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2014/01/14 23:35, Chap:   
Has anyone mapped the new areas? I'd love to have the arda file. Maybe someone who has mapped everything that has been added lately could update the download page?

The connection south to Lorien and Mirkwood Forest.

2014/01/15 09:07, Elfan:   
Mapping an unknown area is part of the attraction to me. I don't have a problem with a basic map with, say the major roads being distributed so you can start mapping from anywhere but I find that Moria isn't half as scary with Mmapper as it was with my old paper map!

I wouldn't want the fear and atmosphere created by the spider-infested areas of Mirkwood spoiled by having all their secrets revealed.

2014/01/15 17:41, Patience: 
I'd prefer that over having my EQ, age, and xp spoiled. ;)

2014/02/16 14:22, Bray: 
i would like a map too. if you dont want it spoiled dont download the map, but I agree with patience.. and from what ive heard there are plenty of places to mobrip in the new zone! (that is if you survive the elestir xp group)

2014/03/22 19:28, Slordor:   
[submitted link]

I think that this MMapper database has the new areas in it. Now if anyone has a PandoraMapper database with new areas, I'd love to get a copy. *smile*

2014/03/27 12:08, Täpp:   
[submitted link]
Can someone help this guy with mmapper issue please?)

2014/03/27 14:51, Antti: 
Top three reasons why mmapper2 does not synchronize you / start mapping:

1) cha xml (must be xml mode)
2) prompt (sets your prompt to the same format as mmapper supports)
3) cha col default all (sets your colours to the same format as mmapper supports).

Few more fundamental reasons that are sometimes neglected:
4) mapping mode enabled from mmapper
5) use full rooms descs and remember to type exa a few times (commands brief and spam for room desc visibility)
6) if trying to start mapping a new area, remove the previous border rooms, otherwise mapper does not recognize the rooms that used to be border rooms, and does not start mapping.

And of course in the very beginning connect the mapper to mume, and then client to mapper (to localhost).

(proposing that you link this page to reddit than copy&paste its content there)

2014/03/27 15:00, Ortansia:   
Yes use the command prompt all, if you are using an old character

2014/03/27 16:06, Djinn: 
I have a feeling that guy with the trouble is not connecting to localhost 4242, but rather directly to mume.

2014/03/27 20:35, Ortansia:   
I think the best way to avoid client and mmapper issue, is that you direct them installer pack made by p(Jadin) that regroup mmapper and jmc in one , here is the link [submitted link]

2014/03/27 22:09, Täpp:  edited 1x   

2014/03/28 09:22, Täpp:   
[submitted link]
Some other dude having problems. There should be a very easy and straightforward step by step list on a website somewhere how to get jmc and mmapper2 working in <5min :)

2014/03/28 09:44, Alantir:edited 1x   
Not sure JMC is the way to go.. Old and nasty, poorly documented and non-existent community around it. The only reason anyone would like it is habit.

A working bundle with Mmapper and Mudlet would be much better.

2014/03/28 09:59, Täpp:   
Are there any MUME compatible scripts available for Mudlet? For jmc you can find tons here:

Stuff like spelltimer, xpcounter, output window, grouptell.. also all other aliases, actions, variables etc need to be rewritten.

But maybe there are other aspects that make up for the effort?

2014/03/28 10:12, Alantir: 
In my experience many of those scripts work poorly, and some are 'deprecated'.

I have a few I've written for Mudlet, mainly exp-stuff (graphic experience bar etc.), but also spell timers, targeting, door aliases etc.

For hotkeys etc. there should be a default Mume setup (don't really have that for JMC either). I'm sure plenty of people will argue their setup is the best, just have to pick one.

Problem is we don't really have a channel to get them out..

I'd be happy to gather what I have, but I don't think another semi-static Mume page is the way to go to get them out.

Perhaps they can be posted on the Mume-forum..?

2014/03/28 10:25, Täpp:  edited 1x   
Hehe latest posts there under client settings are from 2011. But I guess it's the best place for them to be since it's the official forum..

Anyway I posted these 2 links for reddit users to get jmc+mmapper working, should be helpful:

1) [submitted link]

2) [submitted link]

2014/03/28 10:27, Orlanth: 
Another possibility to put client scripts is the mume wiki page.

2014/03/28 11:14, Ortansia:   
Actually mudlet is a great client, the only reason I dont use it, is because Im too lazy to convert my powtty script to mudlet :(

What I notice from these e reddit posts, is that mmapper is not very accessible, some people getting trouble to get it work with their client. Maybe we need better tutorials or even make an installable pack ( bundle) with mudlet since it is better than Jmc :p

We also need to make it accessible for mac and linux users

2014/03/28 11:58, Täpp:   
I think with the 2 links it should be ~ok now:) A clueful person will figure it out. There are MAC instructions on MUME wiki I linked (dno if they work though).

I hope someone uploads Mudlet working useful scripts especially spelltimer and xpcounter.

2014/03/28 12:03, Ortansia:   
Yes the links you posted are useful, but I still like the idea of plug and play :p, so for me the bundle (combo client and mmapper) are far better alternative particularly for people not experienced with computing
It would be great if someone can convert this zip bundle [submitted link]
into auto extractable file ( exe), and if someone can do the same with linux and mac, would be great!

2014/03/28 21:01, Imago: 
I was going to port most of my PowTTY scripts to Lua for Mudlet, as well as make some nice gui tools, but a few of the issues (like the newline/linefeed thing) turned me away, and I ended up porting them to POWWOW (wasn't too difficult, but extendable through other scripting languages with #!).

I would recommend getting many newer players going with Mudlet, it seems to be the future. :p

As far as players on Linux go, I'm learning a bit more about packaging, I was going to make up-to-date packages of mmapper and powwow and try to pack them with dependencies and such to make installation easy (Debian based distros, though).

2014/03/28 21:47, Täpp:   
Alantir please upload your spelltimer+xpcounter etc for mudlet, I would love to check it out:)

2014/04/07 17:06, Zemrozur:   
Is possible to implement an 'where' command feature to mmapper?
Just like with MOM mapper, typing command 'where', MUME displays nearby players and MOM displays on map, in what room nearby player is...
With that feature you can find your lost friend easyly.

2014/04/07 17:18, Ortansia:   
Yes I think it is possible with group manager, but I never used it :p

2014/04/22 17:52, Zorts: 
also interested to get hand on new map where the new zones are mapped as after having lonv breaks I don't feel like going into unknown zone for fun cause I all ready died cause of that :D

2014/07/03 16:05, Wiseman: 
Anyone have a working, updated mmapper map file?

The one posted above doesn't seem to work.

2014/07/04 10:16, Fieldy: 
[submitted link]

2014/07/05 22:04, Wiseman: 
Have a login for that website?

2014/07/06 01:35, Fieldy: 
UN: mume
PW: maps

2014/07/06 03:42, Wiseman: 
Awesome, thanks!

2014/07/07 16:12, Giggles:   
Second (or third) the call for the Mudlet scripts if you're willing to share them. I've been trying to figure out coding of a targeting system, but just can't get it off the ground.

2015/12/25 11:53, Vidgri: 
In Mmapper 2.3.5 with Qt5 after loading map, grey background is shown and no map.

after make -j4 I get

/home/rk/Downloads/MMapper-2.3.5/src/mapstorage/filesaver.cpp: In function ‘void {anonymous}::throw_sys_error()’:
/home/rk/Downloads/MMapper-2.3.5/src/mapstorage/filesaver.cpp:47:48: warning: ignoring return value of ‘char* strerror_r(int, char*, size_t)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]
strerror_r( errno, error, sizeof( error ) );
[ 57%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mmapper.dir/mapstorage/progresscounter.cpp.o

Please explain what Qt versions are needed for Mmapper versions and should it be apt-get install qt5-default 12Mb or Qt5 from website over 700Mb

2015/12/25 12:09, Täpp:   
There are so many sources to teach how to get it working.. just google 'mmapper2', 'mmapper mume' etc..

To answer your specific question I had to google mmapper2 -> first github link -> news.txt -> ' - Build now requires Qt5.2 and CMake 2.8.11 (nschimme)'

I mean what are you doing, it has been installed 1000+ times, just google and try first..
[submitted link]

2015/12/25 14:11, Vidgri: 
'You need qt' really needs to be explained: qt5-default (small, via apt-get installed), qt-sdk (via software center), or from (qt web-installer).

Without separate 'apt-get'-installation of qt5-default, cmake is unable to find qt5core.

2.3.5 is working somehow after new download, but sources filesaver.cpp and CGroupServer.cpp look to be bugged.

/home/rk/Downloads/MMapper-2.3.5/src/mapstorage/filesaver.cpp: In function ‘void {anonymous}::throw_sys_error()’:
/home/rk/Downloads/MMapper-2.3.5/src/mapstorage/filesaver.cpp:47:48: warning: ignoring return value of ‘char* strerror_r(int, char*, size_t)’, declared with attribute warn_unused_result [-Wunused-result]
strerror_r( errno, error, sizeof( error ) );
[ 56%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mmapper.dir/mapstorage/oldconnection.cpp.o

[ 66%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/mmapper.dir/pandoragroup/CGroupStatus.cpp.o
/home/rk/Downloads/MMapper-2.3.5/src/pandoragroup/CGroupServer.cpp: In member function ‘void CGroupServer::closeAll()’:
/home/rk/Downloads/MMapper-2.3.5/src/pandoragroup/CGroupServer.cpp:90:78: warning: too many arguments for format [-Wformat-extra-args]
qDebug('Closing connections ', connections[i]->socketDescriptor(), 'rn');

2015/12/29 18:11, Jahara: 
Hey Vidgri,

Try with MMapper-2.3.6 that I just promoted from beta.


2015/12/30 19:15, Faint: 
anyone have a updated mmapper file? i dont even understand how the damn mapping works xD

2015/12/30 19:48, Ortansia:   
As far as I know, the new mmapper contains updated map file!

2015/12/30 21:03, Faint: 
hmms... and where can i download rgw nwq mmapper?=)

2015/12/31 06:25, Imago: 
If that was something for new mapper:
[submitted link]

Has the source, not sure if there's any pre-compiled ones out there for the more common operating systems yet.

2015/12/31 06:47, Täpp:   
Hey Faint, I mumemailed my favourite char of yours, Malus, with a link to a fully mapped mmapper2 file:) I'm afraid you have to figure out how to install a .exe file and change the .mm2 file yourself. Protip: Google 'mmapper mume'. Gott Nytt År!

2015/12/31 11:40, Vidgri: 
Jahara, it still returns ignored error, while compiling filesaver.cpp,
make install puts mmapper, icons and map in <where i have unzipped>/usr/local/ etc instead of ./usr/local/ for some unknown reason.

Anyway it works, though stops responding sometimes

2016/02/11 01:09, Vidgri:edited 2x   
Could you add path to client (as there is path to map in Preferences and make it start and switch to active client window?

Many thanks

2017/04/07 01:38, Wiseman: 
Anyone have an updated arda.mm2 that includes recent zones and exits?

2017/04/07 10:33, Zambin: 
I second that!

2017/04/08 09:37, Roadkill: 

2017/04/09 19:25, Strori:edited 1x   
next in the line
upd. map:
[submitted link]

2017/04/10 03:55, Slampen:   
Thank you for sharing.

2017/04/15 21:54, Strori:edited 1x   
Re-curse-ion. Check it if it is the same _S_t_r_a_m_p_e_n_ put it in [submitted link]
, now thanking. LMAO

2017/04/17 13:37, Strori: 
Good news, I have shared a newer map

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