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2020/06/06 16:37, Eldaril: 
If it wasn't photographed, instagrammed, and set on display, has it even been cooked?

2020/06/06 18:17, Thurge: 
A query!

I am seeking a name for my photography thing, that I might be more official and whatnot. The following are names that have passed the Google test:

Fox on the Rocks Photography
Seal at the Wheel Photography
Focus on Depth Photography
This is not a Drill Photography
This is not a Duck Photography
Serious Face Photography
South of North Photography

You all now have the privilege of casting your votes. Proceed!

2020/06/06 18:59, Savu:   
How about Pagan Pasting Photography?

2020/06/06 19:29, Thurge: 
How whimsically perplexing!

2020/06/07 12:16, Andróg:   
At maximum we are unexpressible immesurably transcendentally awesome.

2020/06/07 13:17, Thurge: 
Collectively, y'all are a terrible sounding board.

2020/06/07 18:12, Eldaril: 
But individually, we're amazing.

2020/06/09 19:18, Thurge: 
Ho hum.

2020/06/09 20:15, Andróg:   
Now we just need to witness the Second Coming of Conspiracy and the eternal peace on Earth will be ours.

2020/06/11 14:14, Thurge: 
Has he come yet?

2020/06/12 11:53, Andróg:   
Not sure. Should inquire from Blenda.

2020/06/12 11:56, Andróg:   
By the way, your friend who plans to come and study in Estonia this fall, might have difficulties with getting into the country if (s)he does not have a EU citizenship. They're right now labelling university studies as 'non-essential travel' and non-essential travel by non-EU citizens into EU might not be allowed by September. I know that the university is making plans for such a situation, though, so such students might be forced to study 'online' from their home countries for a few months, until things calm down or so.

2020/06/12 12:29, Thurge: 
Yeah, we were looking at a similar situation here. Not sure if it's changed; I doubt not but I dunno. I'll pass that along to my friend though, in case he hasn't heard yet.

2020/06/13 00:23, Andróg:  edited 1x   
There's no official decision yet, so he definitely hasn't heard it, but based on the 'insider information' I have, that is looking quite likely.

2020/06/13 00:45, Thurge: 
Oh, you sneaky insiders!

2020/06/13 15:07, Thurge: 
I interacted with a real, live human yesterday! We fought. With rapiers. I am so sore today.

2020/06/13 18:04, Savu:   
Why did you fight with rapers? Did both of you wield a raper or did you collaborated in fighting a group of rapers? Confusion of the highest order.

2020/06/13 20:13, Thurge: 
Nope, everyone involved had their own rapier, plus a few to spare. Rapiers because that was all that was the only armament available.

2020/06/13 20:28, Andróg:   
I prefer axes.

2020/06/13 23:50, Thurge: 
You would. *glare*

2020/06/14 01:00, Eldaril: 
I'm confused about how you can duel with axes. Also, the correct answer is lightsabers.

2020/06/14 01:04, Thurge: 
It's a bit more... flaily, in my experience.

2020/06/14 03:47, Eldaril: 
Wouldn't that be... with flails?

2020/06/14 09:47, Andróg:  edited 1x   
Obviously I was talking about lightaxes. Lightsabres are so yesterday. Lightaxes are it now.

2020/06/14 13:55, Thurge: 
No, flails are *super* flaily. Axes just a little bit so.

2020/06/14 15:33, Andróg:  edited 1x   
Thou shalt unflail thy axe!

2020/06/14 15:34, Eldaril: 
It's decided. Lightflails it is.

2020/06/14 16:48, Thurge: 
Pew pew?

2020/06/14 22:52, Roadkill: 
When champs chomp, are they champing?

2020/06/14 22:55, Roadkill: 
Thurge, how about Big Shots as a name for your photography?

2020/06/15 00:37, Thurge: 
Nope, it's already in use. By several different people, from the looks of it. I got the most votes for 'South of North', so I think I'm going with that one.

2020/06/15 06:06, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Or, because you're a very positive person in general, more a yes than a no man, how about yesness?

Although southofnorth is not bad, of course. At all. :-)

2020/06/15 12:00, Andróg:   
Behold. I will lead the discussion towards an entirely new direction.

2020/06/15 20:25, Thurge: 
Thanks for that opinion, Roadkill. =)

A note on 'yes man' in English though: It's used to denote a sycophant who can't say no to their superior. ;)

2020/06/17 10:33, Andróg:   
Yes it is. Even when it is no.

2020/06/17 12:24, Thurge: 
You! You weren't even there!

2020/06/17 13:04, Roadkill: 
Thurge, I know, but was going for the literal meaning.

And yesness neatly sidesteps the negative reference. ;-)

2020/06/17 17:45, Andróg:   
The Grand Master of Spam is omnipresent.

2020/06/18 22:20, Thurge: 
Derp dee der?

2020/06/19 10:57, Andróg:   
Dirp döö dir.

2020/06/24 22:45, Blenda: 
Wow, this is literally the place that time forgot. Glad to see you´re all in here spamming away :D

2020/06/25 00:55, Thurge: 
Argh! You're alive!

2020/06/26 13:56, Andróg:   
Time has not forgotten us. We have conquered time. Soon we will conquer space.

2020/06/28 14:34, Doderic: 
That's one way to put it. What actually happened was: time walked in, had a look around, shook his head, went home, and made a note reminding him never to come back.

2020/06/28 16:42, Thurge: 
Either way, we are timeless!

2020/06/28 21:49, Andróg:   
So it is.

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