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2011/07/17 15:35, Igrim: 
the invite thing is still on ?
I'd appreciate an invite ö_ö

2011/07/17 18:06, Ortansia:   
Now that we are all added, what are we supposed to do?
Should we create Mume circle and talk about the game? Or is there anything else we can do?

2011/07/17 19:01, Matlock:   
Sounds like a plan, take the initiative, start one and invite all of us.

2011/07/17 20:30, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
I don't know yet how it works, it is different from facebook. As far as, I understood, when you make a circle, you become like a leader and then others should follow you???.

I like that concept but I prefer someone with better knowledge do it.

2011/07/18 02:54, Atticus: 
From what I can tell, other people cannot tell what circles another person has created or even what circles they themselves have been added to. I don't think that google+ circles are anything like facebooks groups or fanpages. (Someone please correct me if I am wrong!)

However, I do think it's viable to all create Mume circles and share posts to those people included in those circles about the game. In essence, its just a selective wall post, where as facebook there is no choice as to what 'friends' see what..

Hoping this made sense! :) My take on it thus far is that the whole thing has potential, but it's got a ways to go if it plans on actually competing with facebook.

2011/07/18 11:54, Berdo: 
Circles are YOUR way of determining what messages people can receive (this goes so far that you need to open a circle-of-one to send a PM).

Consider it some collection of lists of people who can receive stuff you write.

So you write stuff about MUME and dirty jokes in your mume-circle, work-stuff in your work circle, family stuff in your family circle etc.
At least that is how I understand it.

And it's going to mow facebook down - simply because it's 'not facebook' in the same as myspace was taken over in the past by something else for 'not being myspace' and in the way that Google+ will be taken over in ten or so years by the next hot thing.

When some social network is not hip anymore, cluttered with old, broken relationships, friends who you grew astranged with, stupid things you wrote, your parents, your life has moved on (hobbies, taste), or simply a simple dislike for the old GUI - people move on. It has been this way since social media in any form started to pop up.

Zuckerberg should have sold last year.

2011/07/18 17:42, Andróg:   
Ten or so years? You're sure giving it a long lifespan. Facebook is only at Year 4/5 if we only count the genuinely active years and not the early days.

Secondly, I think the market is big enough that these things can coexist. I mean, just look at the list of social media webpages on Wikipedia. There are at least a few dozen really successful ones.

Thirdly, I'm still skeptical about it becoming that successful. Having 20 million people try it out is one thing, but compare that to Facebook's 750 million and really... it's a tiny fish with a lot of media coverage.

Besides, quoting Ortansia: 'Now that we are all added, what are we supposed to do?' Who says that even half of those 20 million are going to stay? The 'oh this looks new and interesting' stage passes real fast.

Lastly, from what I understand Zuckerberg has already sold. He still owns something like 25% or so, but nothing major.

2011/07/18 18:13, Wiseman: 
I wish it was more integrated with google's other services (mainly reader).

I'd love to have a button in google reader that would let me automatically re-post liked RSS items to my google+ stream.

2011/07/18 18:57, Ortansia:   
I think people are having overdose of facebook, and for sure they are looking for something new to get rid of facebook addiction.

That google+ looks for me experimental, but I trust google that they will improve it into something better :). Like they did with Blogger and Gmail or google chrom. So in a long run, I think Google+ will be able to compete with facebook.

The thing that I liked with Google+ is the clean interface, whereas Facebook is too heavy and cluttered, and I hate also the fact that I'm subjected to too many informations at once (Tags/ groups reports ... etc) .

2011/07/18 20:03, Andróg:   
You can edit the information Facebook throws at you to a detail. So you're only really subjected to too much information if you haven't bothered to specify your settings.

But yes, I understand what you mean, but still, isn't it only a matter of time once Google+ is just as crowded? Join a bunch of circles, etc, and suddenly it's just the same?

2011/07/19 07:39, Ortansia:   
@Androg I don't think the strategy of google+ is to take over facebook market. Their strategy is to come with something simple and improve it slowly but surely. And I like very much this principle.

I like also the fact that google don't do too much, and therefore don't get lost in too much details. For example, if you see the competition between Firefox and Internet explorer, they added too much technology and functions at once that generated many bugs and and made the navigator heavy!.
For example, my computer make a strange noise wherever I watch videos on youtube while using firefox or internet explorer.

however google chrome came up with a very simple interface , it is not overloaded with superficial functions, and I can view videos without any problem :).

I think other navigators just added too much functions and got lost in details, and therefore they forgot the main purpose of a navigator. that is allow people to surf on the net easily and smoothly.

2011/07/19 21:00, Atticus: 
Just kidding about it being open to everyone btw! :)

I tried to make an account for my wife and got this:

Google+ is in limited Field Trial
Right now, we're testing with a small number of people, but it won't be long before the Google+ project is ready for everyone. Leave us your email address and we'll make sure you're the first to know when we're ready to invite more people.

Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

2011/07/20 02:13, Goretongue: 
Nah Berdo. Facebook destroyed Myspace because it was a better product. Google+ has yet to show its worth.

2011/07/20 11:42, Berdo: 
I think the iteration is simple:
Take the existing X, improve it.

On each step, like twenty or more companies try the next ones - and sometimes, one actually gets it done and has the luck and support needed. People will move on as soon as it seems more modern, is a bit less cluttered (due to not being used as much), and having one or two more 'nice' features.
Facebook's time of the 'Oh, awesome hype' is over, even the mainstream found some negative press and I think it can only get worse than what is today. Not that it will totally bad anytime soon, but 'good and negative' is worse than the new hyped thing that comes along.
As I see it, google+ seems to have the right mix of publicity, features, and hype to become a problem.

It's not that facebook will be dead from today to tomorrow but I think the Big Time where they ruled basically alone is going to be over soon. If not google+, it'll be someone else who looked at Facebook and ripped it off and added some improvements.

It might be some day the internet-age will be in Full Power and reach a more-or-less stable level, for example as search engines seem to have or another example, as game consoles have (stable for quite a while now and when PS4 and Xbox360 II (whatever it is called) come out, they will also last for nearly a decade... but I doubt that has already come for social networks (which is bad news for Facebook).

2011/07/21 07:33, Nero: 
Google+ is a combination of facebook and twitter. You can follow anyone you want and they can follow you back or not. You can classify why you're following them in circles (and you can put people in more than one circle).

Circles serve two roles: they group what stuff is sent to you and they are used to control who you send things to. For example, if you put all of us in a MUME circle then if any of us post anything you will see it under 'MUME' (as well as 'Stream' which is all your circles together). If you post to MUME then everyone in that circle will get it.

However, circles are asymmetrical. We may have you in a MUME circle or something else entirely. We might have you in 'Following' and when you post to your MUME circle, we see it come into our feed under 'Following'. Or we might not have you in a circle at all, in which case your message comes in under 'Incoming'.

So, circles are for you to contextualize what *you* send and receive. No one can see what circle you've put them in, only that you've added them. Kind of like real life.

2011/07/21 17:54, Atticus: 
The more I use it, the more I am liking it. Even though facebook may have something similar to this kind of control over who sees what, its definitely not as simple and accessible as circles.

I already got a nice lil mume circle going too... It's kinda nice to post stuff about mume that only mumers would understand! :)

2011/07/21 20:10, Ortansia:   
Simplicity is the key :) and that's the strength point of google.

2011/07/22 09:43, Azazello: 
Anyone got an invite still? I'd appreciate one!

lachupe at gmail com

2011/07/22 10:52, Fankil: 

2011/07/23 07:13, Caesar: 
[submitted link]

2011/07/25 18:09, Elizalde:

2011/07/25 18:24, Ĺgran:   
Do you have any invites left Jason ?

2011/07/28 22:13, Ezmodius: 
Ok, I've added everyone, but I see you've already got invites before. :) We could start posted logs to Google+. :)

2017/08/28 22:22, Strori: 
time to switch to github?

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