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2017/03/12 21:41, Andróg:   
So I didn't check it and merely forwarded Roadkill's suggestion about Louis Armstrong to my brother. No one else here found anything problematic about it either, so I didn't find anything troubling about it, but...

As it turns out Louis Armstrong House Museum is in New York City, not in New Orleans!

2017/03/13 07:49, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Doh. Lol. :-)

I guess I got things mixed up a little. Since he was born in NO, I guess I always believed the house was there, too, and filed it mentally under 'things to do in New Orleans'. :-)

[submitted link]

2017/03/19 12:01, Andróg:   
Six days of silence in the Spam thread. This is terrible. Why haven't we managed to get Zepir spam this thread instead of the other one?

2017/03/20 00:04, Thurge: 
I am returned from the Current Middle Ages! What'd I miss?

2017/03/20 12:13, Doderic: 
I fell off my chair.
But no one noticed, so I clambered up again.

2017/03/20 12:29, Andróg:   
That's quite an achievement for an elderly person, Doderic!

2017/03/20 12:52, Doderic: 
I know, I know. I'm quietly sitting here being mighty proud of myself. :)
(mighty proud because I managed to get up again all by myself, quietly because I'm afraid I might fall off again)
Thing is, I've been falling off chairs for years. In the end it's experience that counts.

2017/03/20 13:55, Andróg:   
So which chair is your favourite falling-off-it-chair?

2017/03/20 19:17, Thurge: 
That's why I prefer beanbags. Or, better yet, divans.

2017/03/21 11:42, Andróg:   
Ever considered a pile of hay as an alternative?

2017/03/22 13:41, Zepir:   
I am the spam lord

2017/03/22 16:14, Thurge: 
I just guffawed. Now, I shall cook!

2017/03/22 16:15, Thurge: 
No, but I tried a pile of leaves once. I found it to be lacking in nearly every respect.

2017/03/22 19:10, Zepir:   
March ending and no free beers, guess I have to buy myself beer, shame. I was hoping to be indulged by the bourgeois.

2017/03/22 19:29, Thurge: 

2017/03/22 19:32, Zepir:   
In the unlikely event that sarcasm is an unfitting dress, amnesia proletariat!

2017/03/22 19:48, Thurge: 
But the emperor had *fabulous* socks....

2017/03/22 20:23, Andróg:   
Leaves? See, that's exactly your problem! You should really go for hay. That's teh Thing.

2017/03/22 21:00, Thurge: 
But what if there's a needle hidden in it?

2017/03/23 00:22, Andróg:   
Well, in that case you become the Great Discoverer of The One Needle everybody have been looking for centuries!

2017/03/23 13:42, Zepir:   
mmmm I love myself a good needle.

2017/03/23 13:55, Thurge: 
Too pointy. I'll take a good, round marble over a needle any day.

2017/03/23 14:01, Zepir:   
what about tummy sticks

2017/03/23 14:03, Thurge: 
Like a spear to the gut or like a swallowed piece of gum?

2017/03/23 15:03, Zepir:   
Thurge, please review this and understand the meaning of tummy sticks, please write me a review of how you feel after this discovery.

[submitted link]

2017/03/23 15:10, Andróg:   
Too sticky for my taste. I prefer Spam.

2017/03/27 13:36, Thurge: 
Hej, Roadkill! When are you going to be in Greenland/Ísland? I just finalized my tickets for the summer months. =)

2017/03/27 15:31, Andróg:   
What's the current estimate on how long it will take for Thurge to visit every last country and larger landmass in the world?

2017/03/27 15:50, Thurge: 
Every last country isn't happening; I don't like checking off lists. =P

Last large landmass might be later this year; waiting to hear back from an Australian girl. ;)

2017/03/27 18:06, Andróg:   
Have you been to.... Madagascar? New Guinea? Borneo? Baffin Island? Sumatra? Victoria Island? Ellesmere Island?

Those are from the list of top10 biggest islands in the world. I'd count them among bigger landmasses. ;)

2017/03/27 20:02, Thurge: 
Pick a listless metric! =P

2017/03/28 08:40, Roadkill: 
Ho Thurge! I won't be going to Greenland, as the job has been rescheduled to take place while I'm on holiday in Iceland, between July 2nd and August 1st. :-)

We're taking our neighbours with us, and will be camping with them probably between July 11th and 23rd, but the rest of the time I'll be in Reykjavík or Reykhólar (in the SE corner of the Westfjords peninsula), which is where my paternal family hails from, and close to the home of my heart, which is here:

[submitted link]

2017/03/28 11:12, Andróg:   
But still! Have you been to Madagascar or the Ellesmere Island?

This is absolutely vital information. Ask Zepir, if you don't believe me.

2017/03/28 12:46, Roadkill: 
Never have, and doubt I ever will.

2017/03/28 13:56, Andróg:   
It's okay, you are excused. But Thurge cannot use this excuse. *nod self*

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