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2014/07/29 10:16, Edvard: 

Base abilities: Str:15 Int:14 Wis:14 Dex:14 Con:17 Wil:11 Per:13.

Made these long ago and might not be optimal but I always thought he worked well, on all levels too. Could beat good pure warriors just by rearmouring. High dex makes him good solo character.

2014/07/29 11:27, Carnez:edited 1x   
Harm and so on worked well also ?
Edit: Think I have 1 more swim available :D

2014/07/29 14:58, Täpp:   
Really doubt that char beats good pure warriors just by rearmouring, Edvard. That high dex is also not useful on combo.

2014/07/29 23:39, Afflicted:edited 4x   
I wentthe warriorstyle shaman and have really enjoyed it.
17 15 10 13 18 12 12 base
20 16 11 12 20 13 11 with 2str. Trained up con. Neglected per.
Armour shield burn bolt bob cure. Rest in warrior skills
398 hps 96 mana 155? Mps.

150+ ob in metals. 150ish def. Nukes still hurt enough and armour spell works just fine.
My 2 cents

I also liked these if you wanted slightly higher caster percents:
Str:17 Int:15 Wis:12 Dex:12 Con:18 Wil:11 Per:12

2014/07/30 03:12, Vruukásh:   
At what (approximate) level do you expect those stats (hps/OB/def) Afflicted?

2014/07/30 14:51, Afflicted: 
Afflicted is level 54 i think. A friend just rerolled his orc using the higher wis set. He has similar success with 390 hps. Shock. He didnt getbob tho. Not entirely needed since we can hoard draughts anyway.

2014/07/31 15:20, Edvard: 
Tapp: OK? Doubt me all you want, I have solo pked Vrurbag for years and I know what he's capable of.

Maybe dex is too high. Afflicteds stats sure look better and that extra 30 hps is very nice.

But I also think people tend to both overrate and underrate some stats. For example the characters I like the most and end up playing tend to have high DEX, regardless of class. Don't know why, maybe it has to do with mobility - easier to flee around and time my attacks to make use of the approach delay etc.

I don't have a log in where I only rearmour, but maybe from this you could tell he's not a horrible char: [submitted link]

2016/12/13 06:15, Slampen:   
Super nice thread folks.

What weapon should like a 16 base str shaman start with?
Guess when strength spell is up and running everyone uses crushing weapons?

2016/12/13 06:43, Rashnak: 
Depends on what you mean by 'start with'? If you mean low level to hero XP, blind+shoot is the staple set for shaman, so you want to look for embellished bow. It gets even better at higher levels, if you are pure shaman with raise dead.

But if you are combo, then you want a high damage weapon - for defensive shaman shield spell would give more def than any weapon will, and then you would not have pracs to get weapon skill very high, so might as well play pure shaman.

So ornate warhammer or blackened spear. Also depends on how easily you expect to acquire new weapon should you lose it. Some weapons are more readily available from Kormock than others.

2016/12/13 09:24, Slampen:   
Nice to see you are still around Jani.

Sorry for not beeing clear. Bad communication (specially when it comes to written) is the story of my life. :p

I'm tempted to start up a warior-shaman with like 16 in base strength.

How would you level up a warrior-shaman solo?
A. All warrior with warrior skills
B. Using blind (even that a warrior-shaman will have bad blind) and shooting?

Any other and better alternatives for a (not-even) casual player?


2016/12/13 13:11, Rashnak: 
I've actually started several new orc characters in last couple of months. One pure shaman, 2 battle-shamans, warrior, and scout.

The pure shaman is by far easiest to play, because of mobility with BOB and access to lot of XP.

The battle-shamans have been horrible for me to XP solo in pre-hero levels, compared to pure shaman. But just blind, and bash-flee or shoot-flee the mobs you can, if you have the patience.

Battle-shamans need higher level before they get easy, and even then good equipment is more or less must.

Never tried, but perhaps only practising shaman and ranger skills, and minimum warrior skills, would make blind work better in pre-legend levels. Then you could blind-shoot-flee your way up and get warrior skills later. You wouldn't be able to solo warrior-kill anything but newbies in PK anyway until legend.

If you for some reason plan to get raise dead on a battle-shaman (or perhaps even if you don't), you could get command skill at early levels, and buy crows to parry split. They help if you get bash but have limited combo OB.

2016/12/13 20:09, Elestir:   
If you are looking for decent offensive weapon for lower than 18 STR, the recently added wicked Durbuk-hai axe (15 STR weapon) is a good choice for shaman. You will need to get it max-enchanted though. Nimble blade might also be of use (especially if you have very low STR), but you will have to spend some pracs in attack to get good dps on piercing weapons.

2016/12/13 21:45, Arcanum:   
unless something has changed, you will be mostly alone, gaining levels.
you get usable eq and keep it safe. you prac the way that you raise dead asap. quake is ok on lower levels, specially if you have some idle-time in sessions. and then you get a) bored, b)powerful enough, and you prac it pkway, whatever you pick as your style.

2016/12/13 23:02, Sparticus: 
Just get 3-4 pracs in command (for crows as pb split) and a bunch of pracs in cure serious, then prac/play as a warrior. You never have to stop for regen (in fine metals) and if you get even more efficient if another player joins you.

2016/12/15 10:13, Zepir:   
Elestir that axe is 16 str , tried it on my dwarf after reading this.

2016/12/15 10:16, Roadkill: 
Important bit about xping shaman (and cleric) at very low levels: Prac it as warrior.

2017/03/31 06:32, Slampen:   
So I started a shaman-warrior combo char.
Str:17 Int:15 Wis:12 Dex:12 Con:18 Wil:11 Per:12

Starting out prac'ing as a warrior.

When would you get your first spell and what would it be?

2017/03/31 14:04, Breaux: 
Bob - legend level, but maybe hero level if you need it for survival.
armour- but only once you start pking. late hero/legend level.
bolt- once you start pking. late hero/legend level.
shield - legend level.

2017/04/02 19:14, Slampen:   
Soooo...Playing like a nerfed-warrior until level 21? *grin*

Playing the first 21 levels not have something useful to spend mana on feels like wasting a lot of resources....


2017/04/03 09:15, Snek: 
You can use ur 100 mana on cure light :)

2017/06/22 01:45, Aranaeth: 
When it comes to leveling up weak puke chars, the ones that dont have spells before level 6-12 etc. There are two things you should really do, get some decent absorb/shield/weapon, find 3-4 mercs and run over stuff again and again, refrain from messing with stuff that doesent work(sometihng i myself always have hard time with, last stabber of mine started stabbing at 11 or 12 for example).

Mercs= no regen, no delays, no randomness. Later many replace em with charmies. Its fast, steady and boring. forget all that blind shoot relic of 2000-s there are better ways :)

2017/06/22 12:25, Belgarath:   
Agreed Aranaeth, 3- 4 mercs provide some very fast xp. Xping lowbie casters, i always prac them to be buffs until level 13-15. Having lots of parry splitters with a buffing leader, whether they're mercs or lowbie xp trains, is the key!

Back to topic and reading old posts - Rashnak why would you try to xp a lowbie orc shaman, praccing as a combo? Blind and bash/shoot before level like 21? No wonder it was horrible haha :) Well, maybe blind.. as well all know how broken shoot is vs blind, guess it wouldn't matter, but xping with bash/blind before uruk is just an exercise in frusteration :)

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