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Enforcer Interview - December 22, 2020 (Elizalde)comments   back
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                           DECEMBER 22, 2020 - MARCH 19, 2021 (LOL!)
                                      ENFORCER INTERVIEW


Normally I will not do an introduction on each interview, but I feel Enforcer's interview is one
that needed one exclusively. I've played MUME basically as long as he has from my first account and
I never spoke much to him, nor had an opportunity to hang out with him, and I was truly intimidated
to do this interview because he is a player of great renown on any type of character he created 
during that 25 year period. Not only 'elite' skilled, but the man is super classy, his fighting is 
done with a style all of his own too. Enforcer takes care of those around him while taking care of
business, unselfish, and an inspiration for other players to look up to. Not going to lie - I took 
advantage of his time during this interview and had a lot of opportunities to play besides him,
learned quite a bit of MUME stuff from him and even to be a little more lady-like (maybe, hah). 
Hope others get a chance to play with him some while he still roams Arda. 8)

Elízalde harks "Ok, so I'm intimidated by this for some reason, just putting that out
there 8) I was overwhelmed with what I was going to ask even haha."

Enforcer says 'chillax is what i say'

Enforcer tickles you - hee hee hee.

Elízalde harks "Do you want to name any of yours characters? Besides this one and of 
course Sardaukar 8D"

Enforcer says 'Thats the first question? :)'

Elízalde harks "Yes, who do you play? 8)"
Elízalde harks "Well, if you don't mind people knowing of course 8)"

Enforcer says 'Mainly Troll these days, because they are good to AFK with and usually won't
get charged by solo pukes. But my most famous chars are Sardaukar, Ragface, Pogo I guess'

Elízalde harks "hehe, yeah Troll is nice to AFK on, makes sense. So that answer leads to my
next question..."
Elízalde harks "Any RL information you want to provide/admit to? You have 2 children?"
Elízalde harks "Maybe the type of work you do RL, hobbies, etc? 8)"
Elízalde harks "You don't want to name any other characters besides those? Taking a step
back to make sure here."

Enforcer says 'No comments on RL really :) - 4 kids, married, working, no time for hobbies 
really. Enjoy riding a bike, swimming :)'

Elízalde harks "Nice 8) Busy, busy then."

Enforcer says 'yea no point naming other chars, have had like 10 nr 1 warlords over the
years i think but its not an impressive feat these days'
Enforcer says 'And not planning to exp anything to 100'

Elízalde harks "Ok then and yeah, I agree, although I just want to say you are being really
modest about your MUME feats there, just so any newbie/newer player reading knows better hehe"
Elízalde harks "Age you are now and age you started playing?"

Enforcer says 'I never considered myself a good player compared to the likes of Rasta,
Gothmog, Dong etc'
Enforcer says 'I am 43 and first logged on to MUME because of my brother and that was 24
years ago'
Enforcer says '1996'

Elízalde harks "I don't know Rasta, but I wish I had known what I was doing when Gothmog 
was around for sure, and <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Dong <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3"
Elízalde harks "Wow, ok, I know you were here on a crazy troll when I started"
Elízalde harks "lil pun there 8D"
Elízalde harks "Long long time, compared to many others"

Enforcer says 'ahh yes :) the only troll I have sunned in a mume related accident'

Elízalde harks "Ah hehe"

Enforcer says 'was lvl 47 which was pretty high back then'

Elízalde harks "Yes, exactly 8D"
Elízalde harks "You don't forget your first run-in's with particular people and that 
character they were on, you know?"
Elízalde harks "That was one of them I wouldn't forget, among many others hehe"

Enforcer says 'I hope I wasnt mean :)'

Elízalde harks "No, but I upset you, your wife and Lothar very badly once by something I did
when I was on Shimmer and pissed at Secret."
Elízalde harks "Actually he played Meteor back then mostly."

Enforcer says 'I did sun another olog not long ago, went AFK 1 room from dark, and forgot I
was logged on'

Elízalde harks "Doh, comf 8("
Elízalde harks "How did you come across MUME?"

Enforcer says 'Our family computer was in my room where I slept and in the evenings my
brother came to my room and started doing something weird on the computer on a black screen.'
Enforcer says 'It looked really boring. But then he started pestering me to check it out.'
Enforcer says 'So I did..'
Enforcer says 'And made a char named Vlad..........a dwarf cleric with 15 15 mentals.'
Enforcer says 'Back then stathunting was a thing.'

Elízalde harks "Ahh nice, so who did your brother play? Does he still play? Not sure if you
want that in the interview but if you do feel free to comment."
Elízalde harks "I would of never guessed."
Elízalde harks "Can you explain briefly what 'stat hunting' was too? 8)"

Enforcer says 'And then Ghand (a man thief took us to moria) when I was level 20'
Enforcer says 'And Boom-doom wiped the entier 8 man group.'

Elízalde harks "Ouch hehe"

Enforcer says 'My modem couldn't handle the lines of orcs on the screen.'
Enforcer says 'and then I was hooked'

Elízalde harks "hah, can imagine. Ok cool."

Enforcer says 'Created my first darkie after that - Wind'
Enforcer says 'Vlad was left to decay and usurped by some evil BN'

Elízalde harks "Also a popular one, yes 8) So that was your 2nd character then?"

Enforcer says 'But darkie was too hard for me then.'
Enforcer says 'And I made new dwarf cleric with good stats'
Enforcer says 'named Chazan'
Enforcer says 'Stathunting was that you had to xp from 1-5 lvl and then found out your stats'
Enforcer says 'and It was a PAIN'

Elízalde harks "I don't remember if I had to do that on my first character or not, but I hear
people talk about it a lot in 'back in the day' conversations."
Elízalde harks "So is the Wind of today the same build as back then?"

Enforcer says 'Yes, if the build is hit+bash :)'

Elízalde harks "I mean you didn't let it delete, unhappy with stats and remake etc?"

Enforcer says 'No wait, for darkie its hit+flee or you die in a spellstorm.'

Elízalde harks "Once you became more experienced or familiar with MUME etc"

Enforcer says 'No, it had really good stats'

Elízalde harks "Ok, cool"

Enforcer says 'My brother was Korog the shopkeeper'


Korog the Sun Tiger is a level thirty-one Noldorin Wizard [Retired].

The Founder of Sun Tiger Clan.


Enforcer says 'Operated the only legal, action-based shop in MUME...until it became
illegal :)'

Elízalde harks "Ah, was he the same one now? If you whois Korog?"
Elízalde harks "or is that a remake?"

Enforcer says 'same'

Elízalde harks "Very neat"
Elízalde harks "How did he find MUME?"
Elízalde harks "It's interesting to me how people end up here hehe"

Enforcer says 'Dont remember, but i think through coworkers'

Elízalde harks "Nice"

Enforcer says 'they were big Hitchhikers guide to galaxy fans'
Enforcer says 'so they were Ford Zaphod and'
Enforcer says 'and Dent'
Enforcer says 'not the current 100 lvl dent'

Elízalde harks "omg I had to google Hitchhikers guide"
Elízalde harks "I've heard of it but didn't know what it was in reference too hehe"

Enforcer says 'its like a cult book'

Elízalde harks "Ok I'm not familiar with those names, super old im guessing, but very cool 
Elízalde harks "Have you met other MUME players along the journey? If so, do you care to 
mention who or any details of that/those events?

Enforcer says 'I've met tons of players in RL'

Elízalde harks "Also, I guess I should ask where your from, I forget others don't know
that information, maybe...If you feel like disclosing it."

Enforcer says 'You know MUME meetings were a thing once :)'
Enforcer says 'I think Ive met most of estonian players of the MUME boom era'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, looks like the Euro's were the only ones to do it right IMO."

Enforcer says 'Lots of swedes, finns, Axel and some more'
Enforcer says 'Secret Squirrel!'

Elízalde harks "Axel <3"
Elízalde harks "Did you have a favorite meeting in particular?"

Enforcer says 'Axel will never forget his trip to Estonia, the land of the mosquitoes'

Elízalde harks "One that stood out?"

Enforcer says 'He was covered in bites like a kid with measles.'

Elízalde harks "From what I recall seeing on past photos from such meetings, the 
Estonian's had the best time - clearly."
Elízalde harks "haha aww poor Axel 8D"

Enforcer says 'One of the cooler trips was to Sweden, Uppsala lab'
Enforcer says 'I was a noob, and they were pro'

Elízalde harks "Ok what is 'Uppsala lab'"
Elízalde harks "I don't know what that is even so newer players won't, if you dont mind
explaining or naming who."

Enforcer says 'Folk like Fingeror and his friends, Snuttan/Thorac was one of them I think'
Enforcer says 'And one of the pot-smokers with a temper...cant think of the name right 
now :)'
Enforcer says 'Same trip met Gothmog too and Warmaster'
Enforcer says 'In Stockholm'

Elízalde harks "Ah"

Enforcer says 'Thats Donk and Labero'
Enforcer says 'Cool meets were also in Finland, when we went to see the premiers of the LOTR

Elízalde harks "Oh nice, who did you meet up with there, to name a few if possible?"
Elízalde harks "What made the Uppsala lab the most memorable or fun etc?"

Enforcer says 'Well, i was fanboying at that time and it was my first ever trip abroad as an
adult (kind of).'
Enforcer says 'Meeting the badasses of MUME was daunting'
Enforcer says 'So they let me tag along with my feeble skills.'

Elízalde harks "haha, I hear you, neat. 8)"
Elízalde harks "And the Finn's were who?"

Enforcer says 'It was the time whenever there was PK my heart was beating, I was sweating 
and fingers trembling.'
Enforcer says 'Dont get those kinds of rushes any more...from anywhere really.'

Elízalde harks "But you are always looking for those on MUME, am I right?"

Enforcer says 'Finns were not so famous for PK, mainly for drinking a lot. But the best 
players were Humala and Daum in my opinion.'
Enforcer says 'All about pk baby!'

Elízalde harks "I am, at least. I play for that rush and always trying to find it again
hehe, just ends up in bad deaths a lot but thats ok too."
Elízalde harks "Humala was hilarious"

Enforcer says 'Im trying to remember Humalas most famous char right now'

Elízalde harks "I think I only knew him as Humala, he was always on and idle hehe"
Elízalde harks "probably drinking then"

Enforcer says 'ahh, laaban and ennas'

Elízalde harks "Looking back to what I recall of those massive RL events of MUMERs by photos
put up back then, it seemed so fun and everyone forgets their mume woes with each other."
Elízalde harks "Was it like that?"

Enforcer says 'Yes, mostly'
Enforcer says 'There were some drunk arguements, but mostly with humour :)'

Elízalde harks "So for example one in particular I recall looking at and wondering 'dafaq?'
was one with many EE and CZ players"

Enforcer says 'Ahh yes, the CZ crews also'
Enforcer says 'mainly Luke and Shake I guess'
Enforcer says 'The olomouc cz'

Elízalde harks "Do you listen to music when you play? If you can't because of family/kids
now, did you used to when you played super hard core back in the day?"

Enforcer says 'Cant remember really listening to music as I play, but I suspect I did...
music integral part of my life.'
Enforcer says 'right now, no :)'

Elízalde harks "So when you do listen to music, what type is it? :)"

Enforcer says 'I listen different type of music, but if I had to pick top 3 bands, they 
would be in no particular order:'
Enforcer says 'ok, top 10'
Enforcer says 'Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Guns'n Roses, Volbeat, Bloodhound Gang, Manowar,
Devin Townsend, Nightwish, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and .. umm ... Megadeth/Metallica'
Enforcer says 'and some more'

Elízalde harks "Nice 8)"

Enforcer says 'editing log :P'

Elízalde harks "ohhhh just found 10 foxy at the DG stooooooooooooooooooooooore"
Elízalde harks "[CENSORED], 10x to my foxtail stash"
Elízalde harks "dude, i dont even care if i mob right now, that made my [CENSORED]
day 8D"

Enforcer says 'ponder :P'
Enforcer says '10 foxtail?'

Elízalde harks "yes 8) in the DG shop"
Elízalde harks "I use them and infusion after 40 minutes to put it back up at max potential,
so OP for thieves 8p"




Elízalde harks "Do you prefer to play alone? In groups? Both?"

Enforcer says 'Always prefer at least 1 more player, up to 3...then enjoyment declines :)'

Elízalde harks "Nod, on any race? or troll specifically?"

Enforcer says 'Anything, I like being able to chat and help people.'

Elízalde harks "nod 8)"

Enforcer says 'Even 2 trolls infinitely better than 1'

Elízalde harks "yeah, for sure"

Elízalde harks "What do you think of the current MUME vs the MUME version when you first 
started? Comment freely: in regards to game mechanics, the map, management, playerbase, it 
could be anything or nothing. 8)"

Enforcer says 'I dont enjoy playing puke much, so when I log on as any race I rarely get to 
play with anyone'
Enforcer says 'That is also why I play Troll, I can do stuff alone, fight more than one 
opponent and my AFKing spots are filled with Troll mobs'

Elízalde harks "You used to play a lot of BN 8)"

Enforcer says 'I really enjoy the bigger map'

Elízalde harks "The map is pretty sweet right now I think"

Enforcer says 'And the playerbase is the same - an unhealthy mix of addicts, [CENSORED],
loners and a lot of nice people too'

Elízalde harks "hehe, yeah for sure"

Enforcer says 'big differences being nr of players, which is sad'

Enforcer says 'the main pk hubs havent changed'

Elízalde harks "Indeed, and that brings a tighter circle of all closer, even those that are
Elízalde harks "I feel like before there were so many people and groups, you had more options
for fights. You could afford if you were on only for pk for example, to just go find another fight,
and its not so now IMO."

Enforcer says 'I like that I can keep eq longer these days and reeq is easier :)'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, I prefer to play chars I can go afk on fast"
Elízalde harks "And if I rip i dont care type of chars"
Elízalde harks "What do you think is the best feature currently on MUME that you really favor

Enforcer says 'That if I type k *puke* as Troll, they take muy bueno damage :)'
Enforcer says 'What do you mean by feature?'

Elízalde harks "hm could be anything"
Elízalde harks "equipment, a type of door, etc"

Enforcer says 'I enjoy when Frychra doesn't spawn adds sometimes, feels like Xmas came early'

Elízalde harks "I never had that happen yet hehe"
Elízalde harks "wouldnt know what that feels like 8D"

Enforcer says 'I like that in MUME, no matter how well you play or safely, one day you die :)'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, you never know hehe"

Enforcer says 'Dying has a meaning in MuMe, whereas in most games it doesn't'

Elízalde harks "Ok, you have played so long, have seen so many people come and go, new and 
old players, what do you think would help (in a reasonable manner and without cost) to draw more
players to enjoy MUME enough to stay?"

Enforcer says 'I dont think there is a fix for new people really'
Enforcer says 'How would one go about I dont know...havent thought about it'

Elízalde harks "Did you play other MUDS? or just MUME?"

Enforcer says 'just mume'

Elízalde harks "Mapper, the big debate lately, do you use it? If so, primary purpose? 
ie: the maps maybe, or the way it compliments maybe the game visually, etc. I don't want 
you to say specific features."

Enforcer says 'Its for old people i think'
Enforcer says 'Love mmapper, I am useless without it these days. I used to draw my old maps
on paper.'
Enforcer says 'this is a BIG improvement'
Enforcer says 'Although it did cost me my lvl 55 Troll'
Enforcer says 'So... there's that'

Elízalde harks "Oh wow, I didn't figure you that type for some reason...nod, the timer 
being off?"
Elízalde harks "like the last tick or the month change maybe? I always hear that happens,
one of those two things 8("

Enforcer says 'Yes, the timer, for some reason that time I didn't check time myself (like
I always do)'

Elízalde harks "Wait, you sunned recently?"


Dungeonbrawler is a Troll [Retired].
Last login 3 days and 7 hours ago.

12 wins by K.O.
13 wins by decision.
1 loss by decision.
Two career injuries.
One bar brawl lost.


Elízalde harks "on DB? Is that why he's retired?"

Enforcer says 'But I use it for map knowledge....not for doors in pk or something else wicked'
Enforcer says 'yes DB'

Elízalde harks "aww, comf 8("

Enforcer says 'Ran to warrens tower in sun'
Enforcer says 'Had pretyped'
Enforcer says 'Midrun realized whats going on, tried to hit 2n at door, but got 2nd burn to 1'




Elízalde harks "Ok, so we were talking about Mmapper last I believe. So you don't have issues
with others using it then either? For some reason I didnt think you used it, so that shocked me :)"

Enforcer says 'No problem with others using it'
Enforcer says 'Unless they use the group thingie, which is retardedly cheating :)'




Enforcer says 'And exitname keybinds or something'

Elízalde harks "Gotcha...."

Enforcer says 'I haven't even looked how those would work...'
Enforcer says 'Seems people using them though'

Elízalde harks "What are the top two MUME improvements that you feel would be a benefit and
priority for management to consider for the good of MUME's future?"

Enforcer says 'Less rigid full reroll policy :)'
Enforcer says 'Fixing useless spells/skills/items'
Enforcer says 'And making Zorcs more fun to play :)'

Elízalde harks "That is 3 technically :P"
Elízalde harks "which are top two then, the first two?"

Enforcer says 'Like a real area Up north and mounts and so.'
Enforcer says 'first 2 yes'

Elízalde harks "You would have the Tribe on mounts? 8P"

Enforcer says 'Surely'

Elízalde harks "mmmmm shame on you 8)"
Elízalde harks "SHAME!!!!!!!!!"

Enforcer says 'I hate regenning moves in general, sucks for trolls, but much worse for Zorcs'

Elízalde harks "This is an advantage we have"
Elízalde harks "It is a shame most don't see it that way"
Elízalde harks "But ok, on those top 2"

Enforcer says 'I mean if I would play a plain set warrior :P'

Elízalde harks "What would you suggest about the reroll, specifically?"

Enforcer says '1 year Full reroll cooldown'

Elízalde harks "I do that, I have many. 8p Mounts aren't needed IMO. I wonder what Gothmog
would say to that anyhow? Curious"

Enforcer says 'To what?'

Elízalde harks "To mounts?"
Elízalde harks "for the Tribe"
Elízalde harks "8)

Enforcer says 'Not much, MUME management very resitant to change'
Enforcer says 'BN warrior would be cool too!'
Enforcer says 'actually, BN warrior top 1 change!'
Enforcer says 'fixing skills top 2'
Enforcer says 'BN warrior would be the [CENSORED]!'

Elízalde harks "hm hm, probably never will happen, but I'm a peon so what do I know"

Enforcer says 'Yep'
Enforcer says 'I would ditch all my other projects so fast'

Elízalde harks "Ok, so that leads me to another set of questions"
Elízalde harks "What you said about resistance etc"
Elízalde harks "Wait, to backstep, what would you fix then skill/spell wise?"
Elízalde harks "In the current MUME that is, as a priority"

Enforcer says 'No, BN warrior priority, then skills/Spells/items related to them'
Enforcer says 'haha!'
Enforcer says 'I'm selfish :)'

Elízalde harks "hehe ok, so what would you do with this bn? 8)"

Enforcer says 'Slay!'

Elízalde harks "What do you think would make a BN warrior? Are you saying all typical warrior

Enforcer says 'yes'

Elízalde harks "Would you settle for 'some'?"
Elízalde harks "I mean, look at BN scouts? 8)"

Enforcer says 'I would settle for playable'"

Elízalde harks "We lack much, but make it work!"

Enforcer says 'No you don't'

Elízalde harks "nod, me too"

Enforcer says 'bn scout cant kill anything'

Elízalde harks "Yes we do, how do you think we don't? 8)"

Elízalde harks "gig, ok 8D"

Enforcer says 'maybe an unlucky mage with instant armour drop :P'

Elízalde harks "Thought you meant prac wise"
Elízalde harks "We lack a lot of what a puke or zaug thief get, I meant..."

Enforcer says 'for xp thieves are ok'
Enforcer says 'i got lvl 42'
Enforcer says 'But for pk, forgetaboutti =)'

Elízalde harks "If I had went there planned, it maybe would be different, so now when I am
super bored, you know whats going to happen right?"
Elízalde harks "oops"
Elízalde harks "nod, its kind of luck or not luck"
Elízalde harks "Then falls back onto area use."

Enforcer says 'bn scout-mage i understand but :)'
Enforcer says 'But enemy can also use area, and better :P'

Elízalde harks "other tricks you need to do to finish, but its all super time consuming imo"

Enforcer says 'i tried to make my bn scout mage stabb-quake-charm'

Elízalde harks "Nod"

Enforcer says 'so he is retired again'

Elízalde harks "I don't like any combo's when it comes to thief. I haven't played a puke one,
so I imagine it works nice, but as to darkie or zaug, I think you just end up being really
[CENSORED] as both."

Enforcer says 'zaug battlescout is fine'

Elízalde harks "At least, I would"

Enforcer says 'magescout, not so much'

Elízalde harks "nod"

Enforcer says 'still haven't found that shaman gm..'

Elízalde harks "hehe"

Enforcer says 'Orc shamanscout is pretty funny tho'
Enforcer says 'wilderness is horrible though'

Elízalde harks "I don't like tarks :( I have them but suck at them, and have no desire to 
play them I guess."
Elízalde harks "Even the stabbers suck compared to this or zaug imo"

Enforcer says 'Im not a fan also'

Elízalde harks "Probably biased is all 8)"

Enforcer says 'i got this smiter shaman though that's pretty neat'

Elízalde harks "Feel like tarks are the beggers of Sauron's minions 8D"
Elízalde harks "Became a bit of a snob to them mostly besides for a select few 8)"
Elízalde harks "So did you want to say specific skills and spells you would have changed and
the reason why? If that was a priority that management took up to improve MUME?"

Enforcer says 'I'm not playing tark much, because afking options limited'
Enforcer says 'Those spells that are not used at all'
Enforcer says 'black breath, hold, etc'
Enforcer says 'and cap charm to 1,5 charmies'
Enforcer says 'or so'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, I agree, I have been asking to have more spells corrected for a few
years now, even when playing mostly Zaug"
Elízalde harks "same ones, black breath, magic blast, hold, do something with charge or
replace it, make kick better than the 1 hit wonder prac only..."
Elízalde harks "Same with thief too though, on this char I have so many pracs left over if
I want to stay pure, I have even max bandage and lots of command - pro nurse"
Elízalde harks "Zaugs could use higher pick, and a steal to see keys or items at least"
Elízalde harks "I think instead of adding new items they should fix some of the stuff that
is broken, unused, skills/spells/old items etc or get rid of some."

Enforcer says 'Indeed'

Elízalde harks "So, care to comment then about the current management and any changes made by
them over the past couple of years?"
Elízalde harks "I know you said management resists change, but that means also this current
management team?"

Enforcer says 'I appreciate everything they do, no one is paying them reason to
Enforcer says 'I accept all they bless us with :)'

Elízalde harks "Since you have, with all due respect, seen many different management teams
come and go I think...and every one of those teams brings different changes to MUME, you know?"

Enforcer says 'I haven't really paid attention to Management much.'

Enforcer says 'I know Manwe units, but that's about it'

Enforcer says 'Dont think Ive ever been demoted, so that's something right :)'

Elízalde harks "ha"
Elízalde harks "So I don't mean that question to complain about them btw"
Elízalde harks "I just meant in regards to changes they made specifically"
Elízalde harks "Well, people would think I'm being biased, but I think they have done quite
well with changes, improvements, and quite frankly, cleaning up old messes.........."
Elízalde harks "There is always something though that someone wants changed, so that becomes 
their focus of what a team didn't do, shame..(my personal opinion only that is)"
Elízalde harks "So very favorite thing of MUME? The reason you are driven back here after so
many years?"

Enforcer says 'The PK, the social aspect and a lot of "this is familiar and has fuzzy 
memories" :)'

Elízalde harks "You have many incog chars. Real or unreal?"

Enforcer says 'I got 57 chars'
Enforcer says 'But some people keep track of chars, so they are not incog to all'
Enforcer says 'but I suspect to most'

Elízalde harks "Why are you so secret? Also, hm what happened to the real Secret? 8)"

Enforcer says 'I'm not secret at all, just none of my friends play any more'
Enforcer says 'So there's mainly an Estonian here and there, and a swede, and so on'

Elízalde harks "What is your current highest level and race of that character?"

Enforcer says 'whois ragface'


Ragface the evil-doer is a level seventy-eight Black Númenórean Necromancer [Retired].
Last login 25 days and 22 hours ago.

I am war, I am pain
I'm the one you'll never slay
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies

I am pure, I am true
I am all over you
I am laugh, I am smile
I am the earth defiled

I am the cosmic storms
I am the tiny worms
I am fear in the night
I am bringer of the blight


Elízalde harks "niiice 8)"
Elízalde harks "You played him a lot when I was really getting into mume, and bn's"

Enforcer says 'Yes, and then I realized I don't know how to play a BN'
Enforcer says ':)'

Elízalde harks "When you achieve level 100, will you continue to play that character as Ugurz
or Svarten have? Gaar too I guess."
Elízalde harks "haha, you made it look like you did :)"
Elízalde harks "I think so at least :)"

Enforcer says 'No, and I will never reach 100 on anything'

Elízalde harks "Why do you think that?


Sardaukar Arrakis, the Snow Viper is a Zaugurz Orc [Retired].

First Zaugurz Uruk (Jan 15, 2002)
First Zaugurz warrior Warlord (Feb 12, 2002)
First Zaugurz warrior #1 Warlord (July 26, 2002)


Enforcer says 'Its takes a special kind of person and a lot of spare RL time - which I'm not
and I don't have :'

Elízalde harks "gig, ok"
Elízalde harks "Do you miss any particular troll players that used to roam Arda?"

Enforcer says 'Cele maybe'
Enforcer says 'Secret could be back, would be nice'

Elízalde harks "I also want to know before changing topics - what do you think of the Square
Tooth addition to Warrens you think the addition brought more fun to Warrens? Or that it
is not used enough?"

Enforcer says 'Its a dud I think'
Enforcer says 'Requires a Hobbit, and You don't have to go through Warrens to get there'

Elízalde harks "Have you watched other darkies in that area? 8)"
Elízalde harks "I see ...amusing things...."
Elízalde harks "Many don't know it, they wouldn't enter for someone anyhow...and if they do,
they need guide. Have you noticed that? 8)"
Elízalde harks "So what would you do to make it hmm, more fun? Also, do you feel the 
reward for pukes there is encouraging enough to make them come as it is? I don't even know because
I do not really play puke or smob."
Elízalde harks "I see only 1 group that ever does it. 8)"
Elízalde harks "American group...had a blast in there fighting them for an hour one day, but
the darkies around me besides a few seemed very confused, which shocked me."

Enforcer says 'Well, you cant explore it as solo troll well, gotta go from outside and
use rope'
Enforcer says 'and really not much point to go there, unless with a grp to xp'

Elízalde harks "How would you improve that area then?"
Elízalde harks "That is what I'm asking you: "and really not much point to go there" - so
what would you do to make it a better attraction?"
Elízalde harks "so.................awkward - these questions, right? 8)"

Enforcer says 'I would make it so you have to go past nexus'
Enforcer says 'Or at least Crusher'
Enforcer says 'And doesn't require a Hobbit'

Elízalde harks "Ok, thanks 8)"
Elízalde harks "I want to shift to Zaug talk"
Elízalde harks "So seems like a good time to break imo"
Elízalde harks "8)?"




Elízalde harks "1 more common question"
Elízalde harks "What is your opinion of the whole "GAC", "FOCUS LOOTING" or "TRAP"?"

Enforcer says 'GAC is part of the game, it doesn't annoy me much'
Enforcer says 'Unless its like a noob BN I'm exping'
Enforcer says 'Trapping is fine too, although I try not to do it too much overkillstyle.'
Enforcer says 'I leave focus whenever possible.'
Enforcer says 'Unless I really need the last BN thief picks upgrade for 7+ picks :)'
Enforcer says 'Think I've done that like twice'
Enforcer says 'I almost always loot mv belts though.'
Enforcer says 'and rings'
Enforcer says 'Cos there is always someone in need of those.'

Elízalde harks "nod"
Elízalde harks "Who is the player you respect the most? :)"
Elízalde harks "maybe in terms of 'these days'"
Elízalde harks "Also, why that person? Must be a reason! 8)"

Enforcer says 'These days Svarten - he always doing fun stuff, taking fights and pushing his
characters to the limit'
Enforcer says 'Days of past - p(Gothmog) - meeting him usually meant trouble.'

Elízalde harks "So not fair, I didn't get to play around him"
Elízalde harks "I have a good time being around Svarten though obviously, hehe"

Enforcer says 'But there were lots of good pkers that could always mean death for me'
Enforcer says 'Azaello and co, Alf and co, Rasta and co'
Enforcer says 'Luke and co, Elestir and co'
Enforcer says 'Wasnt so much worried about the good solo pkers'
Enforcer says 'Like Mummo or Ostu'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, Ostu was scary"
Elízalde harks "He was around for most of my bn's xping to legend lol"
Elízalde harks "You couldn't play a bn back then and NOT run into him"
Elízalde harks "But did you respect those groups? "
Elízalde harks "The Aza Alf Rasta Luke Elestir groups?"
Elízalde harks "Or you mean it was more common to die to those groups, rather than respect?"

Enforcer says 'I respected their ability to effectively kill people :)'

Elízalde harks "Gotcha"

Enforcer says 'ahh, Norsu and co'

Elízalde harks "Nod"

Enforcer says 'I didnt run that much into them, because they were mostly darkies but still'

Elízalde harks "Ok, now can we talk about Sardaukar? :) I want to hear allllll about 
him plz. <3"
Elízalde harks "Do you want to share his level or no?"

Enforcer says 'Not a secret, have to check myself tho'
Enforcer says '71'

Elízalde harks "oh wow"

Enforcer says 'Level 71, just a lowbie these days'

Elízalde harks "I think its super nice for a Zaug though"
Elízalde harks "Warrior still?"

Enforcer says 'Yes, still a warrior, always a warrior =)'
Enforcer says 'No more hide skill, now that ZOC not blockable :)'

Elízalde harks "Ok, I didnt realize it was blockable ever."
Elízalde harks "I didnt play one until I made Zintilden"
Elízalde harks "Not sure when that was, but hm, yeah no idea"
Elízalde harks "Probably around 2012-2013"
Elízalde harks "So what inspired you to play one?"
Elízalde harks "And were you playing from their creation?"
Elízalde harks "I have to afk 3 minutes, brb"




Enforcer says 'I made Sardaukar (as soon as zorcs came out), but I wasnt happy with the
stats, so I made Zardaukar'
Enforcer says 'But then I got a namechange as soon as Sardaukar deleted.'
Enforcer says 'And then I raced to Uruk with some people.'
Enforcer says 'Main competitor was Nogir (cz)'
Enforcer says 'I became first Zaugurz Uruk, but then I had to go away RL for a weekend.'
Enforcer says 'and Nogir beat me to legend.'
Enforcer says 'What inspired me, was the novelty and difficulty.'

Elízalde harks "So when you started out on Zaug, who else was around?"

Enforcer says 'And all of my Tark titles had always been Wind of Fury, black-skinned
Uruk of Zaugurz'
Enforcer says 'So i guess it was a sign :)'

Elízalde harks "cool :)"

Enforcer says 'whoever else was able to follow :)'

Elízalde harks "haha"
Elízalde harks "ok so back to Sardaukar and the Tribe"
Elízalde harks "What do you think of the cart? The credit system, exclusively to the Tribe,
and if you could tweak anything with it (within reason) what would that be and why?"

Enforcer says 'dont like any of it :)'

Elízalde harks "Explain please 8)"

Enforcer says 'Almost forcing me to loot stuff I dont need is my main gripe.'

Elízalde harks "nod"

Enforcer says 'And the mending system is just a hassle to waste peoples rl time.'

Elízalde harks "So do you care to explain? Just assume people don't all Zaug maybe? 8)"

Enforcer says 'Explain which part?'

Elízalde harks "Maybe it will help people understand why Zaug do the stuff they do"

Enforcer says 'You mean carting all equipment for credit to get flasks?'

Elízalde harks "Yes, I mean how often do you have to loot after building such a credit?"
Elízalde harks "I have to loot when I don't want to, even when I try looting other things 
off mobs etc"
Elízalde harks "I utilize draughts to hunt, even on this char, mostly."

Enforcer says 'feels like always, since i have no idea how long my credit lasts really'
Enforcer says 'humm whaat :)'

Elízalde harks "So as Sardaukar, who did you mostly level up with back then?"
Elízalde harks "Did you have people in particular you grouped with often on Zaug?"

Enforcer says 'Cen'
Enforcer says 'Nogir'
Enforcer says 'Poukramm'


Cen the Firstborn is a Zaugurz Orc [Retired].

when there is no snow :-C


Nogir needs to realise he is a warrior. is a level fifty-six Zaugurz Champion [Retired].
First legend warrior from the North.
Who cares, who was the first uruk, Sardaukar?



Enforcer says 'Mike, from South Africa'
Enforcer says 'Dont remember his char name'
Enforcer says 'Ugurz and Kocano were around'


Ugurz the Forsaken is a level one hundred Zaugurz Assassin [Retired].

Total player kills: 2,631 (1,747 distinct)


Kocano The Bite, Sneakful Zaugurz Beast is a Zaugurz Orc [Retired].
Last login 13 years, 10 months, and 3 days ago.

On the 9th of Afterlithe in the year of 2966, you were killed along the Rocky
Path by Kinson the Orc (while feeling less in control of yourself than usual),
and therefore fell to level forty-three.
thank you, Kinson


Elízalde harks "hehe from Nogir whois, whats that about?"

Enforcer says 'Sardaukar's whois'


Sardaukar Arrakis, the Snow Viper is a Zaugurz Orc [Retired].

First Zaugurz Uruk (Jan 15, 2002)
First Zaugurz warrior Warlord (Feb 12, 2002)
First Zaugurz warrior #1 Warlord (July 26, 2002)


Elízalde harks "heheheh"

Enforcer says 'Im sure there were more, who i dont remember'
Enforcer says 'like Gaurog'
Enforcer says 'p(Goretongue)'


Gaurog SpiteSpawn, the Butcher of Angmar is a level twenty-four Zaugurz Murderer [Retired].
Last login 9 years, 10 months, and 13 days ago from *.com.
High Priest and Denominator of the Cult of the Small Metal Flask

Hearing of Imaginos' departure to the Frozen North, Gaurog
has returned to fight in the place of his old companion.

The Zaugurz will prevail!


Elízalde harks "hehehhe he was a troll I grew up with"
Elízalde harks "they were even more fun rl"

Enforcer says 'I bet if you look at the logs of sardaukar you see who were round'

Elízalde harks "I have but thats just a brief glance at Sardaukar"
Elízalde harks "How did it feel to smob back then?"
Elízalde harks "I'm guessing it was tougher becuase of more people/groups around"

Enforcer says 'The risk was greater yes, and a pain as zorc'
Enforcer says 'when everyone had cruel maces and giant spears to start the reeq process :)'

Elízalde harks "nod hehe"
Elízalde harks "Did we talk about the gate btw?"

Enforcer says 'Unchanted stars were also all the rage'

Elízalde harks "I think we did, nm"
Elízalde harks "probably log 12 8P"

Enforcer says 'I only mentioned it was blockable'

Elízalde harks "Oh, so we didnt talk about the gate in more detail?"
Elízalde harks "I was wondering what you thought of it being barred now"
Elízalde harks "Reason being is I recently submitted an idea to make it bashable and non-bar"
Elízalde harks "due to zoc now a impenatrable fortress basically (if a player is about, 
doesnt really matter the level always)"

Enforcer says 'how is it inpenetrable?'

Elízalde harks "and since population down, it gives smaller groups a chance to go xp, free
proud, pk, etc"
Elízalde harks "I think a long time ago it was good it could be barred, and people needed
a breaker"
Elízalde harks "There were many times even when I made my first zaug that it would be 
cleared more times than not when I logged on"
Elízalde harks "even with the gate"

Enforcer says 'So whats the problem there? :)'

Elízalde harks "I just think, personally, that it should not barred anymore."
Elízalde harks "Because I think they have it too easy 8)"

Enforcer says 'Ok, so zoc gate now isnt breakable or?'

Elízalde harks "I don't think Zaugs of today know how it is, to run home and find an empty 
zoc when you least expect it."
Elízalde harks "It is breakable, I asked them to change it having the flag removed -nobash"
Elízalde harks "So that a breaker isnt needed etc"

Enforcer says 'Its not hard to raid then?'
Enforcer says 'So nothing has been changed I understand?'

Elízalde harks "Nothing has been changed, no, I mean I submitted the idea"
Elízalde harks "And even to take out an officer patrol and 1 uruk 8)"
Elízalde harks "Just wondered your thoughts :) doesnt have to be in the interview"

Enforcer says 'I think it could still be blockable :)'

Elízalde harks "you mean the barring or?"
Elízalde harks "or the spell block?"

Enforcer says 'the door boulder that used to be outside and blockable :)'
Enforcer says 'and no backway'
Enforcer says 'I think the 2 ** should be removed nowadays'
Enforcer says 'back to 1 *'

Elízalde harks "Ah, see I dont remember that"
Elízalde harks "I may remind them then"
Elízalde harks "hehehehehehehe"
Elízalde harks "cause I am really pushing for this :P"
Elízalde harks "I dont think Zaug should be as easy as its become"
Elízalde harks "and with less players on, it is harder to raid zoc"
Elízalde harks "so those guys live like kings once they get home...they are usually
completely safe"
Elízalde harks "I dont think they know how it is to log on and find 5 people in there
waiting, cause its all dead"
Elízalde harks "This happened to the Zíns and Nocks all the time"
Elízalde harks "you spammed 'tell bulgotha credit' or 'list' on runs back from Elestir-type
groups chasing your [CENSORED] etc"
Elízalde harks "because often i would just pass zoc and go rafting lmao"
Elízalde harks "usually there was no bulgotha alive"
Elízalde harks "Now, they just use Zoc as a complete safeplace and it's easy to kill 
Bulgotha for credit"
Elízalde harks "because we taught the wrong people"
Elízalde harks "and they taught others, and those players taught even more players, and now
everyone does it and its 'enough'"

Enforcer says 'Im pretty sure there was no Anduin when I played'
Enforcer says 'Yea, Zorcs had to have hide'
Enforcer says 'to have a chance'

Elízalde harks "What in your opinion is the strongest attribute of the Zaugurz?"

Enforcer says 'Access to healing lore, draughts'
Enforcer says 'and compared to Tarks, the OB'

Elízalde harks "Nod, it's so nice"

Enforcer says 'I think Sardaukar has 176 OB atm'
Enforcer says 'wearing [CENSORED] metals tho'

Elízalde harks "Name the one thing that you feel the Zaugurz really have disadvantage of,
based off your -super- -elite- veteran experience that you would strongly advocate for changing
if you could and played actively again?"

Enforcer says 'For me its the lack of mounts/mobility - not my style to run around alone,
constantly move regenning'
Enforcer says 'I dont enjoy using draughts to travel.'

Elízalde harks "Nod, I like to use them to hunt more than to run"
Elízalde harks "On any char really, but especially thieves and Zaug"

Enforcer says 'It was like this for me - go Zoc-Eoghha, regen, Eoggha-Priest, regen, 
Eoghha-ABR, regen...regen regen regen'

Elízalde harks "Nod 8("

Enforcer says 'And right now, since there is only 1 safespot, I play troll'
Enforcer says 'Cant go really afk as Zorc'
Enforcer says 'And reeq as Zorc...'
Enforcer says 'One of the main reasons I don't play now, it's impossible to reeq alone as 
warrior really'

Elízalde harks "Do you have a particular Zaugurz player that you looked up to or that 
inspired even you back then?"
Elízalde harks "I'm guessing you were the top of the Tribe, so everyone was looking at
you that way? 8) Not the other way around"

Enforcer says 'The people I revered didn't play Zaugurz, so you are right in that regard - 
although it sounds a bit arrogant :)'

Elízalde harks "I don't think it's arrogant, just the truth there, but I always ask that
question so I didn't want to leave it out really."
Elízalde harks "But then, who were they, generally?
Elízalde harks "The ones you revered in such way, on other races etc."

Enforcer says 'You asked that before :)'
Enforcer says 'Gothmog, Fingeror, Rasta etc'
Enforcer says 'Laaban'

Elízalde harks "21 logs ago lol"
Elízalde harks "Ok, that's right, I remember now"

Enforcer says 'Even Alf and Sharmak'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, Alf was hot, he was just a [CENSORED]"
Elízalde harks "gig"

Enforcer says 'nod :)'

Enforcer says 'he scored like 600 on typera though'

Elízalde harks "What is that?"

Enforcer says 'Only Humala had same as i recall'

Elízalde harks "What is typera?"

Enforcer says 'there were mume competitions'
Enforcer says ''
Enforcer says 'try it :)'
Enforcer says 'see what you get'

Elízalde harks "Ah, so you guys would do typing contest?"
Elízalde harks "I think Gelmir was fast this way too btw"
Elízalde harks "Incredibly fast"
Elízalde harks "Interesting 8)"

Enforcer says 'I got around 400+ or so'

Elízalde harks "hehe, I'll try it later for sure"
Elízalde harks "So when you die on Zaugurz, or unretire, have you ever typed 'leave' in
the Frozen North?"

Enforcer says 'No'

Elízalde harks "Instead of "enter cart"?"
Elízalde harks "A funny thing happens. 8)"
Elízalde harks "I thought you maybe could explain to me why, but I think its probably some
silliness there."

Enforcer says 'No idea :)'

Elízalde harks "You basically leave the Zaugurz caves, randomly showing up in 3 (from what
I can tell) different locations...."

Enforcer says 'no way?'

Elízalde harks "So instead of carting into the caves, you end up by the troll forest near
FOY, near exit of snowdrift, or all e of the trail there and UP on a ledge."
Elízalde harks "It is strange to me how or why this happens, as its something I only 
recently discovered...and I have done it on purpose a ton just to see where I end up."
Elízalde harks "And when you do get messages, premudlled, like you walk through
the frozen blahblah"

Enforcer says 'It's so people cant camp you at cart?'
Enforcer says 'cool!'

Elízalde harks "I think it was meant as a safety harness if Zoc was being raided so you could
go out and play still"

Enforcer says 'I approve'

Elízalde harks "A little Zaug biscuit I found accidently....I died and have habbit of walking
away, not checking eq, when I came back and saw myself in FN still, I typed leave as if I retired, 
forgetting I died"
Elízalde harks "and suddenly was spammed with me walking blahblahblah and ended up by
noc crack"
Elízalde harks "If I had known that 10+ years before, mannnnn I could of got to my corpses
faster too!!!!!!!!"
Elízalde harks "I wonder if Gothmog did that 8)"
Elízalde harks "hehe"
Elízalde harks "Will Sardaukar roam again ever?"

Enforcer says 'Only if I could get someone to play with'
Enforcer says 'Alone, nah'




Elízalde harks "hm you posted a new log since I calculated this"

Enforcer says 'calculated what?'

Elízalde harks "You have now a total of 117 logs posted on ER, 43 of them were rated with 
stars. 1 Star logs: 2, 2 Star logs: 8, 3 Star logs: 15, 4 Star logs: 14, 5 Star logs: 4. One of 
the 5 Star logs won you the 'Log of the Year 2004 - No pukes bree, lets leave.'"

Enforcer says ':P'

Elízalde harks "8)"

Enforcer says 'oooook'


Elízalde harks "You ever look at it that way? I mean, it's a lot..."

Enforcer says 'Hehe, just to entertain people'

Elízalde harks "Do you even care about the top 50 log posters list? There are people 
that do. I had no idea about it until someone pointed it out to me about a year ago"
Elízalde harks "He was, hmm, envious of others above him."
Elízalde harks "8)"
Elízalde harks "You are like top 4"

Enforcer says 'I wouldnt mind having top 1'
Enforcer says ':)'

Elízalde harks "I wouldn't mind you either. Nacs has been there forever I think, right?"


[lol, oopsie!!!]


Elízalde harks "You and Breaux were 1 log away from each other when I rated this btw"
Elízalde harks "I mean when I checked it
Elízalde harks "So maybe I did not even ask to do the interview yet and he sniped a few 
more up there since"

Enforcer says 'think thats why he started posting'

Elízalde harks "Nod..hehe I just noticed 2spot there is pSumba"
Elízalde harks "Never heard of him until this past year 8p"

Enforcer says 'He also great player'
Enforcer says 'last log with sardaukar features him..'

Elízalde harks "oh, he is Rotmos, if thats a troll I know of him then"

Enforcer says 'ahh, that would make sense then'
Enforcer says 'he is Rasta'
Enforcer says 'Khazdul'
Enforcer says 'if Rotmos is him also'
Enforcer says 'yea, I forgot'
Enforcer says 'thats why I die like a pig to him'
Enforcer says 'like I say one of the greats'

Elízalde harks "Ok, nod, it says Rotmos on his profile and pretty sure Riekor was a sexy bn 
long ago"
Elízalde harks "Pkpal of mine was intimidated by 'Sumba'"
Elízalde harks "I couldn't figure out why 8p"
Elízalde harks "Apparently he is the fastest there could be and especially with working 

Enforcer says 'Its true, i wouldnt mess with him'

Elízalde harks "I think Gelmir maybe just as fast though, dunno, scary fast."
Elízalde harks "and has the skill, hm"
Elízalde harks "I guess I never got stuck in closeable with pSumba that I recall it being him,
or rather that I -knew- it was him."
Elízalde harks "but to me that made Gelmir scary, his speed, it's the only thing I can compare
to when my pal was talking about Sumba being so scary!"
Elízalde harks "So anyhow, you only have few logs to go"

Enforcer says 'I've never been any good with doors, but I suspect people use direction keys
and databases'

Elízalde harks "Even if I did manage doors well, I most likely would not get through it and
rip first"
Elízalde harks "Tell me, what do you think of ER? Improvements that would be good? Current
features you would get rid of or change?"

Enforcer says 'Cant really think of any'
Enforcer says 'Its mainly for logs for me'

Elízalde harks "What do you think of Emyn and DG, the newer areas on the map?"

Enforcer says 'great stuff :)'

Elízalde harks "What makes it 'great' 8)?  Share it so those builders know to do more of it

Enforcer says 'I would prefer more building of areas closer to the main pk area'

Elízalde harks "What do you consider the main pk area? 8)"
Elízalde harks "What is the central hub of Arda's pk?"

Enforcer says 'Arda circle I guess'

Elízalde harks "Ok, so in regard the Arda circle you mention"
Elízalde harks "Are you saying that smaller areas be built on this existing loop, like the
pk-spots they did years back when Timo/Antti were around?"

Enforcer says 'I dont know, like north of Warrens, north of ZOC, '

Elízalde harks "nod, I asked recently why cant they let me build north of zoc lol"

Enforcer says 'Main pk is centered around puke towns'

Elízalde harks "I also wish north of warrens was extended off sqt area, give people more 
reason to go there, because it is not used now imo"

Enforcer says 'Im glad you didnt mob at Frychra'
Enforcer says 'woulda been such a downer for me'

Elízalde harks "Were you worried I would?"
Elízalde harks "It would of been ok btw 8)"

Enforcer says 'i got like 10 darkies with healing'

Elízalde harks "And? 8)"

Enforcer says 'And have helped lots of people get'

Elízalde harks "I know the risk"
Elízalde harks "Do not treat me like a little girl like Dong does"

Enforcer says 'Ive mobbed once'

Elízalde harks "I can do what I want and know the risks"




Enforcer says 'Dont make a difference'
Enforcer says 'I always feel bad when someone mobs when I lead'
Enforcer says 'Although rarely my fault'

Elízalde harks "Some people you can't take responsibilty for though, they wander and do
something different than told"
Elízalde harks "hm thats me usually :P"




Elízalde harks "You are kind though. 8)"
Elízalde harks "Any comments about all the new items lately?"
Elízalde harks "Just have a few more questions about new stuff and thats it 8)"

Enforcer says 'Only thing I felt was, that I'm old, and too much new info :)'
Enforcer says 'I catching up though!'

Elízalde harks "hehe, nod, it is a lot"

Enforcer says 'DG smobs still a mystery to me (drake and what else was there)'
Enforcer says 'Ive done druid and magus'

Elízalde harks "Yeah, I only have gone into those with Dong"
Elízalde harks "hm was to just hit people"

Enforcer says 'and those Puke quest smobs ive never done'

Elízalde harks "I went into back of Magus place to track a lot though, hit pukes in there
on Zaug but we were 2 vs some Balrog group so..we didnt stick around long"
Elízalde harks "nod, same"
Elízalde harks "I love that area though"
Elízalde harks "Have you been there as thief?"

Enforcer says 'It's great for troolls'

Elízalde harks "Indeed"

Enforcer says 'Shamanscout only'

Elízalde harks "hmm..It is very universal I think, but when you go as thief or bn in
particular, you realize fast the difference that the terrain does to you"
Elízalde harks "So the first thing I do on any char when I get there is kill all mounts"
Elízalde harks "Can't stand when darkies leave those mounts standing around from the wagon."
Elízalde harks "You know what you did that used to scare me"
Elízalde harks "I feel like you did it a lot too"

Enforcer says 'NO idea :)'

Elízalde harks "You show up with that blacksword on some puke"
Elízalde harks "It was a favorite of yours? When you played that side?"

Enforcer says 'Heheh'
Enforcer says 'Just a gimmick'
Enforcer says 'Annyoing that you need someone else for it'
Enforcer says 'I guess thats why its not around that much'

Elízalde harks "That sword in a skilled players hand is fierce"

Enforcer says 'needs a perfect char for that though'

Elízalde harks "So for awhile there, if I didnt see you on a darkie, I was worried always
you would appear with that [CENSORED]."

Enforcer says 'bashing caster with mainly warrior skills :)'

Elízalde harks "I have it subbed in boxed bold red as BIG DEATH STICK because of you."

Enforcer says 'lol'

Elízalde harks "so when I saw your pukes"
Elízalde harks "this colored sub usually followed and then I was dead"

Enforcer says 'I didn't really kill that much, mostly died'

Elízalde harks "Dunno 8)"
Elízalde harks "I don't think the first time I died to it, that I realized what caused it."
Elízalde harks "Did you know, that is the only way to hit something on the Anduin? 8)"
Elízalde harks "If I could get it on a puke, I would raft all day ...while I'm idling"
Elízalde harks "Just waiting to hit low rafters escaping others"

Enforcer says 'lol'
Enforcer says 'Dwarf is best for it'

Elízalde harks "I think that finishes interview questions. Thx a ton for so much of
your time and letting me tag along with you in between. It was fun, so let's do it more
often plz! 8)"

Enforcer says 'you're welcome :)'


Enforcer plays the following characters as of August 9, 2021:

Enforcer of Law and Order on Arda is a Maia.
Elfsmasher - Level 39 - Cave Troll Fighter [Retired]
Eowar - Level 41 - Rohirric Rider [Retired]
Beastly - Level 34 - Cave Troll Fighter [Retired]
Bluebeard - Level 34 - Dwarven Hero [Retired]
Chazan - Level 54 - Dwarven Priest
Chewer - Level 50 - Cave Troll Fighter [Retired]
Dungeonbrawler - Level Unknown - Troll
Fear - Level 40 - Mountain Troll Wrecker [Retired]
Fiend - Level 42 - Tarkhnarb Battlemaster
Glaran - Level Unknown - Dwarf
Grizzle - Level 37 - Beorning Battlemaster [Retired]
Innuendo - Level 35 - Half-Elven Hero [Retired]
Insane - Level 27 - Hill Troll Warrior [Retired]
Khalifa - Level 31 - Tarkhnarb Fighter [Retired]
Morbid - Level 50 - Tarkhnarb Soldier [Retired]
Pogo - Level 51 - Stoor Wizard [Retired]
Ragface - Level 82 - Black Númenórean Necromancer
Sardaukar - Level Unknown - Zaugurz Orc 
Shadowdancer - Level 33 - Tarkhnarb Champion [Retired
Shaykh - Level 49 - Tarkhnarb Battlemaster [Retired]
Stealthy - Level Unknown - Tarkhnarb Orc [Retired]
Wind - Level 55 - Tarkhnarb Warrior [Retired]

Among "MANY" others...

Deleted/Used to be known as: Vlad & Hobbitkicker


Special "THX PAL <3" to Veld for helping last minute to get this posted on time! 
You're one of the best and I don't care what Bulgotha may say! 8)



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