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2012/11/18 10:36, Nimfea: 
[submitted link]

Space simulator future right here!
LAST DAY! To buy in for a star ship and life time guarantee on your ship bodywork. And support the game which I believe to be become epic one.

Must check it out!

2013/08/31 17:30, Berdo: 
And it has hit 17+ Million $. The first actual playable (the hangar with the ships you own) snippet is out (for backers).

[submitted link]

The only problem is: So far no one knows what it is going to be. Apparently some sort of 'Mainsteam EVE online with a Wing Commander like solo campaign'.

2013/09/01 13:37, Devastator: 
Installing the gigantic 3GB patch on my brand new work laptop. Seems my laptop might be strong enough to play this game, but besides that, it might be reason to finally buy me a high-end gaming computer. On the other hand, it is pre-alpha release so we'll see where this is going.

2013/09/01 16:15, Berdo: 
Graphics: [submitted link]

2017/11/05 10:16, Nimfea: 
Few years has past, some progress been made:

[submitted link]

Anyone picked up interest? I haven't actively keep my eye on it but im going through all the info that has piled up and browsing for new PC capable to take me to this adventure.

2017/11/06 18:42, Naga: 
4 years of progress? I guess that may be better than Project Phoenix?

2017/11/09 22:23, Aranaeth: 
Too early to worry about new pc

2018/01/03 22:57, Ryalnos:   
All the pieces look cool, but it's been a long time now and I'm doubting it'll come together at all soon.

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