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2017/10/18 20:04, Waba:  edited 1x   
Lag: how bad it is (0.2s, 0.5s, 1s, ...?). Does it go away when you revisit a room? Is your CPU usage high when it lags? Which browser, OS, CPU, RAM and graphic card are you using?

Link: yes, the webclient acts as a proxy, so the MUME server only sees the link between the proxy and (which is indeed 16-20ms). The real latency between your keyboard and the MUME server is still the same (more precisely: your ping to + these 16-20ms + possibly a few ms of processing, that's hard to measure).

Missing up/downs: it was a purposeful decision of not trying to be feature-complete before release :) IOW, I do intend to add these (and arrows between disjoint rooms, and and ...). See: [submitted link]

Introduction/first steps: Yes! This is by far the #1 purpose of the webclient: letting people try MUME with zero effort. Once they are hooked, they sure can take 10 mins setting up a real client and MM2. Purpose #2 is people playing from school/work and who can't install anything on their comps and/or are behind restrictive firewalls.

If you are playing on your own computer and have a good setup already, the webclient just isn't meant for you.

Pointers to real clients and MM2: that's a good suggestion, I added it as issue 22 in the list above.

Auto-fill: I tentatively added issue 23 for that. Currently it would be lost from a session to another, though. Eventually I'll need a mean to store the customization server-side for persistence, associated to a user profile. I'm currently not touching that now tho, as it doesn't seem essential for newbies.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to test and review the new client! I'll most likely make it the default 'Play!' option on this weekend.

2017/11/13 20:00, Waba:   
@Naga, from the news 2544 thread: I updated three weeks ago the official webclient to the one with a map, indeed. I prepared a minor news about it, but somehow it didn't make it to newsboard yet.

I'm not happy with how the map shows in a different window though (once you figure out you have to click File > Map), but I'm working on it.

ETA for merging the windows: I've spent one week(end) on it, probably 2-4 more to go before it's smooth on all browsers. Last weekend I updated the forum, wiki, and authentication plugins though, as they didn't survive the major PHP upgrade that came with the new VM.

At least my XML mode implementation has seen 3 weeks of real-world testing now, and nobody complained.

2017/11/13 20:09, Pilois:   
@Waba Thanks for all your work on this! I have seen quite a few newish players recently and I'm guessing the web client had a lot to do with it.

2017/11/17 16:48, Slayah:   
this looks great!

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