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                                      DECEMBER 26, 2020
                                       AMUND INTERVIEW


Dearth the Tarkhnarb Orc made a request for Amund to be thoroughly questioned; little did I realize
that he was an Elf before I accepted the task! Decided it was better to have a Hobbit-pal seek out
and question Amund due to the city of Bree being a frequented location he could be found in. It 
would not have been long before the guards of Bree would be aware of my presence there and Tyson
was perfect for the task at hand! Once located, Amund agreed to meet Tyson in the Common Room of 
the renowned Prancing Pony Inn...

The Common Room
A large bulletin board, entitled "Free Peoples' Chronicles", is mounted here.
A map of Bree lies here.
A large stone fireplace with a roaring fire warms the room.
A fine marble chessboard with ivory and ebony pieces is set here.
A domesticated pony, beast of burden to many, stands here.
Exits: east.

Amund has arrived from the east.
Amund sits down and rests.
Amund warms his hands by the fire.

Tyson says: So let's start this interview with Amund. Do you want to first say what characters you 
play? :)

Amund thinks till it hurts.

Tyson says: Characters you may be willing to share that is with everyone.
Tyson says: with everyone that is, there is an edit already lol

Amund says 'Lately I've been playing darkies: Sumac, Shargaas, Zazzmatazz the Zaugurz (in honour of
Ugurz). But also my experimental whities: Uinrar the scoutmage, Zlad the... combo-something, Zauber'


Amund is an Elf.

You see everything special about him.
Amund is in an excellent condition.
Amund is using:
<wielded>            a black runed dagger (well-maintained)
<worn as shield>     a bejewelled shield (flawless)
<worn on head>       a fine chain mail coif (flawless)
<worn on body>       a fine chain mail hauberk (well-maintained)
<worn about body>    a forest green cloak (flawless)
<worn on arms>       a fine pair of chain mail sleeves (well-maintained)
<worn on hands>      a fine pair of soft leather gloves (used)
<worn on legs>       a shining pair of chain mail leggings (well-maintained)
<worn on feet>       a pair of smooth, black boots
<worn around neck>   a red ruby; it has a soft glowing aura
<worn on wrist>      a keyring with a set of lock picks
<worn on finger>     a sapphire ring
<worn on finger>     a golden quartzite ring
<worn on back>       an embellished longbow
<worn across back>   a quiver
<worn as belt>       a gleaming belt
<worn on belt>       a hunting knife (flawless)
<worn on belt>       a herbal kit
<worn on belt>       a fine elven rope
<worn on belt>       a sable pouch


Sumac the Consumed is a level thirty Tarkhnarb Shaman.

  ~ Dancing on the burning winds,
    his howling husk dreams of rain ~


Shargaas is a Tarkhnarb Orc.


Zazzmatazz is a level twenty-six Zaugurz Murderer.


Uinrar is a level twenty-nine Silvan Ranger.


Zlad is a Dwarf.


Zauber is a level thirty-two Noldorin Wizard.


Ryalnos tells you 'wow love your chicken tenders, Tyson'
tell Ryalnos Other brands just don't cut it man
Ryalnos tells you '>:)'


Amund says 'and of course, Amund, my oldest and probably dearest character'

Tyson says: Is Amund your first character then or what makes him so dear?

Amund says 'if I recall correctly, Amund was the name of my first ever MUME character'
Amund says 'I had no knowledge of classes, pracs or stats, so I just practiced whatever I wanted'

Tyson nod solemnly.

Amund says 'so I had a sneaking thief with plate mail and an axe'
Amund says 'didn't work out so well'

Tyson snicker softly.

Tyson says: How long have you played MUME then?

Amund says 'my memory tends to fail me, but my ER profile says "fall 2001" and that sounds about
Amund says 'some time in middle school, after heavily playing another mud that is dead by now'
Amund says 'I randomly found out there are actually other MUDs and there's a Tolkien-themed MUD'
Amund says 'I was a huge Tolkien fanboy back then, so I instantly switched'

Tyson says: Ohkay, what was that MUD named? That was going to be the next question, how did you 
find MUME?

Amund says 'Clandestine MUD was my first'
Amund says 'it was pretty similar to Aardwolf -- a pure hack-n-slash/pve mud with some pvp'

Tyson says: Ah ok, so its still around then but 'dead'? What happened to it?

Amund says 'last time I checked, it was completely down'

Tyson says: I'm guessing you played some Aardwolf then too btw?

Amund says 'I've actually been playing other MUDs lately, for research'
Amund says 'Aardwolf and Carrion fields, among others'
Amund says 'just to see what makes them so special '

Tyson says: I know a few players that still play Aardwolf over MUME, but come back to MUME 
(particularly on darkie side too), when they need their MUME-fix, so what makes them stay on 
Aardwolf more in your opinion?
Tyson says: They were great players of MUME, shame they favor that one more imo =)

Amund says 'well I can't really compare the two as they are completely different in gameplay, even 
though they might be based on the same codebase'

Tyson says: Is there pk there?

Tyson smile happily.

Amund says 'Aardwolf is basically like Diablo or Path of Exile -- you grind your levels, add new 
classes, grind them up, grind quests to get special gear, grind some more'
Amund says 'I believe there is, but I have no experience with Aardwolf's PVP'
Amund says 'I see the appeal to Aardwolf -- it's basically like Cookie Clicker or any other idle 
game (without the idle part)'
Amund says 'numbers go up, it feels good'
Amund says 'as a medium, text-based games offer something graphical games can't -- heavy immersion'
Amund says 'I've been trying a few other games as well, some Iron Realms muds among others'
Amund says 'and it's amazing how different the experience "feels"'

Tyson says: To me it sounds like there is more group/player activity they favor there when they
can't get pk here, at least from the few I know that play that one a lot.
Tyson says: So when you compare those other ones to MUME, what makes MUME special to you in
particular? =)

Amund says 'well yeah, Aardwolf's endgame is pretty similar to WoW raiding or something'
Amund says 'everyone has their specific role and have built their character towards a common goal'
Amund says 'but in the end, it's still a "numbers game"'

Tyson nod solemnly.

Amund says 'MUME, on the other hand, feels completely different'

Tyson says: In what ways, in your opinion?

Amund says 'the games I seem to enjoy the most have one thing in common: emergent gameplay'

Tyson says: Especially because you have experienced many other MUDs

Amund says 'I've played EVE Online and Dwarf Fortress heavily, and they kind of offer the same sort
of experience as MUME'
Amund says 'there are many game elements that can't be predicted -- either they're procedurally 
generated (like in Dwarf Fortress) or are the consequences of other players (EVE)'
Amund says 'it's not something you can plan towards, you just have to deal with it and adapt'
Amund says 'in MUME, you never know which players are online at any given time -- are the main 
darkie warlords online and hunting around Rivendell or are they exping in Moria?'

Tyson nod solemnly.

Amund says 'will you randomly find a cool newbie to group with while exping your newest combo
character and become life-long friends?'

Tyson says: true

Amund says 'I've never been much of a powergamer and to be honest, I don't know the ins and outs of 
MUME that much'
Amund says 'but I still consider MUME to be one of the best games I have ever player'
Amund says 'and given it's a text-based game that's nearly as old as myself, it's saying something'
Amund says 'especially in the year 2020'

Tyson says: So you started around 2001, or so, MUME I opened in January 1992 though, started 
actually sometime in 1991 2nd part of the year, but I don't remember when.

Amund says 'I was like... 12-13?'

Tyson says: but 'opened' as MUME I in 1992 I think...

Amund says 'MUME and Clandestine MUD before it was a huge influence on my English'

Tyson says: So MUME existed 10 years before you even found it, technically, if you look at 1991-2001

Amund says 'reading the room descriptions expanded my vocabulary and talking to English-speaking 
people really helped my own English skills so I didn't really have to learn that much in school'

Tyson says: And now it is 2021. kind of sweet to be around that long, impacting players the way 
it has.
Tyson says: almost 2021 =)

Amund says 'yeah, it's kind of amazing'

Tyson says: just days around the corner

Tyson nods in agreement with Amund.

Amund says 'seeing p(Nazgum) back feels strange'

Tyson says: =D

Amund says 'he was a legend already when I began playing'

Tyson says: Same here, and I hope with him being back others will see why he was often spoken about
in such a way, and have their own tales to tell in another 10-20 years etc.
Tyson says: Also they learn from players like him, for other people to look up to those people in the
same way, and one day will tell stories of that person etc

Amund says 'and it's quite the experience of first hearing about those legendary darkie warlords,
later actually meeting them (and dying to them, hopelessly)'
Amund says 'and after some time, you get enough experience to evade them, and maybe even kill them,
if luck allows it'
Amund says 'p(Malus) was one of my heroes back in the day, and still is tbh'
Amund says 'his way of playing really clicked with me -- using the environment against opponents,
coming up with clever plans and roleplaying along the way'
Amund says 'there was that one time when I was playing my dwarf warrior and grinding gold in OW'
Amund says 'an orc happened to jump me when I was semi-low'
Amund says 'I managed to keep my cool and fight back and actually kill him'
Amund says 'and when I checked trophy to see who it was'
Amund says 'it was Malus'
Amund says 'and I kind of "leveled up" in that moment'
Amund says 'the circle was complete, the student becomes the master etc'
Amund says 'although I'd say it was mostly luck'
Amund says 'but moments like that can't be programmed into the game'

Tyson says: Nice =) I felt the same way about pMalus, but those experiences/feelings came from his 
days on particular darkies, because I was still learning MUME as a darkie back then.
Tyson says: Amazing player and I think he should be interviewed too! =)
Tyson says: MUME is great where many things change an outcome, and they could happen at any second.

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: That's my opinion, at least.

Amund says 'that's exactly why I like these sorts of games'
Amund says 'EVE Online is similar'
Amund says 'you never know what awaits you in the next star system -- are there any enemies? 
potential friends?'

Tyson says: I base 90% of what I do on that, and I never know when its going to work in my favor or
not, but its fun trying and being reckless that way, because sometimes it works just because of 
those factors.

Tyson nods solemnly.

Amund says 'there's probably a lot of nostalgia in play as well'
Amund says 'the main period I was active in MUME was also the period when I was growing up as a 
person, to some extent'

Tyson says: Yes, touching back on that, middle school is quite young.

Amund says 'I've never been much of a "people person", so I had a perfectly good time just playing 
MUME on my own'
Amund says 'and well, that's still the case -- I play mostly solo and rarely make friends for long'
Amund says 'that's also the main reason why I'm not really an expert in anything in MUME, as opposed
to many other players who have mastered every smob, every little trick and area'

Tyson says: Do you think being so young and on MUME back then, you learned certain things, like
personality or the way you behave from being on MUME so often? 
Tyson says: At such a young, impressionable age

Tyson nods in agreement with Amund.

Amund says 'well surely -- it provided a great outlet to escape from real-life problems and 
socialize even when I couldn't do it in real life'
Amund says 'and of course, learning the English language'
Amund says 'compared to my classmates, I had a huge vocabulary thanks to MUME'

Tyson says: I guess just being on the internet so often, with many others in a gameplay environment
is what I mean, do you think at that young of an age you learned certain things, behavoirs, 
personality traits you didnt have back then but the internet/MUME type environment had its impact
on you?

Amund says 'I'm positive I would be a completely different person, had I not started playing MUME 
back then'
Amund says 'but then again, I wouldn't be where I am right now if I weren't that person'
Amund says 'if that makes sense'
Amund says 'I can't really say if there are specific things I learned from playing MUME all the
Amund says 'I did learn Regex at a very young age, though'
Amund says 'and that paid off later in my life, when I became a professional software developer'
Amund says 'so that's something'

Tyson says: Isn't that truly amazing? I wonder if MUME's primary creators ever sit back and wonder
how 29-30 years of this 'test game' they made impact some people here. Not just wonder, but if they
even know or realize truly, because everyone has their story it seems, why they are here, and why 
they have stayed, and what it did for them in their own real lives.
Tyson says: It's cool. =)
Tyson says: So professional software developer is what you do for RL work still? 
Tyson says: Do you want to let people know anything else about RL? Such as where do you play from 
to start?

Amund says 'well, in real life, I'm a software developer and hobbyist game developer/musician'
Amund says 'well, I have had a ton of hobbies, but video games have been a staple for quite long'
Amund says 'now, as a parent of two, I don't get that much time to play'
Amund says 'but still, MUME has been something I've been playing for a bit each year'
Amund says 'especially now with the pandemic and everything, I've had much more free time on my
Amund says 'pretty often I work on game development -- I tinker with some hobby projects'
Amund says 'in spring, during the lockdown, I started working on a roguelike game'
Amund says 'mostly to practice some more advanced software development techniques, but also to
understand how they work'
Amund says 'and in the summer I rediscovered MUDs'
Amund says 'and started thinking about the medium of text and how it kind of magically immerses
you with little effort'
Amund says 'there are some things in MUME and other MUDs that can't really be accurately 
represented in graphical form'
Amund says 'at least in a way it would make sense'
Amund says 'calling eagles to take you to various places in Arda, sending loot up north with 
the Zaugurz cart, merging a raised shadow with some warg pups to make a dreadful warg etc'
Amund says 'one of the things that MUME really excels at is the interactivity of some areas'
Amund says 'like the liche elevator, for example'
Amund says 'and I'm trying to improve on this very same aspect of MUME -- the interactivity'
Amund says 'the more east you go, the tougher the enemies tend to get'
Amund says 'each area really feels connected to its neighbors -- there's a real sense of gradual
change when you go from LBF towards NOC, for example'

Tyson says: Have you gotten into building/development on MUME? Or you mean in other games 
specifically what you stated above.

Amund says 'some zones aren't that interesting and given the volunteer-based development of the 
game, it's completely understandable'
Amund says 'I actually made it a personal goal this year to really finish the Istari quest and
become a Maia'
Amund says 'there was a real growth of the playerbase this year and the momentum still seems to
be going on'
Amund says 'and I finished the quest right before the DG zone was released'
Amund says 'so I could help with proofreading '
Amund says 'and I would consider that a really big thing'

Tyson says: So you did proofing already then on your Ainu? For DG?

Amund says 'a real personal achievement -- to give back to the game that has been a part of my life 
for so long'
Amund says 'I'm considering of maybe taking up a test zone and seeing if I have the skills to build
a living, breathing zone'
Amund says 'but with the whole pandemic going on and the overall chaos that is/was 2020, I haven't 
made the jump yet'

Tyson says: Building on MUME is something (in my opinion only of course =) that is underrated,
bores many at the thought, but there such a sense of accomplishment and great feeling when you
have contributed to any part of it later when it opens I think, that many many many miss out 
on, since they have never experienced it.

Amund says 'MUME is not my only long-standing hobby'
Amund says 'another thing I've been playing is Dungeons and Dragons'
Amund says 'which kind of scratches the same sort of itch'

Tyson says: Sounds like you would do great with a testzone then

Amund says 'we'll see, I guess'
Amund says 'sooner or later'

Tyson says: You have some experience in other games/muds and have seen first hand what people
like/dislike etc.

Amund says 'all this game design/development thing is something I've been toying with in various
forms for years now'

Tyson says: Personally, I love DG, for many reasons. I usually like a zone/area for only one good 
reason, but just like Emyn, this brought many out for me. What did you think of it?

Amund says 'and I haven't found the right outlet'
Amund says 'DG was actually the first zone I really explored myself'
Amund says 'I'd say it was really well done'
Amund says 'there are some elements there that aren't present in any other zone'

Tyson says: 'really well done' in what specific ways? =)
Tyson says: I'd like you to let our DG builders reading this know them if you dont mind

Amund says 'for example, I really like that one specific room with the changing secret door'
Amund says 'that really throws a wrench in the works if you rely solely on your mapper'
Amund says 'I had a lot of fun mapping the whole underground area'
Amund says 'and I love that you can't just walk in an out'
Amund says 'each subzone there feels different'
Amund says 'the wandering mobs that tangle you and move you along with them'
Amund says 'so many new ideas that should be propagated to other zones as well imho'

Tyson says: I like all of these things in a very dark and evil delighted type way myself =)
Tyson says: Well you opened the door, so I have to ask, what do you think of MMapper?

Amund says 'well, I've never had a very good memory'
Amund says 'so MMapper is a godsend to me'

Tyson says: When did you start using it?

Amund says 'I tried using older mappers before MMapper was a thing'

Tyson says: Do you think those programs ruined your MUD experience?

Amund says 'iirc, there was pandora mapper first'
Amund says 'and Diamonium's MOM'
Amund says 'and then MMapper'
Amund says 'and MMapper was the first that I really started using'
Amund says 'before that I relied on Gray's old maps'
Amund says 'no I don't think it ruined anything'
Amund says 'without it, I would have missed out on so many things'

Tyson says: Same lol, I still have those paper maps and had to pull them out when I came back a few
years ago after a long break.

Amund says 'and in pk situations it gave me the information I wouldn't otherwise recall in my 
panicked state'
Amund says 'I'm not at all a good PKer, although I would like to be'
Amund says 'but I never really made good enough friends in game to show me the ropes'
Amund says 'but from a new player perspective, I think MMapper is a must'
Amund says 'most other popular MUDs provide a mapper of some sort'
Amund says 'and many of them provide a basic action/alias pack if you first log on with Mudlet'
Amund says 'which is a great help for newbies imho'

Tyson says: Aww, yeah, I'm still there myself, trying to understand, and still not at all good, but
I think trying things out helps, even when people that are great players would advise such things
against it, because of the factor thing imo. =)

Amund says 'p(Imatin) is doing great work with their Mudlet package'
Amund says 'the PK in MUME is really unique'

Tyson says: Indeed, agree there too.

Amund says 'first of all you have your character -- depending on stats and pracs you can be whatever
you like'
Amund says 'then you have your environment -- is it a good zone? an evil zone? are there any
lockable/blockable doors? aggro mobs?'
Amund says 'how to use them against your opponent? what's the way out? how to call backup?'
Amund says 'every PK situation is different and that's what makes it interesting'
Amund says 'too bad I don't really know what to do in most cases'
Amund says 'playing solo has its downsides :)'

Tyson says: So why don't reach out to others online and group up? Just for some general experience
out there, even if it is xp, those groups have potential often to get jumped and evolve into pk.
Tyson says: If that is what you want to get into more as you play that is.

Amund says 'well that just comes down to the person who I am'
Amund says 'I find it difficult to approach people and make friends'
Amund says 'that might be due to me playing so much MUME back in the day instead of going out, but
let's leave it at that :P'
Amund says 'sometimes I get a sense of elitism from other, more experienced players'
Amund says 'there have been numerous times where I feel they expect me to behave in a certain way'
Amund says 'because they assume I know how to behave'
Amund says 'and I do something completely else and ruin their plans'
Amund says 'because I just don't know any better'

Tyson says: So to be more clear on this topic, if someone later reads this interview and reaches
out to one of your chars to group up, you may depending on the situation/time you have while 
online, be willing to group up with them some?

Tyson nod solemnly.

Tyson says: You know that happens? Between them? when they group up together, like two titans 
colliding? =)
Tyson says: It can be hilarious to people watch in those moments as 3rd party in group.
Tyson says: Everyone should be a mind reader etc....=)

Amund says 'well I guess if you do something often enough, you get a sense of the "meta" 
and can expect other to also know that "meta"'
Amund says 'and I can understand the frustration if that isn't really the case'

Tyson says: As I said, MUME can be harsh imo, this is one of those things. Expectations and 
knowledge of group members. It kind of falls back to the leader often who should not expect
others to read her/his mind.

Amund says 'especially in a game like MUME where you most probably lose a level and 
everything you're carring when you die'
Amund says 'and that's another thing you don't see often'
Amund says 'these "full loot" games come and go, but don't really stick'
Amund says 'and MUME also tends to throw away your whole session's worth of effort if you die'
Amund says 'but that's also what makes the game so special'

Tyson says: Yes, so before we touch more on that topic, I want to take a step back about the 
last topic quickly.
Tyson says: There are good and bad leaders, and there also good and bad followers, if you don't 
know an area or are unclear about your role/actions/whatever, do you speak up as a follower so 
that leader knows that more explination is needed from him, if the situation is possible of 
Tyson says: Many do not, suprisingly
Tyson says: I'm not sure if its shyness, hmm appearance - makes them look weak to others, I'm not
Tyson says: But communication is like key imo from my own experiences.

Amund says 'communication is key in everything, not only MUME'

Tyson says: I would rather say I dont know something, to learn how to do it right ahead of time, 
also many leaders have different ways of doing things. Which can be confusing.
Tyson says: I also would rather someone tell me as I'm leading if they don't know something/an 
area for example, prior to us getting there.

Amund says 'but I guess in situations where your whole session's worth of effort is on the line,
personalities tend to clash'

Tyson says: The past week for example, I made it clear where we were going, to DG, I told them the
reason to go there, we get there and the room that cut off from their mappers is where they told 
me they have never been there yet or mapped.
Tyson says: Just an example, I would of prefered to know that earlier.

Amund says 'there are some players that seem to have a short temper or really hold a grudge if 
everything is not going like they planned'

Tyson says: So I could help or alter course

Amund says 'and sure, some people don't like to admit they're not on top of their game'
Amund says 'of course, clear communication would be ideal'

Tyson says: That is an understatement we will agree to disagree on, as I think many do this, and I'm
not sure why because its better for entire group to not do that.
Tyson says: They changed PK xp-loss
Tyson says: People like that.
Tyson says: Do you remember how it used to be?
Tyson says: and know of this change?

Amund says 'hmm, maybe not'
Amund says 'what changed exactly?'

Tyson says: Ok long ago, if you died in PK you lost an insame amount of xp as well as anything else,
wps, eq if looted, etc
Tyson says: Now, you lose much less xp if it is due to pk related death.
Tyson says: I can't find the news on it
Tyson says: But yes, its now instead of so great an impact on a char/level, its like 200k?

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: so even on my highest level, its nothing compared to before.

Amund says 'well it's not only the xp, though'

Tyson says: I think a lot of people that aren't overly eq-dependant agree this was a good change to
get others into PK more

Amund says 'it surely helps'
Amund says 'but I, for example, rarely get any good gear'

Tyson says: Do you think it would be a good idea to do something simliar to mob deaths?

Amund says 'and if I do, I tend to avoid PK situations because it's just a matter of typing "gac" 
from the other party'
Amund says 'and even though the best gear isn't that big of a deal, there still some sort of
subconscious choice to avoid instead of engage'
Amund says 'but that might just be my personal thing'
Amund says 'people who often play with other people aren't that attached to eq as they can always 
get a new set '

Tyson says: Do you think that you would rather see your gear better protected for you to come and 
gac it after a death, or that you would rather see the loss of xp from a mob (for example) reduced
and not be so harsh?

Amund says 'well I actually don't have any problem with the current state of things'
Amund says 'losing your equipment is a pretty harsh punishment as it is'
Amund says 'but it's not something that would stop me enjoying the game'

Tyson says: I know you don't have a problem with it, the question was more which would you like to
see more, if they ever decided to change it, which they wont but still =)

Amund says 'without it, MUME would be just another flavour of Aardwolf'
Amund says 'it would perhaps be more interesting if looting wasn't so instant'
Amund says 'you don't know that the dead elf had scrolls in her backpack'
Amund says 'how do you know to loot them?'
Amund says 'so maybe a delayed command or 'search scroll from corpse' or something'
Amund says 'so gaccing wouldn't be so common'

Tyson says: Yeah its hard I think, to make changes to some things on MUME, where management is put 
in a situation to try to improve everyones gameplay/experience, but also hold true to MUME's 
Tyson says: ie that you are able to gac, its a war after all. Pk-friendly mud in the last lists I 
have seen, etc.

Amund says 'and I guess there's often the problem of tinkering with people's nostalgia'

Tyson says: Yes

Amund says 'if they change the full loot or xp loss all of a sudden, it would change the whole
meaning of the game to some people, me included'
Amund says 'it's a harsh but integral part of the game'

Tyson says: thats what I meant by integrity, yes, exactly.

Amund says 'I'm sure there's a sweet spot somewhere'

Tyson says: I even thought after the past 2 years in particular, how it may be nice to solve 
the 'low population/hard to get eq without group/gac cries" by why not everyone have a shadow,
make them harder based off wahtever - level of player, etc.
Tyson says: But that leaves the solo player that won that kill, who could be awful there, and has
no chance to kill the shadow to claim his earning.

Amund says 'I've always thought about being able to craft a basic set of equipment that's still 
viable in PK'
Amund says 'maybe it takes time and/or gold, but isn't dependent on you finding a group to smob

Tyson says: The past 2 years I have played some puke for once, I see this from legends + often,
something I didnt see before playing only darkies. They are not able to get eq or groups, so 
they stay somewhere safe usually, and it is a bit sad because there is a bigger world to explore.

Amund says 'there aren't many reasons to go outside, really'
Amund says 'the DG zone changed that for orc shamans'
Amund says 'and I'd like to see these sorts of mechanics for other races/classes as well'
Amund says 'a reason for you to go to various zones'
Amund says 'there are some areas that really are just "filler" between actually interesting areas'

Tyson says: Yes, but those legends, some of them level 30, some of them were level 40 even =), 
they prefer not to go east of brush even with a solid leader, because of what they currently have
on as equipment, and the potential even with a great leader they could be a target and rip, and
lose their stuff.

Amund says 'yeah, because that sort of equipment is a real investment in time and effort to get'

Tyson says: Equipment can ruin someone's experience of MUME, or lack of being what it should to a
certain potential.

Amund says 'but if there was a way to alleviate that somehow...'

Tyson says: I think that long ago there were so many people and bigger groups, it didnt show as 
an impact like it does today.
Tyson says: yet we wonder why people don't always stick around....? Oh well..
Tyson says: or we need more Dunadan Ranger players =)

Amund says 'yeah due to the playerbase slowly declining, the meta has shifted towards very 
capable solo characters'
Amund says 'instead of characters that work better in groups'
Amund says 'with the sudden influx of new players, it might change'
Amund says 'that's actually really positive to see'
Amund says 'that the playerbase isn't declining as fast as it used to'
Amund says 'and probably due to the ad campaign and also the new effort in voting, there are quite 
a few new players that really stick around'

Tyson says: well the newer player who sees how nice eq helps them, isn't so willing to risk losing 
it even if a good leader is present. When more groups were around to help people get equipment they
needed, I think newer players adapted better, that is what I meant
Tyson says: vs a newer legend nowdays, because of the lack of groups that may help him get it back 
if he loses it....that type of thing.

Amund says 'yeah, overall knowledge sharing should be more common'
Amund says 'right now there are some things that you just know or you don't '
Amund says 'no way to google something'
Amund says 'because even if it's written somewhere, it might be outdated or behind a password'
Amund says 'like people are reluctant to share information they have gained '
Amund says 'and that's completely understandable'

Tyson says: Maybe one day they will come up with some way to make the ranger badge mean more, so 
that we have more players in lower playerbase situation help others to get those items etc.

Amund says 'I would like to see a change towards changing equipment to be more horizontally 
progressive instead of linearly better like now'
Amund says 'why would you choose a two-handed sword over a great warsword currently?'
Amund says 'there's so much stuff that's pretty much useless because there's a direct upgrade 
readily available'

Tyson says: On puke side maybe? =)

Amund says 'well on each side'

Tyson says: Two-handed swords are the "Zaug in trail eq" after it dies though, and its harder
to get

Amund says 'just to create more variation in character builds'

Tyson says: And when there are not big pkers on darkie selling to shops, it isnt as easy to buy.

Amund says 'well that might have been an uninformed example by me'
Amund says 'but still, the point stands'

Tyson says: It has to be sold there, those big items, and if someone isnt doing it, they aren't
available, the nicer ones.

Amund says 'there are many items that aren't used very often because it just isn't good enough'
Amund says 'but imho it would be more interesting if wearing lighter armor gave you a bonus in 
spellpower or something'
Amund says 'so you could find the perfect balance for your playstyle'

Tyson says: Personally, I'm disliked for it, but I would like to see EQ-wipes and force that 
fresh start on all =) So I understand completely what you mean with the eq, but I also think 
some things done with EQ have been a waste of time
Tyson says: It would promote more grouping, learning, etc. too but thats besides the point.

Amund says 'well the newest additions in the DG zone are really cool imho'

Tyson says: Its just much harder these days, especially for the lone player

Amund says 'the robe or the lightning pendant'

Tyson says: sure, if you have the skill or group to go get it.

Amund says 'they work for only certain character types, but really shine when used properly'

Tyson says: Or have a shop to find it at for sale

Amund says 'but are a valid "sidegrade" instead of direct upgrade'
Amund says 'and that sort of item balancing is something that should be more common'
Amund says 'make it worthwhile to experiment with lesser-known items'
Amund says 'one thing that has often been discussed is the effectiveness of metal armor on casters'
Amund says 'with str/bob/travelling lore, it's a bit too easy to wear a full set of plate armor as 
a weak caster'
Amund says 'I think it should be a trade-off -- more abs vs weaker spells or something'

Tyson says: this one thing you mention was never done years back
Tyson says: Its absurd imo
Tyson says: Let's not trigger me =)


Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: Ok, if you don't mind, I want to touch base on some particulars.

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: We previously discussed this interview, because pDearth requested it, so you know that.
Tyson says: How did that make you feel?
Tyson says: I'm curious because of how interviews were done in the past, and what ER is trying to
do with them going forward.

Amund says 'extremely humbled, to be honest'

Tyson says: ok, good.

Amund says 'MUME has been a big part of my life for so long, but I've never considered myself to be
a very experienced player or at least someone who had anything interesting to say about it'
Amund says 'if I remember correctly, I introduced MUME to p(Dearth)'
Amund says 'although I don't think we played together very much back then'
Amund says 'besides him there have been two other people, I think'

Tyson says: And how you did that, if so, and in this case it seems to be Dearth, another old name 
who has played long long time.
Tyson says: I was just going to ask, if you have convinced other friends RL to try MUME.

Amund says 'one of them didn't stick for very long and the other one stopped some time ago as he
was starting to develop an addiction :P'
Amund says 'to be honest I don't really remember how it went down'
Amund says 'he was a classmate of mine in middle school'
Amund says 'but I don't remember the particulars'

Tyson says: Aww come on?
Tyson says: You don't remember struggling trying to explain this to someone who didnt play? =)
Tyson says: Summary is ok =) So you brought Dearth to us
Tyson says: Did you guys lab at one point, play from each your own homes, etc.
Tyson says: Who was the one that was too addicted? =)

Tyson tickles Amund.
Tyson snickers softly.

Amund thinks till it hurts.

Amund says 'no I don't think we ever played together in the same place'
Amund says 'he kind of took it and ran with it further than I ever did'

Tyson says: Amund, who is 'he'?
Tyson says: If you don't want to say, just say you prefer not to release that.

Amund says 'what do you mean exactly?'
Amund says 'the character? the player?'

Tyson says: His name? A character name I mean?

Amund says 'the name was generated with the name generator on ER, actually'

Tyson says: Sooooo, you don't remember it or? =)

Amund says 'I remember only a few details about the first character'

Tyson says: Like his name or what? 

Amund says 'the original Amund was actually deleted over time because I didn't play him'

Tyson says: ah

Amund says 'back then I didn't really understand how the different classes worked and I was used to
the previous MUD I played that allowed seamless multiclassing'
Amund says 'so I remember I wore heavy plate mail and tried to sneak/backstab'
Amund says 'and wondered why nothing worked'

Tyson giggles.

Tyson says: Ok

Amund says 'p(Tiamat) was the first who actually explained to me how things worked'
Amund says 'and I guess I created other characters with better stats and kind of forgot Amund'
Amund says 'but at one point I remade him as a pure thief, as that's one character type I've always 
preferred, regardless of the game'

Tyson says: Ok, how would you compare Tolkien's works with MUME?
Tyson says: have you read the books, etc?
Tyson says: I know you said you were a fan of Tolkien back then when you started

Amund says 'I used to be a huuuuge fanboy of Tolkien'
Amund says 'because he was the first actual fantasy fiction author I read'
Amund says 'I was a proper lore nerd and MUME was just perfect for me'
Amund says 'now I'm not that into his books as I consider him a better worldbuilder than a writer'
Amund says 'but still, MUME is pretty spot on imho'
Amund says 'last time when I read the LOTR books again, I imagined all the places just like I would in MUME'
Amund says 'instead of the other way round'

You hear some apparently close noise from the east.
You hear some close noise from the east.
Some close noise can be heard from the east.
You hear some apparently very close noise from the east.
Some apparently very close noise can be heard from the east.
You hear some apparently very close noise from the east.
Some apparently very close noise can be heard from the east.


Dawnborne has arrived from the east.
A pack horse has arrived from the east.
A citizen mercenary has arrived from the east.
A citizen mercenary has arrived from the east.
A citizen mercenary has arrived from the east.
A citizen mercenary has arrived from the east.

Dawnborne nods solemnly.
Dawnborne panics, and attempts to flee.
Dawnborne panics, and attempts to flee.
Dawnborne leaves east.
Dawnborne has arrived from the east.
A citizen mercenary has arrived from the east.
Dawnborne says 'wanna give me some mony?'
Dawnborne throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
Dawnborne sits down.
Dawnborne sets up the pieces on the chessboard for a new game.

Tyson says: Do you want to give me some money?

Amund gives some money to Dawnborne.

Dawnborne moves a white Pawn from e2 to e4.
Dawnborne thanks everyone for their hard work!
Dawnborne waves.

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson kick a chessboard and send the pieces flying.

Dawnborne throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!
Dawnborne agrees.
Dawnborne clambers to her feet.
Dawnborne leaves east.
A citizen mercenary leaves east.
A pack horse leaves east.
A citizen mercenary leaves east.
A citizen mercenary leaves east.
A citizen mercenary leaves east.
A citizen mercenary leaves east.
You hear some apparently very close noise from the east.
Some very close noise can be heard from the east.
You hear some apparently very close noise from the east.
You hear some apparently close noise from the east.
You hear some apparently close noise from the east.
Some close noise can be heard from the east.
You hear some apparently rather far noise from the east.
You hear some very far noise from the east.

Tyson snickers softly.

Tyson says: ops
Tyson says: so mean =D
Tyson says: Thought they changed that though from trolls interupting other troll games in Warrens
Tyson says: Did you read his other books? Silmarillion, Lost Tales, etc

Amund says 'I loved Silmarillion, maybe even more than LOTR'

Tyson says: Same here

Amund says 'but by then I was actively playing D&D and worldbuilding and history was more my jam'

Tyson says: well for sure more, grew with each time I read it I think
Tyson says: Favorite part of any of his books? The one part that really inspired you, made you feel 
it was the best part of anything he had ever written in those particular books of Middle Earth

Amund says 'I think the fact that MUME is based on Tolkien's works kind of helps the zones feel 
more as parts of a whole'

Tyson nods solemnly.
Tyson agrees with Amund.

Amund says 'most other muds are kind of disjointed in that aspect'
Amund says 'aardwolf especially'
Amund says 'but I guess it's a common problem in MUDS as most of them are managed by volunteers'
Amund says 'so each zone is built by a different person and carries their own style or story'

Tyson says: Well even standards of building from creation, over time to middle of MUME's life so 
far, and to know, have altered IMO. 
Tyson says: If you look at some old descriptions, I have often thought mannn, who did this, its 
so blah and hmm seemed rushing. =)

Amund says 'well surely -- people have changed, management has changed'

Tyson says: Today's standards, and probably even when I was in my peak on building, were great

Amund says 'it ultimately comes down to whoever makes the top decisions'

Tyson says: more detail, in that world Tolkien created etc., it's great.

Amund says 'you can't really compare the shire to the new DG zone'
Amund says 'completely different in many ways'

Tyson says: I think the movies helped people that never read the books though, and that played a 
role too
Tyson says: When you have people who want to contribute but the rpish factor isnt there in 
Tolkien's world, its harder to fit it properly
Tyson says: imo at least, so I think the movies inspired people who played and had never really 
cared for the books/Tolkien in particular, there are people who enjoy MUME and never read the books
Tyson says: Gave them a cool visual to go off of I think, so they were able to better help with the
game maybe

Tyson shrugs indifferently.

Amund says 'it would be interesting to do a poll and find out'

Tyson says: I showed up here and read the books much later, years later.

Amund says 'how many players actually read the books vs how many only saw the movies'
Amund says 'and maybe there are players who don't know who Tolkien is?'

Tyson says: Before the movies of course, but I had no idea what the hobbit was, for an example,
something Yants gave me grief about for long long time.

Tyson giggles.
Amund giggles.

Tyson says: So eventually I thought I should read it or be picked on forever :P
Tyson says: Damn did I become hooked

Tyson smile happily.

Amund says 'I think my whole love for fantasy fiction came from the Hobbit'

Tyson says: What about that silly cartoon version? =)
Tyson says: That I had seen though, pieces of, so I used to ask Yants if he meant the graphical

Amund says 'it's... a thing'
Amund says 'a product of its era, I guess'

Tyson says: So, which was your all time favorite part from any of the books then?

Amund thinks till it hurts.

Amund says 'there are a few'

Tyson says: Most emmotional for you is which?

Amund says 'the scenes in the books where Sam rescues Frodo are really special for some 
Amund says 'and with the whole Helm's Deep battle'

      Rivendil the Elven Rider
      Ringner the Half-Elven Soldier
      Nemmerle the Elven Magician
      Ailin the Elven Adventurer
      Calamor the Elven Scholar
      Dawnborne Supremacy
 [ A] Waba
      Selsaral Greyriver
      Mance Rayder, King Beyond The Brandywine
      Mano Man
      Scrimgeour the Man Apprentice
      Rael the Midnight Rambler
      Tyson the Hobbit
      Faelun the Elven Apprentice
      Angarwyldir the Man Adventurer (Idle)
      Aghartha the Elven Apprentice
 [Mw] Ryalnos is never Wrong, so he always (Idle)

18 allies and visible Ainur on.


Amund says 'with the Huorns after the battle'
Amund says 'that was really cool'
Amund says 'and well, the whole ent lore'

Tyson says: Did you like that part in the movie as well? the Helms Deep portions.




     |                                ??                          |
     |                                H??                         |
     |                                  ??E                       |
     |                                    ?                       |
     |                                                            |


Amund says 'I think I prefer the book, but the movie was more fun'

Tyson nods solemnly.


Tyson says: Helm's Deep has been on the map since I started playing MUME.
Tyson says: You?


Amund says 'Helm's Deep and the surrounding question marks have been around for quite a bit'

Tyson smiles happily.


Amund says 'I don't remember if they were there when I started'

Tyson says: Do you think that area would be interesting when opened?


Amund says 'but it's been interesting to see the various zones open up'
Amund says 'at first, Eregion was a dead end'
Amund says 'and then you could go to Fangorn all of a sudden'
Amund says 'and then Lorien and the Value were connected'
Amund says 'every time there has been a sort of paradigm shift'


Tyson says: Do you think if Helm's Deep was ever opened, it would become a waste?

Amund says 'Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith are quite a way off, so I'm not sure if they would be a 
good addition to the current state of the game tbh'
Amund says 'unless they added something meaningful there so that it would get traffic'

Tyson smiles happily.


Tyson says: How do you like to play MUME usually? And why does that playstyle appeal to you? I know 
you answered that somewhat
Tyson says: Are you more willing to group if people hit you up for one after seeing this interview 
from  your typical solo experiences or?

Amund says 'I mostly just exp/explore alone, but I wouldn't mind grouping up'
Amund says 'I'm mostly a casual exper, but often prepare for pk'
Amund says 'but mostly just to escape quickly'

Tyson says: I don't mean just for pk, but in general, sometimes people just want to group up for 
companionship I think
Tyson says: ease of doing stuff faster etc

Amund says 'but I mostly play with sudden breaks and can't really be present for the whole time, so 
I prefer to stay solo to not slow other people down'

Tyson says: Most memorable MUME experience to date, the one moment you will never forget, whether 
an xp thing, just funny situation, or pk related, etc. Whatever it is and your most memorable 
moment of MUME.
Tyson says: hehe I hear that :P I am often found sleeping afk on chars all over arda

Amund says 'there are a few sessions I still remember fondly'

Tyson says: tell us about them =)

Amund says 'one time p(Tindomiel) took me and another irl friend of mine on an adventure'
Amund says 'we exped around Warrens, tracked and killed a *troll* and then went to Moria'
Amund says 'it was extremely interesting, seeing such an experienced player lead us around'
Amund says 'I learned quite a few new things during that session'
Amund says 'then the moment when I killed Malus in OW -- that should be logged on ER as well iirc'
Amund says 'and the most recent sessions I'm really fond of are when I explored DG with p(Ishamael)'

Tyson says: Is there any player who really inspired you and you want to shout out to or thank? 

Amund says 'there are a few players that have inspired me. p(Malus), p(Breaux), p(Tindomiel) come 
to mind first, regardless of side'
Amund says 'p(Ishamael) was a great companion to explore DG with'

Tyson says: Nice, anyone else? Or anything you want to mention in regards to them four in more 
details? If not that is ok too of course.

Amund says 'p(Yoshimi) taught me a lot about Fangorn and Lorien '
Amund says 'most people I've grouped with have taught me something new or at least showed me some 
things I've never seen before'
Amund says 'those people in particular have been inspiring, regardless of the character they are 
currently playing'
Amund says 'and of course their logs are always fun to read'
Amund says 'tbh I don't know who p(Yoshimi) is, I only remember that single character fondly'

Tyson says: Was there anyone in particular when you started out that was the "Fear of Arda" back 

Amund says '"back then" I don't really remember'
Amund says 'Malus was a constant pain in the backside at one point'
Amund says 'I couldn't really exp in peace near Fornost or Bree :P'

Tyson says: hehe, its funny asking that question always
Tyson says: The answers that come back based off the time period :P
Tyson says: So you were in the Zaug era is what that tells me, not the Norsu/dakrie era =)

Amund says 'there are a few names that always popped up, but Malus I tend to remember the most'
Amund says 'as he was out west the most, it seems :)'

Tyson says: cool cool

Amund says 'but as I said, my memory isn't the best'

Tyson says: What is a favorite character of yours and why?

Amund says 'Uinrar is probably the most unique character I have -- a scoutmage'
Amund says 'I've always liked how scouts work in MUME -- sneak/backstab/pick opens up many 
interesting opportunities other characters might not have'
Amund says 'and mages are just so full of utility'

Tyson says: I agree
Tyson says: At least about the scout part nod

Amund says 'so the combo of the two seems great on paper'
Amund says 'in practice, it's hard to balance them and playing the character has taught me a lot
about balancing different classes and how stats work'

Tyson says: Any character class you have never made but want to try out?

Amund says 'I'm not saying Uinrar is the best character I have, but I've probably learned the 
most playing them'
Amund says 'I've never played a pure cleric for some reason'

Tyson says: Will you ever try?

Amund says 'my helf cleric is one of the few unretired chracters I currently have'
Amund says 'so, surely'

Tyson says: What client are you currently using and why?
Tyson says: Mudlet?

Amund says 'at the moment, tintin'

Tyson says: Oh, interesting

Amund says 'I prefer terminal-based clients for some reason'
Amund says 'I used to use powwow but at one point switched to tintin'
Amund says 'but now I'm alternating between mudlet and this'
Amund says 'because I'm really impressed with mudlet as a mud client and how many different
protocols it supports'

Tyson says: What are some of the coolest client settings you have come up with? Have you 
used programming language customize your client and what kind of scripts have you come up with?
Tyson says: to customize your client, rather

Amund says 'even though I'm a programmer, I haven't made every client setting myself'
Amund says 'but there are a few things I haven't seen elsewhere'
Amund says 'I built a script that joined all the various armour/weapon .txt files together 
and allowed searching from those'

Tyson says: care to share a little detail as to what it was? Assuming you created this then?

Amund says 'so I typed 'id warsword' and it showed me the stats for warsword, for example'
Amund says 'same for keys and herblores etc'
Amund says 'and another thing I was pretty proud of -- quickaliases'
Amund says 'keys from 1 - 9 were aliases for whatever I wanted'
Amund says 'so "1 kt" set the alias "1" to "kt" etc'
Amund says 'depending on the circumstance, I could set various door manipulation actions or multiple
chained commands to those number keys'
Amund says 'instead of having an obscure alias I couldn't remember when I need it'
Amund says 'but mostly I used or adapted other people's scripts'
Amund says 'or helped others set things up'

Tyson says: Did you discuss Mudlet scripting with Ugurz btw?

Tyson smiles happily.

Amund says 'I actually never spoke with p(Ugurz)'
Amund says 'even though he was always someone I had to look out for'

Tyson says: No? Lore/Lyr he played as well.

Amund says 'maybe we played during different periods, but I don't recall any session where I played 
with him tbh'
Amund says 'against him, sure'
Amund says 'I couldn't count the times when Ugurz stabbed me in the wierdest of places'

Tyson snickers softly.

Amund says 'and he's also one of the reasons why I tend to like the scout class so much'

Tyson nods solemnly.

Tyson says: Is that your fav class?

Amund says 'in theory, the zaugurz clan and the scout class especially seem to be my most 
Amund says 'in practice, I don't know the game well enough to excel at that combination :)'

Tyson says: Why did you decide to make a Maia in partiuclar, and have you enjoyed that experience? 
If yes, what in particular have you liked about it? Are you planning to continue to work as one too?
Tyson says: I know you said you proof-read for DG's opening to the public
Tyson says: Obviously it is opened, are you still doing work on your Ainu?

Amund says 'if possible, I'd like to continue working on MUME'
Amund says 'to pay back for all the great times I've had on this game'
Amund says 'and make it great for new players as well'
Amund says 'game development has always been one of my interests and combining it with a game I've
loved over the years would be a dream'
Amund says 'I had no idea what playing a Maia was all about'

Tyson says: Do you have any particular feature of MUME that you favor?

Amund says 'so I was happy when Rogon was looking for proofreaders and jumped at the opportunity'

Tyson says: Yeah, I think most think it is used for something else unfortunately.
Tyson says: I shouldn't say most =) it is typically not used in the way it should imo, but we'll 
just move on.
Tyson says: Do you have any particular feature of MUME that you favor?

Amund says 'I've always loved the fact that you can't judge a character by just their race
and appearance'

Tyson says: Least favorite feature of MUME, what would that be?

Amund says 'there have been many interesting combo builds that may be identical in stats but 
practiced in a completely different way'
Amund says 'and combined with various consumable/usable items, you can play them in very 
different ways'
Amund says 'even though they all look like tasty elves'

Tyson says: Nod, so that is in response to favored feature, correct? more detail why that is

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: not in regards to the least favored feature I asked, correct?
Tyson says: Ok, just wanted to make sure it was clear, sorry.
Tyson says: Least favored feature then?

Amund says 'the fact that there are so many useless or just really bad items'
Amund says 'like in each weapon category you only have a handful usable ones and the rest are just 
Amund says 'and the fact that everybody can wear plate armor with no problem, even weak-ass elf 
Amund says 'I'd like for more variety or choices and drawbacks'
Amund says 'and I guess the same goes for some skills as well'
Amund says 'some just don't work at all'
Amund says 'it would be great if every spell had at least some sort of utility in the game'

Tyson says: If you could change 3 things in current MUME of today, what would your top 3 be? 

Amund says 'wow, that's a tough one'

Tyson says: It is
Tyson says: You have to prioritize =)

Amund thinks till it hurts.

Tyson says: I like seeing these answered
Tyson says: Some are given for the good of the game, others given for that specific player etc, 
so it is a question that peels back some layers sometimes. =)
Tyson says: Only 3, the top 3 you would ask to be changed if you could.

Amund says 'I'm not sure how to word this exactly, but I'd like to see more variation in
character builds. It kind of ties in to my last idea of useless skills/spells/items'
Amund says 'it would be great if every item were viable in some situations '
Amund says 'or some obscure spells used in clever ways'
Amund says 'as I understand, some spells are being looked at'
Amund says 'and the recent raise dead changes are great imho -- although I don't have that much 
experience with the "old" version of raise deadwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww'
Amund sighs loudly.
Amund says 'cat...'
Amund says 'again, I don't know how to balance it exactly, but the whitie side seems to be a bit
too strong'
Amund says 'and maybe it's really intended to be like that, but some certain characters are a bit
too strong'
Amund says 'cleric/mage combos with charmies, for instance'
Amund says 'nothing they can't do, really'
Amund says 'to balance that, there are a few darkie-only spells that could get an overhaul to 
that imbalance somehow'
Amund says 'as to the third thing...'
Amund says 'why is gaccing instant?'

Tyson says: Is that something you feel Management could change though?

Amund says 'you swing your axe, strip the dead orc from their full plate armor and weapons and swing
again without missing a beat?'

Tyson smirks.

Amund says 'I understand some features and mechanics are just a byproduct of the underlying engine 
or are there for legacy reasons'

Tyson says: So right now, in my own opinion of course, I think it falls back on the players 
involved, if they choose to gac or pick through, whatever that reason for why and how its done, 
its on them, am I right?
Tyson says: If you were going to ask Management to step in and do something about this 'feature', 
what would you suggest to them then?
Tyson smiles happily.

Amund says 'it's not something I would say is imbalanced or broken'
Amund says 'just in the context of other mechanics, that doesn't make a lot of sense to me'

Tyson says: That's why I call them 'features' btw.
Tyson smiles happily.

Amund says 'and well, leads to frustration for some players'
Amund says 'if it really came down to changing that feature, I'd suggest making it delayed'

Tyson says: So if you were going to ask Management to step in, for example, for the benefit of newer
players lets say, what would be your suggestion to fix this problem? 

Amund says 'or at least make it depend on the total number or weight of items'
Amund says 'looting weapons/armor is easy, but finding gems or small keys would take more time'
Amund says 'or something like that'
Amund says 'another thing would be to tweak the weight of armor, for example'
Amund says 'it's one thing to wear plate mail'
Amund says 'and another to wear plate mail and then wear another set of plate mail in your backpack'
Amund says 'scrolls,potions,keys are all fair game and make sense'

Tyson says: Logically thinking, when someone dies in a movie for example, does someone ever suddenly
grab every item instantly off their comrads corpse? No, you see them simliarly doing what you 
suggested, one item at a time.
Tyson says: Generally they take the items of value also, sentimental or otherwise etc

Amund says 'gold and consumables are the most likely to go, I guess'

Tyson says: Have you offered that suggestion to Management before to cure the gac woes of Arda some?

Amund says 'but the main equipment newbies mostly worry about, is armor/weapons, I think'
Amund says 'you can't just get back to exping without them'

Tyson nods solemnly.
Tyson agrees with Amund.

Amund says 'I haven't actually'

Tyson says: 'harsh'
Tyson says: without having pals

Tyson says: Even for pukes utilizing mercenaries, it cost a lot when they have nothing and are 'newer' 
to MUME.

Amund nods solemnly.
Amund says 'so perhaps a way to gather a set of viable equipment without having to grind gold/do smobs'
Amund says 'go mine a bit, visit a blacksmith and have them make a set of armor and a weapon'

Tyson says: Or .........EQ-WIPE! Then everyone needs to help everyone if they want to be fancy
Tyson smiles happily.

Amund says 'pretty much like the zorc blacksmith repairs things'
Amund says 'takes time, but is free'

Tyson nods solemnly.

Amund says 'total wipe might only solve it in the short term'

Tyson says: Monthly =) but no one likes the EQ-WIPE monthly idea

Amund says 'but there are still competitive players who have no trouble killing every single smob on Arda 
on their own and getting that eq back with no problem'

Tyson says: so scary to people for some reason...=)
Tyson nods solemnly.

Amund says 'but newbies can't do that easily'

Tyson agrees with Amund.

Amund says 'so it might hurt more than help'
Amund says 'an alternative would be to have choices when it comes to equipment'
Amund says 'as a puke newbie, you have a choice of lucking upon a smob item in a shop or buying an 
unenchanted piece of crap and using that'
Amund says 'and you might not even know there's a difference and wonder why you're doing so little damage'

Tyson says: Anything you would give to the newbies or newer players of the community on any given subject
that you feel would benefit them the most to hear?

Amund says 'always have an exit plan or at least consider the risks when entering an unknown area'
Amund says 'there is no shame in storeporting if that means you'll live vs you'll lose everything you have'

Tyson nods solemnly.

Tyson says: Back to a question about you I meant to ask, you mentioned earlier you are also a musician?
Tyson says: Do you care to elaborate or let us know more about that and what type of music you listen to 
in your free time? =)
Tyson says: Do you listen to music when you play MUME?

Amund says 'depends'
Amund says 'I often have something playing in the background, but it's rarely something specific to MUME'

Tyson says: In reference to what you said about being a musician, what do you play?
Tyson says: or you prefer not to say?

Amund says 'I dabble with many instruments at home, but I play the bass guitar in a band'
Amund says 'we recently self-released an album'

Tyson says: Do you care to state the name of it or where it can be found etc?

Amund says 'and making a Maia and proofreading a zone in MUME'
Amund says 'and me getting married after 12 years'
Amund says 'if that's not saying how much this means to me, I don't know what is :P'
Amund says ''

Tyson says: Cool, thank you, I can then include the link in the interview for people? 

Amund says 'sure'

Tyson says: Thanks
Tyson says: Favorite zone/area - for whatever the reason?

Amund says 'I think DG -- exploring and mapping the underground caverns was tons of fun and gave me a 
perspective I would have otherwise missed'
Amund says 'I'm sure other zones are also interesting when you dive into it, but it's so easy just to 
load the default mmapper map and never really understand what's going on'

Tyson says: It is beautifully designed in all aspects imo

Amund says 'there's a real sense of verticality I really like there'
Amund says 'and each subzone really feels distinct enough'
Amund says 'kind of like Moria to an extent'
Amund says 'it would be interesting to see that sort of approach in other zones as well'

Tyson says: Anything else you want mentioned in the interview, it could be anything =)?

Tyson nods in agreement with Amund.

Amund thinks till it hurts.
Amund says 'given our sudden popularity, we should take this momentum and carry on making MUME as 
approachable as any other MUD'
Amund says 'let's not be the Dark Souls of MUDs with our learning curve :P'

Tyson giggles.

Amund says 'I'd like to see new and updated newbie guides about things veteran players don't need to 
think about'
Amund says 'but newbies might not know about'
Amund says 'like how to behave in pvp, where to find useful equipment etc'
Amund says 'most guides are a little outdated '

Tyson says: I would like to see that and updated information thats accurate or more detailed 
(sometimes both) on individual 'help (spell) or help (skill)' too, for example.
Tyson says: Often I've seen someone ask a question, and the comeback is a narrate 'help blahblah'

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson smiles happily.
Tyson says: It doesnt really help them often, imo.
Tyson giggles.

Amund says 'that's a common problem in other muds as well'

Tyson says: You have to know how to read in between the lines and hmm if you don't know any better, 
experience things to understand what is between the lines etc.

Amund says 'exactly'

Tyson says: Like we are keeping secrets that hold back our newer friends 
Tyson smiles happily.
Tyson says: Strange imo
Tyson giggles.

Amund says 'yeah, that Gray-like mentality needs to go'

Tyson says: I am a bit biased to this because of specific ones I've argued with people on

Amund says 'it's not like it really gives you an edge in pk to withhold secrets'

Tyson says: only to find out nowdays most know those and agree, but 10 years ago it was an 
arguement to the truth behind it etc

Amund says 'it just reduces your available targets because most newbies tend to avoid pk because 
they don't understand the situation'

Tyson says: I dont think a newer player should have to listen to a bunch of people assume/guess,
and it should be stated as a fact, not a riddle that only someone more experienced would guess.

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: That leads to bad rumors =(
Tyson says: Well, thanks for doing the interview, appreciate it very much. I think people will 
enjoy it and what you have to say, even learn some stuff, which is great.
Tyson says: Do you have a suggestion for another interview? =)

Amund says 'I'd really like to see someone from the management'
Amund says 'Rogon, Jahara, Ryalnos etc'
Amund says 'currently there's not much transparency when it comes to upcoming changes imho'
Amund says 'maybe if you have a high enough Maia to see the particular boards'

Tyson smiles happily.

Tyson says: Rogon/Jahara are popular requests indeed
Tyson says: It would be hard for me to do an interview with Rogon/Jahara btw

Amund says 'how come?'

Tyson says: hm
Tyson says: it could be hard, rather, I should of said.
Tyson says: Do you want to send me what you would like to see asked in such a interview?
Tyson says: I would be more comfortable if people submitted what they wanted asked, before
I even ask those 2 if they would be willing to do one tbh.
Tyson says: Think about it and send me it one day..what you would like to see asked...

Amund says 'I'm interested in how much Rogon/Jahara/other upper management types actually 
play the game and how familiar they are with the most common issues players tend to have'
Amund says 'or at least how much they conspire with active players before they plan new 
features and changes'

Tyson says: I will reach out to some others that wanted interviews done with them, and ask 
them to submit questions the same way
Tyson says: So please be specific with the questions ok?
Tyson says: As I said, I haven't asked them even yet, but they are the top 2 requested =P
Tyson says: and I guess I can't avoid it much longer, but I would like to see what you all
want asked of them.

Amund nods solemnly.
Amund says 'this was really interesting to do'
Amund says 'some things I haven't really thought about or vocalized before this interview'
Amund says 'okay, I'll try to word the questions a bit better and let you know'

Tyson says: Ok, thanks, no promises btw, but I want to see what you all had in mind 
specifically. There are some topics I will not ask/inquire about I think, but possible 
many others I could.
Tyson says: I would just like to see that list before I ask if they are willing

Amund nods solemnly.

Tyson says: Thanks, appreciate it =) And thank you so much for several hours of your time!!!

Amund smiles at you.

Tyson says: I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, take care. =)

Amund says 'this was a pleasure'

Amund stops resting and clambers to his feet.
Amund bows deeply.
Amund sits down and rests.


Amund plays the following characters as of September 6, 2021:

Amund - Level 36 - Elf Thief
Shargaas - Level 27 - Tarkhnarb Warrior 
Sumac - Level 30 - Tarkhnarb Shaman
Uinrar - Level 29 - Silvan Ranger
Zauber - Level 32 - Noldorin Wizard
Zazzmatazz - Level 26 - Zaugurz Murderer
Zlad - Level 35 - Dwarf Warmage


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