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2013/08/27 19:58, Imago: 
Eh, can't be too bad. I moved from powtty to powwow, and have had lots of bugs due to small config differences. I feel that mudlet might be a bit easier, and Lua isn't that difficult. Just need to get that local editing. ;)

2013/08/29 02:20, Slordor: 
Has anyone ever tried Mush Client? [submitted link]
It's one of the most advanced clients I've seen for Windows. I think it can also be made to work under Wine in Linux. It has native support for Lua scripting and can support any language that uses the Windows Script Host. It's also documented very well.

2013/10/05 16:21, Imago: 
Does anyone know if you can display output elsewhere using mudlet?

Kind of like how you can use powwow, tee, and nc to pump it out and view it on another PC?

2015/07/16 19:16, Björn: 
Anyone managed to highlight text strings while connected through mmapper? I tried everything to get a highlight, then connected without mmapper and it worked as it should. Any idea what might be the problem when connecting through mmapper?

2015/07/17 08:47, Mötley: 
I have highlights on lots of text strings and I'm connected through mmapper, what kind of highlights are you looking for björn? For eq I just take in the Perl Regex eg ^a shining shirt$ and change the color in the box under. I also use if for when arriving, leaving and tracking among others by setting up a color to a table of variables.
Gimmie an example and I'll try and help you out :D

2015/07/17 11:13, Björn: 
Well it's very strange, it all works on my laptop, seemingly the same setup... But not on my mud station...

2015/07/17 11:26, Mötley: 
Got the same version of mudlet on both machines? Same version of mmapper? Do you import a table of highlights from a local file?

2015/07/17 13:30, Björn: 
Well this is embarrassing as always. I simply missed to activate the folder a few levels up in the hierarchy of folders. Was not enough to activate the trigger itself. Sorry for wasting your time!

2015/07/17 14:21, Mötley: 
Haha np, been there done that, we're getting older Björn, dementia is just a few years away now ;)

2015/07/17 16:17, Björn: 
Yeah, but jmc WAS easier. I mean %1 tells you '%0' - anyone could handle that!

2015/12/25 14:45, Vidgri:edited 1x   
in Ubuntu combination of Mudlet+Mmapper is working, nothing extra was done.

Slordor, Wine might need to be winetricked to get script-languages enabled.

2015/12/28 04:46, Slordor: 
When running Mushclient under Wine, you might indeed need to employ some jiggery-pokery to get it to work with JScript or VBScript. Scripts written in Lua should work fine out of the box though, as Mushclient has native support for Lua.

2015/12/31 11:25, Vidgri:edited 2x   
How do you run vbscript in client with wine? It crashes in my case so far

2016/01/01 23:04, Ercos: 
Hey! Im new in Mudlet, but allready like it better than JMC! But since im not mutch of the coder, im stuck on one little matter. Namely if I sub some text and change the color of it - the script also colors next triggers output. How to i reset the color after it displays my wanted result?

This is a example of the trigger, it should simply replace the 'A mother eagle joins jour fight!' with something more highlighted.

perl regex: ^(.*) joins your fight.$

replace(matches[2] .. ' JOINS Y O U R F I G H T !!!')

2016/01/02 12:04, Mötley:edited 2x   
Try and change the regex to perl regex: ^(.*) (joins) your fight.$

the first matches is the entire line, the second here will be the one that joins your fight (a mother eagle) and the third will match specific to just joins. Try out

local joins = matches[3]:gsub('%.', '')
local joinsTable = {
joins = 'JOINS'

if joins then
selectString(matches[3], 1)

This way you can highlight words in the middle of the regex instead of highlighting an entire line and only on specific occassions that you choose yourself so that when someone would narrate or emote the regex line it will not screw up your colouration

2016/01/03 12:10, Orlanth: 
Can anyone share basic scripts for mudlet, I wanna try this client? Please contact me in the game so I can give e-mail address.

2016/01/04 09:50, Mötley: 
Define what kind of basics scripts. I've worked on my client with alot of different triggers/scripts and aliases but it's developed for my style of playing and usage. I've made a gui with timers and some of Octavias scripts ( [submitted link]

I could of course share what I have but in my opinion if you want something that works as you expect it will work, either take a look at Octavias scripts ( they're well-made for MUME usage and comes with good descriptions, something I haven't taken time to sit down and sort through my code to pack it neatly and write how to use them. Kudos to Octavia for that ) or check mudlets forum on what script you're looking for AND rewrite them yourself.

2016/01/04 11:35, Ortansia:   
I gave up using mudlet because I failed to convert my powtty script into mudlet :/
So It would rock if there is a script converter from powtty to mudlet, but as far as I know it doesn't exist yet :/

2016/01/04 14:13, Orlanth: 
I'll take a look at Octavias scripts, meanwhile I have started to write some of them by myself. Basic targetting works now, and some consumables etc. Bummer that shift+KEYPAD can't be bound though.

2016/01/05 22:07, Orlanth: 
Please explain in detail how to install Octavia's reply script. I think that I can't resolve the dependency to 'packages'.

I get errors like this:

Lua syntax error:[string ' = [[...']:31 attempt to index global 'reply' (a nil value)

Local editor script gives similar errors.

Also I have problem with enemies line cutting in two lines which is pretty annoying. Any fix for that?

2016/01/06 10:47, Mötley: 
I don't have the script myself, but have you checked if it depends on another script (some of his scripts do, especially his package script, which I sat with a long time before I figured out why I kept getting errors ) the reply (nil value) indicates that reply isn't defined anywhere. About the enemy lines cutting in two lines it is a Mmapper issue with mudlet, there is a thread somewhere here on how to fix that to.

2017/02/01 10:45, Vidgri:edited 14x   
It work with bugged clock package, so should work with others.

uninstall bugged package
edit original .xml file: replace all 'reply.' with 'reply_'
save .xml
optionally you can zip it since you can isntall zipped package
install reply package
disable or delete 'Packages' subfolder in Alias->Reply Triggers->Reply Scripts->Reply

basic script can be put in aliases or triggers or keys, script in script part can do nothing.

Script to filter out anyone who has 'tells you' pattern in whois, narrate, etc (based on tell color), looped 'tells you' when someone copy-pastes reply, mobs with <space> in name, you cannot tell them anything, like 'a ranger tells you...', named mobs, Rogon and Imago when they tell you 'vote for mume', etc. I put complete profile, Triggers->Reply

[submitted link]

2017/02/09 06:40, Imago: 
Fakk, I'll publish my reply stuff soon. :p

2017/02/23 15:29, Strori: 
Upgrading Ubuntu version to 16.10 caused unwanted upgrade of Mudlet from 2.1 to 300delta. Works ok.

It was hidden somewhere in long list of software, but also should be now in Software for Ubuntu

2017/03/22 13:30, Strori: 
I have found error in my script with os.time:
use 'min' instead of 'minute':

os.time({year=2017, month=3, day=22, hour=14, min=30, sec=37})

2017/03/22 13:52, Orlanth: 
MMapper update fixed the lines with enemies cutting btw, I had very old version on Windows for some reason.

Otherwise I lost my script file after powering off my computer with my foot by accident. File was blank after I booted up, so I kinda gave up with Mudlet, sticking to powwow/powtty atm. I'll use the time to build more awesomest zones and harass mortals instead!

2017/03/22 15:22, Strori: 
what can i say? backup backup backup, i use 3 diff places to store.

maybe you can find older version of the settings file in by restore-deleted-files-utility or check hidden mudlet folder in you User-folder.
my huge settings file is at github: [submitted link]

2017/03/31 15:03, Wiseman: 
Kinda related - does anyone have an updated map file with exits they would be willing to share?

2017/08/28 22:20, Strori:edited 1x   
[submitted link]

new summer camp is water source se from Wyrdda

2017/09/11 13:52, Guido: 
I don't know anything about computers does the mapper work on iOS?

2018/01/31 20:04, Strori: 
My script finds character's name, therefore I am going to use hotkey_1[Strori], etc in future

2018/09/04 11:31, Pabraw:edited 1x   
clock set trigger changes
(i) Set Start MUME Moment (Time Part): ^The current time is (.+):(.+)(am|pm).$

(ii) Set Start MUME Moment (Date Part): ^(.+), the (.+).. of (.+), year (.+) of the Third Age.$

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