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2019/08/19 06:20, Thurge: 
What's the next 'impossible' number? =P

2019/08/19 09:26, Andróg:   
I was going to get it done before you last night. But after my waffles-post ER just gave me the 60-second message endlessly, even 10+ minutes after my last post, so I just couldn't get it done. :(

I blame Axel!

2019/08/19 16:52, Thurge: 
Sore loser! =P

2019/08/19 19:05, Andróg:   
Nah. I'd be sore if it had been a battle of some kind. But instead I simply could not post at all due to the infamous 60-second glitch.

2019/08/19 19:07, Andróg:   
Anyhow, I expect to be still here for the 50k!

2019/08/19 19:08, Andróg:   
And for the 100k, d'oh.

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