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Why don't we got an immigration thread? catchup  discussions

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2018/08/15 23:25, Bardock: 
Arcanum, these pathological altruist are only happy watching their society burn while they collect cool points from other virtue signalers. They don't care their civilization is failing, infact they applaud it.

2018/08/16 08:08, Roadkill: 
Yay, you learned a new pseudojargon buzzword.

2018/08/24 17:57, Bardock:edited 1x   
Ouch, lets see Roadkill try to say this one is cherry picking. These latest numbers from Sweden totally put Roadkill in his intellectual place (of being absolutely wrong)

[submitted link]
85% of all convicted assault rapists were born outside of Europe

OUCH ROADKILL! Cant wait to hear you stumble over these facts and cry 'CHERRY PICKING' yea cause its 'cherry picking' to report on factual data right? Factual data is racist so pathological altruist dont really care for it.

plz I know there is some math experts here but someone want to calculate the disparity? What is it like 1 percent of the population accounting for over half of the rapes?

refugees didnt do nuffin wrong eh?

2018/08/24 21:06, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Unlike you, I have watched the programme in question. And unlike you (and your infowars 'source') I, along with the rest of the literate part of the world, noted the rather important caveat that Uppdrag Granskning added to those results, in a vain attempt to try to prevent people like you from jumping to (wrongful) conclusions. :-)

Let's see if you can find it, too.

Edit: Link to the program.

[submitted link]

2018/08/25 00:18, Bardock: 
lol from the translated page I just read, the data seems to correct so good job verifying it previously? Seems your notions from the past are being dissengrated now by data that you cant even dispute now yes?

2018/08/25 00:41, Roadkill: 
So you didn't catch it.

Well, don't feel too bad. Neither did infowars. Or if they did, they chose not to add it to the story.

Here's a hint: how large a percentage of rape suspects are migrants?

2018/08/27 20:19, Bardock: 
how in denial can you get Roadkill?

new statistics that show 58% of convicted rapists and 85% of all convicted assault rapists were born outside of Europe.

the stats were linked and confirmed this. You just are not capable of accepting reality are ya?

do you have a problem with the sources? I dont see how you can get much better of a source then they have.

2018/08/28 09:14, Roadkill: 
I'm just enjoying your continued inability to correctly interpret statistics, which further serves to prove why misinformative media is a threat to democracy.

I'll give you a couple more days to get it right.

If you need help, just say so and I'll point you towards the information the increasingly aptly named infowars site decided to gloss over.

2018/08/28 09:30, Bardock: 
its sad watching you every time new stats are posted from the Swedish government and police stations there, you just cant accept reality. The numbers are clear as day. You can never confront it, its very sad. Like watching a drug addict tell you they have no problem.

lets hear a rebuttal or anything cogent, the fact is 58 percent of rapes are caused by migrants and with only a tiny fraction of the population being migrants, that's an insanely alarming statistic and by the looks of it, the cops are very alarmed and worried and people are resigning over these facts because they aren't allowed to speak of them.

then you got virtue signalers like Roadkill who applaud this stuff and continue to stand by

'refugees didn't do nuffin'

no matter how many innocents are harmed all you care about is feeling virtuous.

2018/08/28 15:23, Roadkill: 
Now you're even wronger. :-)

2018/08/28 18:41, Eldaril: 
'misinformative media is a threat to democracy'

I'm willing to pin this down on lousy higher education. Everyone with a college (heck, even with a high school) degree should be able to have basic critical reading skills and understanding of elementary statistics. It really isn't that hard, and it should be attainable even for people with otherwise limited talents. But I guess expanding college rates for quantity has come at the expense of quality...

2018/08/28 20:31, Roadkill: 
Actually, this probably has more to do with market-driven media and a failure of the lower education system.

For example, in the US, 32 million adults are analphabetes, and 50% of adults cannot read a book written at 8th grade level.

Now I grant you that the US is the absolute worst of the civilized world when it comes to literacy, doing poorly even by African standards, but the problem is still large elsewhere, too.

Bear in mind that it only takes a party about 10% of the popular vote in most Western countries to attain some very real and serious influence.

(the most notableexceptions being the USA and UK, which are for almost all practical intents and purposes two-party systems).

This puts an onus on non-written media to report truthfully and understandably, which market forces has encouraged them to neglect, as sensationalism sells, while sense does not.

2018/08/29 17:36, Bardock: 
the facts are clear, no one is disputing them but you, this is what having a dogmatic bias does to people. You guys just seem like pathetic people who cant cope with reality, the numbers are real and scary but like I said reality doesent matter to pathological altruist, you probably hope more people get raped and killed by refugees.

2018/08/29 20:48, Eldaril: 
>This puts an onus on non-written media to report truthfully and understandably, which market forces has encouraged them to neglect, as sensationalism sells, while sense does not.

That should rather put onus on society in general the educational system in particular to produce better rounded individual.

The reason why the media, written and otherwise, used to eschew sensationalism is that being wrong actually used to matter. Our hypocritical consumption of news right now has made it possible for news outlets to put stuff out there that 'reportedly' happened. And if that stuff falls flat on its face -- 'Hey, we didn't say it happened, we said that someone said it happened'. As long as they can get away with this and save face, we're in trouble.

The media isn't a cure to our issues, it's a symptom.

2018/08/29 21:18, Roadkill: 
Eldaril: You have a point.

Bardock: You don't.

2018/08/30 00:36, Bardock: 
Roadkill, your denial is truly sad. Instead of offering nothing as you do and looking rediculous.

provide an argument about how the statistics from the police are incorrect.

the chiief of police said Malmo is now like a war zone, the police must act as if they are the military to sustain the massive up tick in violence and rape.

Stop denying it and make your case, the data is clear and apparent, prove your argument instead of being in denial. You are horrible at this, you just look very bad at this point. Its truly sad how dogmatic you are when it comes to actual facts and data.

stop being a coward and prove what your saying, it should be easy to demonsrate but in this case the numbers do not lie.

seriously the percentage of the population that is migrants is small, for them to commit 58 percent..... thats a huge disparity.

the data is coming from the police reports, you literally have no argument . Its funny how you cant actually provide a defense for anything you say , only pathetic pats on the back amongst you two.

put your money were your mouth is coward.

2018/08/30 17:12, Arcanum:   
One could of course read the official statistics. It shows that invaders committed way more crimes than swedes in Sweden. But then again, since the results were not suitable for socialist propaganda, swedes dropped the science in the name of the plan. Think it was 2004 or 2005. No official statistics since then.

And now consider how many invaders have arrived since. 2015 alone had some 1 mil +. Officially 600k+ and educated guess by swedish scientist (born in middle east btw, think i posted it few pages above) that about same amount of invaders are not even registered.

I have to admit i have seen quite some crime statistic graphs over the years. But the graphic of rapes in Sweden since 1970-s year by year - is mind-blowing. Still.

I pitty you. May be it was the propaganda from early childhood, may be it was something else. But man! you are a mentally handicapped lot :(

2018/08/30 17:19, Arcanum:   
I am pleased to say tho
that I have seen Sweden
before it was not necessity
to carry
visiting Sweden

what beautiful land
are you surrendering

2018/09/01 17:01, Bardock:edited 2x   
Roadkill cares not for facts, I have proven all he cares about is feeling good about himself. Nevermind that 100 cars burned the other night in Sweden, that a tiny percent of the population (middle eastern migrants) are committing 58 percents of the rape and 90 percent of the shootings.

none of them care about the facts, all they care about is virtue signalling and its going to be the downfall of their nation, Sweden has already released dire warnings about civil war approaching. The police in Malmo have released statements saying they can no longer operate without the military....

so successful right Roadkill? So much success!!!!!! Civilization crumbling is a notch in his virtuous belt.

[submitted link]

Yall deserve a great pat on the back for the great work your doing to these homelands.

I recall me saying you wont be happy till the countries are burning in ruin,

You happy yet?

2018/09/16 17:42, Roadkill: 
Continuing our excellent discussion about the misinformative coverage of some media regarding immigrants and rape in Sweden, Bardock, here is a good article explaining a similar deliberate misinformation about migrants and crime in Germany. This is likely generalizeable onto all European countries.

[submitted link]

2018/09/17 06:56, Bardock: 
thanks for sharing Roadkill, I will do some research on the link you provided. I actually want to discover the truth on this and so far you have made a good case on your argument.

2018/09/20 16:09, Arcanum:   
Soviet psychiatrist Andrei Snezhnevsky, hero of socialist labor, owner of two Orders of Lenin as well as four Orders of the Red Star and USSR state prize personally signed a decision declaring several prominent dissidents legally insane – among them also neurophysiologist Vladimir Bukovsky, who was the first to expose and criticize the abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union and spent altogether 12 years in prisons, forced labor camps and locked up in psychiatric hospitals for his efforts.

/anyone realize how it fits in this thread?/

2018/09/20 20:01, Roadkill: 
Taking a wild guess, I'd have to go with 'Marine Le Pen'.

2018/09/20 23:00, Arcanum:   
And a point goes to Roadkill.

... must undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine whether 'she is capable of understanding remarks and answering questions.'

I recalled an interview and re-watched it:
[submitted link]

2018/09/21 05:31, Savu:   
[submitted link]
/ Le Pen’s criticism fits the party’s narrative that it is persecuted by judges as part of an attempt by the establishment to undermine it politically.

Le Pen was placed under formal investigation in March on suspicion of disseminating violent images. The law states that medical evaluations must be carried out in such probes.

Feels a lot like the commotion another investigation overseas from France. Serious desire to be shown as a victim of the system even though treating them any differently would be breaking the law.

2018/09/21 06:58, Roadkill: 
The law requirement notwithstanding, the nationalist alt right is testing the boundaries of clinical mental disorders to some extent.

We saw this perhaps most clearly with Breivik after Utøya.

Believing that Norway is being over-run by muslims to the extent that armed resistance is required, is an opinion which is obviously false and unfounded in reality, and meets all the clinical requirements for a paranoid delusion. Unsurprisingly, one team of specialists found reason to diagnose him as paranoid schizophrenic, while another team disagreed. The debate is still going on in academic circles.

I'm not saying I believe that Breivik really is paranoid schizophrenic. I'm saying that his belief and actions certainly can justify such a diagnosis.

The point is that when a person's beliefs and actions are sufficiently irrational and sufficiently impact their own ability to function in a normal way, in addition to adversely affecting others, the question of a diagnosable mental disorder being present becomes relevant.

And if you don't think eccentric, non-rational beliefs and opinions can be sufficient grounds to warrant suspicion of a mental disorder, you're just wrong.

[submitted link]

2018/09/21 07:14, Roadkill: 
While I haven't read the reports of Breivik's mental assessment, it is not difficult to guess what the specialists who diagnosed him as paranoid schizophrenic were thinking.

Here are the DSM-V criteria for the disorder.
[submitted link]

I'm guessing they marked Breivik down for delusions and negative symptoms as core symptoms. His beliefs and the fictional construct he had created around them (Templar Knights armed resistance, etc) certainly come across as obviously delusional, and his lack of emotional response was, according to some, quite noticeable in the aftermath.

As for (1), a marked impairment was observed in both his work and interpersonal relations, which had been present for an extended period of time.

For item (2), the impairments in (1) as well as his delusional beliefs had been present for well over 6 months, so that box is checked as well.

And for (3) I'm guessing they ruled out depression, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder. Certainly there seems to be no indication of the last two.

The only relevant question remaining is whether or not there has been a history of autism spectrum disorder, but they'll have checked extensively for that.

So you see, while the diagnostic criteria are somewhat subjective, it is not hard to see why some may have felt he ticked all the necessary boxes.

The doctors who disagreed that he was paranoid schizophrenic diagnosed him with something else instead. I don't know what that was, and don't much care. I just find the question of how to define (and treat) a delusion (or a fixed false belief) relevant, and interesting.

As for MLP, I don't know much about her, and don't care to.

2018/09/21 08:55, Arcanum:   
There truly are persons who see monkeys chasing them. And they do strange things trying to escape - i e go into sea-waters. Rest of the people just see someone running into sea with cloth on and standing there staring the shore. delusions, sure.

Then there are those 'monkeys' beating each other and bystanders (Paris, Stalingrad station was famous some time ago) and some people do things to 'escape' them - i e say publicly this is not normal, this should stop asap. Rest of the people just see MSM, which avoids (correct term is censors) the real world issues. We seem to disagree which group is delusional, I still believe the people believing propaganda that everything is just cool. (Move along, move along, nothing to see here!)

As for Marine le Pen. Seems she disagreed with someone comparing her or her party to ISIS. It is no good to show the sheeple what is going on in the real world. Religion of peace and all that, you know. 'The charges stem from a series of tweets Le Pen sent in the weeks after the Bataclan massacre, where she shared disturbing photos including images from the beheading of American journalist James Foley. Le Pen later took the photos of Foley down after being contacted by his family.

Other pictures showed a man in an orange jumpsuit being run over by a rank - another showed a man being burned alive in a cage.

'Daesh is this!' Le Pen wrote in a caption. The tweets were a response to a TV journalist drawing a comparison between ISIS and the French far-right.'

2018/09/21 12:11, Roadkill: 
Here's an example which I hope may serve to clarify things a bit, with regards to diagnosing mental illness.

Take a couple of your standard, run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories. Like, say, that the earth is flat, and the round-earth thingy is just a conspiracy between NASA, the CIA and all the worlds' governments. Or that the moon landings were faked, by more or less the same actors, and the Rotschilds.

Now take Guy A, who believes these things, but apart from participating in a few forums online, he spends his days otherwise peacefully, and does not feel a need to Preach the Truth to the Masses. He goes to work, spends time with his family and helps his kids do their homework in the normal way (not forcing them to incorporate his own belief into their school science essays).

Then take Guy B who also believes these things, and, in addition to preaching online, pickets in front of parliaments, government agencies, forms his own political party to bring attention to these issues, and tends to crash science conventions to shout his message. When this happens, he usually has to be led away by security and/or police.

Finally, take Guy C who believes these things also. He organizes a band of like-minded people to sabotage any organizations and/or persons he believes to be involved in the conspiracy, and threatens anyone who gets in his way with violence, which he fully believes is justified in his fight for The Cause.

All three of these guys have a Fixed False Belief. But only two of them have it to such a degree that it disturbs their function, and one of them has it to such a degree that it makes him potentially dangerous to not only himself, but others as well. We might expect both Guys B and - especially - C to get diagnosed with a mental illness, due to the extent of their dysfunction.

As for Le Pen, I don't care. Whether or not she is mentally healthy, she is hateful and prejudiced, and I have better things to do with my time.

2018/09/22 22:24, Arcanum:   
If you spent your time watching the interview, you might have diagnosed the bbc guy as 'hateful and prejudiced'.
I did not care either, until I saw that interview for the first time (when it was still fresh). If only we had more people in politics like that, I thought. There was no question, if she is capable of understanding remarks and answering questions.

2018/09/23 01:31, Roadkill: 
Good mental health years ago does not prove good mental health today.

2018/10/13 13:56, Andróg:   
I realize I'm joining this debate several weeks late, but I'd like to point out that while I'm totally fine with limiting the activities of Guy C (although I'd rather go the criminal investigation path, rather than the mental health path), I would be very worried if Guy B types begin to get diagnosed with psychiatric diagnoses.

There is a very, very thin line between doing that to Guy B types and shutting down your political opponents with 'mental health' and 'unable to function in the society properly' excuses and accusations. I'm of course fine with having your security escort out Bs when they disturb some event too much, but depicting them as mentally ill discredits psychological science as a whole.

2018/10/14 04:36, Bardock: 
I just been studying up on this stuff, checking conflicting data sources, on one hand you have BRA and the raw numbers and then on the other hand you have some interesting factors that make it difficult to see the whole picture.

Recently tho, they voted to now show the backgrounds of perpetrators in these cases. they werent reporting on race and ethnicity before but apparently they are going to start? As far as I can tell. Maybe someone in the native tongue can give me a better idea.

this is an article describing the situation before the newest update

[submitted link]
im trying to find the new report that states they will now begin reporting origin of perpetrators but google is burying the headline , maybe someone with google skills can find it before me but il keep looking standby! Gotta find perfect sources and info when going against the master of debate Roadkill :)

2018/10/15 16:22, Arcanum:   
If you want to read about swedish system in english, try this one:
[submitted link]
I also wanted to cite an example from swedish penal code. Unfortunately they only post it in english as a text from 1999.

If any1 feels like giving me a link to proper text. (yes, i know they only consider text that is written <s> in stone </s> on paper as legally biding).

2018/12/06 06:47, Soilwork: 
@Arcanum, a bit late but here it is: [submitted link]

2018/12/06 07:19, Soilwork: 
@Arcanum ah, now I see what you mean, you could visit [submitted link]
and right-click on the page to select a computed translated version into wanted language, if you want me to confirm the translation, name or quote which section and I will cross-reference the translation to the Swedish original.

2018/12/06 12:27, Arcanum:   
Many thanks! My guess is, its about chapter 16, section 8.
There have been statements, that expressing the truth - in case its inconvinient - is punishable in Sweden.
For example, before Sweden stopped for political reasons collecting criminal statistics about immigrants crime rate, data showed immigrants to be 'over-represented'. Constantly. But stating now, that more immigrants means more crime, is a criminal offence.

Could You improve the text from google translation please.

2018/12/06 14:27, Soilwork: 
@Arcanum no there's no law against telling truths(water is wet ,fire is hot, this may or may not be inconvenient to some people)

Though the statement you mention about immigration is debatable(hence not considered to be proven beyond doubt to be the absolute, infinite truth) this is what the Swedish Law says:

(The Old Law)
8 /Will no longer be valid in:2019-01-01/ Anyone who in public-statement or in dissemination spread(media, social-media or other circulatory medial platform), threatens or expresses disregard for an ethnic group or any group of people with racial, skin color, national or ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation, is sentenced by public to prison for a maximum of two years or, if the crime is low, to a fine.

If the crime is considered to be major to imprisonment for at least six months and no more than four years. In assessing whether the offense is gross, particular attention should be paid if the message had a particularly threatening or infringing content and spread to a large number of persons in a manner that has been intended to attracting significant attention.

(The New Law)
8 /Will no longer be valid in:2019-01-01/ Anyone who in public-statement or in dissemination spread(media, social-media or other circulatory medial platform), threatens or expresses disregard for an ethnic group or any group of people with racial, color, national or ethnicity origin, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, is sentenced by public to prison for a maximum of two years or, if the crime is low, to a fine.

If the crime is considered to be major hate speech to imprisonment for at least six months and no more than four years. In assessing whether the offense is gross, particular attention should be paid if the message had a particularly threatening or infringing content and spread to a large number of persons in a manner that has been intended to attracting significant attention.

In simplification:
- If you own an online newspaper that claims by fact that bi-sexuals 'Are responsible for spreading AIDS' you or your financial Swedish counterpart may be subject to Swedish Law if your paper is funded either by Swedish Ads or companies or in other ways possible to be subject to Swedish Law.

If you gather up a gang of people dressed in white-sheets with funny pointy hats and torches, stand outside of a mosque, synagogue or church and threaten people that enter or exit that building that 'Only fire will purge your unworthy souls', you will probably look at jail time for up to 2-4 years.

If you just randomly post a claim on your Facebook wall that 'In my opinion <insert random ethnic group> are the reason that people that call themselves <insert other random ethnic group> are being chased out from their country ' you will either be ridiculed or praised by the Facebook community and Facebook will or will not remove your post depending on how many people complain about it, before Swedish Law will either take interest or act on the matter at hand.

2018/12/07 00:36, Arcanum:   
Thank you again.

I hear you get fined not ridiculed for posting on fb.

'One of the elderly women, whose life Åberg has disrupted and possibly ruined, is a 73-year old woman with no criminal record, who shared an old text from 2015, widely available on the internet and written by someone else, in a small Facebook group of barely 50 people. She has been charged with 'incitement against an ethnic group' for sharing the following:

'A biological sensation in Sweden. A new bird species (parasitus muslimus) has established itself here... In recent years, the Arab bird (parasitus muslimus) has been widely spread in northern Europe, largely because it lacks natural enemies here...The female has a comprehensive feather shield, where only the eyes are visible... The male usually has four females... The species is a migratory bird but with the weird feature that they never move back...''

There are more examples on
[submitted link]

whether you like the source or not.

As for the parasitus muslimus, I recommend looking up the numbers for how much of Swedens social budget goes to immigrants (it was years ago that ca 7% (?) of population (parasitus muslimus) were said to take most of your social budget) as well as what % of them has a job and what % of them at all really wants to have a job.

(same author has written Sweden gets on average 100 rapes per day (20 rapes per day are reported)
[submitted link]
but thats sure is just an evil propaganda, just like there are no no-go zones in Sweden)

Knock, knock, Neo.

2018/12/08 16:56, Roadkill: 
An Icelandic temp MP is finding himself in hot water for believing the UKIP propaganda videos you seem to be citing, Arcanum.

Slander, public harassment and inciting to violence against minorities is not legal in most of western Europe, whether those minorities are ethnic, religious or sexual.

Truth has nothing to do with the text you cited.

2018/12/09 09:44, Arcanum:   
Since my swedish is mere few words and since the data is not too readily available, you can give your best answer to my questions.
When I look at your 2019 budget bill, I notice, that (SEK million)
y2018 y2019
Migration 15748 13573
Gender equality and introduction of newly arrived immigrants 25600 18486
But we are not looking for that number (SEK 32059000000). We are interested in what % of the
Health care, medical care and social services 77696 78122
Financialsecurity for the sick and disabled 102615 97657
Financial security for the elderly 34636 34450
Financial security for families and children 94586 97332
goes to the people who themseves nor their families have contributed nothing.
You can aswell look into other numbers since
Culture, media, religious communities and leisure activities 15880 15995
Labour market and working life 74084 76815
sure have something packed in them.

I have read 'propaganda analyses' that some years ago gave me the numbers. In short: you pay most of your social budge to immigrants. I have talked to swedes (mind you - before the 2015 wave), who have confessed your communes (its a communist country after all, no?) cant anymore take care of your own peoples health cause the money goes to immigrants. The list goes on.

I think I have written here how in 1990-s when there was global economy crisis - sweden _reduced_ its debt. And how in 2010-s when the economy was 'booming' sweden's national debt, household debt and bussinesses debt was 'booming' too. That might be the reason, that in 2019 bill we find:
Intereston the national debt, etc. 11355 25155

It is well-known, that whenever a socialist runs out of real arguments, he starts to label the other person(s) still having something solid to state and whenever the data does not fit his agenda, its called fake news and evil propaganda. But there is hope. How about you get over the frustration, think, find data and argue like an intelligent being?

My data is old. I'm sorry. Got other things in life to dig out Sweden's unpleasant numbers of how much goes to immigrants every year. I hope that during your latest elections some of that leaked out and you are able to find some fresh data. To my best knowledge Swedish socialist government worked together (and paid them) with major social networks and major swedish media, to suppress unpleasant data.

If in your mind asking what % of immigrants has a job; and what % of them at all really wants to have a job; and how much SEK total is Sweden spending annually on immigrants - is slander, public harassment and inciting to violence against minorities - then there is little hope for me to find a reasonable discussion here.

2018/12/09 13:59, Roadkill:edited 2x   
Reading what you've just written leads me to believe your education (for want of a better word) in sociology, political history in general and Swedish political and economical history in particular, has been brought about by internet demagogues, who are themselves either wholly ignorant on the subjects, or purposefully trying to mislead their audience.

I'm not even going to waste time educating you on the state economics of Sweden through the sociodemocrat governments and the switch to the centre-right, and the context which the diatribe you've copied from somewhere else seeks to gloss over. It'd be like trying to tan a brook. And in any case, I'm not an expert.

If you think that a country having communes means it's communist, then you've got the wrong end of the stick. The word commune is about as communist as the word 'municipal' - and they mean the same. In fact, communism gets its English term from the word commune, which predates the political philosophy by more than half a millennium. Communes as a systemic entity have been a fixed part of the Scandinavian infrastructure since the 1600's, and have existed in unchanged form as a term since the 1200's.

Internet demagogues often like to lend support to their conspiracy theories by apparent linguistic 'proof' like this. It takes a willing recipient with no prior knowledge or understanding of history to get duped.

Congratulations on being one of those.

Their math and their logic is of about the same standard of quality, which is to say lack thereof.

2018/12/09 21:30, Arcanum:   
There is one joke in the text of 39 lines. Meaning there is 38 lines of serious text. And the response is on the joke aside of the discussion.

'...a socialist runs out of real arguments, he starts to label the other person' CHECK

'...whenever the data does not fit his agenda, its called fake news and evil propaganda.' CHECK

'But there is hope. How about you get over the frustration, think, find data and argue like an intelligent being?' OK, I ADMIT I WAS WRONG, SOMETIMES THERE IS NO HOPE.

Good day to you, sir. Get well and perhaps even stumble on the %-s by accident.

Still thankful for the penal code btw, nevertheless.

2018/12/09 23:07, Roadkill:edited 1x   
Those pseudopoints of yours have already been refuted in this thread.

I am sure you can find sources on Swedish government overexpenditure in the second half of the 20th century on google without help, if you go outside the comfort zone of UKIP and current political propaganda.

If you were joking, it was not obvious. It can be hard to distinguish one misreprentation from all the others.

And calling a misreprentation for what it is, is indeed labelling, as is putting any name on anything, rightly, as in this case, or wrongly, as in yours. And therefore?

Edit: you also seem somewhat confused about my nationality.

2018/12/10 08:48, Bardock: 
lol Roadkill is a deadly challenger Arcanum, you must prepare to face him with many scrolls potions and rocks.

2019/02/09 06:53, Enforcer: 
Donald Trump is the Great White Hope! - Jesse Lee Peterson

Love that guy

2019/02/09 15:46, Ninjzor: 
Oh shit! It seems Sweden turned into a communist country over night, with civil war looming aswell!

I need to defend myself apparently... Someone got a pitchfork I could borrow? Arcanum perhaps?

2019/02/15 16:58, Arcanum:   
Sorry, what am I missing here?

Either Ninjzor is bored or visits ER over long periods or something really happened in Sweden that passed my radar...

An offer for bored Ninjor:
[submitted link]
- one of the swedes(?) seems slightly retarded. (Perhaps the issue is of foreign language.)

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