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2019/06/04 09:57, Fieldy:   
Oh, really? Wow, I have understood that so wrong.
Other than that, I would use any of those stats for a troll. But for unarmed, max STR for sure.

2019/06/19 08:33, Kut: 
Unarmed works like every other weapon skill like improving after each 5% or at some % it's starts to increase damage with each %? Just wondering if it's worth to increase unarmed from 96% to 99%. Or the damage add starts from 100% and above?

2019/06/19 10:55, Carl: 
Weapon skill % affects damage? I thought it just affected OB?

2019/06/19 11:45, Cohen:   
A bit hard to test to have troll with same ob, strength, but significantly different unarmed knowledge and same level. I would just go for as high as possible unarmed skill, regardless % is directly counted for damage or it is some indirect influence - based on ob, level etc. I would expect it is like for bear, as you grow you hit harder, and for troll you should train unarmed on top.

2019/06/19 15:37, Arcanum:   
hehehe. the holy grail of troll-players: unarmed tracker, the 'perfect' troll-stats.

I was there aswell. Until i found it. As it was years ago, it is forgotten. Altho there are 2 ologs on my account with those 'perfect' stats (dont ask the total number of ologs). the stats are perfect for me. other experienced troll-players have their own 'perfect' stats.

wasnt old times basic troll just max str, max con, max wil, rest in dex?

high dex in unarmed = 3 hits in a bash constantly.

the game evolves (less enemies= more need for track; less trolls= need to be able to solo), players improve, link goes faster/slower, players have less/more time for a session etc - that all, the needs, define the 'perfect' stats.

2019/06/19 19:26, Kut: 
Max unarmed is max str, max dex, max wil with 104%. I'm just curious at what point unarmed damage starts to increase with each % gained.

2019/06/20 04:24, Rashnak: 
For me, to keep things simple, the skill percentages are just substitutes for level, and vice versa.

If something goes up with level, it equally goes up with higher % in the skill. If you go with lower skill %, you can substitute it with higher level - though acknowledging that level to power formula changes after level 25, and caps at level 100.

I see no difference between spells or weaponskills in this basic math, not even in unarmed skill.

If you want a level 5 with warsword hitting as hard as a level 100, just put 10000000000% more pracs into it. That's why we have the max pracs per level in many skills.

Prior to level 26, your unarmed damage would have gone up (perhaps noticeably) with each level. From then on, its increase with level is much smaller, while having the skill practised up by (for example) 3% brings the same effect no matter how high level you are.

That way, you may observe to get relatively bigger improvement from pracs in damage after level 25, because increasing level stops mattering so much. Naturally by that time trolls would usually already have pretty high unarmed, so they may interpret that the change came from some prac threshold, even if it didn't.

But I stand to be corrected.

2019/06/20 08:21, Benedictus:   
Unpopular opinion but.. What has Willpower done for you lately?

p Lugh said it only helps with:
1) Saving spells: blind, sleep and lower received spell damage
2) Part of these formulas: bash, barehanded/conc/smite, endurance, rescue, wilderness
3) Maybe helps with fleeing, unconfirmed

These are not huge.
1) Hitflee stuff, don't fight solo mage in open.
2) WIL is least important in these formulas. The most important loss is endurance %.

But what can you get instead of willpower?
High DEX, PER, INT. So you get best defense a troll can have and track and good fleeing with dex. High Dex also helps with bash.

Str: 23, Int: 7, Wis: 5, Dex: 13, Con: 22, Wil: 12, Per: 11
Str: 23, Int: 8, Wis: 5, Dex: 13, Con: 22, Wil: 11, Per: 12
Str: 23, Int: 7, Wis: 5, Dex: 14, Con: 22, Wil: 10, Per: 12

Train neglect per, train improve str so you get 24 strength

2019/06/20 13:36, Carl: 
Fair warning, 0 wil trolls are a VERY masochistic play style. Blinds just become too painful. Must be into BDSM.

2019/06/20 13:52, Arcanum:   
Benedictus is on right track here. If sub-100% unarmed does not sound scary, then you can have 27 str and 24 con with lesser base str and con than 23 and 22. you will end up being a faster tracker - which was my goal.

2019/06/20 16:55, Shaukr: 
I've enjoyed trying Elfsmasher's stats on the last page: while they give sub-100% unarmed, I appreciate having the same track (90%) on a bunch of my characters. The hit damage is certainly still there, but here we get to Kut's question of how much each % matters!

2019/06/23 12:15, Hansel:   
real question, does dex effect bear amount of hits in a bash? Can a bear hit 3 times in a bash?

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