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The US Economy and Social Programs catchup  discussions

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2011/12/28 08:17, Chark: 
I had to read the whole article linked by Stolb. Sounds like work of devil. So whole monetary system is based on fraud and people are just pieces in game that can be sacrified at will for sake of private bankers making more money. Thanks for link!

2011/12/28 10:58, Ortansia:   
@Stolb,I think you are right, small group of people can't shake a deep rooted system which exist for more than 400 years . There should be a world wide protest to knock down that system, Which is corrupted and fraudulous .

Anyway I still have hope in that wall street protesters, even though they are so powerless and disorganized now, but I hope this will open door for a world wide protest few years later.

This monetary system is doomed to collapse, it has caused so much harm all over the world, ( world wide crises, debt crises in Europe, poverty and so on). and those who are trying hard to keep it alive for whatever reason won't succeed. They can't fool people longer time ,because the evil truth of that monetary system is as clear as a day light.

2011/12/28 11:10, Stolb: 
You'd be laughing but Jesus Christus (real name Radomir-) once said to theese people's (banker's) ancestors less than 1 thousand years ago (yes, Bible describes happenings not 2, but 1 thousand years old - not 100% accurate, but still there are some unedited parts):

'John 8:44' <You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.>

2011/12/28 12:30, Devastator: 
The whole story reminds me of the accident where the whole Polish government died at once... something with not wanting to join the IMF :-/

I didn't relate to Lybia as a prosperous country and hence people not willing to protest. Might be truth in that statement, I'd have to dive deeper into that. Doesn't surprise me though if I do agree, since with many wars and invasions it can be put back to the whole banking / money system we have. Even World War II and the funding of Hitler by certain rich families, or Vietnam and it's ridiculous rules which made it impossible for the US soldiers to win the war, or Iraq and everything around those invasions, or 9/11, or ...

2011/12/28 13:10, Stolb: 
Well I read quite some articles (almost all in russian though) about Libya's social programs, and well - in europe people have like 5x or even 10x(in some structures) less benefits (both in amount and quality) than what libyan's had last year.

Free medical system, free education, xxx amount of money for newfounding family, 50% cost reduce for a purchase of a new (mostly foreighn) car, very low, up to 0% interest credits in government bank, sponsorship for building new house, if you dig deeper you can find probably more and more and more. Also I've read some saying from russian doctors (who went to lybia to work, cos the salary was times and times more than the one in russia), they totally backupped the previous info. They also said, that most 'rebels' are uneducated, very young people sub <23, who live on social security (around 1k+ $) and do drugs.

Also, cpl things among the many Kadaffi was 'busy with' are:

-neglecting USD usage and implementation of new (SURPRISE!) monetary system(dependant on gold standard or 'golden dinar') among cpl northafrican countries(if I recall correctly Libya, Iran, Sudan, United Arabian Emirates, Indonesia, Brunei (sp) and cpl more)

-researching and installing the usage of great underground water reservoir located beneath north african plate. Check out the hand-made oasises right in the middle of desert:
[submitted link]
this water reservoir can support whole north africa with water for hundreds of decades (just for example- price of 1m3(cube) water in German household costs around 1euro atm (or even more)

Just cpl infos you probably didn't know about Libya.

2011/12/28 13:47, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
About Libya, since its my neighbour country from the east. So I can say it was prosperous socially speaking. They had access to so many social advantages like for example: electricity / water was free; no tax, also each Libyan get like 300 euros per month issued from oil income revenue . Another thing is that each Libyan has right to loans without interest (Islamic ethic banks).....etc..
We Algerians and many other Arab countries really envied them for all these advantages...

Edit: ( deleted paragraph)
I didn't see Stolb's previous message who already explained about Gold dinar plan so I delete mine, :p
I just leave the link I found interesting which may reinforce what was he said earlier
[submitted link]

2011/12/28 13:51, Stolb:edited 1x   
Btw, if you live and US and hear some news, pressuring russia, and hear talks about russian 'rebels' on the streets, here is a thought:

Just cpl months ago Russia and China refused to use $ as trade standard and now use direct convertation from yen to rubel.
*surprised eyes @ political pressure on Russia and China in western media*

daymn, those good for nothing commies, haw dare zey?!
EDIT: Thanks Ortansia, didn't have english link for that info myself.

2011/12/28 21:51, Grimble:   
Those wall street protesters are mostly just a bunch of hippies and homeless hired by ACORN. ACORN goes door to door asking for donations for unrelated causes, then gives the money to homeless guys to go hold up signs and 'protest' all day. Of course there are a few kids that go downtown to camp out and shit in the bushes and think they are cool, but if you were to ask them why they are there they really don't know. They crap on the street and trash the local restaurants when they aren't given free food. The entitlement mentality today is truly disgusting.

2011/12/29 09:46, Devastator: 
It is amazing how the 'news' in Europe and America is so polluted that stories like this do not show up at all, unless you're connected to forums like ER, where people share the same news but from different perspectives. I'm starting to get totally disgusted by our so called 'freedom of speech' and 'free media'. Ugh.

Thanks for sharing the English translation, Ortansia.

2017/08/10 15:31, Breaux: 
I feel like this thread, albeit 9 yrs old, is more relevant than ever. I heard somewhere that the consumer debt burden in the US is reaching the same heights, if not higher, than Before the GFC. What's worse is that apparently the mortgage debt is lower now than Before the GFC, which means people have just gotten increased car debt and credit card debt. so when the crash comes (not if) there are no assets.

All indicators are screaming at us that we are at the peak of a bull market now. at the same time, the equities market seem to be unphased by any seemingly adverse events. Before the US presidential election, market analysts agreed that Trump being elected would be bearish for the stock market. Trump got elected, the US markets took a nose dive for a few hours and then Went V-shape back up again and then for a few months the reflation trade was the talk of the Town and equities soared even further.

Interested in hearing people's view on the global economy in general. and if people agree with this sentiment that we are in for a recession, what will the trigger be? War with North Korea? demographics/impending US pension crisis? Weakening consumer? US debt ceiling issues? real estate bubble blow-up?

2017/08/10 20:02, Merarl: 
China will be the new USA. They are embracing Green Tech, the next great problem/opportunity for the world.

The USA is having a crisis of conscience, and the only way the world can avoid large problems is to pivot to a new world leader.

Unless a new political paradigm occurs in the USA quickly, we will become increasingly irrelevant.

2017/08/11 00:21, Benedictus:   
For past 50 years, every 7-10 years there has been a major recession. The last crises ended ~7-8 years ago, there has not been a major recession since then. This is NOT the time for major investments unless you can flip it in 12-24 month timeline which might already be too late.

Trying to profit from the inevitable near-future recession can be very profitable albeit catching the correct timing to short something is of course extremely risky.. even if your idea is right eventually, if your timing sucks you go bankrupt before your idea comes true.

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