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2019/05/31 23:07, Fieldy:   
Good answer :D

2019/06/01 23:43, Bardock:   
[submitted link]
some really good facts and information on the current investigation into the FISA warrant abuse by the FBI.

started the video at the bit of information that good.

2019/06/02 07:38, Grimble:   
'But you dont listen and keep bringing up the economy. Economy itself doesnt really matter for people, what matters are your fiscal policies which determine how money is distributed. If you want to see what effect the Trump presidency has on America, that's where you start looking. Not at the stock market or GDP growth or whatever other surface metric.'

That is spoken like a true socialist. America is a constitutional republic, not a socialist democracy. There is a huge difference. We run things a different way over here and for good reason. A true democracy will always end in anarchy and I think we have seen a great many examples of how socialism ends in failure. Mob rule is a very scary thing. Many of the socialist democracies on this Earth would not exist without the protection of this constitutional republic so you can sit there and say that democratic socialism works but it doesn't really work if you take away the protection. And they would cease to exist within a decade or maybe 2 if that protection was withdrawn.

2019/06/02 09:44, Savu:   
That's a very random distinction on classification from different categories.

2019/06/02 16:51, Vra:   
That video was more opinions and speculations then facts.

2019/06/02 20:31, Bardock:  edited 1x   
LOL, I am sure you have so much wisdom being as you were all so positive Trump colluded with the Russians right? LOL now the hysterical left is trying to impeach someone for 'obstruction ' on a crime there is no evidence for after 500 subpoenas and 40 FBI agents later. I show you some actual information on whats going on and its just too much for ya to process eh? rofl. Let the games begin.

its so funny when people don't call America a true democracy , no shit the founding fathers had foresight to make sure individual states wouldn't determine a president, its hard for socialist to understand the meaning of a republic...Ö lol its in the fucking pledge of allegiance people.

'I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

please take note and I would know, I was sent to the principles office in 8th grade for refusing to stand or recite the pledge.

2019/06/02 21:41, Telessar:   
If you (Bardock) and Grimble actually knew what a constitutional republic meant and believed in it, then you would not be Trump supporters.

The Founding Fathers roll in their grave at the crap he has pulled off, and is trying to.

2019/06/02 22:22, Bardock:   
yet you don't even provide examples? It is exactly a republic, thus the electoral college, talk about rolling over in their graves..... the founding fathers would raise up arms and destroy all these usurpers if they seen the shit coming from the radical communist left.

2019/06/02 22:46, Telessar:   
Come back to this thread after you have finished reading The Federalist Papers, Thoughts on Government and all other fundamental American political philosophy texts and then maybe I'll care to argue with you.

Until then, you don't actually know why they are in place and their real intentions. And saying stuff like 'electoral college' and 'constitutional republic' doesn't mean you have a clue either. We learn that in 5th grade.

2019/06/02 22:50, Bardock:   
the butt hurt is strong, you claim to have all this superior knowledge yet you cant formulate an argument against anything I said.

'I know better then you I am Telessar blah blah'

cool story bro, come back when you learn how to debate a topic and come with some examples.

2019/06/02 22:57, Telessar:   
Not really an unexpected answer. I'll leave you to your own delusions.

2019/06/02 23:21, Telessar:  edited 1x   
Just as an FYI about how the Founding Fathers would be rolling in their grave with Trump as President as published by Cato , one of the leading libertarian think-tanks (you self-described yourself as a libertarian).

[submitted link]
[submitted link]
Edit: as a disclaimer, I don't necessarily agree with lots of what Cato publishes, but since you would never believe all the 'socialist' media out there, I figured I'd give you something from the right.

2019/06/03 00:08, Bardock:   
riddle me this Telessar, why do none of those articles at all include any information about the current legal situation regarding the legal investigators? Interesting. I don't really care about Iran, what does this have to to do about the electoral college and the founding fathers? I am trying to piece together how this is an argument to anything I said regarding the investigation or the importance of a republic vs outright democracy ?

2019/06/03 01:41, Telessar:   
Yeah, you clearly didn't read it. Whatever.

2019/06/03 18:12, Razoor: 
Grimble, the countries that have the highest standard of living today are all (what you call) socialist democracies. There are a few examples throughout history where people applied a different political system (closer to what you might understand as communism) which didnt work so well.

In US debates when defending your more conservative position you always point to the few bad examples (which arent really functional socialist democracies anyway), while conveniently forget the very many positive examples of socialist democracies that are doing exceptionally well (e.g., almost all OECD countries).

What I dont understand is why you insist on maintaining your own system, which honestly is terrible in so many ways, when lots of countries in Europe and elsewhere have shown how it can be done better. Even countries with far lower GDP and a weaker economy have better well-being/health/education/crime indicators than US. You're shooting yourself in the foot - why dont you want a better country to live in? It can be done, we know how to do it.

2019/06/03 20:36, Bardock:  edited 1x   
funny thing is, USA is the worlds biggest super power..... Il stick to my republic and individual states rights. We would all be screwed without the electoral college, California and new York would rule the country. no thanks.

funny you guys wont touch the subject on the origins of the investigation and the hammer that's coming down :D just don't fit your narrative so you ignore it. I love it.

2019/06/04 04:18, Savu:   
Haven't seen anything to suggest what you claim, just some wishful thinking on 'news' outlets that support donald.

2019/06/04 05:45, Bardock:   
savu I love you, your a cool guy. why do you trust everything the opposition says and when I present supporting evidence of a coup you just call it wishful thinking? This has more evidence then the entire mueller report, will you say sorry if it turns out to be true ??


google peter strohk and lisa page

2019/06/04 06:39, Razoor: 
Yeah but, what does 'superpower' do for you? Gives you some national pride or whatever? Those things dont matter in the end dude. A country needs to provide for its citizens to its optimal ability so they can live a healthy and happy life, who cares about superpower!! Read this simple tweet I came across this morning: [submitted link]

2019/06/04 07:24, Savu:  edited 1x   
The Strzok and Page thing has been discussed ad nauseam. I don't think it changes anything. The investigation is over and the findings are still the same. Too bad those two were involved because that just gives a talking point to don-supporters for dismissing the relevance of the findings.

Calling their bias a coup is a gross overstatement.

2019/06/04 18:27, Bardock:  edited 2x   
yea somehow I don't think you have really looked into it but that's ok. The time will come soon, indictments are coming.

I don't just watch one side, even hard left people like Jimmy Dore are calling this bullshit out.
[submitted link]

I frequently listen to him, I like both sides.

this dude worked for Cenky Ugyer and the young turks so......

2019/07/09 06:30, Rashnak: 
On topic of standard of living (using very extended definition of it) between different countries, in my opinion the important distinction is whether the systems provide high average standard for the general public, or possibilities to achieve even higher living standard for those who are capable, and lower for everyone else.

In this perspective, countries like USA and China all fall into the latter category.

Based on my observations between Finland and China, for some reason these two often end up being mutually exclusive. In Finland lot of things are better, but there are less opportunities to go above the average.

As long as those opportunities are real for sufficient proportion of the population, they are more willing to accept lower average living standard.

That's why it is difficult to challenge people in both USA and China to changing their respective systems.

2019/07/12 11:27, Bardock:   
America rocks Trump 2020 is happening, the tears will flow.

2019/07/12 12:24, Molwynog: 
[submitted link]

2019/07/25 05:16, Bardock:   
[submitted link]

2019/07/25 15:55, Prist: 
2019/07/20 Bardock:
roflmao, seriously tho lets get this bet going and use a third party pool based on the variables. what do they call that escrow? I hereby declare this is my final post on this website ever and Sarkazein owes me 50 bucks lol,

2019/07/25 19:34, Bardock:   
ya I am not playing mume or posting on argylbarge this is a politics thread nothing to do with mume. BTW if you didn't like that source on the Mueller Report here is the same exact thing from a democratic source.

[submitted link]

its funny I discussed Fusion GPS , the phony dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton, every seems so silent now regarding this matter, people were so gung ho before :D

2019/07/25 20:52, Slevin:   
lol Bardock. I agree with prist, go post on a political website. Nobody was ever hung ho about this BS topic. People called you out on all the other BS you kept trying to shovel. See you on Mume in a few months!

2019/07/26 00:22, Bardock:   
il never log that game again, don't have an account lol. Its just funny to see the silence of the people who were so big on this topic...Ö.

2019/07/26 03:49, Slevin:   
Who are these people you talk about? The only person I remember dwelling on this topic is you. Everyone else was mostly letís wait and see. You kept bringing up conspiracies of the deep state and other nonsense.

2019/08/06 23:33, Wooble:   
[submitted link]

2019/08/07 09:04, Bardock:   
lol so funny no one will approach the Russian collusion delusion at all when Razoor and all them were so sure Seth Abrahamsnon was on to something jajajajaja. now back to all the same old posts about guns, seems like everyone took their ball and went home loool.

2019/08/07 20:49, Fieldy:   
Naaah, we mostly still think USA is a shitbox.

2019/08/07 22:30, Vra:   
LOL so funny how youíre still here after swearing to never post again over and over! In the words of your hero, sad.

2019/08/09 09:57, Bardock:  edited 1x   
LOL funny cause this is all of you Europeans now after article 3.
[submitted link]

if your an American this meme is especially funny.

2019/08/09 12:40, Fieldy:   
[submitted link]

2019/08/09 14:28, Wubble:  edited 1x   
Every man shall have the right to bear arms.

But the dreaded vibrator is, of course, forbidden.

[submitted link]

Guns don't kill people. Sex toys kill people.

2019/08/09 22:59, Alcarnil:edited 1x   
@Fieldy yep thats the rationalization of corporate america.

its pretty damn embarassing. but then again have you seen ? i guess if you're going to do a mass shooting then walmart is a good place to start...

but then again what do you expect with this guy as president...
[submitted link]
*&crop=450:350;left,top not a surprise bardock idolizes him
some good ol george carlin summing it up
[submitted link]

2019/08/09 23:55, Fieldy:   
Yeah. I don't want to say its a god forsaken shitbox, but you understand. So many easy problems to fix and just out of sheer stubbornness they are left undone.

2019/08/10 16:39, Alcarnil: 
Yea it sucks change takes so long in this country. Stubborness is destroying us at the moment

2019/08/13 12:25, Enforcer: 
I hope Trump beats all these communist nazis in the next election. MAGA!

2019/08/13 13:23, Thurge: 
Communist Nazi zombies from outer space FTW!

2019/08/15 03:17, Bardock:   
sometimes death seems like a great option.

2019/08/18 14:47, Savu:   
Lol [submitted link]

2019/08/20 09:24, Fieldy:   
Gig. Sounds reasonable :D

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