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2014/04/22 18:23, Elemmakil:  edited 3x   


Official MUME wiki: [submitted link]

Official MUME forums: [submitted link]

Updated 'Gray's', maintained by Ortansia: [submitted link]
Atticus' 'Youtube videos on how to play': [submitted link]
Jahara's Page:
Tabris' Page (last update, Feb 2014): [submitted link]
Fayth's Page (Bear Info): [submitted link]
Original Gray's page (outdated?): [submitted link]

Alo's Page (outdated?): [submitted link]
Dreur's page (outdated? has cpl of logs): [submitted link]
Player Pages/Logs

Katarina's (OLD LOGS - '97 to '00): [submitted link]
Deagol and Friends' (OLD LOGS): [submitted link]
Axel's (OLD): [submitted link]
Goretongue's (OLD): [submitted link]
Fankil's: [submitted link]

Uldor's: [submitted link]

Welder's: [submitted link]
Porien/Azazello's: [submitted link]


[submitted link]
- Bigger, Better, and Uncut (DOWN temporarily) [submitted link]
- The MumeWiki encyclopedia (DOWN temporarily)
[submitted link]
- The Black Shadow Clan (DOWN temporarily)

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2014/04/22 19:11, One:   
Does anyone know of a stat gen that works properly? Or is the a copy of Vraks someplace?

2014/04/22 19:46, Telessar:   
One: Vrak (kth right?) has been down for awhile, plus that was applicable to like MUME VII stats.

The only accurate one I knew was blackshadowclan, but that is down right now. Apparently the server crashed and Mandor is trying to find a backup (?) copy on some HDD somewhere.

2014/04/22 20:00, Elfan:   
Jahara's site has a statgen.

[submitted link]

2014/04/22 20:53, Telessar:   
That one is not accurate. Tested it when I rerolled recently.

2014/04/23 01:37, Eldaril: 
Yes, the reroller on Jahara's site is quite off.

There was a copy of VrAK on Mandor's site, but this seems to have gone down as well.

2014/04/23 09:20, Faine:edited 2x   
One can try:

2014/04/23 13:53, Eldaril: 
Yes, the reroller on this is accurate. Not entirely sure about the train %, but I think it's the most reliable statgen version I've seen out there these days.

2014/04/23 18:26, Ortansia:   
My website :
I still need to update some stuffs :p

2014/04/23 18:42, Eldaril: 
Ortansia, your site is on the list, but most of the information is either missing or not really updated since Gray wrote it.

2014/04/23 19:44, Ortansia:   
I updated some informations like 5 months ago, now im missing the new equipments that poped with new zones ....

2014/04/23 19:49, Eldaril: 
Well, I found a lot of dead links. I don't think I saw the recent changes to gear (Dunadan blade, etc) either.

Also, when did barbed fang become weight 90 and eff vs riding? That just doesn't seem right.

2014/04/27 14:43, Elizalde:   
We will hopefully have up and running in a months time. We lost a lot, that we don't think Mandor will be able to recover though. 8( Anything basically that required bscmember login or a general account login. Many thanks to Telperien for helping me get back the majority from !!

We are seeking someone to help update the graphical stuff, if anyone has time and would like to help out please mume mail to Almarian.

Patience was able to recover vraks statgen, but I thought I saw somewhere recently posted that one was not accurate as well? Please mume mail me info/details on that if possible so we can get that fixed as well.

Also, if anyone has a copy of any of the guides that were there, we would like to recover that as well, or we will make new.

Any BN player who would like to make any suggestions for the new site, ideas, or anything we didnt have before that would be helpful, fun, etc, mume mail those ideas to me and include Imago in it. Thanks in advance!

2014/04/27 14:45, Elizalde:   
If you want to add to bsc your personal websites or other helpful links that are current/up to date/actually work, mume mail those to Almarian and cc Imago as well please.

2014/04/28 00:23, Imago:edited 1x   
Also, if anyone here knows Mandor in RL, or even has conversed with him enough to not be a complete stranger, could you contact on via MUME mail? If there's any chance we can get some and bsc data from him I'm more than willing to host it and spread out access so total loss won't happen again.

I do have a working copy of the BSC statgen, hopefully it worked well? It was based off of Vrak's.

EDIT: Again, I'd like to stress the importance of getting the old BSC and database tables. There's great historical stuff in those that would be great to breath life into. If it's there, the more of us that reach out then the better chance Mandor(?) goes and looks for it.

2014/04/28 00:37, Eldaril: 
I have a copy of Scad's (second) guide. Let me know if/how you'd like me to get it to you.

2014/04/28 01:04, Elizalde:   
awesome! I will send you an email address via mume mail. thanks!!! 8)

2014/04/28 12:43, Elizalde:   
I spoke with Mandor this morning, he gives greetings to everyone and posted something here for the community to see:

(Sorry, I am in contact with him, but some things are not my business to say/repeat.)

2014/04/28 15:12, Gimlung: 
Sure that goes without saying, unless of course you want to reiterate how important you are to everyone.

2014/04/28 17:53, Elizalde:   
who are you talking to gimlung? I do think the webpages are important, never said I was important to anyone here nor on mume, nor care what people think of me tbh. I was just trying to help and at the same time not get involved in whatever happened between both ER/ and/or axel/mandor.

2014/04/28 18:49, Imago: 
I miss 'An Estonian' from :)

2014/09/02 17:59, Aznog: 
Ortansias site seems to be down :(

2014/09/02 20:01, Trebreh: 
'We lost a lot, that we don't think Mandor will be able to recover though.'

What was the nature of the crash? (e.g., hacked, OS malfunction, full hard drive failure, etc)?

Reason I ask: I work as a computer scientist in the storage field. Losing data sucks...badly. With more info I may be able to offer advice/assistance on doing hard drive triage and forensics.

2014/09/02 22:40, Patience: 

As I understand it the data is safe and sound and stored offline somewhere, it's a matter of Mandor having the time to find the HDD and set it all back up.

Eldaril, was it Scad's solo a maxset guide?

2014/09/13 00:20, Elizalde:   
Thanks for your offer Trebreh, but Patience is correct. The HD that stored both the data for and the bsc site have made its long journey to the back end of a storage unit that Mandor does not have the time to go recover. Much less the time to figure out which drive in storage has the data, and much much less time to send us only our 'data', without all of his own coding put into it as to the design. To be honest, we have been asking for a little bit over a year now, so at this point we have given up even asking him. It is a shame, TRULY, to lose almost 18 years of collected MUME knowledge, logs, discussions (it may not have seemed like there was that much to lose to people who had general accounts, but there was HUNDREDS of pages of threads that went back to the very begining of BSC being formed in the member only section). 8(

2014/09/15 11:52, Trebreh: 
Sorry to hear this Elizalde. Shame that this is just a social deficiency, rather than a technical problem.

2017/09/12 16:28, Kirby:   
Someone out there is hosting a copy of Scad's bn guide. Figured I'd post it here: [submitted link]

2017/11/12 16:03, Slayah: 
Entertainment/Education MUME Videos

Just MUME Things on Youtube: [submitted link]
MUME Memes/jokes JustMUMEthings on Facebook: [submitted link]

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