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2017/11/16 07:32, Savu:  edited 1x   
I'm still convinced that it was meant as the right to bear arms in a sense that everyone has a right to own a pair of bear arms. As with any religious text from ages ago, interpreting the meaning is difficult.

On the other hand if you write it as Zepir does 'right to bare arms' then the meaning changes again. It could be that one does not always have to wear gloves, which seems reasonable. Or maybe it means that one may roll up their sleeves when situation requires.

2017/11/16 07:45, Täpp:   
This whole thread should be used for a research paper about how someone with mental retardation (MR)(also possibly bipolar) is able to keep 5+ people arguing with him in a forum when in real life this conversation would lead everyone around the dinner table politely ignoring the village idiot.

This describes Mithfalen's condition pretty well: [submitted link]
* It is defined by an IQ score under 70 * Intellectual disability affects about 2–3% of the general population
* Poor planning or problem solving abilities
* Behavioural and social problems
* Failure to grow intellectually or continued infant-like behaviour
* Failure to adapt or adjust to new situations

2017/11/16 17:48, Zepir:   
lol Savu is funny always making me laugh n shit. Tapp you dont know shit nor do you know anything about me outside of this forum and your lame and cute attempt to diagnose people over the internet is real adorable.

2017/11/17 06:50, Axel: 
Ok, I banned him.

2017/11/17 06:51, Fieldy: 
Thanks! He as a joke started to get stale : (

2017/11/17 08:24, Ortansia:  edited 3x   
@Axel now you will be called liberal anti free speech fascist ;)

@Grimble you were implying that having a gun prevents the one who is about to commit a suicide, to use others means that may hurt/ kill others during his suicide, such as ( car accident, jumping off building) .
so I was just pointing that in cases of suicide-mass murder, having gun do hurt/ kill more people, than using any other means.

In my opinion, the aim of all mass murderers, is to suicide in massacre scene to get glory and fame, either by killing themselves after the massacre, or get themselves killed by cops.

2017/11/17 09:24, Razoor:edited 1x   
It's a good point on the relative VS absolute numbers Grimble, but are you sure that the comparison still doeant hold some merit? Im saying that because I'm not sure that the entire US population should figure into the calculation as they arent gun we are talking about a sub-population causing all these deaths, i.e those who own guns. I guess the comparison is difficult anyway because who do we then count in point well taken :) It was more of an attempt to signal that the numbers are very disturbing, rather than a perfect comparison.

However, on the comparison with automobiles - I believe you do regulate automobiles more heavily than you do guns, right? You need a drivers license to drive after all..

2017/11/17 12:29, Slevin:   
You need a license, you have to register, and you must have insurance.

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