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2018/12/10 15:47, Slevin:   
Apparently you cannot self reflect and admit your mistakes. In your initial post a few days ago you told a handful of lies, which you seem to think is ok. For me it means that I can never believe anything you say. You are probably lying, or didnít research enough. So you miss my entire point. I guess itís just a different mindset. I was taught lying is wrong, and I think itís important to tell the truth. That means not exaggerating facts or regurgitating other peoples conspiracy theories. I will just ignore you from now on, you have zero credibility.

2018/12/11 08:05, Bardock: 
no everything I said was truth and I linked my sources. The military had deployments to the Chritmas markets, its right there in the article. Sweden is considering to deploy their military to certain areas, that's a fact, look at the link.

You still seem to be ok with the fact that this is happening and holidays can longer safely be celebrated outdoors. That to me is kind of a big deal.

2018/12/11 10:12, Roadkill: 
No unusual military presence is planned during the festive period in Sweden, Denmark or Germany as far as I know.

I suspect someone is trying to misrepresent things like the fact that the home guard is occasionally asked to help the police with traffic control during large happenings, and pass that off as a military response to the Threat Of Islam., which it isn't.

2018/12/11 11:13, Bardock: 
I just link articles , I don't get why Slevin accuses me of lying and manipulation.

2018/12/11 12:47, Soilwork: 
For Sweden, what @Bardock linked was refereed to something our former prime-minister said a year ago. Though out of context it appears to be a decision to use the military. There has not been nor will be a decision to use the military as suggested in the article. What our prime-minister said(as I linked in my previous articles) was that he wanted to investigate the possibility for emergency personnel to get assistance by armed forces during raids against organized crime(hells angels/bandidos and so on).

This was heavily criticized both in media and in the Swedish Parliament, not only would it violate Swedens' Constitutional Law(Since 2015 the Police can request full military assistance ONLY in the event of terrorist-attack)but also by members of the Swedish Military Academy.

This if course has fueled the debate(both in parliament and in media) in which our Swedish nationalist and right-wing extremists(a lot of them from organizations marked by the Police as members of organized criminal factions) try to slant to debate to be about protesters and immigrants.

Again, I was born here, live and work here, as do most of my friends and family. In no Swedish City, town, hamlet or hovel are military personnel patrolling the streets and will not ever be deployed against protesters or immigrants. I don't think I can be much clearer than this, it's not really debatable but rather a question of, I am here I can see what's not or what is happening here, you can't because you are not here, but you are welcome to visit any time and I'll even buy the first beer.

2018/12/11 16:00, Roadkill:edited 1x   
My athletics club hosts a half-marathon every year. Tens of thousands of people attend, and we're usually only able to muster between 50 and 100 volunteers. We need police help to control traffic, as the event takes place between downtown and the Queen's forest and the local beach and marina, and we usually get assistance from the local branch of the Home Guard, which troops up in camo, unarmed. This is the way it's been for over 20 years. Last year, a danish xenophobe 'alternative facts' online tabloid posted a story with a picture of two camo-clad home guards standing at a traffic control post, stating it was due to terrorist threat.

The newsrag was charged, and forced to withdraw the false story.

Fortunately, you have to really be nuts to believe news like this in Denmark, because the state media is strong and vocal when it comes to calling out liars in the industry, and there is ample legislature to deal with blatant, wilful falsification, if it is deemed dangerous for the public order, or otherwise harmful.

2018/12/12 03:26, Bardock:edited 1x   
I totally hear you guys, do you not think its significant issue tho if the prime minister has to suggest using the military?

that's all I am saying, everyone is acting like nothing at all is happening, that's totally not true. Maybe its not as bad as some places say it is but it def seems to be a problem.

that's all I am saying.

[submitted link]
speaking of X-mas markets in Europe.....
I don't see why we are still pretending theres nothing to see here.

2018/12/12 03:37, Grimble:   
hahaha is this for real?

[submitted link]

2018/12/12 07:12, Savu:   
Seems like an April's fools joke in December.

In other news, prudes are winning in Amerikuh:
[submitted link]

2018/12/12 08:53, Roadkill:edited 2x   
Meh, it's France.

Besides, one bird, or even two, does not a spring make.

The deportee island idea is real, but has not been well received here in Denmark.

2018/12/12 09:01, Bardock: 
yea care to elaborate on what ya know about the island ordeal? kinda odd lol.

2018/12/13 07:58, Fieldy:   
Did Mithfalen retire from playing MUME to concentrate more on filling this thread?

2018/12/13 10:17, Bardock: 
nah man , I just get bored and come here to chit chat and get responses from people like Roadkill, very well educated people with researched opinions. This way I get well informed people on both sides and can try to find some middle ground. I have been moving my politics around slightly out of disappointment lately and I like to get both sides. Roadkill has been a great source of information and knowledge!

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