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2017/07/13 23:12, Thurge: 
Hiding in the cupboard?

2017/07/13 23:15, Thurge: 
Tried pinging you on phoneSkype and looking up your Gmail address on same, but with no luck. I'll have to try again with my laptop once I've found wifi, 'cause this airport is apparently lacking in basic amenities of the modern age.

2017/07/14 00:37, Eldaril: 
You must be still in Iceland, because Logan has a pretty decent free wifi :P

2017/07/14 00:42, Thurge: 
I saw nothing trustworthy. Nossink!

2017/07/14 01:54, Eldaril: 
You missed the one conspicuously named 'loganwifi'?! :)

2017/07/14 06:23, Thurge: 
Yep, did not see one by that name. =P

2017/07/14 21:26, Andróg:   
No place has better free wifi coverage than Estonia. *nod self*

2017/07/27 17:20, Eldaril: 
[submitted link]

Any thoughts from the insiders?

2017/07/27 17:37, Zepir:   
Eldaril looks like a mix between Mario and 10 generations of Romani inbreeding.

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