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2017/04/05 23:05, Strori: 
tab-autofill of recent outputs (teleport-keys) is great in Mudlet.
We discuss it [submitted link]

2017/04/06 03:48, Slampen:   
Thank you folks.

And I discovered #help that gives a list of valid command

#Valid TTcommands are:
variable, action, alias, read, if, group, loop,
tolower, toupper, antisubstitute, drop, nodrop, cr, echo, highlight,
ignore, info, killall, kickall, log, map, mark, math,
message, output, path, pathdir, presub, return, scriptlet, savepath,
showme, speedwalk, textin, substitute, gag, tick, tickon, tickoff,
tickset, ticksize, togglesubs, unaction, unalias, unantisubstitute, unpath, unvar,
write, zap, hotkey, unhotkey, connect, bell, char, status,
tabadd, tabdel, multiaction, multisubstitute, multihighlight, verbatim, nope, quit,
hidewindow, restorewindow, tray, reloadscripts, use, unuse, systemexec, ps,
tslist, terminate, tskill, play, woutput, wdock, wshow, wpos,
wlog, wname, logadd, logpass, flash, next, daa, whisper,
hide, race, spit, stick, lick, feed, colon, wait,
wt, break, abort, pinch, resume, tmlist, llist, unsubstitute,
comment, race, sos, grab, help, clean, prefix, winamp,
wamp, autoreconnect, run

2017/04/14 14:17, Nockurzh:edited 1x   
I'll hijack this thread for a sec.
Whatever i write into my global.set or any profile.set files, whenever i reload profile or close/ run JMC itself, everything new I have written just vanishes. Seems like it writes everything over with what it obtains form... somwhere.
Any ideas?
Edit: nvm, got it working. Folder was Read- only aswell as everything inside it. Had to use CMD to remove it.

2017/04/14 14:47, Nockurzh: 
Actually not everything is working.
I have those lines inserted into .set file:
#action {^%1/%2 hits, %3/%4 moves.} { #math curhp %1; #math maxhp %2; #math curmv %3; #math maxmv %4} {5} {default}

#alias {report} {emote reports: $curhp/$maxhp Hit Points, $curmv/$maxmv Move Points} {default}

It wont do the #math part it seems. Report will just give me this:
o= CW>emote reports: 399/$maxhp Hit Points, 149/153 Move Points

At some point, variables for curmv and maxmv have been created. Curhp I found from global.set.

Or perhaps JMC itself can't write variables into neccessary .set files?
Checked permissions, everything is allowed for every group or user.

2017/04/14 20:34, Saturnine:  edited 1x   
Use #var instead of #math to set a variable inside jmc.

Or if you just want a report with one alias instead of 2, use something like this but remove mana if on zaug, and change delimiter if you have something different than ';'

#alias {report} {#action {^%0 hits, %1 mana, and %2 moves.} {emote has: %0 hp, %1 mana, %2 moves.;#unaction {^%0 hits, %1 mana, and %2 moves.}};score} {default}

2017/04/15 08:43, Nockurzh: 
Thanks, got it working :)

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