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2021/02/11 16:35, Belamir: 
If I recall, Ypsilon was the first white side player to 100, barely beating Lowyn.

2021/02/13 15:34, Shrike: 
btw some interviews mentioned in the thread, are any of them still available somewhere?

2021/02/15 08:55, Dan: 
Went and looked at my skype logs.
18th of May 2018: On the fourteenth Girithron, 2867 of the Third Age, you gained level one hundred in Osse's Well.

I'm guessing you can find most of the dates from posts in random runes. Find all posts that have 100 in them.

2021/02/15 13:54, Shrike: 
MUME resets its year count every now and then though when it reaches the end of 3rd age, right? So can't only order on the game date then, but could probably correct the order with some manual intervention.

2021/03/13 22:22, Andróg:   
Looking at that list, did I miss out on some noteworthy combination or is zorc warrior the only significant thing missing on that list? (Other than of course all the goofy combinations like hobbit mages etc.)

2021/03/14 02:49, Zíntilden:   
Haven't you heard, Andróg? The Zaugurz all patiently wait for Sardaukar to claim his throne.

2021/03/14 09:39, Keidi:   
Well, you can always go for a bn cleric...

2021/03/14 13:40, Andróg:   
Bn cleric is a good point, but those zorcs really should then arrange an xp-train for Sardaukar and just have him semi-idle along as they get it done for him!

2021/03/15 01:02, Iminyë: 
Keidi's list is incomplete

2021/03/15 03:45, Trygno:   
Ah must be

37. Iminyë

2021/03/15 11:38, Keidi:   
Oh Iminye, thank you so much for this great input again. I just cannot imagine, how MUME or anyone else around you can get by without your mass of useful information that you are providing every time you open your mouth.

Again. Thank you so much.

2021/03/15 12:19, Razkolnik: 
Is there a site with the interviews still? The one [submitted link]
is not working anymore?

2021/10/18 14:58, Rik: 
Svarten should have a * now in the list, as the character is back to level 1 :( :(

2021/10/18 15:29, Arcanum:   
Svarten is THE legendary olog. Ending his career with sundeath is just another step. Tan pales in comparison in every aspect. Thus I agree, Svarten should have a * or even ** in the list, as the olog was hardcore.

PS Waiting for Svarten to be the first one to reach level 100 from level 1 twice.

2021/11/25 06:41, Antti: 
I retrieved the original L100 interviews from ~2010 from my archives, wrote them clean again, and thanks to Jahara they are now available at Community section of
So, here are the interviews of Norsu, Azazello, Ypsilon, Woland, Stolb, Staub, Vardamir, Salazár, Dragóth, Tan, Genka and Timodeus: [submitted link]

Happy reading! :)

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