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2019/10/20 10:12, Vidgri: 
new beta looks AWESOME for windows [submitted link]
ask Jahara for other OS

2019/10/20 12:39, Vidgri: 
ubuntu 64 [submitted link]

2019/10/20 14:51, Zintilden:   
Are you retarded? I think if J wanted it out there he would of posted it himself. Moron.

2019/10/20 16:22, Vidgri:edited 1x   
Commenting Rules: offensive (sexual, racist, personal, ...) remarks will be punished, Zintilden

2019/10/20 16:28, Reich: 
That's rich, coming from you.

2019/10/20 16:30, Vidgri: 
The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary indicates that in English usage, the term 'the Reich' refers to 'Germany during the period of Nazi control from 1933 to 1945'.

2019/10/20 16:31, Rogon:   
Also in the site rules of things you shouldn't do:

*uploads copyrighted or other proprietary material of any kind on without the express permission of the owner of that material.

Since you seem to be familiar with the rules.. That beta has been ok'd for sharing publicly?

2019/10/20 16:33, Vidgri: 
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
See the GNU General Public License for more details.

2019/10/20 16:45, Rogon:   
That doesn't tell me anything, but if Jahara is fine with you spreading the beta, then all is fine with the site rules, obviously.

There's also a big difference between 'reich' and 'the reich'. One's a generic word meaning kingdom/realm/empire, the other refers to nazi germany (usually called 'the third reich', but when you say just 'the reich' people usually know what you mean anyway).

2019/10/20 16:51, Vidgri:edited 2x   
Again, inside beta among other word is written 'you can redistribute it', so I consider is fine with me spreading the beta, please punish Zintilden

2019/10/20 17:02, One:   
I agree with Vidgri as long as we go and punish all other offensive comments ever posted. Otherwise I find it offensive that Vidgri only cares about himself and demand he is punished for his selfish behavior which I find offensive!

2019/10/21 06:29, Cohen:   
I think the quarrel is pointless. There are a lot nice features which goes to code between releases, so it is natural to run on 'devel' commits. That is why we have github and Jahara is making these commits public in main branch, not sitting somewhere in hidden devel one.
but there are 2 there points
1) It is work on progress. I'm compiling actual version of mmapper for myself and i wanted to make another one this weekend, but skipped, as big/significant commits were added - so there is obvious chance you will freeze in middle of doing some smob and rip.
2) Are you sure you want to download some unknown binary from web and hope you got just mmapper, compared to getting it from project folder on github?

2019/10/21 16:17, Kaldae: 
Iíve compiled from source right of github and used the one from snap earlier. I wouldnít trust any precompiled package being posted here unless itís posted on the github page. So many know how to code these days and it would be easy to add some funny feature that would let someone know where and who you are ingame (paranoid much).
You do face the off chance of something being broken by using a beta, as you would using the mapper in the first place (it is not a part of the game, neither is a client with crappy scripts that can make stuff hang up).
There are so many that share, download both scripts and code written by others - do _you_ understand and check what others have written in them? (A digress there)

As long as the github has the beta distributed in the main code that can be mirrored down and built from - my guess is that Jahara has opened for it to be used. But I would t trust any prebuilt others post here.

Download it yourself and build it (but careful, you might have to learn some computer stuff)

2019/10/24 06:01, Vidgri: 
I know that sharing mmapper for ppl so they enjoy it selfish. I also know that doing valepacks solo for many ppl is selfish. I even know that teaching about DK is selfish.

2019/10/24 10:32, Lear: 
After having played for years with mmapper version 2.5.3 i decided to pass to 2.8.0. i compiled it by myself (debian 10) and everything looks ok except that some rooms are let's say not recognized. i receive an output like this (at old ford ):
Unknown road tolerance condition to the north '[The Ford,n,Here the Old Dwarven Road leads across the little forest stream running eastnfrom the mountains towards the Anduin. The water looks cold, clear and quitensafe to drink.n,[north=][south=][east][west],u0007,SOUTH,0]'
Unknown road tolerance condition to the south '[The Ford,n,Here the Old Dwarven Road leads across the little forest stream running eastnfrom the mountains towards the Anduin. The water looks cold, clear and quitensafe to drink.n,[north=][south=][east][west],u0007,SOUTH,0]'
The Ford
Exits: -north-, ~east~, -south-, ~west~.
Anyone has experience in this ?

2019/10/24 11:49, Vidgri: 
normal room for me in the beta

Here the Old Dwarven Road leads across the little forest stream
running east
from the mountains towards the Anduin. The water looks cold, clear and
safe to drink.
Exits/emulated: *-north-*, *-south-*, *~east~*, *~west~*.

2019/10/24 18:22, Jahara:   
I spoke with Vidgri offline and he agreed to take the beta files down.

I did not explicitly tell him that he could share them but him being reasonable about removing them is appreciated. Developing MMapper is something that I do as a hobby project and I do not care about any of the political drama. Thanks to those who came to my defense ;-)

2019/10/24 18:25, Jahara:   
@Lear, 2.8.0 is ancient so I won't try supporting that.

I would urge you to try compiling from master since I am basically at the release candidate phase.

2019/10/25 10:07, Lear: 
@Jahara, wtf i thought 2.8 was latests .. i need a new pair of glasses.
compiling now v19.10.0 i will keep you informed.

ciao !

2019/10/25 15:47, Ain:   
No dmg file for stupid mac users?

2019/10/25 18:00, Jahara:   
The MMapper team is happy to announce the release of MMapper 19.10.0! This release is one of the biggest releases to date, with over 31,000 lines of code changed, a complete rewrite of the graphics backend, and a realigned map that connects Arda with minimal gaps.

As part of the modernization process we have tried to keep the look and feel similar to older MMapper versions. However, we found ways to improve productivity and readability which changed things in subtle ways. We hope you like our changes and are inspired to explore and map the newly released zone near Dol Guldur!

New Graphics:
[submitted link]

Download MMapper here:
[submitted link]

MMapper 19.10.0 (October 25, 2019)

New features:
- Faster rendering for most zoom levels with new textures and fonts
- '3D view' with optional tilting as you zoom in
- Enhanced marker and room connection editing
- Improved map indicators for the character and group members
- Added visible map mode bounds to decrease draw latency
- Rendering now supports OpenGL ES (e.g. Raspberry Pi 4)
- Added new _connect and _disconnect commands
- Removed old room commands in favor of new room commands
- Saving maps is now disabled unless the map was changed
- Clicking on a group character causes map to center on them
- Fall rooms are now supported during map and play mode
- Exit parsing now works for Maiar to aid in zone building
- Improved security by supporting OpenSSL 1.1.1
- Clock now displays a warning emoji if it has not been synced
- Releases now generate checksum files for packages
- View menu has a new 'Reset Layer' entry
- About dialog displays all licenses for included resources and libraries
- Clock now predicts and displays the phase of the moon
- Search command and Find Rooms dialog can now search flags
- Character state and affects are now shown in the group manager
- Group tells can use the character's ANSI 256 color if your client supports it
- Introduced support to import Pandora maps and export MMP maps
- Unselecting rooms can now be done via commands (i.e. _search -c)

Bug fixes:
- Fixed left-click movement/panning precision error
- Graphics avoid wrapping grass onto roads at room edges
- Settings dialog is no longer modal
- Always display 'no match' exit flags
- Fixed room dragging speed to be less aggressive
- Mouse wheel zoom is now centered on the mouse cursor
- Fixed regression during mapping that left rooms locked
- It is now impossible to kick yourself in the Group Manager
- Group Manager clients assume the first received character is the host
- Special commands are now allowed to have mixed case (i.e. _HeLp)
- Factory reset will now refresh the preference dialog settings
- Fixed MUME vote link to The Mud Connector
- Fixed regression that made the parser less tolerant of secret exits
- All map changes now actually ask if you want to save on close
- Fixed 'persistent room' bug during mapping that would leave extra rooms on the map
- Connection action 'Connect to neighbors' will only connect rooms if there is a valid exit
- Default configuration setting for 'Software rendering' is now 'off' on Windows
- Fixed bug that would migrated old settings from being migrated during a factory reset
- Infomarks and rooms can now be simultaneously selected via right click
- Emulated exits now use movement hint to select the correct room for followers
- Correctly raise, focus, and activate remote edit windows to the top of the window manager if the OS allows it
- Enforce that character names should start capitalized
- Tweak group manager character color brightness threshold to favor black text
- Fixed Latin-1 character encoding bug in group tells
- Improved integrated client autocomplete functionality to also clear
- Lower clock precision if there has not been a sync within the last real life day to prevent clock skew
- Fixed update checker to correctly compare version components
- The mouse wheel now behaves consistently across mouse modes
- Cleaned up connect/disconnect text

2019/10/26 08:18, Vidgri: 
autoopenig of upgrade window is annoying. clicking upgrade leads to opening web-site, thus not really upgrading and even more annoying, by starting web-browser

2019/10/26 08:33, Vidgri: 
License: proprietary, when installing, [submitted link]

License: GNU gpl2 when running
How these 2 can run together?

Also Jahara has not changed what I've asked and Jahara has promised to do, so I make public:
Help -> About Mmapper opens some image, which I think is used without allowance from the author, shows no (C), has no disclaimer, there is no option for me to use mmapper without seeing this image.
Here I see violation of any possible licensing.

2019/10/26 08:59, Fieldy:   
Jahara: thanks!

2019/10/26 12:30, Carl: 
You'd better contact the Swiss authorities and file a complaint!

2019/10/26 13:37, Grimble:   
When I loaded the update now my screen is blank. If I put the cursor over where the toolbar on the top is I can load a map but the screen still stays blank white. It is like the map is there but it is not being shown. On the last version sometimes I had to click back and forth between the jmc screen and the map and then it would show up but that does not work on this. Any ideas? Thanks.

2019/10/26 15:19, Jahara:   
@Grimble: First Upgrade your Video Card drivers. Afterwards, can you try toggling Software Rendering under the Graphics preferences? Unchecked and checked.

2019/10/26 16:29, Zintilden:   
Dude? What happened to my baby blue icon?! Psh, unreal J. Punish Jahara plz: [Icon wrong color on release etc]

2019/10/26 16:58, Lear: 
@jahara done Compiled latest version ! i play with powwow 1.2.17 everything works mostly fine but in some rooms i receiver the error mentioned earlier.
Any clue ?

2019/10/27 03:52, Jahara:   
@Lear my best guess is that you are own a custom map whcih doesn't have a road in that spot. Fix includes updating the rooms in Map Mode. Alternatively, you can also run MMapper in a different terminal such that it's debug/info messages do not show up in your client's terminal.

2019/10/27 07:29, Fieldy:   
By the way. Really love the moon phase thingie. At last I have some understanding of those now :D

2019/10/28 10:09, Lear: 
@jahara Cool Thanks!

2019/10/28 12:55, Grimble:   
@Jahara: The software rendering worked. Thank you! Nice work all around on the MMapper program. I appreciate it.

2019/10/30 00:20, Zintilden:   
If you are having a problem with font/accents since you installed the latest Mmapper release, go into:

FILE/EDIT/PREFERENCES/GENERAL tab and change the option for Character Encoding: Latin-1

2019/11/01 05:19, Jahara:   
Hey all,

We have a minor bug fix release for everyone. We strongly suggest you upgrade.


MMapper 19.10.1 (October 31, 2019)

Bug fixes:
- Remapped 'Road to the Grey Havens' on default map to resolve syncing
- Preferences dialog is larger again
- Fixed high DPI scaling on Windows

[submitted link]

2019/11/01 07:02, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Yeah, just came to ask, why is mmapper telling me there is a new update again. But as I downloaded the .exe file for Windows it says it is not suitable for my PC. The file ok or should I check something?

Edit: nevermind, got it.

2019/11/05 00:42, Jahara:  edited 1x   
A lot of folks are noticing that their maps are still having syncing issues near GH. This is most likely because you have a local map saved somewhere that does not have the remapped 'Road to the Grey Havens' rooms. You need to make sure that you downloaded this map and are autoloading it at start up:

[submitted link]

2019/11/08 13:05, Vidgri: 
is it possible to downgrade the map (mm2-file) from qt-5 (new) to qt-4 (old), for using in old mmappers?

2019/11/08 17:38, Jahara:  edited 2x   
No, but only because nobody has coded support for it.

The Qt4 framework is completely unsupported so it is unlikely anyone will fork MMapper and backport bug fixes. The last version of MMapper that supported Qt4 was MMapper 2.2.x.

2019/11/16 09:03, Osilin: 
Does mapper still track your movement while blinded? I ask because I haven't used any mappers so far.

2019/11/19 22:06, Jahara:   
Osilin: Yes, it does

2020/03/24 11:43, Murduk: 
New laptop with windows 10. Getting a runtime error when I try to load mmapper:

Runtime Error!

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Any solutions?

2020/03/26 01:45, Jahara:   
Try upgrading your video card drivers first. If that doesn't work then MUME mail me @Jahara

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