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2015/07/07 18:37, Dracol:   
Pure is the key!

2015/07/08 04:08, Grisha:   
Your pure allmost got owned by a combo :)

2015/07/08 06:35, Vehement: 
I went pure! Warrior!

2015/07/08 09:08, Agarwaen: 
Pure? Gross.

2015/07/08 13:09, Enforcer: 
Any suggestions for BN scout-mage (block,bolt,store,quake) + 100% scout skills - if this is at all possible :)

2015/07/09 01:20, Nerf:   
is it even worth considering rerolling a beorning into something that is a caster, and just not go bearform? thnx

2015/07/09 02:55, Ortansia:   
With all these rerolls event, everyone became combo :p, for my part all my characters are pure, and they will remain pure, I will just reroll to improve them, though I'm afraid I screw them even more :p

2015/07/09 03:31, Tired:   
Can a beorning Mage command Charmies in bear form.

2015/07/09 17:38, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
As far as I remember, you can command pets on bear form, though I'm not sure about charmies :p, I'm curious to know about it

2015/07/09 20:11, Tired:   
Anyone have some decent thief-Mage combo stats they would share? I was thinking of rerolling a Man, but I think Elf would work better so I'm still undecided.

2015/07/21 10:47, Vaelrin:  edited 2x   
T/M is all about min/maxing via training. To get the best out of it, definitely go Elf. You have to play with str/con 10 or so for couple of months at least until training finishes.

This is what I came up with. High str to keep you in second age (best for this class). High int for better armor spell. Enough wil for storequakes and rege (14 with age and quest). 101% wilderness too. Train per for con and use con quest and it will yield decent hps. You don't need that stat for any skills so no point having high base if you can simply train per instead. This will get you staff and lots of fun spells. Having a shit thief with bob and block is not worth it go for more utility with such high mentals.

Str:14 Int:17 Wis:12 Dex:19 Con: 9 Wil:12 Per:16.

Stats with str-ring, age, con and wil quest and training would be:

Str:17 Int:18 Wis:12 Dex:20 Con:14 Wil:14 Per:15

As good as it gets imo. With 101 max mana and about 220-240 hps on new legend level with low endu. Armor spell will be pretty good on it compared to average low int combo and with staff you can cast it 4x that equals basically free +400 hp.

Have fun!

2015/07/29 12:06, Arcanum:   
with (this kind of) combo there is always the question of shield/dodge. once you learn shield (or do you?), how high will you train dodge?
would you take 'cost-free' DB from dodge or go more mageish with shield spell that costs and drops. riddles in the dark...

2015/07/29 13:19, Gukuschnak:   
I haven't made such a char myself, but I would think getting shield spell as scout-mage would be a mistake. You can probably get better DB from just praccing dodge and you need to keep scout skills up if you want usable backstab.

2015/07/29 13:49, Tired:   
I think no shield and Max dodge. Also no awareness and get NV.

2015/08/02 10:04, Vaelrin:   
If you use similar stats to what I provided above, then it is all about your current prac-set. You can play it more scouty with higher stab-sneak or more mageish with 91% stab-sneak, in that case you take shield spell etc.

Shield / Dodge is a good way to balance your class towards what you need. If you need to get that scout % up, you get dodge, if you need to get mage % up you get shield.

2015/08/04 15:24, Praska:   
Vaelrin, generate a good bn scoutmage stats :P :)

2015/08/05 16:49, Vaelrin:   
Str:11 Int:17 Wis:12 Dex:18 Con:10 Wil: 9 Per:17. - BN

Takes about 2 months before ready to play properly due to stat training. Works great with staff and as true combo, can even play it as charmer if you wanna exp.

Wil is low as with every darkie scout.

Train -2 per for +2 STR and +2 CON.

Dont expect more than 71% wilderness though, but your stab and spell % is pretty nice. High int over more wis, because int governs your most important things and defines the strength of your armor spell.

With trained stats and str-ring on 3rd age (is what you begin with):

Str: 16 (enough for shining chains etc.) Int: 18 Wis: 12 Dex: 18 Con: 13 Wil: 10 Per: 16

You will have about 200 hps on level 35 with all pracced accordingly. 101 mana.

I'd take block, store, quake, armor, bolt etc. and use bn staff.

This is a great char for simply leading groups with superfast track, block and envenom and possibly charm if going very much into a mage. Something like Elizalde once was.

2015/08/05 17:42, Praska:  edited 1x   
Huh, must remember those, i tryed to make bn scoutmage with scad stats and seems i cant reroll it to those what you suggested, year of retirement here i come :P
Edit: stats what once was suggested by Scad for bn scoutmage

2015/10/09 08:43, Mops:    -Aranaeth- 
Eventually went with: Str:17 Int:17 Wis:15 Dex:10 Con:17 Wil:14 Per:8.(dwarf)
bash 71%, weaponskill 74?%, slash 51%
store and quake, charm around 85, max armour shield, some block
2 into dodge, 2 into attack
2-3 into bless, 2-3 into remp, 69% bob(havent had pracs to fine tune it to round 70 or 71)

At level 41 in metals, mantle/finegrey, 5 ob manaring foci, gleaming and beje. At ford 133 ob, 140 def, 351 hps(without any quests or training). Can easily charm one eagle, 2nd didnt succeed in reasonable time few levels ago. Store fails at times, manaregen is acceptable with manaring foci. Can store 4 quakes.

But generally its a decent char, quakes and charm make life easier. Would love more ob tho. Could also go for def, resulting in 59 db, 93 pb or so in same eq, except db foci and bsb

If anyone is interested in more details, give me a shout.

2015/10/09 10:47, Djinn: 
I did the combo thing before it was cool!

2015/10/09 15:10, Elestir:   
@Mops More OB is possible only if you go with higher INT WIS and then prac more warriorish. You need higher INT WIS to retain working store spell (else it tends to fail too much and becomes huge time-drain). As a bonus, increased INT WIS will also boost your spellpower, defense (shield/armour), and INT will also improve track. What you should lower is STR and CON (should aim for 15+ in both, STR being more important). From my experience 18 INT 16 WIS provides good bashing store-quaker.

2015/10/09 17:59, Mops:    -Aranaeth- 
It doesent go much higher, the problem is, its balanced on hairline. More ob obtained any way(except different eq) automatically means drop in mage stuff, of which charm is already at bottomline.

Where ever you get the points for int and wis from means lowering some other important stat. Ie its very hard to bash with both lower than 17 str and low dex. If i lower wil, i loose in warrior stuff and manaregen both, if con, even more hit to warr stuff etc.

Would be cool to be able to actually try different pracsets without actually doing it in the live game, what would be the crime in that? Its otherwise hard to intuitively grasp how those 4 factors, warrior stats, mage stats, warrior pracs and mage pracs balance in various scenarios.

Im currently ok with store, unless i turn retard and try to exp with quake, in which case yes its kind of slow.

Edit: What i think i could actually do is set higher wis and or int and then train wil from one of those, would result in +1 int and wis, -2 con and -1 wil. But i dont think net change would be anything notable.

2015/10/09 18:21, Mops:    -Aranaeth- 
And, for the sake of keeping on babbling...

Ob increase without bash % increase is rather meaningless, afaik ob is minor factor in bash success. Failing bash hurts this char more than one of these rare situations where i woudlnt actually be able to breach def.
Only way you can be 'more warriorish' is with relevant stats increase OR with different prac balance, choosing better int/wis and then dumping more into warrior skills than before will imo cancel out any net win.

Its not like id set higher int wis, then leave armour, shield, charm, quake unmaxed just to take adventage of higher base gain. I will max those in any pracset, at least to levels where it gets rounded up, ie charm 81, 86 or 91 etc. Ofcourse i wouldnt push skills to levels where they get rounded down to previous breakline.

EDIT: Bottomline, i dont want to neither lower the current bash%/weaponskill% nor mage spell%. If i lower mage spell% it all goes to hell.

2015/10/09 18:43, Mops:    -Aranaeth- 
To believe statgenerator, +1 int and wis, -2 con -1 wil will result in:

~4% something gain in armour/shield/store
~3% something decrease in charm
~2.8% drop in bash
~4.6% loss of weaponskill.

If there is much higher treshold for the pracset i listed few posts above or same with significantly higher ob, ill eat my words. In case of Zack and his 150 ob, what helped was having high con and no charm.

2015/10/10 07:38, Vaelrin:   
Str:18 Int:18 Wis:16 Dex:10 Con:14 Wil:12 Per: 9.

If I'd make a dwarf basher warrior combo, then this is what I'd take.

Str 21 with ring and age. 120+ mana. Con 16 with age and quest, wil 14 with quest.

100% track.

High int means more stronger armor as well, so max hps not THAT important, you can armor almost 5 times without staff.

2015/10/10 07:45, Mops:    -Aranaeth- 
to find out if its any better, id have to actually prac it...and play. since management hard in secrecy.

also in 'certain last fight' i had quite a trouble to get re armoured, maybe stored armour would do the trick. its so bloody slow to cast.

2015/10/10 09:09, Vaelrin:   
Str:18 Int:18 Wis:16 Dex:10 Con:14 Wil:12 Per: 9.

If I'd make a dwarf basher warrior combo, then this is what I'd take.

Str 21 with ring and age. 120+ mana. Con 16 with age and quest, wil 14 with quest.

100% track.

High int means more stronger armor as well, so max hps not THAT important, you can armor almost 5 times without staff.

2015/10/10 14:55, Elestir:   
Do not forget that DEX and CON also determine your max mps, so if you keep both low, you will feel it on your mobility (and I tend to skip BoB on these chars, so I prefer at least some DEX/CON). Also low DEX means slower fleeing and bash on average and low CON higher tendency to eat wounds and poisons. Also with too low CON, you may end up with too little max HP, meaning you will have to walk perma-armoured to survive backstabs (not a problem if you pk only, but if you also buf mobs, it's annoying). As you mentioned yourself, DEX also contributes to learning bash, so with all this in mind it is not really a mistake to go even for 12-13 DEX with this type of char.

High base STR helps mostly with learning bash and wilderness and then also with door-bash potential (if you also improve it after). So it's matter of priorities. You can go e.g. with 16 base STR and still train it to 18 and then use ring to reach 20 (21 with age).

To sum it up, I see ideal combination of STR DEX CON for this type of character as 16 11-12 15.

For all stats its:
Str:15-17 Int:MAX Wis:15-17 Dex:10-13 Con:15-16 Wil:12-15 Per:9-11

Would emphasize WIL if I planned to use charm a lot, STR/DEX otherwise (mostly for better bash).

2015/10/22 21:08, Ennor: 
And ob ring!

2016/02/13 12:20, Ohzlam:   
I thought i'd start playing again to provide some xps in pk and have some fun along the way. However, I want to make a new char to provide a fresh start. As I dont have to much time trying and failing I would like to ask the community for help creating the best viable option for my wishes.

My thoughts are a defencive war-cleric. Preferably half-elf with staff, decent armour and defence. Spells would be something like;
-dispel evil.
-burning hands.
-Maybe sanctuary at higher level.
+Whatever important spell I forgot as I havent played in a while.

I wont make a char untill im comfortable with the setup so I ask you guys, please give me some clues on stats (with train imp/neglect) and how to prac it. Anyone?

2016/02/13 13:32, Vidgri: 
Open stat-generator and I bet you will see that dwarf will have extra stat vs half-elf

2016/02/13 15:10, Elestir:  edited 1x   
I am afraid defensive war-cleric just doesn't work, as defense comes from either parry+dodge or shield spell, and neither is fully native to war-cleric. What I mean is, the more defense you will have, the weaker cleric and warrior (war-cleric) you will be. You can at the very best accomplish a char that will be mediocre at everything (defense, sanc, spell damage and ob).

You can however go for perma-sanced type of war-cleric which completely resignes on defense (doesn't prac armour, shield, parry or dodge and usually goes for war mattock/max-attack-staff as his weapons of choice so he can switch for staff after he lands a bash). You can then have good ob, hps, bash, sanctuary, heal, dispel evil and enough mana to walk perma-sanced. You will be able to duel even ologs (with sanc up) but don't expect being too efficient at buffing mobs for xp (if you want to xp the char solo, reprac to charmer-mage temporarily). In groups you can be very useful with your spells as a support char (sanc, heal, bob, recite), decent basher and a nuker (dispel).

Oh, and clear choice for this is half-elf for the +1 WIS (very helpful to learning sanc and dispel) and base mana-regen (2nd best after elves, and way better than what dwarves have). Human and dwarf (especially for Moria and hp-regen) could also work, but IMHO it's mistake not to go for half-elf here.

2016/02/13 22:38, Breaux: 
Ill just add to that-- dwarves are pretty good if you want to rely more on hits/warrior type. I have a smiter dwarf that seems to do ok dmg. in most 1v1, I rely on reamouring and hitting. and in some cases i can harm when people eat bash. let me know if you want stats.

2016/02/15 14:04, Ohzlam:   
Thanks for your thoughts. And with that info in mind I guess ill reconsider.

My next choice would be a warmage dwarf with charm. Do you have any stats for that kind of combo?

2016/02/15 14:45, Elestir:   
I already answered that earlier in this thread, Ohzlam. If it doesn't need to have store-quakes, WIS can be low (as low as 12 even), else you need 15+ (preferably 16), as otherwise you will fail too many stores.

2016/02/26 05:12, Jabez: 
@Ohzlam Str:13 Int:15 Wis:18 Dex:13 Con:13 Wil:16 Per:13. Halfelf

This was about as good as I could come up with for what you requested. To Elestir's point, it will not be outstanding with defense but it wouldn't be terrible either. 10-15 pracs in slash. 10ish in endurance. 15 in parry. Then get all your arm/shield/blind/dispel/sanc/heal etc. Can train down per for more str. Should be able to perma wield a dblade which is ok damage and good def.

Also, I have a no-def whatsoever war cleric and yes they're great in groups. Getting pk fights can sometimes be difficult as without armour/shield spells, you are almost always sanct up. And for good reason. On agg, my half elf has 6 def. Parry is negative due to mattock and db is like 8? 10 maybe? It is fairly OP if you get some poor orc to fight you tho. Hit a couple times/flee then go for a bash and qdispels. It gets nasty towards the end of that bash!

2016/02/28 20:34, Arcanum:   
jabez, whats the 13 base per for?

2016/05/11 14:50, Breaux: 
Anyone tried high-con mages (at legend level)? I mean pure mage but with close to max con. Maybe the highest tank-potential in the game.

2016/05/11 15:02, Täpp:   
I remember a dwarf combo Zack with a with those stats who was #1 warlord for a year+ straight ;) Ennor was one of the first such dwarf combos imo, althought lower hps, like 300. Salazar had quite high con too imo. and Wingdeath(sp?)

2016/05/11 16:22, Breaux: 
I mean pure mages though. like max mentals and no war pracs except some endurance. And Day outtanks Zack any day of the week.

2016/05/11 19:36, Cab: 
Base abilities: Str:15 Int:6 Wis:6 Dex:18 Con:17 Wil:12 Per:18.

zaug scout, any point in getting conc + bash + endu with these stats? if yes, should i get anything else as well?

2016/05/11 20:14, Diamonds: 
Get 60% in parry endu conc bash and you will have about 104% stab

2016/05/11 20:19, Cab:edited 1x   
I JUST tried remembering your name (because you played zaug warscout successfully in recent years) after which you replied on this thread, what a coincidence. So you approve of these stats for a warscout? Isn't 60% bash a bit too unreliable?

2016/05/12 04:46, Diamonds: 
I would lower wil by 3 and raise con by 2. Yeah bash at 60% is not great, you can aim for higher if you want

2016/05/12 09:59, Cab: 
Keep else at 60%?

2016/05/12 14:12, Diamonds: 
My setup that I always really liked was 104% stab and bash-endu-conc-parry at 60%.

2016/06/23 21:18, Ennor: 
Ennor had about 350-360 hps, though depending on age and fine tuning! I think i had about 250-300 hps, when i went almost pure mage with staff etc.
Imho kunduk used to build the best tanks, though he had rather strange equ, pracs and stats tweaks. Like going for banded ring on orc and such. :-/
He had high con, high dex, high/average mentals combos. I recall he experemented a lot with pracing dodge and shield spells and maxing it out.
He also had 'the ultimate buffer' elf or half elf made in the same way.
I frankly would never manage to play such a char. :)

2021/01/02 12:35, Ëynimi:edited 1x   

Dwarf created: 14, 18, 12, 16, 16, 12, 11

rerolled: 14, 18, 14, 16, 14, 12, 11

retraining into:

16, 18, 12, 16, 14, 13, 10

with age strring and fine-tuning going to have

19, 19, 12, 17, 16, 15, 11

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