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2015/08/08 16:00, Nero: 
Anyone got a key? :)

2015/08/09 18:35, Rogon:   
What is an overwatch and how does it relate to mume being down!?

2015/08/10 16:04, Dracol:   
Its when you watch too much porn and get banned from the site.
The key is for unlocking the subscription.


2015/08/10 20:46, Nero: 
New Blizzard game. They finally enter the 3rd person shooter genre. It looks pretty interesting.

2015/08/11 18:20, Rogon:   
Isn't WoW a third person shooter? If you play a hunter atleast!

Shouldn't it be a first person shooter they do? That would be new for them!

2015/08/12 09:43, Alantir: 
It is first-person and seems to be a complete ripoff Team Fortress. But being Blizzard it will probably turn out really well. :)

2015/08/13 11:53, Djinn: 
Subscribed and waiting for key! Looks pretty cool from the videos. Blizzard has always been really good with the fluff though, so that's not really representative.

2017/03/19 02:43, Vandersell: 
So, anyone picked it up? I left MUME for Overwatch and been possessed for a few weeks now, fun learning curve and interesting competition imo if you into shooters.

2017/04/05 15:48, Ethar: 
i still play on NA once in a while. Reinhardt is my bestie.

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