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2015/07/27 11:44, Pilois:   
Thanks a ton for this Ortansia. I just started playing again after a long break and having an updated map has really helped.

2015/07/27 18:26, Orlanth: 
The zone that is missing is east of Moria east exit (west Lorien).

2015/07/27 19:14, Ortansia:   
@ Pilois np I'm glad it helped you :)

@ Orlanth thanks for input I will check later, and update the map :p

2015/07/28 01:43, Patience: 
Yes indeed, thank you Ortansia!

2015/07/29 17:38, Ortansia:   
@Patience Np, still working on it :p

I quickly mapped east moria new zone yesterday, here is the updated map :)
[submitted link]

I didn't discover many hidden exits.... anyway if I missed something, feel free to mume mail or message me here :p

2015/08/23 19:47, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.3.5 July 29, 2015

Fixed bug that prevented connections from having TCP KeepAlive (nschimme)
Updated base map to include new zones; thanks Ortansia! (nschimme)

[submitted link]

2015/12/10 08:04, Jahara: 
MMapper 2.3.6 Beta 1

December 9, 2015


High DPI displays are now supported such as Retina displays (nschimme)

[submitted link]

2016/01/09 14:23, Reich:edited 1x   
Anyone having issues with mmapper 2.3.6?
I cant turn it on:

The program can't start because zlib1.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

Edit: Fixed by downloading a zlib1.dll file!

2016/02/06 11:53, Cohen:   
Anyne compiled on ubuntu 14.04, installed, but still have issue with QOpenGLWidget and and google help is for qmake and .pro file, not make/CMakeLists.txt

-- QtIOCompressor not found; using bundled copy.
-- MMapper version 2.3.6 (Release distribution)
CMake Warning (dev) at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/cmake/Qt5Core/Qt5CoreMacros.cmake:224 (configure_file):
configure_file called with unknown argument(s):


Call Stack (most recent call first):
src/CMakeLists.txt:154 (QT5_ADD_RESOURCES)
This warning is for project developers. Use -Wno-dev to suppress it.

-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: XXXX/sw/MMapper-2.3.6/build
[ 1%] Automatic moc for target mmapper
[ 1%] Built target mmapper_automoc
[ 2%] [ 3%] [ 5%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mmapper.dir/display/mapcanvas.cpp.o
Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mmapper.dir/display/mapwindow.cpp.o
Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mmapper.dir/expandoracommon/mmapper2event.cpp.o
In file included from XXXX/sw/MMapper-2.3.6/src/display/mapcanvas.cpp:27:0:
XXXX/sw/MMapper-2.3.6/src/display/mapcanvas.h:33:25: fatal error: QOpenGLWidget: No such file or directory
#include <QOpenGLWidget>
compilation terminated.
In file included from XXXX/sw/MMapper-2.3.6/src/display/mapwindow.cpp:28:0:
XXXX/sw/MMapper-2.3.6/src/display/mapcanvas.h:33:25: fatal error: QOpenGLWidget: No such file or directory
#include <QOpenGLWidget>

2016/02/10 15:24, Vidgri:edited 1x   
Finally I don't need to install full Qt5.
apt-get install qt5-default
and maybe tools-package is enought to complile it.


How can

Add the installation prefix of 'Qt5Core' to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set
'Qt5Core_DIR' to a directory containing one of the above files. If
'Qt5Core' provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it has
been installed.

in Ubuntu ?

2016/02/26 13:23, Ortansia:   
At last I found this thread, for those who are using my map, there was some rooms terrain change recently, I updated the map some, let me know if any room not syncronizing so i can fix it

Here is thelink to my updated map [submitted link]

2016/03/01 18:54, Ortansia:   
I updated ( goblin and dragon cave) here is the new link

[submitted link]

2016/03/11 17:42, Ortansia:   
Updates ( fixed caves around gh and BM)

[submitted link]

Mume mail me if any room need update! :)

2016/03/17 19:26, Ortansia:   
New updates ( brown bear cave n gh, big john area and slug e brush)

[submitted link]

2016/03/20 11:17, Rogon:   
I found two places where the latest one loses sync!

One is in redhorn pass, east of looserocks, in the room where Quenaire's tome is hidden. The room desc was tweaked for that quest, I guess that's why.

The other place is where the key to overseer is.

2016/03/20 12:01, Ortansia:   
Thanks for feedbacks I will try to fix it asap :)

2016/03/25 22:19, Rogon:   
You are missing the hidden exit that is 1n of the rattlesnake on the west side of the anduin! South of the hatch some.

2016/03/26 20:44, Rogon:   
Some more stuff!

Amon othar is not syncing correctly.

There's also errors at dark grove, the mother wolf's cave in the north grove, and also the entrance to nagrorh.

2016/03/27 06:33, Ortansia:   
Sorry being quiet busy lately, but I will update it next week hopefully

PS: If someone using my map, and have ton of free time, can try update it and post link here :p.

2016/03/28 19:46, Rogon:   
I fixed a couple of other things that will screw up the map:

A room name in the stoor caves (the upper rooms where bears are).

Cave in the cliff down near oie, up from the river, fixed sector there!

Same for a cave in the zone north-east of rivendell with two brown bears in it.

And the troll tunnel under the cabin nw of noc.

2016/03/28 20:48, Orlanth:edited 1x   
Deleted. I got old map....

2016/04/01 15:33, Rogon:   
I fixed another 'building', a shallow cave east some of last bridge.

2016/04/03 08:51, Rogon:   
There's a place in moria where it gets lost. It's that area that looks like a big square, with a + in the middle. There's a yellow fungus in the southwest corner. In the eastern part of the + there's some rooms named lore something, there the map lost sync!

2016/04/04 17:20, Ishamael:   
Updating rooms is not the biggest point of interest, as you can do that yourself very easy. To do so simply click on select room icon, then use mousescroll up or down and find those rooms. If they are layered directly above/below your current room, just merge down/up, and voila you have a working map again.

Whats more interesting is having new zones getting mapped with all hidden exits. But most of that seems to be done which is nice for new players or those not inclined to do it themselves. I for one would get lost in new warrens using this map. So sometimes its preferabble to set up the places as you yourself feel they should be instead of using someone elses map.

2016/04/04 21:00, Rogon:   
For those of us not interested in mapping ourselves, having Ortansias map fully updated is nice.

To me it's more important that old areas work fully on a map that new players could reasonably be expected to find and use, while brand new areas could remain unknown for some time, giving advantage to explorers :)

2016/04/06 07:57, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
There is even an easier way to update rooms, by using path machine button ( thanks Nimmeth for the trick), so I can do it myself easily, but the thing is that I'm not active lately, so it might take long....
Anyway my map is still up for download and free to use :p, so if anyone feels like updating the rooms and share it here. Feel free to do it :)

2016/04/21 16:47, Rogon:   
Another faulty place is the 1-room 'quarry' west of noc with a huge stone giant and a huge stone troll in it.

There's also a connection missing in the new little mine south of zoc, south of the trail. That place with an elite orc guard in it + some other mobs. It has a door at the top level, some mountaindoor or mountainside or mountainwall.

2016/04/23 18:52, Rogon:   
In need of fixing: cave bear cave with the droppings door in eregion and grasses with a cavebear just southwest of that, south of the river.

2016/04/30 18:40, Rogon:   
The ruin/slab place south of fork needs fixing!

2016/07/20 20:29, Caligor: 
That's unbelievable, that this tool is still used after all the years! And still the same concept and graphics I created in first versions of MMapper2 :).

2016/11/09 15:14, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Just rediscovered this thread. Can I trouble someone (anyone?) to mail me an updated map to fifabergs (failed doughnut/bun) gmail (little round thingy) com?

I found some old map called arda2-j in one of the links above, where the exit name from the bowl place in fangorn (birchwall) was missing from the inside, and where the mapper got confused when I moved s along the banks of the Anduin from the Vale. Is that the latest available issue?

2016/11/09 16:05, Nockurzh: 
I would like a map also! :)

2016/11/18 11:35, Reich: 
Is there an updated mmaper2 map available for download?

2017/02/05 13:31, Mrfiggy:   
Does anyone have a fully updated map? I am looking to start playing again and it's been awhile!

2017/02/05 18:31, Merarl: 
ping someone in game. they should be able to get you arda.mm2.

how long has it been? like 10 years or 6 months?

2017/02/06 10:11, Slampen:   
[submitted link]
good enough?

2017/04/26 08:16, Rashnak: 
Feature request for MMapper software:

Possibility to have MMapper remember to path that you have walked (last X rooms) and visualize that path in the map.

2017/04/26 10:40, Elestir:   
You can post ideas/bug-reports on mmapper's github page here:
[submitted link]

2017/04/30 13:30, Strori: 
Trigger the client 'Server closed the connection' to 'disconnect()' /
Visited vs unvisited rooms highlight
Highlight room where the character has died

2018/02/13 16:44, Nero: 
Hi. I've found a place that doesn't sync: Tower hills South East of GH. The hidden elf cave area (doors: entrance, irondoor). I cannot get the mapper to see me go into the first room and I'm not sure why not. I tried deleting the rooms and going in mapping mode but the mapper doesn't add them.

Also, what is missing from the latest maps? I see that Mirkwood seems to be there, even with hidden exits. Also, is there anything I can do to make the mapper more resiliant? I have the 'parser' config set with 'Room name color' set to the color I use and 'Descriptions' set to the 'room-descr' color, I have breif/spam/compact off, prompt all, but still I can't force it into this room even though the text and everything looks correct.

2018/02/13 17:30, Jahara: 
You're probably using an older version of MMapper. Have you tried the latest version to see if it has the same problem?

[submitted link]

2018/02/13 18:10, Nero: 
Oh, sorry, I looked at some links above and was under the impression that I was on the newest (2.3.6). I've updated and the issue I found above seems to be fixed. At least in the maps that come with the install. Are those maps as up to date as Ortansia's?

2018/02/13 19:33, Jahara: 
The included map is based off of Faine's map. I think its more up to date than Ortansia's.

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