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2020/06/20 07:34, Tapio:   
If you are into Crypto, maybe you could answer a question that has been bugging me about Bitcoin. As I understand it, Bitcoin mining is calibrated according to price of Bitcoin, roughly speaking (specifics not important). If price of Bitcoin goes up, the algorithm for finding a new one goes up, thus the price of the electricity to mine new bitcoins gets balanced to the price of Bitcoins?
If this is true, is the total value of all the Bitcoins, will this be maintained by the cost of electricity to mine Bitcoins. It seems imbalanced. Bitcoins ambition is to grow to 1000 todays total value to become a big phenomenon in the financial system. But if that means that 1000 times more electricity is spent on Bitcoins that would totally destroy worlds energy supply, it would all go into the financial system instead of powering my microwave.

I might have misunderstood Bitcoin, but not getting a clear answer to this question has made me stay away from it. If the total price of the electricity used on Bitcoin is a function of the total value of all the Bitcoins, then Bitcoin is flawed and will ultimately go nowhere.

(Sorry for Going OT from the Amuurica topic)

2020/06/20 08:03, Savu:   
Telessar, my post was not supposed to be a personal attack. I was just genuinely amused. In any case I think spending the effort to fight against for instance the three things I mentioned is counterproductive. You will not be solving any of the real problems and instead creating a backlash against your broader cause. This also applies to other nowadays issues like feminism, veganism, green energy etc.

If the approach you use in US would just stay in your country I wouldn't mind all that much, but the problem is that you are exporting your dogmas all over the world and it's just making the world a worse place for it.

2020/06/20 08:09, Fieldy:   
Dunno. Overall USA seems to be so inept in solving public sector problems that no wonder the media likes to talk about it - such a circus and such simple topics.

2020/06/20 09:23, Roadkill: 
Telessar: interesting points. Of course, the US is socially and culturally diverse enough to make room for differences in racism.

Here is an opinion piece on the topic from the beeb, arguing the opposite view, not limiting itself to the NE, though.

[submitted link]

2020/06/20 13:54, Eldaril: 
Savu, I don't know where you got the idea that someone is spending excessive energy fighting against cultural appropriation and even blackface. Those have made some waves at different times, but aren't a hot button topic right now, mostly because the former didn't really fly, and the latter is now universally accepted as poor form.

But if you think racial 'jokes' are ok, this just highlights the issues that Thurge is talking about. I have lived a considerable portion of my life on either side of the pond (appx. 60/40 for Europe right now, with the other side growing), and my impressions generally line up with his.

In particular, I've often observed a strange cognitive dissonance, where people really see themselves as non-racist, but have no problem calling blacks all kinds of derogatory names, and making monkey sounds at soccer games. It's almost like their idea of racism should look like comes from A Escrava Isaura or something.

2020/06/20 19:34, Savu:   
Yes I see that blackface is considered not poor form, but actually a dogma. Same for race-based jokes. Same for 'cultural appropriation'. And I disagree with this wholeheartedly. The fact that blackface is considered 'poor form' proves my previous point that US is exporting its peeves all over the world. The people propagating this have no clue of nuance nor intent and the result is tiptoeing over a sjw minefield for everyone who is not colored. Just look at people getting outraged over RDJ wearing black makeup in Tropic Thunder. How is portraying a person of another skin color racist? Are all the actual issues solved that you are changing the meaning of a word to focus on irrelevant nonsense?

I've been gathering some willpower to write about racism in Estonia as I see it, but that will have to wait for now. As a short summary - it exists.

2020/06/20 22:32, Bardock:  edited 3x   
What happens is, the more people mining bitcoin , the harder it is and more computing power is required to mine more. The electricity would become great just to compete with the other miners because you would need more machines to be able to even mine profitably. Eventually there will be no more mining and it will become too difficult because also part of the algorithm when more gets mined is too constantly halve the amount of the bitcoin that can be processed over the years, this is like the anti inflationary device. There is tons of crypto besides bitcoin, I hold some bitcoin but I prefer to shop around for the penny crpytos because everytime there is a rush people have this tick in them to buy the cheap ones. There is all kinds of different crypto to mine and collect besides bitcoins, I don't know anyone that mines bitcoin, its not profitable unless you have some major equipment at this point and the cost of electricity would be surpass the profit.

#The cost of the bitcoin is only determined by how many coins are available in the total supply vs now many people own them etc. The price is never determined by power or electricity the only mechanism that controls inflation is the how the difficulty of the computations increases the more people mining it. What the mining part really is, is your computer or mining machine becoming a node in the network and essentially processes transactions and other decentralized apps. Blockchain is being adapted globally and especially hard in China right now, its the future regardless of the price of bitcoin or w/e. It takes hardly no money to get into crypto for fun, find a cool project to invest in, its a great hobby, will keep you entertained.

USA is awesome, love it here, its safe and I have yet to encounter any racists (they certainly exist as they co everywhere) I am happy with my local cheap and mostly covered medical care, I am happy with the police and picked a great suburb to live in that's got a little distance from the big cities. Theres plenty of rural crime frees areas in the country as well. The USA has a lot of bad history and just a few grandparents ago we had slaves in our country, This has created pockets of great poverty and pain on people, I wish I knew what the solution was , we need to put more effort into helping the poor and uneducated of our country and pull out of al these foreign wars, all of them. Its obvious to the world the pains of people literally not having rights until just recently...….. rioting and killing police is not a solution to anything, looting other peoples business that are the only thing that sustains their families. How do you go about starting to heal the wounds caused to so many African Americans in the country? I would say time is going to help a lot and like I said more investing in the infrastructure of our country then trying to go around and be the world police and impose freedom on a bunch of people who don't care, so lets not care and fix ourselves ya?

2020/06/21 00:40, Fieldy:   
Overall. Racism will only disappear when all races screw each other until everybody looks the same.
Yes, USA and Europe both have it, but the method whereas Americans are OK with burning down their own country is just stupid and I take it as oversensitive or plain idiotic.
Europeans try to stay cultured solving the problem.
And that's that :)

2020/06/21 00:56, Bardock:   
Lol fieldy thanks for writing all that it's rare I get a glysmph of your true thoughts.

2020/06/21 01:41, Telessar:  edited 4x   
Thanks for the link Roadkill, looked at it. IMO, one of the issues with this author's piece is that he argues that American racism is worse than Europe, but by only comparing black and white racial relations. This completely ignores Latinos, South and East Asians, Arabs in America (and their parallels in Europe: E Europeans, Turks, Jews, Arabs, S and E asians). That's my two cents. He does have a very valid and convincing argument that black/white relations are worse in the USA (which I am inclined to believe)

Agree with Fieldy, which seems to be the point that we all inherently judge one another in our nature (by visual context)

Edit: Ehrm, by E. Europeans, I mean some of the discrimination I've heard (Again, I am no expert, please feel free to correct me) from migration to wealthier countries within the EU.

2020/06/21 09:20, Fieldy:   
Not sure what you mean by your comment Mithfalen, but I wanted to point one more thing out why I think why in only that case racism will end.

Changing a mind of a racist is the same difficult job of making you, Mithfalen, believe that trump is not fit to be a president. Better to put resources somewhere else.

2020/06/21 11:29, Bardock:   
it was not intended to be a rude comment, I just don't see you say much until now.

2020/06/21 12:09, Fieldy:   
Just wanted to bring an example.
Yeah, I know that you don't read much. What's new?

2020/06/21 15:12, Tapio:   
I just cant see why the miners wont spend 1000 times more money on electricity if the price of a bitcoin increases 1000 times. Which would be a catastrophe for the world energy supply.

2020/06/21 23:02, Andróg:   
Lens, I agree in that I do think we should hold police to a higher standard. Your standard seems too low for me. 'Natural automatic instincts' is not something that should guide police behavior. It takes years to training to become a police officer. That training should make a difference.

But you do also make the point that American police are taught to draw their guns and shoot in various situations. That is clearly a cultural problem. It can be done different. For example: [submitted link]

2020/06/22 13:23, Eldaril: 
We all agree that policing can be done differently, but I'm once again chuckling at an article. It seems comparing apples to oranges to make a point is the norm these days.

'Considering that police officers in the United States have killed more than 600 people this year alone, the report certainly is eye-opening.'

The United States is 60 times larger than Norway, and a lot more diverse. You think we can't find an affluent 5-million area the size of Norway in the US where the police hasn't killed anyone in years?

2020/06/22 14:25, Andróg:   
Well, okay, prove it - find us one such area!

2020/06/22 18:10, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
What on earth has this got to do with the size of the population?
If you have more people then you also have more people to fix the problem. It is not about the size of the country - its the mentality and society. US has 'educated' their people to be mostly idiots, now you have mostly idiots. Congratulations!
If the Norwegian police kills a person with no apparent reason then he/she will get prosecuted and his/her penalty.
The problem is that the US citizens do not feel like the police officer will get the penalty he/she deserves for this act and that has brought out the rage. Now, evidently those 'educated' idiots jumped on the bandwagon and started looting.
Congratulations! You played yourselves.

Norway has a society, whereas USA has business.

And you want a country as big and diverse as USA? Sure, try this - European Union.

2020/06/22 19:45, Telessar:   
Do you really think the EU is a nation-state? That's silly.

2020/06/22 20:07, Torkild: 
We pretty much know the police gets away with child pornography etc here in norway. Worst case scenario, he gets transfered. Don't tell me I can trust the cops lol. I fucking know I can't &#128523;

2020/06/22 21:49, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Would you say that the societies of USA and Norway are similar?

We both know its not the same. But we all know that we can't compare USA with any other country in particular. Just EU is the closest I can think of.

2020/06/23 03:00, Bardock:   
I plan on retiring this year to Boquete Panama this year with my Venezualan girlfriend.

2020/06/27 18:18, Roadkill: 
About the escalating threat of terrorism in the USA.

May come as a surprise to some people.

2020/06/29 20:56, Fieldy:   
Ayouh, Mithfalen - still loving trump?

2020/07/01 06:28, Bardock:   
I don't love any politicians besides Ron Paul, there is no one else to vote for in 2020, its two rich old men both accused of a plethora of sexual misconduct, how can we wrong 2020? AMERICA FUCK YEA tune in next year to find out which rich old white sexual abuser wins the White house!

2020/07/02 14:27, Savu:   
[submitted link]

I suppose her cellmate will be a 6'8'' butch and she'll try to commit a couple of suicides before finally succeeding while cameras happen to be turned off.

2020/07/03 01:10, Bardock:  edited 2x   
I bet she ends up dead like Epstein, they wont let her live, many rich elite have been involved in this case and were previously protected, that protection is gone now, they going after everyone even the Prince.

I am glad we can agree on something Savu lol, this lady is so dead.

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