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This section is for logs, which are not suitable for the main log page.
Please still keep in mind, logs should be interesting for the community.
For you and anyone - now and later.
Notable Logs
Blast of the Past
Today's random log: Fights won by deaths... (Mordim) 2003/04/24
Yesterday's random log: Xp can be boring sometimes (Masekh) 2004/06/14
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30th anniversary hobbit style  (Doderic)2022/01/16, 21:42 GMT
  18,489 bytes
Viewed 185 times, last comment 8 days ago by Whity.2 comments
Don't be so Horny! (Derek)2022/01/13, 23:55 GMT
  18,190 bytes
Viewed 222 times, last comment 12 days ago by Singleton.2 comments
The bluish glow fades entirely (Arq)2022/01/03, 19:50 GMT
  283,708 bytes
Viewed 410 times, last comment 17 days ago by Suslik.23 comments
BN Quake Fest (Dawnreborn) 2021/12/05,  2:14 GMT
  15,783 bytes
Viewed 386 times, last comment 23 days ago by Drogtash.7 comments
Warrior vs Warmage (Himnir) 2021/10/26,  6:59 GMT
  66,007 bytes
Viewed 604 times, last comment 2 months ago by Elestir.18 comments
Anyone got water? (Stealthy)2021/10/05, 15:33 GMT
  95,682 bytes
Viewed 585 times, last comment 3 months ago by Fitzcarraldo.8 comments
Untitled Undeads Log (Chomik) 2021/09/27, 15:07 GMT
  84,823 bytes
Viewed 594 times, last comment 3 months ago by Zud.18 comments
American Nights (Arq)2021/09/25,  0:01 GMT
  59,399 bytes
Viewed 618 times, last comment 4 months ago by Faine.10 comments
Shit Log, Elfie Dies (Smiles) 2021/09/22,  5:05 GMT
  2,015 bytes
Viewed 451 times, last comment 4 months ago by Antrax.3 comments
Zud Proposes to Smiles Shit Log  (Smiles) 2021/08/24,  4:25 GMT
  2,447 bytes
Viewed 618 times, last comment 5 months ago by Gomi.3 comments
 Random Runes
 Facelift: Average men have once per month poker nights...
 Merarl: lots of fun! I could do monthly.
 Lamia: this was really fun, although the spam was a bit...
 Fieldy: That was a fun birthday party yesterday :D Thank...
 Rael: Yes! it has been super! let's make it as a regula...
 Stoik: Rent was too high anyways... He can pay the 16g p...
 Nelson: Yeah, uh, I died like a damned _PIG_ in the op...
 Stoik: So puke has my shining... 😂 Good for...
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