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2017/04/21 22:36, Zepir:   
one cannot simply open a window for this analogy Thurge.

2017/04/21 23:17, Thurge: 
Okay, try turning a fan on too.

2017/04/22 00:19, Andróg:   
Amateurs open windows, we open gates. Floodgates.

2017/04/22 00:23, Zepir:   
what does one do when the fart refuses to leave the blasted shaft it should endure.

2017/04/22 01:09, Baratheon: 
Whatever you do. Don't gamble on it.

2017/04/22 16:53, Andróg:   
That's certainly a very fitting piece of advice for the House Baratheon!

2017/04/22 18:34, Zepir:   
some times one must release his inner flatulence to become his own destiny.

2017/04/22 20:07, Andróg:   
That sounds spammy.

2017/04/22 20:17, Zepir:   
I'm getting the hang of this stupid ass food worshiping spam thread!

2017/04/22 20:33, Andróg:   
Next up we expect pics of you eating spam!

2017/04/22 22:37, Zepir:   
spam is not even food is it? its like? Fake News for food?

2017/04/23 09:27, Andróg:   
Spam is what you want it to be.

2017/04/23 12:11, Roadkill: 
Glass me in the face, it's what I deserve.

[submitted link]

2017/04/23 13:21, Andróg:   
I'm not really convinced that you have a glass face...

2017/04/24 15:31, Zepir:   
I saw a picture of Roadkill today, he is not as cute as I expected. :(

2017/04/24 21:16, Boofhead: 

2017/04/25 00:22, Andróg:   
Roadkill is above average cute for a troll though.

2017/04/25 04:15, Savu:   
Cite your sources, Androg! Or is it just your opinion again?

2017/04/25 09:25, Andróg:   
Maia (Shaper) people know their stuff!

2017/04/25 15:44, Zepir:   
I mean yea the guy is a cutie just not as cute as I suspected!

2017/04/25 22:44, Strori: 
4385 discussions ignored out of 4395 total discussion on ER.
ER website expires next year btw

2017/04/26 10:30, Roadkill: 
2 hours of sleep is plenty! Disbelieve anyone who disagrees.

2017/04/26 12:54, Andróg:   
Plenty for what?

2017/04/26 14:01, Savu:   
For 2 hours of sleep, of course.

2017/04/26 19:59, Andróg:   
I see.

2017/04/27 14:03, Eldaril: 
There isn't nearly enough food talk here. Let's talk about pizza.

2017/04/27 14:10, Baratheon: 
If it is good pizza you only need cheese. Get out of here with your 500 toppings. Also, Boston and New York definitely have the best

2017/04/27 14:32, Eldaril: 
If it only has cheese, it's not even pizza :P

Also, Boston has some good high-end pizza places, but the average slice in NY cannot really be beat.

2017/04/27 16:49, Zepir:   
wait I forget did we establish your from the Balkans Eldaril?

2017/04/27 17:02, Thurge: 
Maybe that's what I should eat today!

2017/04/27 17:04, Thurge: 
It would be a fantastic way to finish a day that started with delicious street pie for breakfast. Mmmm, pie.

2017/04/27 20:58, Andróg:   

2017/04/28 21:27, Boofhead: 
What is your stance on pineapple on a pizza?

I like it.

2017/04/28 21:56, Baratheon:edited 1x   
Only way to eat pizza with pineapple is to throw it in the trash.

Edit: around Easter I saw a pizza with marshmallow peeps on it. An abomination!

2017/04/28 22:30, Thurge: 
Pineapple is an abomination upon the face of a pizza, be it round or square, red or white. Blasphemer!

2017/04/28 22:35, Zepir:   
Pineapple on pizza is amazing? Why is it so hated...

2017/04/28 22:55, Thurge: 
Because it sucks.

2017/04/29 04:05, Boofhead: 
But it tastes nice.

2017/04/29 09:10, Andróg:   
Because it's pineapple.

2017/04/29 10:27, Savu:   

2017/04/29 13:31, Andróg:   
Thou shalt pineapplify your pizza!

2017/04/29 21:42, Boofhead: 

2004/12/31 11:19, Enforcer:
Leave other threads alone please :) *hug*

Amazing how long this thread has been going :)

2017/04/29 22:36, Andróg:   
We shall organize a real life Spammers Meeting in December, 2024 then!

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