mean?" 

Dong says 'I think they often blend into each other'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, I don't have a patience you and others have for that stuff." 
Elízalde sniffs sadly.
Elízalde harks "uhm can you feed me again plz thx" 
Elízalde giggles.

Dong says 'I never do any smobs without a plan for when pk does happen'
Dong begins some strange incantations...

Elízalde harks "great timing being needy?" 

Dong utters the words 'qfzahz yaae'
Dong magically creates a mushroom.
A magic mushroom suddenly appears.

Elízalde eats a mushroom.
Elízalde thanks Dong heartily.

Dong begins some strange incantations...
Dong utters the words 'qfzahz xahzf'

Elízalde harks "thx :D" 
Elízalde harks "I don't know if I ever saw you follow anyone TBH" 

Dong says 'I follow people when they want to lead me'

Elízalde harks "Maybe people assume you don't want to?" 

Dong says 'I'm not particular with who'
Dong says 'yeah that might be it too'

Elízalde harks "Ok good to know for people, maybe after this someone will feel comfy asking
you to follow" 

Dong licks his mouth and smiles.

Elízalde harks "I know I wont lead certain people :D" 

Dong says 'they will have a very obnoxious follower then'

Elízalde harks "So besides charmies, do you have a PK partner you group up with a lot?" 

Dong says 'Not nowadays, no'

Elízalde harks "In the past you did? Who?" 

Dong says 'I'd often play with bogger if he was online a few years back'
Dong says 'or farther back when I played helmer'

Elízalde harks "Cool, on darkie or puke? zaug? " 
Elízalde harks "Ah ok" 

Dong says 'I don't think I listed my characters I played even'

Elízalde harks "Do you want to?  :)" 

Dong says 'alright'
Dong says 'most know me as svarten and dong'
Dong says 'I have a hobbit named Dagobert, an elf caster named Helmer'
Dong says 'a couple dwarf warriors, Brax and Draugr'
Dong thinks till it hurts.
Dong says 'another troll which I intended as a backup, now he's pretty high level too,
Dong says 'Dreg and Dong as bn casters'
Dong is boggled by the concept.
Dong says 'I also had a spare elven caster named Ingo'
Dong says 'because one suicide quaker wasn't enough'


Helmer Olsson, the accidental Tourist is a level fifty-three Noldorin Hero [Retired].
I can fly. I am not afraid.
Semele says 'no matter how much wood you put in it it doesn't get bigger'

Dagobert 'Big Potato' is a level sixty-eight Stoor Battlemaster [Retired].

Svarten the Friendly Snowman is a level one hundred Mountain Troll Adventurer.
I'm a friendly snowman big and fat.
Here is my tummy and here is my hat.
When the weather's cold I'm strong and tall.
But when it's warm I get weak and small.


Dong Pimp-slaps is a Black Númenórean.
Is playing.

Brax the Gray-bearded Ballerina is a level fifty-one Dwarven Hero [Retired].
This brawler is good at two things - drinking and taking a
beating. He'll often be seen overwhelmed by the hordes of Sauron,
and not short after, suffering heavy traumas, picking flowers
around the elven lands.
Other than that, he's really nice (for being a dwarf) and 
will more often than not help out with whatever tasks the
crazy tree-huggers have for him.

Draugr keeps coming back for more! is a level forty-five Dwarven Hero [Retired].

Brainiac thinks he's 'Special' is a Troll.

Dreg - Brain-scarred Berserker of the BSC is a level fifty-seven Black Númenórean Envoy [Retired].

The stars were shining wonderfully
and were close to me
and I close to them,
all together forming a part
of a shimmering clarity
more tremendous than any other mystery.

Ingo Pingo is a level thirty-nine Sindarin Hero [Retired].
As close to quakemud as you can get...


Dong says 'i got SOD and couldn't play an entire session else'
Dong says 'helmer alone has about 300 pk deaths I think'

Elízalde harks "Any other chars you wish to be known to everyone?" 

Dong says 'well those are the ones I played actively so no'

Elízalde harks "That is a lot of impressive chars/levels from the ones that aren't incog" 
Elízalde harks "Which is your favorite on each side to play?" 
Elízalde harks "If you could only pick one and why? 8)" 

Dong says 'the character I play now obviously'
Dong says 'but it might change'
Dong says 'on the other side I'd pick helmer'

Elízalde harks "ok cool"
Elízalde harks "So your incog, you con to me as 'need some luck!', im what level am i" 
Elízalde harks "Are you trying to get 100 ?" 

Dong says 'yeah i think it'll happen eventually'

Elízalde harks "Is it your fav char on this side because of a higher level? more OP or?
Ambitions on 100? Why this one?" 

Dong says 'I like it because it combines being strong at what it does and having glaring
weaknesses as well'
Dong says 'I enjoyed playing hobbit too for those reasons'

Elízalde harks "Ah ok" 
Elízalde harks "Dong is a scary BN imo" 

Dong says 'elf caster might fall into that cathegory as well, if you roamed around NOC about
20 years ago, European prime time'

Elízalde harks "hah, yeah, could say the same as BN back then too though...many larger groups,
1 hit from each and you were toast, especially on the links back then." 
Elízalde harks "Before you could even think to flee you were dying and didnt know it! Or at
least I was :D" 
Elízalde harks "350ms+" 
Elízalde harks "In walks NSL as you zblam off a Troll" 
Elízalde harks "SPLAT?" 
Elízalde harks "like seriously...10 seconds" 
Elízalde harks "As bn you hurt yourself from the zblam haha" 

Dong says 'it's the way it's supposed to be'
Dong says 'you die by being reckless like that'

Elízalde harks "What do you think of the current MUME vs the game when you first started?
Like game mechanics, the map, management, players? Whatever you want to comment on..." 

Dong says 'i got mixed feelings on the mechanics, there's a lot of new stuff added which is
nice when you do figure it out'
Dong thinks till it hurts.

Elízalde harks "I kind of feel like a lot of stuff that has been added more recently, is
group dependent, and then when the population complains about large groups, I wonder why its still
being encouraged." 

Dong says 'I think the more complexity you get, it'll help those that actually bother to
figure out how to mutilize all that maximally'

Elízalde harks "ie I dont personally think enough is put in game for solo play when it comes
to mobs/items/etc" 

Dong says 'and by default others will be hurt then'
Dong says 'there's a lot of simple solutions though that never seem to stop working'

Elízalde harks "Can you give a few for examples?" 

Dong says 'well... storeports rarely fail'
Dong says 'those used to be scoffed at since they supposedly detract from the killing power of
a character'
Dong says 'nowadays i'm not so sure they do that as you can store 5 things and don't even need
to cast on your opponent to win in some scenarios'
Dong says 'which I might add some players are setting up every time they run into a pk
Dong says 'so that's a nice thing i think'
Dong says 'having an easy solution to deal with powders and scrolls and portals and whatnot'

Elízalde harks "Are you a powder fan?" 

Dong says 'I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to say about that but I don't say no to usage if
I got some powders'
Dong says 'I am not so often interested in farming for them though'
Dong says 'I feel they work best when used against me and not when I use them so they're not so
interesting to me in any case'

Elízalde harks "Well I guess what I meant was, I'm a fan of them if I have them and not
afraid to use them or I should say 'waste'." 
Elízalde harks "I've also been trigger happy about it, and typo'd, lol..." 
Elízalde harks "I find it comical how many people want them and RIP with them without ever
thinking of using them though." 

Dong says 'I don't mind losing stuff to bad decisions or even typos, if that was the question'

Elízalde harks "So I meant more like do you actually utilize them"

Dong says 'very rarely'

Elízalde harks "What do you think the best feature is that MUME currently offers?" 

Dong is boggled by the concept.
Dong says 'that's a broad question... unsure!'

Elízalde harks "If you were going to talk your pal RL into trying it out, what would tell him
about the most?" 
Elízalde harks "or her, for that matter." 
Elízalde smirks.

Dong says 'well to begin with it's a niec ambience - IF you are interested in looking at the
Dong says 'it also is a competitive game that might be one the hardest on the market'
Dong says 'if there is a market for these things'
Dong says 'you can win a lot but also lose it all very rapidly'

Elízalde harks "I don't think most MUMER's realize what goes into a zone being built, or how
it is as an active Ainu-builder etc, but that will be for another interview :D ***SPOILER***" 

Dong says 'anyway that's how I'd sell it in'
Dong says 'the typing and the competitive game'
Dong says 'erm'
Dong says 'writing!'
Dong says 'typing is what we others do'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, honestly from what I see from my own mini me's, and their friends, when
it comes to gaming it is about competitiveness these days and with their friends, or against them
even at times." 
Elízalde harks "They don't log in these other graphical games to play solo, its to wreck other
teams etc" 

Dong says 'the best competition is the one between friends'
Dong says 'you can play a game of monopoly and find that out'

Elízalde harks "What are two improvements you would like to see in MUME as priority and why?" 

Dong says 'I got one that I think is shared'
Dong says 'thieves seem to need some overhaul'

Elízalde harks "What about them in particular or everything?" 

Dong says 'I haven't played one since about the change to BOB though'

Elízalde harks "did your thieves BOB?" 
Elízalde harks "I mean care to explain why since that particular change?" 

Dong says 'back when it worked to give an instant boost to moves, it was pretty useful as it increased the range of a scout'

Elízalde harks "I see" 

Dong says 'you could run maybe 2-3 times longer before having to stop - you could accomplish 
the same with draughts, but to get those you'd need to loot them off a dead enemy'
Dong says 'thieves always had a move issue you see'
Dong says 'but it became a bit worse now after that change + the sneak change'

Elízalde harks "So overhaul on thieves and what else?" 

Dong says 'then I pick charm!'

Elízalde harks "To be nerfed or ? :)" 

Dong says 'it works now as substitute for grouping, it does the job but it became more potent
than grouping'

Elízalde harks "So are you on the fence about it? You need it sometimes, but know you miss out
on fights because of it?" 

Dong says 'so people decide not to group since they can charm, and decide not to play
characters that cannot benefit from it. That should change somehow'
Dong says 'I remember it being possible to PK, although mostly unsuccessfully, without'
Dong says 'not perfectly but eventually'
Dong says 'so anyway... charm could use a remake so as to not prohibit grouping others'

Elízalde harks "Ok wait - On that note, you don't think this would encourage huge grouping tm

Dong nods solemnly.

Elízalde harks "Ok and?" 
Elízalde harks "Any comment about that?" 
Elízalde harks "People are whining constantly about a few groups in particular that roam these

Dong says 'that's fine to express concerns, I am mostly interested in the design flaw though'

Elízalde harks "From those people's point of view that are crying about it, can you imagine a
few charmies in there too?" 

Dong says 'I can imagine charmies taking XP equal to their levels whenever you kill something
for instance'
Dong says 'that would mean they are no more useful than a following player'
Dong says 'i gotta take a break'

Dong starts exercising...
Dong makes some strange movements.
Dong mumbles to himself.
Dong issues the order 'snore'.
A mother eagle snores loudly.


--We took a break and later resumed. The interview was almost 4 HRS long BTW! mmhmmm, that's right...
--I kept some of it private of course, out of pure greed. I feel no shame about it what-so-ever!


Dong nods solemnly.

Elízalde harks "So what was the worst change/improvement in your opinion and why? Over the
course of your time on MUME that is?" 

Dong hums an evil tune, thinking of his next plunder.

Elízalde harks "If you dont want to answer that one? we can move on" 
Elízalde harks "Or did you miss it?" 

Dong says 'no i can answer it'
Dong says 'can i get a minute here'

Elízalde harks "Of course, sorry, I didnt know what the hum meant " 

Dong says 'you asked me about the last  20 years'
Dong says 'first the question is loaded in that it means improvements can be perceived as 'the
worst' that happened in the mume career'
Dong says 'i have a torn relationship to the old pk death xp loss'
Dong says 'on one hand that was what made it reasonably hurtful to kill enemies'
Dong says 'on the other hand it caused me a lot of grief because i died more than probably
anyone i know of'
Dong says 'and now I feel you cannot hurt enemies by looting their stuff anymore either, since
they can go pick new stuff up unhindered'
Dong says 'so if that was an improvement i'
Dong says 'would say it made people more and more aware of the perceived loss and accepting
less and less of it'
Dong is boggled by the concept.
Dong says 'if that makes sense'

Elízalde harks "Ok I never expected you to say this for an answer" 
Elízalde harks "it does" 

Dong says 'you gotta remember I delved into the mechanics of that old system too'

Elízalde harks "I die a lot, and I like this change, although, I feel people value eq and 
STILL dont take fights or pk becuase of EQ now." 

Dong says 'i found the equilibrium point where you can play under that system'
Dong says 'about level 30'
Dong says 'this was with guaranteed eq loss every death'
Dong says 'you would keep staff 1 out of 4 times maybe'
Dong says 'so no reason to make more than 1 staff a sesssion at least'
Dong says 'anyway i feel it was an improvement that appealed to the players that already didn't
accept loss'
Dong shrugs indifferently.
Dong says 'maybe there's other ways to hurt your enemies than to take their XP'
Dong sits down and rests.

Elízalde harks "Good points though." 
Elízalde harks "So this kind of leads into something else I would like to ask" 
Elízalde harks "the "enemy" drama, because I play all sides lately, etc, I hear it all" 

Dong says 'that was part of the charm always i think'
Dong says 'you demonize the opposition'

Elízalde harks "There are people that straight up fear your characters (Dong in particular or

Dong says 'I can understand they fear svarten hehe'

Elízalde harks "There are people that are really out to get you, as competitive nature, but it
gets ugly IMO between you all." 

Dong says 'I feel it's something I do as well, belittle my enemies'

Elízalde harks "And there are people that look forward to having a fight with you it seems
because they can laugh about it after with you or discuss it for educational purposes we will say" 

Dong says 'yeah that's something I sometimes indulge in too'

Elízalde harks "So there is a HUGE mixture of different feelings and emotions flying all over 
Arda when you are around" 

Dong says 'but I don't really like and am not suited to throwing myself in death matchs over
and over against various people'
Dong is boggled by the concept.

Elízalde harks "Do you have anything to say to the people that fear you in particular? To the
fierce competitors? To pal-enemies?" 
Elízalde harks "I mean in the end, would you tell those people that fear you that they should
hide in bree until you leave? or give it a shot or?" 
Elízalde harks "What you just said kind of covers the competitors probably, as those 2 things
seem to often flow as one :D" 

Dong says 'Well, sometimes I want to throw all the weight I got around... leading lithes,
packing some scrolls...'

Elízalde harks "The PK world on MUME is ROUGH IMO." 

Dong says 'maybe morgul blade too'

Elízalde harks "So very verbally abusive and on MUME at least when it comes to
many PKers"

Dong says 'well to make it short, I'd say that I try to be unreliable as an enemy so you can't
just expect to get what you see'
Dong says 'if i wanted a short response to that'
Dong says 'oh'

Elízalde harks "Well, I don't expect you to tell any secrets that give people an advtange, I
am looking for more of a what you would say to those scared newer players" 

Dong says 'I believe when i initially started playing bn I set out to play as scummy as I
possibly could'
Dong says 'if that tells something'

Elízalde harks "I've seen it you know? They won't go anywhere near a place you have been
narrated about." 
Elízalde harks "Some won't go east of BWB" 
Elízalde harks "These are "heros and legends" I will point out" 

Dong says 'I'd say that they should fear the unkown'

Elízalde harks "They worry about their "nice" equipment, which is harder to obtain for a newer
player if they lose it in my opinion."
Elízalde harks "Not because of you in particular, in general though when it comes to pking."

Dong says 'I think it's only hard to get because they haven't equipped themselves over and over
and gotten the hang of it...'
Dong says 'I feel much the opposite'
Dong says 'when I'm nude I go pick stuff up, simple...'

Elízalde harks "Ok, any tips for BN players in particular? Lots of new BN players about." 

Dong says 'oh... well a broad perspective helps'
Dong says 'do try a lot of things and see what works out'

Elízalde harks "Do you think playing a BN helps you with area knowledge?" 

Dong is boggled by the concept.
Dong says 'I think if you play as any character and have to rely on other things than plowing
through mobs, you will  gain more knowledge yes'

Elízalde harks "What is your opinion on focus looting? Same as above?"

Dong says 'if i really need the focus upgrade, sure, why not... else I'd probably leave it as I
don't gain much'
Dong says 'but...'
Dong says 'i have like mixed feelings there too, sometimes I just want to hurt my enemy as much
as possible and then it makes sense to take it'
Dong is boggled by the concept.

Elízalde harks "hehe, I understand" 

Dong says 'i don't honestly know my reasons sometimes'
Dong says 'well i remember back when storeporter was the most common derogatory'
Dong says 'you would be considered a fool not to loot the staff of a storeporter for instance'

Elízalde harks "Funny you mention that because I havent heard that name-calling in awhile and
recently heard it about a particular puke" 

Dong says 'yeah it's a nice term'
Dong says 'it might mean 'someone who doesn't roll over and die''
Dong says 'or it might mean something else'

Elízalde harks "What about trapping?" 

Dong says 'I'm all for that!'
Dong says 'but it rarely works out the way intended'

Elízalde harks "Even when it is you being trapped then?" 

Dong says 'sure'
Dong says 'i can appreciate a good trap whenever i fall into one'

Elízalde harks "Trapping was much more fun back in the day I think though. There was always
backtrap risk too. More players involved, etc."

Dong says 'yes that made it more fun'
Dong sniffs sadly.

Elízalde harks "Do you use the new fancy kits often? Are you a pro herbest?" 

Dong nods solemnly.
Dong says 'i do herb yes'

Elízalde harks "Do you find it....addicting? I don't want you to say what you herblore hunt."

Dong says 'well... yes it's becoming a bit like that '
Dong says 'it's much like preparing spells now'

Elízalde harks "Do you like the new herblores and items Management has put into the game?
Since Emyn I would say" 

Dong says 'well i like them but... it does things to the game balance you know when trolls
regen 100 hps a minute'
Dong says 'also it is '
Dong says 'taking 'eq trolls' to a whole different level'

Elízalde harks "Do you miss any particular troll players that used to roam Arda, long now but
never forgotten. Do you think any of them will find their way back to Warrens?" 

Dong says 'Secret is one'

Elízalde harks "Anyone else?" 

Dong says 'probably the one senior  troll I had the most relation with back when I started'
Dong says 'trample of course!'
Dong says 'sorry'
Dong says 'i had to think'
Dong says 'and ortansia'

Elízalde harks "All cool trolls for sure!!!!" 

Dong says 'wroom is always fun'

Elízalde harks "I have seen Trample btw, but odd times and not always on long." 

Dong says 'he's on a leash i think'
Dong says 'oh'
Dong says 'once he asked if he could play with Dong'

Elízalde harks "Trample?" 

Dong says 'but I told him I wasnt the one he should ask'
Dong says '(he was in bed)'

Elízalde harks "Oh" 
Elízalde giggles.
Elízalde nods solemnly.
Elízalde harks "Favorite SMOB and why? 8)" 

Dong says 'i have to say chief of tharbad'
Dong says 'based on my trophy'
Dong says 'and also because i like tharbad'

Elízalde harks "Why do you like Tharbad anyhow?" 
Elízalde harks "On all chars or just Dong/Bn?" 

Dong says 'i think many things'
Dong says 'i started learning to pk and fiddle with doors there'

Elízalde harks "Ah, ok, cool. 8)" 

Dong says 'I think it had reasonable enemies to my elven scouts back then'
Dong says 'that is, mages and NO eagles'

Elízalde harks "Least favorite area of map?" 

Dong says 'uh'
Dong says 'hard to say... well there are some areas I feel are fillers between the interesting
Dong says 'maybe the areas s of anduin vale but now that changed abit.. i'd say the areas
around the river itself then'

Elízalde harks "That Anduin saves a lot of people....rafters :D" 
Elízalde points at herself.
Elízalde harks "myself included, but its there!" 
Elízalde harks "'feature' of the game. :)"
Elízalde harks "Is there anyone you look up to with a lot of respect? Maybe there are multiple
players you respect for different reasons?" 

Dong says 'well... it's like this, i got this hate love relationship to elestir'
Dong says 'on one hand i respect him for being very patient with learning the exact ways to
maximize efficiency'
Dong says 'but n the other hand I don't like him taking that into the extreme because it makes
for less interesting situations'
Dong says 'like if you have to have a way to bail out of any possible situation and plan around
it you might lose out on a lot of opportunities instead'

Elízalde harks "On other hand, don't you agree if he is taking newer players on to do these
things, he is just bringing more potential pk to the table for others? " 

Dong says 'and I'm also not a huge fan on having a perfect balance'

Elízalde harks "Or, maybe not newer, but not pk experienced maybe?" 

Dong says 'anyway that's one i respect but only partially'
Dong smiles viciously.
Dong thinks till it hurts.
Dong says 'well none come to mind now... sorry'
Dong says 'bogger has my respect too of course!'

Elízalde harks "Lots of questions come my way about Staves and BN, I send them to you. :D" 
Elízalde harks "Never heard of him though, I'm sure hes nice." 

Dong says 'i think he's kind of the opposite... all offense less safety'

Elízalde harks "If he is your friend, he has to be, am I right?" 

Dong says 'but rarely someone gets to challenge him'
Dong nods solemnly.

Elízalde harks "Do you mind telling us what kind of staff you use and why?" 

Dong falls down laughing.
Dong says 'yeah you should know what i hold right now'

You see everything special about him. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Dong is an adult male Black Númenórean.
Dong Pimp-slaps is in an excellent condition.
Dong Pimp-slaps is using:
<wielded>            an ashen blade (flawless)
<used as shield>     a metal-shod staff
<worn on head>       a feathered hat (flawless)
<worn on body>       a shining chain mail shirt (flawless)
<worn about body>    a fine grey cloak (flawless)
<worn on arms>       a shining pair of chain mail sleeves (flawless)
<worn on hands>      a fine pair of soft leather gloves (flawless)
<worn on legs>       a shining pair of chain mail leggings (flawless)
<worn on feet>       a pair of smooth, black boots
<worn around neck>   an old length of iron chain
<worn around neck>   a red ruby; it has a soft glowing aura
<worn on wrist>      a keyring with several keys and a set of lock picks
<worn on finger>     a ruby ring
<worn on finger>     a diamond ring
<worn on back>       a leather backpack
<worn as belt>       a gleaming belt
<worn on belt>       a butcher knife (flawless)
<worn on belt>       an enhanced herbal kit
<worn on belt>       a sable pouch
<worn on belt>       a stone

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
a twisted crown
a wightblade (flawless)
a wooden pipe
a bloody hand

Dong says 'its the good old opal/hsb/iron bar'
Dong says 'i tried the new gems a bit but wasn't too impressed'

Elízalde harks "What do you think of that new steed you have?" 

Dong says 'this fellow'
Dong slaps a black steed across the face!
Dong says 'i have no feelings in particular and havent tested his limits yet'

Sweat gleans off of the powerful muscles of this large, black stallion. His head and neck are
barded with dark boiled leather while his chest and flank have been caparisoned in a dark cloth
that is heavily frayed. His intelligent gaze suggests that he is faithful to his master.
A black steed seems well-rested and is in an excellent condition.

You attempt to peek at the inventory:
You don't see anything.

Elízalde harks "In regards to Svarten and him being level 100, what is the reason you
continue to play him when you do? There are many people that retire and do not play after
they gain level 100."

Dong says 'I'm well aware that every time I log a troll it risks sun death. I don't know why
other players stop playing.'
Dong says 'I like playing troll and it doesn't make much sense to make a new character just
because it reached level 100.'
Dong says 'the way I see it a high level troll, as any other character or perceived gain in
this game, is a temporary thing and I'm supposed to use or spend it best i like.'

Elízalde harks "Is there a reason you do not play him more often? We all see him on
occasionally, but it is not as often anymore. I would assume it is because you are working on
leveling and playing Dong instead."

Dong says 'I'd like to explore the newly opened zones as a troll but havent' gotten around
to it.'
Dong says 'It's difficult to play troll solo in unfamiliar areas - since Old forest road was
opened I got stuck in there once for RL days, sunned while leading a group and had at least 1 close
sunburn (that I remember)'
Dong says 'I was stubborn and didn't use a map at the time it opened.'
Dong says 'What I do when logged as a bn is noones concern!'

Elízalde harks "I know you have expressed many topics of interest on ER about Trolls."
Elízalde harks "Do you care to comment on a good set of basic stats for players wanting to 
try Troll that never have, that they could easily find in this interview as reference, and if so
do you mind giving them a set of stats for both non-tracking and tracking?"
Elízalde harks "They could find you in game I suppose if they have additional questions."

Dong says 'If it was their first troll I'd say unarmed, STR 25, CON 22, DEX 13, WIL 12, PER 7.'
Dong says 'I don't advice a new player to play a troll that sacrifices hit power to get super
track, and you can learn the skill with minimal mentals/per anyway.'
Dong says 'When you follow fresh tracks as a troll you get a boost to the tracking speed.'

Elízalde harks "On the subject of Trolls and sunning them, do you have anything you wish to
comment in this regard?"
Elízalde harks "Also, do you care to state how you would feel if you sunned Svarten by 
accident vs if Svarten was sunned on purpose by the actions of another player?"

Dong says 'well I don't condone sunsleeping others but at the same time it's within the limits
of what can be done...'
Dong says 'i think if the player really did not want me, the player, in particular to play
anymore? Or didn't want to play against enemies at all, and would rather like playing alone in an
empty mud?'
Dong says 'Then it'd make sense to me but it still probably isn't effective as you can't keep
a troll down for more than 1-2 days'
Dong says 'from experience when some puke went on a sunsleep spree it mostly/only affected
newbie trolls and the puke character or even the player disappeared soon after'
Dong says 'There's an item for trolls that grants immunity to sleep spells so that's probably
worth getting for any troll my level, more so if i'm being paranoid'
Dong says 'It's way more likely you sundie to a mistake, typo, or something that you dont have
control over'
Dong says 'I should mention that I've heard of about 10 trolls get sunburns by trusting the
mapper and its clock. Best advice is - don't, and use the 'time' and 'exits' command obsessively
Dong says 'sometimes it's out of sync and sometimes you just forget where and who you are'
Dong says 'and as for when I sunned by accident'
Dong says 'I felt bad at the time but at the same time I always knew eventually it'll happen.'
Dong says 'I think it also tended to intensify my playing when it happened for some reason'
Dong says 'One reason I don't play troll so much now is that it is straining just for that
reason, plus that i ended up playing alone most of the time, which means noone keeps me in check'

Elízalde harks "Did your feelings ever change about Trolls and sundeath? (Maybe as Svarten
climbed the level charts?)"

Dong says 'I got an idea that every character is temporary, troll or not, as is my playing it,
and the game itself -'
Dong says 'so it makes little sense to me to try conserve it like a museum piece, if I get
more fun out of it by using it'
Dong says 'I also feel I should stick to that character and maybe that's also why I keep
playing it, and why i re-level it whenever it suns.'

Elízalde harks "took up several hours of your time again, soooo..Anything else you would 
like to tell Arda/MUME before we finish? Anything at all?" 

Dong smiles viciously.

Elízalde harks "Do you want to Trick or Treat later at Bree with me, plz?"
Elízalde harks "I think we just go yell at gates Trick or Treat" 
Elízalde harks "Maybe Bree has something for you and I?" 

Dong says 'well candy i like'

Elízalde harks "Ok, and DONT go without me" 
Elízalde harks "seriously" 
Elízalde harks "you always go first" 
Elízalde harks "wait for me ok?" 

Dong sighs loudly.

Elízalde harks "pinky swear?" 
Elízalde flutters her eyelashes coquettishly at Dong.

Dong says 'maybe you go there and find a hole'
Dong says 'i dunno'
Dong says 'no swear'

Elízalde harks "Please wait for me" 
Elízalde harks "I even said please and spelled it out " 

Dong says 'ppppp'
Dong says 'please!'
Dong says 'i will try hold myself back ok'

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Elízalde thanks Dong heartily.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Dong plays the following characters as of October 31st, 2020:

Brainiac - Level Unknown - Troll
Brax - Level 51 Dwarven Hero [Retired]
Dagobert - Level 68 Stoor Battlemaster [Retired]
Dong - Level Unknown - Black Númenórean 
Dreg - Level 57 Black Númenórean Envoy [Retired]
Draugr - Level 45 Dwarven Hero [Retired]
Helmer - Level 53 Noldorin Hero [Retired]
Ingo - Level 39 Sindarin Hero [Retired]
Svarten - Level 100 Mountain Troll Adventurer


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