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2014/06/03 07:34, Roadkill: 
From what I hear of my old groupmates, their reasons for not playing are mostly similar to the ones stated above.

Ubergrouping, uberchars, boring trap-based pk, impossible discrepancy in mobility between hunter and hunted.

2014/06/03 18:33, Atticus: 
1) How long have you been on break for?

- A few years now.

2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)

- It's not so much that I don't schedule time for entertainment purposes/games. It's the fact that 1) A Mume session quite often sucks you in and demands time beyond what you planned on spending, and 2) I prefer games/entertainment that don't require so much upfront time investment to enjoy. (leveling, tping, eqing, re-eqing, etc)

- There are also quite a few things regarding how things are handled on a game-management level that I couldn't ever quite get over. I'm not saying how things are done are wrong, it's just not for me. :)

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?

- Can't think of much, outside of some major reworks in gameplay. It is nice to chat with old friends every once in a while though.

4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? (logon once in awhile? elvenrunes? friends?)

- Elvenrunes, but the connection is slowly dying to be honest.

5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.)

- Somewhat. My interest in this is dying as well.

2014/06/05 13:05, Alantir: 
1) On and off for the last decade. Last period of real playing about a year ago.

2) Lack of a good mix of new and old players. Having the playerbase mainly consisting of lvl 70 extremely experienced players results in a very dull experience.

Also the extreme boredom of levelling solo. A session consist of 70% sleeping hps/mana.

3) More variety in the playerbase, from complete newbies to up and coming low level legends to extreme powerhouses with tons of experience. With the curve leaning towards newbies.

Making the levelling process more fun (which does not necessarily mean faster). For me it would probably result in trying out a new character every now and then (and probably get hooked for a atleast a while), and I think it would result in more people playing lower level character rather than their goto super legends.

I haver my fair share of really high level characters, but getting into the game after a long break means re-learning a bunch of mechanics and hotkeys and what not, and doing that on a lvl 80 character can be overwhelming, to the point of not being fun.

4) Elvenrunes and the occasional login of my ainur. If Elvenrunes went away I'd probably lose all connection to Mume very fast...

5) Yes, but on a half year basis or so (except for news posted on Elvenrunes). Having a 'news on mume' box here would be really nifty.

2014/06/05 14:35, Berdo: 
We do have a RSS Feed for news on

2014/06/06 03:41, Thanik:  edited 10x   
1) How long have you been on break for?

Well, playing again for the last week, but before that, 2.5 years, and iirc that was just a brief logon, maybe some years before that.

2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)

Noticing in the last week that some of the complaints here are really valid.

New(ish) TP system is, to be very blunt, a fucking pain in the arse. The old system demanded you roam around when levelling and not just camp in one place. Occasionally you would have to explore out of the way places where no one goes because there's no reason to go there. The new system demands you explore out of the way places where no one goes because there's no reason to go there, then explore them again two days later. Forever. It's a massive time sink and an artificial cockblock at the same time. Everyone including scouts wants to lead leveling groups so they can impose the TP tax on everyone else. Just thinking about going for travelling herblore on a new character makes me want to throw something.

Of course I could play one of my old characters, except I didn't know I was going to be away for this long so I didn't retire them. The idea that you have to plan ageresets a year in advance is... well I'm sure it sounded like a good idea at the time. Try soloing FOY as a naked 420 year old dwarf warrior. I did log in one of my old legends anyway. Turns out he just needs TPs to level.

Solo problem is amplified by the smaller playerbase. Everyone is playing characters that work well solo and do not work well in groups, unless they have a regular group to play with. Makes it that much harder to find a group and meet people, which in turn makes it that much harder to stay interested. It's a feedback circle.

One of the biggest issues is that the PK culture is pretty toxic. It springs straight from the whole 'you're a bigger wimp than me' ER metagame. The exaggerated case goes like this: 'You didn't block your 5 total strangers in with our 5 uberlinked maxset level 80s who have been grouping together for 15 years and so one of you got away! What a bunch of pussies! No one takes fair fights anymore!' So everyone is constantly trying to prove how brave they are while simultaneously trying not to fucking die, because dying sucks in mume. Moreso for the ones who do the most dying, since they also have the hardest time re equipping. Which leads to them dying more. Another negative feedback circle.

That puts up a barrier to bringing new/slow/bad players on board and help them improve, because while they might help out a bit, you're going to get flamed and whined at for overkilling if you enter fights you have a chance to win with them in your group, plus flamed and whined at for being a wimp when you don't take 'even' fights you have almost zero chance of winning with them in your group. Some of the nicest players in the game have often been targets of massive flaming for the simple fact that they go out of their way to accept newbies into their groups and then refuse to suicide those newbies in 'fair' fights.

The whole 'whining about the fact that everyone except me is a giant wimp who won't fight fair' thing is slowly choking the life out of PK.

The last thing I'd mention here is that I recall posting on the mume forum a few years back about some of the ways in which mume goes out of its way to help experienced players at the expense of newbies, and the effect that would have on retaining new players in the coming years. I was quickly shouted down by a bunch of the aforementioned experienced players who were clearly pretty invested in the status quo, and are now probably whining about the size of the playerbase. 100% player retention is a literal impossibility. You will always need new players. Try doing something about that problem first. If us oldies don't like it, too fucking bad, because it needs to be done.

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?

I'm back, for now. Exams start next week, we will see. Otherwise, put the server in Melbourne.

It's almost always the same thing though. I randomly get an idea for a statset for an 'awesome character' that turns out to be a steaming pile of shit (or maybe that's just because I'm the one playing it).

4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? (logon once in awhile? elvenrunes? friends?)

I don't really when I'm away.

5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.)

I check it once in a very long while. Some of the new zones are what got me interested in playing again this time round. Stuff that isn't widely known is fun.

2014/06/07 19:00, Piastr: 
>> because dying sucks in mume. Moreso for the ones who do the most dying, since they also have the hardest time re equipping. Which leads to them dying more. Another negative feedback circle.

This will be true for any game where you are at a lower skill level than other players. This isn't a valid point.

2014/06/07 21:33, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
I think he meant that equipments can be decisive to win a fight and someone who die alot is usually not well equipped which lead him to die again , particularly against enemy that has better equipment ( shinings/ nice weapon/ heal scrolls... etc) ??? :p

2014/06/08 03:02, Gorog:  edited 1x   
mmm I am not sure I agree with you Piastr ... I would find it hard to believe that most of the killing/dying on MUME has 'skill' as a major component - it is my impression it is more frequently overkill either by levels or numbers. Even then, most of the players who beat their opponents primarily on their 'skill' (usually in smaller fights that tend to go unnoticed save when posted as logs) tend to leave gear that they don't need.

My personal opinion? You hang out too much with 'unskilled' redshirt(s) and you are acquiring their skills and attitude! ... *wink*

2014/06/08 16:09, Thanik:  edited 2x   
No I think what you say is valid Piastr, it is true for games like that. That does not however, invalidate the argument. The feedback loop is there, just as it is for any game involving eq-loss on death. That means care needs to be taken about other negative feedbacks that are in the game, since eqloss on death is critical to MUME.

Not true for all games however, games without a re equipping component for example won't have the same issue, no matter what the relative skill level of two combatants. Basically, where in most games, 2 people meet, the one who is more prepared and more skillful will win. That's good. The problem is that MUME compounds that in too many ways, and that will drive new players away.

2014/06/08 16:13, Rashnak: 
I find certain satisfaction in slowly acquiring equipment on my characters and therefore having something (often several) goals to achieve. If I die and lose equipment, I get to start it over. And usually in every death I learn something new, or something I had forgotten.

2014/06/08 16:58, Thanik:   
That's also valid Rashnak, although I think at this stage feeding newbies the whole 'well at least you learned from it' line is probably showing that it doesn't work too well at retaining said newbies. I would also rather have players who don't value their eq too much and just want to play the game get involved than a bunch of wow drones. It's all a little beside the point though. As I mentioned, eq loss on death is an integral part of the game, and as I've posted elsewhere, I think it's one of the best parts. Definitely in my top 3 list of 'things that make MUME amazing'. The problem is that there are so many ways that the game compounds newbs newbieness for them that they are being (have been) driven away. That's fine too, not every game is for everyone. However a happy medium needs to be found. After 20 years of driving off newbs, the playerbase is very, very small.

2014/06/08 17:02, Imago: 
Piastr, MUME is quite horrible with death though. It really is a detractor for more casual players. A mob death may equal out to being worth two to three months of casual playtime, plus the extra time to get EQ and such.

Those who have time to grind all day with their highbie chars and roll over the enemy with their group are at an advantage.

2014/06/08 19:37, Elemmakil:   
Guys, if you want to discuss stuff that is posted on here, then you can start it on a different thread. Arguing will only lead to derailing the thread. This is for surveys only, and a survey means that what they put in is THEIR opinion. You can't change that.

Old MUMErs please post more! We have the ears of 2+ A+ ;)

2014/06/09 16:34, Curt: 
The main reason i quit is having to type. That and the death penalties made mume seem painful to me. I wish i had the time that i used to have. Mume was a blast when me and john roamed on trolls. I would gladly play again if the death penalty wasnt as strong and if eq didnt mean so much the difference between victory and defeat. Make the power eq much harder to get. Just the thoughts of a rambling old man.

2014/06/17 23:56, Jones: 
I think that i log on for couple days each year, and find out the all same things and quit again for a year.

With trying to defend newbies mume managmenet managed to make skilled players pretty much unkillable and hugely overpowered, but to get to that point it demands excess time investment.

The game is not anymore pop up and go do some pk with mace or even as barehanded troll.

for generating new chars is that pointless TP-s and i usually stop trying at level 20 orso.

At some level skill is a pure myth as most of skilled players have developed a skill to avoid fights with skilled players :)

2014/06/18 18:06, Faint: 
1) How long have you been on break for? Permanent? Years? Months?
Looking at my logs, it apears around 3 years, but i never considered it as 'quiting mume', i just dont play. I log on from time to time. Played Zaug like a year ago but the whole -nosneak just demoralized me to much. I was never much of a group player. I think i posted 1 log of me and my friends playing together except for playing with pDavid when we lived together. Friends didnt hold me here and wouldnt bring me back.

2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)
Work mainly, but also as some have mentioned before, my spare time is a lot more limited than it was back when i was active, so i dont want to spend time looking for action. I rather go straight to the action when i accually have time to play.

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?
I will be back. I just dont know when. I think one of my main characters the last years, Vizh, became to powerful. As i mentioned before i played zaug a year or so ago, and died in moria 'in open' as a L30 scout to Elestir and 3 or smt. I know i wouldnt have died as Vizh, who is about the same level. That was the 'nail in the coffin' for me and scouts. -Nosneak is just to gamebreaking to play with. Atleast when you know how it worked before.

Some people before me have mentioned levels as a reason not to play. Levels was never important. Everyone is so scared of dying in this game, ESP the high level players, that even the most seasoned pvper will start doing mistakes when they go wounded that you can just power through and take advantage of. Levels was always just a way for people to feel 'safer'. My highest level char is L38 i think, and i mostly played hybrid characters. I consider my MUME career as a quite successful one with that said.

And about mappers, i feel torn. I learned all zones by memorizing them all. I played without one my whole 'mume career', and feel that something got lost when knowing dirs all over arda stopped giving me a upper hand in combat. I felt cheated. Now every little newbie could spam away from me in Moria without me being able to do jack shit except hope for a bad flee. This combined with having track and sneak and being the HUNTER costing more mps then running away, made getting kills without traps basically... very hard unless you powergroup, which i never did.

At the same time, i think MUME NEEDS mappers to be able to get any new players at all and get them to stay. So i think its better to embrace mappers now that they have arrived, but start taking them into consideration when doing upgrades to the game. Should sneak and track really take more mps? should sneak have a delay?

I never cared about management. They built this game on their spare time and they maintain it on their spare time, so i can play and have fun. I have 100% respect for the decisions they make regarding the future of the game.

Ill see you all out there, some day!

2014/06/18 18:45, Ryalnos:   
It would sure be a happy day to see you back online Faint!

2014/06/19 02:21, Marok:   
I started in 2001 or so with some real life friends. Played for 3-4 years before breaking for a couple years then back for a few months. Rinse and repeat. Between my job and real life it's hard to find the the to play. Lack of players at time, though solo time does have it's fun times, super groups, predictable trapping that has become a big norm and things of the like. Most of th3 avenues have been covered in the thread so far.

2014/06/19 05:03, Thanik:   
I want to be able to upvote Ryalnos' comment. Faint definitely makes MUME more fun!

2014/06/25 09:54, Lusta: 
I don't MUME anymore because it got booring in the end :)

2014/07/08 22:32, Ortansia:   
1) How long have you been on break for?
maybe 1 month or less :p
2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)
Work; lack of time, and also negative atmosphere ingame ( You know what I mean ...)

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?
I think its better to focus in getting new players into game, rather than bringing me back, so just let me fade away slowly :p

2014/07/11 09:01, Horus: 
well my main reason for not playing was that all my chars that i wanted to play sucked and i didnt have time or energy to make new ones, but now i got to reroll them yaay! :)

second reason why i dont play more often is because mostly i play solo and i think its quite boring i would much rather group with people, but everyone has their little web of friends and i find it hard to even find someone to group with for xp. And mume is quite elitist :P who would wanna group with an rusty old orc who might fuck up and get you killed, people are very much into their power chars with their power groups :P

2014/07/11 11:08, Kakuke: 
I have never been a 'good' player anyway, to begin with. I started playing ages ago, in 2001. Being a massive Tolkien fanboy back then and having an okay grasp on the English language I found it the perfect game. I introduced a few others to the game as well, some of whom still play to this day - p(Täpp), for example. Alas, I never had enough time to commit to the game fully, so I always lagged behind in terms of character progress or general knowledge.

Even now, I consider MUME one of the best games I've ever played, but don't have the time to (re-)learn the game and really play. I don't even know what would make me 'come back' besides nostalgia. Maybe a way to level to hero or legend more easily to experiment with different types of characters or just lessen the death penalties for 'a bit' after unretiring or something. Let's see if these full rerolls make me stick for a while :)

2014/09/05 15:01, Jones: 

Il bring this thread up again as i had a few spare days and for old times sake started playing again.

First impressions about the game, It is DULL! :) And the other word what comes to the mind is CASTRATED.

And then advertisement theme comes up and someone writes on random runes why mume sucks. So basically things are not in pretty good state.

So this topic is up again. Not for whining that this is wrong or that is wrong, as things cannot be changed by doing little changes here or there, mume needs a bigger and systematic changes to survive. Or another option is to preserve MUME as a pretty gem in the history of internet and not to worry much about it anymore.

Ok summa summum the main problem of the game is that its player levels and power vs the world is too high.

What i mean is that after certain level the game itself becomes not dangerous and thrilling anymore and is just a littlebit of annoyance, and considering endless moves it is allready ridiculous.

The game consist of 32 effective player levels with each level adding more svisible and invisible power, in survivability defence and ofence. The comparison of characters of different level have about 10% advantage for each level of difference, breaking at 5 levels at what point there is impossible to beat the higher level opponent.

But the main thing is that the overall game is desinged for about level 20 to 21 characters. At that point the game is jet pretty much dangerous for players and to do mobs you need bigger groups, you need friends you need interactions, but currently with current characters there is no need for group for any smob except balrog, everything is soloable by various chars.

Jet there are skills what are nerfed down so they are not usable by primary means, but they could be useful in some situations, like Fear, black breath, charge, envenom, energy drain, summon and so on, but nobody can afford them. Ending up everybody in the same basic skillset. making the game even more dull.

The main dilemma is that the main problem of the game is high level characters jet nobody dares to strip down levels in the fear that those high level characters will leave the game. Endless circle.

The game AREAS are pretty perfect in design and everything, but the main problem is the game engine, not because it is desinged badly but with addition of new areas nobody thought that getting high levels will be SO easy, and here we are.

So i suggeest to create mume Ver IX redesign the level system what has limitations at about level 21 to 25, new skill and spell system and try it out.

2014/09/05 19:29, Heysus: 
I think leveling and dying systems are pretty off - because mume is small the level disparities make it hard for there to be a lot of fun grouping or fighting opportunities with those who are on with mobs or players.

Also it does not help that the main community site ER is broke as hell and does not let new profiles on this site. Someone needs to take over ER and fix it.

2014/09/13 12:34, Merarl: 
staring at the screen that long makes me dizzy.

2014/09/13 13:08, Elestir:   
@Jones I agree that the game gets somewhat dull eventually, and that we need richer game, with more viable tactics available. Tactics that are inaccessible and pointless should be made more accessible and less pointless. Excessive mobility is one of the main issues that affects lot of other things (renders many tactics ineffective or mostly useless). Focused targetting with spells vs single targets is on the other hand too effective (forces almost everyone to resort to attack-flee tactics, rendering the other tactics inferior in most cases).

But where we differ is that you want general nerf of power of characters. I do not believe that is the right way to go. IMHO we should only nerf that which truly breaks too many things, and general power of high level (solo) characters isn't it at the moment. It is mostly the two features I spoke about above. Not even in PvP high level chars are a problem, as once you learn the game well, levelling a new char to pretty high level is matter of a months at most (here it will be tps that will slow you down mostly - because the tp system has certain design flaws - namely, it rewards players for not playing often, which is simply ridiculous).

What I think could be solution which wouldn't be demotivating players and at the same time would address some of the issues with high levels. What I mean is that high level (and high proficiency at certain skills) would do two things instead of one:
1. increase the power (same as in current state)
2. decrease the bonus from grouping (parry split bonus, focused group nukepower, etc.)

I could even imagine a state when the highest level characters would be more dangerous solo than in a group, especially as long as they fight the same target, as the the other group-members (and especially the less experienced ones) would simply stand in their way rather than help them. I can e.g. imagine OB maluses in group for such characters (or something similar), and can also imagine spell system where weaker spells temporarily lower the damage of stronger spells coming shortly after them, etc.

2014/09/13 23:07, Telessar:  edited 1x   
Jones, Heysus, Merarl, this is (shall I reiterate) a place to fill out a survey. You can bring your discussion to another thread if you wish but please do not make this into another 'why is MUME dying' and 'how I would change MUME' thread.

Thank you

2014/09/14 00:02, Heysus: 
The topic is why are you not in mume, was literally sharing frustrations that keep me off it - not beating a dead horse.

2014/09/15 09:57, Djinn: 
I can't believe I'm typing this (I'm not sure if anyone is even following this thread anymore either), but the reason why I would stop playing right because there is nothing to do but pk.

I find myself logging on, wanting to play, but my chars are fullsetted, and there is nothing to do but run around and try to hunt the five remaining pkers. Mume stayed active because of its fantastic pk, but once that starts going, all you can do is get some eq, and help the new players online, which is what I've been doing.

I've become casual! Help!

P.s.: I don't see a solution for this by the way. The only thing you can do is implement some sort of questing framework, and then have a lot of people invest a lot of time to design quests or something. That's probably not going to happen :).

2014/09/18 10:47, Nimfea: 
More quests could be awesome! Something that all sides can do which could produce some more pk too

2014/09/19 05:03, Globb: 
yeah squaretooth is cool, but how many people actually go to that zone on a regular basis? offers a nice opportunity for pk, but the odds of it happening are quite rare? and pukes can just do it as bracelets decay, so there's less incentive to sit inside those zones (like bbt). new troll place in mirkwood is cool too, but also will be way underutilized as a pk-spot with mume as it is these days... new quests using pre-existing zones would be a better way to integrate pk/xp, especially for the new players.

2014/09/19 07:49, Jaxon:edited 2x   
1) How long have you been on break for? Permanent? Years? Months?

Years. Played mume for 8 years out of the 30 years that I have been alive.

2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)

Nowadays, Elder Scrolls Online.

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?

Most likely nothing. MUME was a phase of life...Had great memories, and I still have the entire map of arda embedded into my brain. The fuck is a mmapper needed for anyways, except for cheating. Now, I have a job, kids, retirement plan, etc...and I require something much more casual to play in my free time. MUME is not a casual friendly game.

4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? (logon once in awhile? elvenrunes? friends?)

ER, and friends from when I used to play that have developed into life long relationships.

5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.)

Of course. I read ER, and log in to MUME once in a blue moon just to spam news next and log off again.

ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE...NA server, @staxjax

2014/09/24 18:35, Jones: 
I agree with you elestir, but the point of when i meet some level 80+ char with level 40+ char i just walk away, because there is not a chance for me to beat him on one on one.
I think im pretty experienced but it takes for me like a day or so of full play to level up a level. To get to level 80 from 40 it takes full month of play, basically im too old to spare this time.
And the problem is that to get on the same level as i am for new players it will take atleast year or two (if not to redshirt), and that is Hellova lot to spend on some game.
Nowdays basically every game you meet on the internet has the property that just JUMP in and you have pretty high chance to kill anybody else who have played years or more, take for example planetside, WOT, or even LOL or DOTA. where couple of weeks of gameplay makes you be ABLE to kill anyone.

Mume has a property that evene Experienced players do not have chance to kill high level EXPERIENCED players, not to mention newbies.

We used to have the times, when you go and buy a mace from the kormock and you have the CHANCE to kill somebody and loot eq.

Nowdays with every nerf and powerupgrade possible to protect newbies those experienced players are unkillable.

And the reason why i am not in mume is because really id rather play something else, what i can play just couple of hours per day and still be compettitve.

2014/10/03 23:37, Myrddin:   
1) How long have you been on break for? Permanent? Years? Months?

8 years now I think, so pretty much permanent.

2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)

Other stuff to do.

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?

Same as any other MMO: the social aspect of it.

2017/03/07 20:37, Elemmakil:   
Bumping this thread from 3 years ago.

As you may have noticed, many people in here were complaining about loss of XP for death and level imbalance. At that time, V+ and A+ were looking at this thread.

Well 2 years ago we got NEWS 2478 and 2477 which addressed these issues (though, we cannot say whether this thread helped). A few people I have talked to recently who came back were unaware of this even!

As a summary: pk xp loss was decreased AND
new level 25 = old level 50
new level 40 = old level 60
new level 55 = old level 70
new level 70 = old level 80
new level 85 = old level 90
new level 100 = old level 100

So ...

WHY aren't YOU on MUME? This format please:

1) How long have you been on break for?
2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)
3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?
4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? (logon once in awhile? elvenrunes? friends?)
5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.)

2017/03/08 02:31, Merarl: 
1) How long have you been on break for? Was away for 6 years.
2) What prevents you from playing MUME? job, family, staring at a text screen for 6 hours makes me dizzy. mmapper has helped significantly.
3) What would bring YOU back to MUME? am back-ish since i figured out mmapper.
4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? play once or twice a week, elvenrunes
5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.). Yes

2017/03/08 04:24, Imago: 
1) I'm not on break, Rogon won't allow it.
2) I do struggle with this. Family, school, etc.
3) I'm here, but I came back since I had a better chance to contribute to the game through the Mw-mudller opportunity.
4) I idle daily, fixing small things that pop up when I can (trivial bugs, typos). I play mortal a few hours a week, usually one session.
5) I heard we got a new ferry, and some foresty area full of things.

2017/03/08 09:01, Singleton: 
1) How long have you been on break for?
I was ancient even when MUME started; played two main periods, 96-99 and 01-04; after that I started again every 1 or 2 years, but being rusty didn't get better; last break was 3 years

2) What prevents you from playing MUME?
job, other hobby (athletics coach, coincidentially since 03 ..., frustration about being too unfocused too often); was hardly ever the game itself or its mechanisms

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?
well...mumemapper did a hell of a job bringing me back O:-)

4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? (logon once in awhile? elvenrunes? friends?)
always elvenrunes, recently playing again

5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.)

2017/03/10 22:52, Roadkill: 
1) Not sure. I started playing in the early 90's, and played pretty steadily for a few years. Took a break for a couple of years, due to school, work and family, and started playing again when I had a job with a lot of spare desk time. Played heavily from 2002-2005, when I took a break which lasted almost a decade, with just the odd couple of visits from time to time.

2) Well, family and job has kept me busy, but the real reason for taking the break in the first place was that my favourite classes and races kept getting shafted (thieves and trolls). Also, it was (and is) my opinion that changes made to the game primarily served to boost powergroups, casters and finely tuned combo characters, to the great detriment of 'pure' or purish characters and solo players.

3) I am back on MUME, logging in about once per week or every other week. I might consider logging on more often if there were more (and fairer) pk, or just more action. But I do have limited time, unfortunately.

4) My main connection to MUME during the breaks has been ER. Nowadays I log on once in a while, too. So many levels lost to autodelete, though... :-(

5) Yes, I keep up with news, both here and on

2017/04/18 15:46, Myrddin:   
1) How long have you been on break for?
Maybe about 10 years. A few times over the years, I have made a new character, done the newbie quests, gotten the few gold from honeycomb gathering, logged out and never logged in again for years.

2) What prevents you from playing MUME? (jobs, family, boredom)
Nothing prevents it. MUME was just a period in life, a form of escapism and now better methods exist for that.

3) What would bring YOU back to MUME?
Maybe if there was some new zone exciting to fuck around in as a solo elf mage as Moria was, then that. But that's a big maybe.

4) How do you maintain a connection to MUME? (logon once in awhile? elvenrunes? friends?)
Log on once in a while to Elvenrunes.

5) Are you aware of NEWS changes in MUME (ex. new zones opening etc.)
So little that it's pretty much a no.

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