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Message 2463 : Full Rerolls during July 2014 catchup  discussions

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2016/06/13 08:39, Zepir:   
rerolls for all! Dont have any to reroll but hey! People would surely log in and PK would be rockin.

2016/06/18 13:37, Malek: 
C'mon! This would pump some new life into the game.

2016/06/28 18:01, Enforcer: 
Almost 1st of July, still no info? GIEF!

2016/06/29 19:55, Enforcer: 
Word has it - no rerolls this summer :(

2016/07/04 12:37, Fieldy: 
Well that is bullshit.

2016/07/04 14:19, Naga: 
It should be something freely offered, not demanded when you've 'just' had one.

AFAIK, old fart-characters (like some of mine haven't been logged in 10 years) are still able to reroll np.

Note: I do not speak for management.

2016/07/04 20:31, Valr:   
I just cant wrap my head around the decision process to cancel this once a year thing. It was well received, it generated some activity in summer. What was the harm?
Oh no people are having too much fun. And it hurts our thriving RP community.

Well, its not too late to change your minds.

2016/07/04 21:25, Fieldy: 
Out or fairness to immos, I was just joking. I would love to screw up another three of my chars.

2016/07/23 20:28, Zepir:   
lets all strike and quit mume till re-rolls

2017/02/26 11:57, Nockurzh: 
Any this year?
Track of this char makes it crap :/

2017/02/26 18:59, Neko:   
Please let's do this again!

2017/02/26 21:43, Yutham:   
Please. more rerolls.

2017/02/27 10:17, Nukafuka: 
Also, if we get rerolls, please find a way to give them to everyone, not only to the active players. Its discouraging to come back to mume to find out everyone got a free reroll but none available for you since you werent active during the reroll period...

2017/02/27 15:56, Barret:   
I would also love to get some rerolls. It really does seem like they do no harm and increase interest in the game. Plus, my orc shaman sucks and needs some tweaking :)

2017/02/27 20:00, Gal:   
I wish they would just go with a full re roll after 3yr retirement.

2017/02/28 09:34, Strori: 
Please, make a full reroll month again

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