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2010/10/08 17:27, Andróg:   
FC Soomusrong. Team id: 114198

Next season then perhaps!

2010/10/12 18:58, Zhuk: 
Pulled and sold this 17 year old bitch

Keeper: 1/20 disastrous
Defending: 7/20 solid
Playmaking: 6/20 passable
Winger: 4/20 weak
Passing: 7/20 solid
Scoring: 3/20 poor
Set pieces: 4/20 weak

for 1.3 mln EUR

Got to be my second YP that sold for over 1M.

2010/10/12 19:52, Andróg:   
I've pulled solid 17 year olds, but never a double-solid! You lucky bastard! :P

2011/01/06 13:32, Andróg:   
Someone sell me a 21-22 year old titanic/ET forward who has either [quick] or [head] specialty! I want one, but there's none on the transfer market!

2011/01/17 16:37, Fisben: 
Pulled this, but unfortunately 19yo :(

Keeper: 1/20 disastrous
Defending: 5/20 inadequate
Playmaking: 7/20 solid
Winger: 3/20 poor
Passing: 7/20 solid
Scoring: 3/20 poor
Set pieces: 6/20 passable

2011/08/27 06:45, Kitto: 
Got a Cameroon away flag last week :)

2011/08/27 12:45, Nockrip:   
Androg- [submitted link]

2011/08/29 11:40, Andróg:   
Well, eventually I did get what I wanted! ;)

2012/08/08 22:22, Kitto: 
Any new players?

2012/08/09 06:51, Amras:   
I started playing two seasons back! Progressin pretty decent! :-)

2012/08/09 07:25, Prist: 
My team's been running on automode for years now - I only log in to pull youth and sell it and sometimes, rarely, sell players. Currently I have 70 million euros of free finances, from time to time I play around wih the idea to start playing actively again, buy bunch of uberpeople and win a bit, but then it passes :-)

2012/08/09 10:05, Andróg:   
If you used those 70 million wisely, you could easily dominate the Estonian league for a decade (in HT years). :)

2012/08/10 16:20, Eldaril:edited 1x   
I'm vegetating pretty much the same way in the bottom divisions of the Bulgarian league. Pretty much since fan expectations came in and completely killed my playstyle (which was centered around building sustainable teams, and surviving at the top division level). Only got 55-60 million though, I think.

Funny thing is it took them 1 year since I became semibot to boot me from my LA position :)

Oh, and by the way -- Hattrick got sold. I'm curious how that one's gonna go.

2012/08/10 17:53, Andróg:   
Erhm. How exactly did fan expectations kill the ability to build sustainable teams? I do not see the connection. Bulgiarian league doesn't have that many users either, it's not exactly Italy where playing in the top division with a sustainable team is near impossible.

2013/01/23 07:18, Kitto: 
Number of users has decreased significantly :/

2013/01/23 11:31, Andróg:   
Well, it's still hundreds of thousands. :)

2013/01/23 17:24, Naga: 
I logged back on a while back - most of the 'series' i was placed in was bots. The new player-stats made it even less worth my time to buy younglings. (the bidding was simply ridiculous if you don't have hours to spend and it was way too easy to not notice being outbid for some and too hard to find that player again). I do miss the days of our MUME-league.

2013/01/23 21:41, Andróg:   
Naga, nowadays you can change series (like from a VI. to another VI.) between seasons if you want to. So you don't have to play with bots.

I'm not sure what you mean by new player stats though. Skills have pretty much remaining the same as they were from the start. I don't know what bidding looks like for non-supporters though. Don't you get an automatic message when someone overbids you?

2013/01/24 18:26, Eldaril: 
'Erhm. How exactly did fan expectations kill the ability to build sustainable teams? I do not see the connection. Bulgiarian league doesn't have that many users either, it's not exactly Italy where playing in the top division with a sustainable team is near impossible.'

With a little delay, the answer:

Fan expectations made it that the longer you stayed at the same level, the more fans expected you'd win it -- and if you didn't, they would get displeased. Displeased fans means less revenue therefore a less competitive team. It gets to the point where you don't really generate enough money to build a team that is good enough to stay in the division (which is especially evident when new teams start to promote with 1,000 more fan club members than you have).

So, given that maintaining presence in the 3-5 range of the top league rankings was essentially a doomed effort, and that I wasn't about to start trading to make up the lost money, that was pretty much it for me.

2013/01/24 20:49, Andróg:   
Okay, yes, I've experienced it myself as well - the longer you stay in the same division, the fewer fans you have left. However, that's basically a drop from 3340 fans to 3290 fans for me. It doesn't really feel like that big of a difference. Getting unlucky with home game weather (smaller crowd = smaller income = bad for economy) for even one extra game per seasons feels like a bigger loss economically than those 40-50 fewer fans I might or might not have.

2013/03/20 00:50, Kitto: 
So who is getting platinum?

2013/03/20 10:09, Andróg:   
I already have it. Decided to try it out. We'll see how this goes. And I'm still looking for my banana republic, where to set up my second team!

2013/03/30 12:32, Rashnak:   
I bought platinum today.

2013/07/26 22:09, Prist: 
Ups, forgot all about my team in Hattrick and apparently it deleted. There goes 82 million euros.

2016/09/02 08:36, Boofhead: 
I'm still playing!

2016/09/02 10:47, Rogon:   
I still have a pouch full of papers with team names on them from the draws of the hattrick cup some 10ish years ago!

2016/09/02 11:15, Andróg:   
Boofhead is not just playing, he's also one of the admins of the site! ;) Not very powerful though, kind of like Ms in MUME. =)

2016/09/02 13:05, Naga: 
I liked hattrick. I tried to get back into it a while back, but the method of buying players was such a major turn-off. Especially if you don't have all day to browse.

2016/09/02 14:39, Eldaril: 
'the method [...] was such a major turn-off. Especially if you don't have all day'

Sounds like something someone would say about MUME gameplay in 2016 :)

2016/09/03 21:30, Andróg:   
Naga, Hattrick now has auto-bidding, so you don't have to be online at the exact moment of the deadline, but can simply pre-insert your max bid. :)

But yes, people who are actually online at that moment still have an advantage.

2016/09/08 22:18, Naga: 
Ok I logged in and it says my account is locked and gives me 0 options. What gives?

2016/09/09 11:53, Naga: 
Hmm. Looks like there's a different view when I log onto the desktop site. Managed to 'start' a new team. It's been stuck on the Welcome to Hattrick with the button that's supposed to let me advance stuck on 'waiting' (instead of the one-two minutes it's supposed to take) for the past hour and a half. Maybe some admin needs to manually ok it, I guess?

2016/09/09 12:55, Andróg:   
No idea... I don't know how starting a team works these days. Sure it's not some browser issue?

2016/09/10 16:04, Rashnak: 
I still play too. Dropped all paid subscriptions though, after they last time (I guess) increased prices.

2016/12/09 17:29, Andróg:   
So who else is joining Hattrick International? :)

2016/12/09 18:49, Eldaril: 
Is that a pooled league for second teams or something?

2016/12/09 19:11, Andróg:   
It's basically a stand-alone separate league system where everybody (who pay for it) get to start from zero. Diamond Supporters get this as an option for a third team, Platinums can play it as their second team or pay extra and also have three teams. Starts in January.

I presume you don't know because you quit Hattrick at some point? ;)

2016/12/09 19:21, Eldaril: 
I stopped playing actively long ago and then turned bot while sitting on a couple of hundred million in the bank. Also, apparently once you bot up you can do precious little but apply for a new team, so...

2016/12/09 19:53, Naga: 
Hmm, I'm playing, sort of.

The mobile app isn't the greatest. Annoys me to no end it keeps on telling me there's a new message in 'WORLD' but everything is unbolded.

Right now I log in twice a week to set match orders and then just twiddle the rest of the time.

2017/01/11 09:08, Boofhead: 
I'm in.

2017/01/11 11:21, Andróg:   
Obviously. You're GM!

2017/02/09 18:05, Andróg:   
Is Hattrick down for others as well right now or only me?

I've only received 'HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.' in response for hours now.

2017/02/09 21:09, Naga: 
at least the app works for me.

2017/02/09 21:11, Andróg:   
I got it working too now, fortunately.

2017/10/04 18:46, Merarl: 
boofhead, my team name is 'them unctums' if you wanna play a friendlly.

2017/10/06 12:47, Andróg:   
Btw, after 14 years of Hattrick I finally got it! I stumbled into one of those super-youths that sell for millions. 4,4 million euros to be exact. :)

In all those 14 years and by now 3 teams I've never had a youth sell for over a million before.

2017/10/09 22:02, Merarl: 
jeesh, 4,4. do you have a youth club? how many scouts?

2017/10/12 10:42, Andróg:   
Yeah. Of course I have a youth club. In all three of my teams. 3 scouts. The 4,4 million euro player was 17,13 and had Scoring 7, Playmaking 6, Wing 5, Passing 5 + Head, total TSI 1430.

Also he was from my HTI team that is located in a really small country, so he is practically guaranteed to play for their U20 and NT in future if trained correctly.

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