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2017/06/11 11:40, Roadkill: 
If you want the freedom to annoy people, they are entitled to get annoyed, and to say so.

2017/06/11 12:52, Andróg:   
The freedom to be annoyed - a basic human right.

Almost as important as the freedom to spam, one could say.

2017/06/11 13:36, Roadkill: 
Spam. It's the new sexy.

2017/06/11 14:53, Andróg:   
Oh really?

2017/06/11 15:39, Roadkill: 
The real O.

2017/06/11 19:52, Andróg:   
The Big Ó!

2017/06/11 20:09, Roadkill: 
The AndrÓg!

I win.

2017/06/12 13:44, Andróg:   
I doubt that. Spam will always remain undefeated.

2017/06/12 22:58, Roadkill: 
I am spam.
Spam I am.
Am I spam?
Yes, I am.

2017/06/13 16:25, Thurge: 
Spam and rice?

2017/06/13 17:51, Roadkill: 
Ram and spice?

2017/06/14 12:28, Andróg:   
Spam and spice.

2017/06/15 23:30, Strori: 
rabbit. it is time to reach 888 btw

2017/06/15 23:38, Zepir:   
Hi guys, my name is Roadkill. I do not always love men, but when I do

[submitted link]
I do it big baby

2017/06/16 01:38, Andróg:   
Rabbits will reach 888 in no time.

2017/06/16 17:21, Savu:   
Today's nerdgasm:
[submitted link]

2017/06/16 17:44, Andróg:   
If you say so..

2017/06/16 19:25, Roadkill: 
Hand-woven tea.

2017/06/16 20:12, Andróg:   
If you say so...

2017/06/16 21:22, Roadkill: 
Tea must be silent. Always.

Tea leaves speak, but only after tea has taken place.

2017/06/16 22:37, Zepir:   
Roadkill, how old were you when you decided to stop being a man and become a woman? I mean its a brave thing to do to come out but I am just curious how old were you when you decided to become your trueself!

2017/06/17 17:57, Andróg:   
But lets leave Roadkill aside for a moment. When did you decide to become a man?

2017/06/18 06:58, Savu:   
And why did you not go through with that plan?

2017/06/18 10:56, Zepir:   
excuse me, a man? Did you just assume my gender, I am a apache attack helicopter and proud and if you mis-gender me again il report you to the Canadian police and they shall arrest you as its a crime there not to mis-gender someone.

2017/06/18 11:04, Andróg:   
Go ahead and try arresting spam! It'll never work!

2017/06/18 11:05, Andróg:   
Oh and, Eldaril, any thoughts on the Celtics trade? :)

2017/06/20 15:29, Thurge: 
I hate interviieeewwwwwwws!

2017/06/20 17:02, Baratheon: 
Tungur Knifur.

Tessi knifur a ad vera tungur.

2017/06/20 17:51, Andróg:   
Interviews? Just spam it very hard.

2017/06/20 21:07, Roadkill: 
Þungur hnífur.

Þessi hnífur á að vera þungur.

2017/06/21 00:44, Thurge: 
Google Translate líkar þetta betur.

2017/06/21 13:21, Baratheon: 
I was pretty close.

2017/06/21 18:37, Andróg:   

2017/06/21 19:22, Roadkill: 
Anyone here ever compose limericks?

2017/06/21 20:30, Savu:   
Had a friend named Rick... let's just say I threw a lime at him, does that count, or does it have to have a melody in the background?

2017/06/21 20:35, Thurge: 
I have a jar of lime juice downstairs. What a coincidence!

2017/06/21 20:52, Andróg:   
I have neither. But I can spam.

2017/06/21 20:56, Thurge: 
Pah! You wish.

2017/06/21 22:29, Andróg:   
I prefer action to wishing. Spam action.

2017/06/22 05:58, Roadkill: 
You spammy philistines, you.

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