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Message 2463 : Full Rerolls during July 2014 catchup  discussions

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2016/06/13 08:39, Zepir:   
rerolls for all! Dont have any to reroll but hey! People would surely log in and PK would be rockin.

2016/06/18 13:37, Malek: 
C'mon! This would pump some new life into the game.

2016/06/28 18:01, Enforcer: 
Almost 1st of July, still no info? GIEF!

2016/06/29 19:55, Enforcer: 
Word has it - no rerolls this summer :(

2016/07/04 12:37, Fieldy:   
Well that is bullshit.

2016/07/04 14:19, Naga: 
It should be something freely offered, not demanded when you've 'just' had one.

AFAIK, old fart-characters (like some of mine haven't been logged in 10 years) are still able to reroll np.

Note: I do not speak for management.

2016/07/04 20:31, Valr:   
I just cant wrap my head around the decision process to cancel this once a year thing. It was well received, it generated some activity in summer. What was the harm?
Oh no people are having too much fun. And it hurts our thriving RP community.

Well, its not too late to change your minds.

2016/07/04 21:25, Fieldy:   
Out or fairness to immos, I was just joking. I would love to screw up another three of my chars.

2016/07/23 20:28, Zepir:   
lets all strike and quit mume till re-rolls

2017/02/26 11:57, Nockurzh: 
Any this year?
Track of this char makes it crap :/

2017/02/26 18:59, Neko:   
Please let's do this again!

2017/02/26 21:43, Yutham:   
Please. more rerolls.

2017/02/27 10:17, Nukafuka: 
Also, if we get rerolls, please find a way to give them to everyone, not only to the active players. Its discouraging to come back to mume to find out everyone got a free reroll but none available for you since you werent active during the reroll period...

2017/02/27 15:56, Barret:   
I would also love to get some rerolls. It really does seem like they do no harm and increase interest in the game. Plus, my orc shaman sucks and needs some tweaking :)

2017/02/27 20:00, Gal:   
I wish they would just go with a full re roll after 3yr retirement.

2017/02/28 09:34, Strori: 
Please, make a full reroll month again

2018/06/03 12:51, Ghevel: 
Please give reroll during the month of July.

2018/06/03 18:13, Yutham:   
Hello. Everytime someone comments on this, i get fooled into thinking that it is a new newspost. Sad!

2018/06/04 13:14, Malek: 
I guess they don't remember all of the old players coming back, a few years back, during that summer re-roll.

2018/06/04 14:46, Ghanic: 
It definitely brought a positive spike in players online. Sounds like a good idea to do it again.

2018/06/04 15:39, Roadkill: 
Oh yes please!

2018/06/04 16:16, Bardock: 
do it, we can all concur with this.

2018/06/04 18:24, Barret:   
Giving people who have been away a reason to log in again is one of the best things that could happen to mume. Please open up the rerolls.

2018/06/05 08:50, Razkolnik: 
I agree, rerolls would be great

2018/06/08 04:20, Auron:   

2018/06/08 07:11, Odoinn: 
Guys, you are aware that Timodeus has been gone for years? You are literally talking to yourselves.

2018/06/10 05:58, Ghanic: 
Hasn't that always been the case?

2018/06/11 14:11, Bardock: 
did he die?

2018/06/11 14:19, Fieldy:   
No. He read your comments, went out for an ice cream and never returned.

2018/06/11 18:39, Ghanic: 
Ouch. Twice in 1 lifetime. Comfs Bardock

haha im just kidding. couldnt pass it up

2018/06/11 19:26, Bardock: 
I dont get it.

2018/06/11 20:14, Fieldy:   
Nevermind, just having fun :D

2018/06/25 13:32, Andróg:   
Damn, I must be totally out of date with my information. When did Timodeus quit MUME?

2018/06/26 22:02, Elizalde:   
What is the hurt in having full rerolls from the Ainur point of view anyhow? Can any V+ speak up about it? I mean in present and not the past reasoning as well. If you want to switch around on other games, there is a cost, if not in game, then in the form of currency RL. I'm content with my characters after the last reroll event, but if I wasnt, I'm not sure I would want to grind from the bottom up again to get where I am on other characters.

Maybe think about current times/games and do a trial period of rerolls with some type of cost(in game - levels?), or even a donation. If it works and people take advantage of it, maybe only allow it once a year at a certain time.

Just some suggestions to compete more with modern day games. I'm sure there are some cons to this and not just pros too. It may raise player numbers if they are able to change without grinding as people can on other games often, and if people are happy somewhere, they usually try to pull their friends with them, which would populate the map more too. Maybe someone already said some of this, but I don't see the point in searching so far back since most likely whoever answered is no longer here.

2018/06/26 22:46, Mosh: 
Good post, Elizalde, seconded!
Throwing in my two cents: perhaps level cost is too drastic. Maybe some amount of mudconnect votes per year will guarantee a full reroll next year? Could be win-win situation? :)

2018/06/26 23:59, Elizalde:   
Just like people will pay for this on other games (just pissing away their money basically too), they would here too if they wanted it bad enough. People should have to sacrifice something, or it would be too simple and it would be constant. I think if something like this could happen by loss of levels, then as the saying goes: 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall!'. So for example maybe a character from level 26-30 would take only a few levels, but every 5 or perhaps 10 level increments from that point forward more level loss. People would do it if they wanted to stay on a game they love and still have the variety, without starting over. Plus, it makes everyone a little more on their their guard and some excitement would be back, because things could change from the last time you fought them - new challenges. Of course, I do think there would have to be a limit or time restriction(nothing outrageous because you may not like what you created), but again....if you pay the price on other games, you can do it as much as you like.

The problem with mudconnect, in my opinion only, is I don't know a damn person right now that would look for a game like this. Most are playing games that are graphical or are more adaptable with current time (storage, rent cost - most games don't have that cost either, but ours is crazy!) I'm not saying MUME doesnt get new players from those websites, but for people who have less time than others, they wont be looking for a game like ours most likely. Honestly, people have been trying to pump up numbers from website advertisements that way for how many years now? Probably 10 years now at the least? 8(

The rent stuff is another issue entirely.... 8)

2018/06/27 07:32, Rashnak: 
MUME cannot charge money or equivalent for anything, because it cannot profitize (barely even accept donations) due to legal constraints. The game does not have licensing from Tolkien copyright holders.

If full rerolls were available, they would have to come through some in-game payment - levels as Elizalde mentioned, or equipment or something else.

Personally I see little point in rerolling a character below level 30, because leveling another from scratch is not such a big deal to me - especially in current state of game with lot of areas and little competition.

I would ask, why a person wants to change stats. If he wants it so badly, why not force him to level another character. Or retire for a year.

If full rerolls were readily available without considerable cost, it would maybe be too easy to keep playing just your single high level character and switch it around.

I would rather see more lower level characters exping and tping up. They provide _some_ pk opportunities, keep the lower half of game alive, and function as eq sinks if nothing else.

But full reroll for any character that has been retired for a year would sound reasonable to me. However, currently a 1 year retirement is required for age-reset, and in view of that, 1 year retirement to get full reroll as well sounds too cheap. Maybe the age-reset limit should be decreased too.

Additional measures could include playing more low level characters to shorten that 1 year retirement requirement on your high level characters.

Basically the system could measure your account-level contributions to the game, and calculate a discount based for that.

2018/06/27 10:39, Elizalde:   
That is a good idea as well! I could see that encouraging more people playing lower level chars to earn it. I figured that a donation system couldnt be done here.

2018/06/27 14:07, Wiseman: 
One RL year is way too long IMO.

Why not just put a cap on the account?

Say 2-3 full rerolls per 6 months RL time per account. The number could of course be adjusted. Maybe provide an in-game way to increase it that would be very time consuming? Long quest that cannot be completed in less than 30 RL days?

2018/06/27 14:28, Elestir:  edited 1x   
Perhaps it would be enough if limited rerolls were somewhat less limited.

If someone wants completely different stats, then he should create new char indeed (nowadays level 25 is more than ready for smobbing/pk, and getting there can be done in less than a week of playing).

Maybe TP system could be changed a bit, so it doesn't encourage players to rent and wait RL (instead of playing) for their TP-memory to reset. Game should always encourage players to play and never should give them bonuses for being rented (like it does in case of TPs atm).

2018/06/28 02:00, Elizalde:   
I've never had to worry about TP's unless I was playing a low level troll way back in the day. Is it higher for vomit players or something? Or is there some reward for them because of TP's? I totally agree about the game should encourage people to play instead of being rented though.

Rent is a joke here. I wont even get myself started and worked up over rent costs. 8)

2018/06/28 08:15, Rashnak: 
@Wiseman: 'Say 2-3 full rerolls per 6 months RL time per account.'

2 full rerolls per 6 months - that would be one full reroll every 3 months.

I'd be ok with that, playing only one or two characters ever.

There could indeed be account-level limit, but also a character-level limit - And I think that it should be 1 year by default. Getting to reroll the same character every 3 months would be way too short.

2018/06/28 11:41, Elizalde:   
Elesitr - lol, I just checked info on my vomit to check her stats and if she is even playable since it was my first character and I need 11k+ tps to level. The fuck? 8) Although I forgot about the pool and since its been 16 years it says I can get a full reroll, but after seeing the TPs needed...pffft. No thank you.

2018/06/28 12:32, Orlanth: 
IMHO 11k TPs isn't that bad with reseted TP-memory, if such thing really exists. Especially with BOB spell.

2018/06/28 13:02, Elestir:   
Well, at least they removed the reduced experience due to lack of TPs. So you can continue to xp happily even for multiple levels ahead and only later find TPs to actually gain the levels.

As for the TP-memory, it is there. I've heard complains from many players saying they just don't get TPs anywhere, and the only solution is to rent given char for some time (and either switch to another char, or just skip MUME for the time being). And I find such features simply harming MUME.

Although lately, I've possibly learned about a workaround for those characters. It seems that the follower-tps (80% from TPs of their leader or something) are somehow not (or at least are to a lesser extent) subject of those limits. So if your TP-gains as a soloer go close to zero, try to follow some leader around for a while, and you may still get nice TPs.

2018/07/15 21:45, Vurv:   
Why not after a full year of retirement you are given an option of making your current re-roll stats become base stats? Probably be a simpler program fix and it accommodates both minor and major changes a player may want. The difference in cost is the currency of real life time.

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