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2018/12/10 15:47, Slevin:   
Apparently you cannot self reflect and admit your mistakes. In your initial post a few days ago you told a handful of lies, which you seem to think is ok. For me it means that I can never believe anything you say. You are probably lying, or didnít research enough. So you miss my entire point. I guess itís just a different mindset. I was taught lying is wrong, and I think itís important to tell the truth. That means not exaggerating facts or regurgitating other peoples conspiracy theories. I will just ignore you from now on, you have zero credibility.

2018/12/11 08:05, Bardock: 
no everything I said was truth and I linked my sources. The military had deployments to the Chritmas markets, its right there in the article. Sweden is considering to deploy their military to certain areas, that's a fact, look at the link.

You still seem to be ok with the fact that this is happening and holidays can longer safely be celebrated outdoors. That to me is kind of a big deal.

2018/12/11 10:12, Roadkill: 
No unusual military presence is planned during the festive period in Sweden, Denmark or Germany as far as I know.

I suspect someone is trying to misrepresent things like the fact that the home guard is occasionally asked to help the police with traffic control during large happenings, and pass that off as a military response to the Threat Of Islam., which it isn't.

2018/12/11 11:13, Bardock: 
I just link articles , I don't get why Slevin accuses me of lying and manipulation.

2018/12/11 12:47, Soilwork: 
For Sweden, what @Bardock linked was refereed to something our former prime-minister said a year ago. Though out of context it appears to be a decision to use the military. There has not been nor will be a decision to use the military as suggested in the article. What our prime-minister said(as I linked in my previous articles) was that he wanted to investigate the possibility for emergency personnel to get assistance by armed forces during raids against organized crime(hells angels/bandidos and so on).

This was heavily criticized both in media and in the Swedish Parliament, not only would it violate Swedens' Constitutional Law(Since 2015 the Police can request full military assistance ONLY in the event of terrorist-attack)but also by members of the Swedish Military Academy.

This if course has fueled the debate(both in parliament and in media) in which our Swedish nationalist and right-wing extremists(a lot of them from organizations marked by the Police as members of organized criminal factions) try to slant to debate to be about protesters and immigrants.

Again, I was born here, live and work here, as do most of my friends and family. In no Swedish City, town, hamlet or hovel are military personnel patrolling the streets and will not ever be deployed against protesters or immigrants. I don't think I can be much clearer than this, it's not really debatable but rather a question of, I am here I can see what's not or what is happening here, you can't because you are not here, but you are welcome to visit any time and I'll even buy the first beer.

2018/12/11 16:00, Roadkill:edited 1x   
My athletics club hosts a half-marathon every year. Tens of thousands of people attend, and we're usually only able to muster between 50 and 100 volunteers. We need police help to control traffic, as the event takes place between downtown and the Queen's forest and the local beach and marina, and we usually get assistance from the local branch of the Home Guard, which troops up in camo, unarmed. This is the way it's been for over 20 years. Last year, a danish xenophobe 'alternative facts' online tabloid posted a story with a picture of two camo-clad home guards standing at a traffic control post, stating it was due to terrorist threat.

The newsrag was charged, and forced to withdraw the false story.

Fortunately, you have to really be nuts to believe news like this in Denmark, because the state media is strong and vocal when it comes to calling out liars in the industry, and there is ample legislature to deal with blatant, wilful falsification, if it is deemed dangerous for the public order, or otherwise harmful.

2018/12/12 03:26, Bardock:edited 1x   
I totally hear you guys, do you not think its significant issue tho if the prime minister has to suggest using the military?

that's all I am saying, everyone is acting like nothing at all is happening, that's totally not true. Maybe its not as bad as some places say it is but it def seems to be a problem.

that's all I am saying.

[submitted link]
speaking of X-mas markets in Europe.....
I don't see why we are still pretending theres nothing to see here.

2018/12/12 03:37, Grimble:   
hahaha is this for real?

[submitted link]

2018/12/12 07:12, Savu:   
Seems like an April's fools joke in December.

In other news, prudes are winning in Amerikuh:
[submitted link]

2018/12/12 08:53, Roadkill:edited 2x   
Meh, it's France.

Besides, one bird, or even two, does not a spring make.

The deportee island idea is real, but has not been well received here in Denmark.

2018/12/12 09:01, Bardock: 
yea care to elaborate on what ya know about the island ordeal? kinda odd lol.

2018/12/13 07:58, Fieldy:   
Did Mithfalen retire from playing MUME to concentrate more on filling this thread?

2018/12/13 10:17, Bardock: 
nah man , I just get bored and come here to chit chat and get responses from people like Roadkill, very well educated people with researched opinions. This way I get well informed people on both sides and can try to find some middle ground. I have been moving my politics around slightly out of disappointment lately and I like to get both sides. Roadkill has been a great source of information and knowledge!

2018/12/14 12:04, Prist: 
Actually, in your last post you got to the crux of the problem why we find it so difficult to discuss with you - you think we're stating _opinions_ when we're stating _facts_. If you are presented with a lie and a fact, and you try to find middle ground, you still end up with a lie. If a shirt is red and someone tells you it is blue, and you try to find a middle ground and say it is purple, you'd still be wrong. If we list actual numbers and statistics and you consider them opinions to be interpreted based on some assumed political belief, then you end up with a lie. This non-existing differentiation between fact and opinion is something that's ruining discussion here and elsewhere.

2018/12/17 11:06, Bardock: 
I like to link articles and people take it as my exact words or agreeing with something. I just like to read stuff. It then becomes debating the title of something or other silly stuff and not the whole idea.

Prime minister saying he was going to use the military for the 'no go zones' seems a bit concerning. Is it not?

2018/12/18 12:04, Soilwork: 
@Bardock, but he wasn't saying that, he said he wanted to explore the option of using military resources to assist emergency personnel. Yet again, it's not up to him, nor is it possible by Swedish Law(yes the prime-minister in Sweden still have to abide Swedish Law).

We've had a government official from the party Swedish Democrats that wanted to install machine-gun nests on ÷resundsbron to stop immigrants from 'flooding' Sweden: [submitted link]
Goes without saying but we don't have any machine-gun nests installed around our borders and I think she may also have been excluded from the party. Just because a politician waves an argument around in Sweden, it doesn't mean that it will be a realization more than a debate around bold claims and opinions that in no way are legal or even plausible.

2018/12/21 12:56, Ortansia:   
I found a nice image that describe very well the US Withdrawal from Syria
[submitted link]

2018/12/21 22:52, Bardock: 
I am very happy with Trump for once in months, he is pulling us out of Syria and Afghanistan. Ortansia, I can agree with that image but also it was Obama who put us there , not Trump. So far Trump is fulfilling promises to get us out of these fucking foreign wars.

I have to say for once in a long time im very happy with Trump. Extremely happy, I voted for this. I am glad hes fulfilling his promises, this will only serve to get him reelected.

2018/12/22 01:22, Savu:   
How do you feel about the stock market freefall considering you were attributing all the earlier raise to the big fat orange?

2018/12/22 02:49, Bardock: 
shrug, what can I say? Should I blame Obama since he took credit for the rise? Idk, I think things will go back up once Trumps other policies go through.

2018/12/23 02:19, Bardock: 

Statement festival: 'Man-free' event found guilty of discrimination

[submitted link]
love to hear your opinion on this, just like when I brought this up when it happened, you all look the other way and pretended like it didn't happen. The all female music festival because of the mass sexual assaults (perpetrated by mainly migrants) sorry I have to say it its a fact, I do not mean to be rude, its just what happened.

'It was created by Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare, in response to a large number of sexual assault offences at Sweden's biggest music festival, Bravalla, the previous year.'

so why are we gonna wipe this under the rug like nothing is happening, maybe its not as bad as the media reports, I will submit to that but pretending like the issue does not exist is just as dangerous as over reporting in my opinion. I am willing to look at other evidence and information that can be provided.

just curious here.

2018/12/23 03:16, Slevin:   
ďThe all female music festival because of the mass sexual assaults (perpetrated by mainly migrants) sorry I have to say it its a fact, I do not mean to be rude, its just what happened. ď

This is not a fact. The police arrested 2 migrants, made a poor statement on migrants, and then retracted the statement once they had more facts. Another misleading statement from Bardock, aka lies.

Apparently men in general are just acting worse. I would guess having people like Trump as leaders makes it worse. President of the USA should be a figure to look up to. I donít want my kids thinking Trump is a good role model.

2018/12/23 20:03, Savu:   
'Apparently men in general are just acting worse.'

I think it's probably just talked about more or maybe less horrible actions are labeled as assault.

2019/01/02 08:37, Savu:   
[submitted link]

2019/01/02 08:58, Soilwork: 
@Bardock Themed festivals is not a new thing in Sweden. The problem with music-festivals in general, and this is NOT only an occurrence on Swedish Festivals, is that assault/sexual-assault and rape are recurring problems whenever there's a large gathering of people, especially youths, from all types of cultures and backgrounds.

What Emma Knyckare wanted to try was an experimental music-festival for women and people who consider themselves non-cis male([submitted link]
) as a 'safe-haven' since the only factual truth when it comes to rape or sexual-assault at music-festivals is that the perpetrators are 99% male.
[submitted link]
There was some controversy and possibly discrimination not allowing 'cis-men' to attend, though in all honesty they would probably have felt the theme and clientele to be something they wouldn't have enjoyed anyway. I consider myself to be male and didn't get offended, rather I support the idea of people who don't label themselves by their sexuality, to have a festival and a place to express their beliefs, it's not harming anyone.

I posted a link the other day when talking about how Sweden is portrayed in certain media, among what you claim to be the 'rape problem' in Sweden. What right-wing extremist or anti-migrant media is trying to sell is that there are thousands of separate rape assaults every day. What is somewhat unique in Sweden is that our law when it comes to sexual assault has been improved with the following features:

*Simplification of the law from a female point of view

1. If a husband forces his wife to sexual acts, once the wife press charges against him, each time will be counted as a separate offence(e.g for assaults during a year) the husband will be charged with 365 acts of sexual assaults or rape, where in many other countries this would only count as one offense.
2. If a woman has lain with a man under the influence of alcohol or drugs and considers this to have been involuntary, instead of a charge of sexual assault the perpetrator will be charged with rape.

So we are not wiping anything under a rug and I wouldn't accuse you of being rude, but wrong when you claim that it is facts. What you are correct about is that many women when having migrated to Sweden, will press charges against their husbands since it's their chance for redemption, so yes a larger number of immigrated men have been charged with sexual assault or rape on more than one act and the most common being the above example.

2019/01/08 06:15, Savu:   
Apparently government shutdown in US is so common now that nobody even makes a fuss about it :D

2019/01/08 20:15, Eldaril: 
What is a shut-down?

[submitted link]

2019/01/11 15:46, Grimble:   
They have to shut down long enough to save $5.5 billion for the wall. Should only take a few days haha.

2019/01/11 19:01, Eldaril: 
Don't forget that Mexico was supposed to pay for that wall. In full. Here's a curious little text for reference; while it might look like it was written by a 15-year-old, it was, in fact, an official Trump campaign document.

[submitted link]

2019/01/12 17:28, Savu:   
The shutdown setup is so weird tho. Some people are still working and paid, some are sent home without pay and then some are required to work without pay. First two make sense, but why have that third category at all :D

2019/01/13 16:17, Roadkill: 
Interesting interview with the guy behind the Americas Last Line of Defense web media.

He says he makes stories up to affirm the racist and xenophobic world view of the American conservative right, because they don't care about facts or logic, but only want 'news' which confirm their fears. Says he got the idea after noting how Fox news got away with wholesale lying for years. He's doing it to expose stupidity and xenophobia, but his facebook page alone makes him 26K dollars per month.

In his experience, Trumpers are taking Stupid to a whole new low.

I know it's in Danish, but the video in the article is an interview in English.

[submitted link]

2019/01/14 21:50, Grimble:   
You socialist dimwits should like this one:

[submitted link]

2019/01/15 13:23, Savu:   
It's a weird-weird world we live in :D

2019/01/15 16:36, Roadkill:edited 2x   
Shining! :-D

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