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2017/09/23 16:00, Zepir:  edited 1x   
Crypto currency is a revolution against the banking system, it is the future. It is a way to separate power from those who are evil and manipulate the markets. Crypto currency is so much bigger then people are even going to understand. Mark my words that it will be the future! It is not a scam nor a fraud, JP Morgan just bought billions of it after crashing the market by calling it a fraud. Crypto currency is the system that will shake the foundations of power on this globe. Its only a matter of time before it takes over. Bitcoin will be worth 500,000 in a coin in 5 years time so I suggest each of you get 1 coin and sit on it, you will thank me later. Its exciting being apart of the crypto currency revolution, I strongly feel that this is how we create a new world and not the kind that soros wants to create but a true free society.

amy how, like I said Ortansia, its orthodox Islam I have a problem with. You seem to be a nice wonderful person but you are not the problem its the 12th century idealist islam that still thinks its ok to stone women and treat them like slaves and execute gay people and not allow womens rights. Like I said, if people are willing to adapt to a free western society i welcome them with open arms regardless of what country they are from or their belief system.

Fieldy , USA is number one . I am sorry you cant accept that simple fact, overall we are number one including economy, military, GDP and overall power in general.

Ortansia I just dont see why you wont address the fact that places that do not allow islammic immigration have no terror attacks in europe and i dont see why you wont even acknowledge that. I have no problem with islam when its not barbaric and orthodox and doesent infringe on the rights and freedoms of free western societies.

2017/09/23 19:46, Savu:   
Zepir, read your first paragraph again. You are claiming that crypto will tear down the evil bankers, yet say that JP Morgan is playing it. So which is it?

That mishap aside - why do you think it will be in any way bad for the banking industry?

2017/09/23 20:16, Zepir:  edited 3x   
I am sorry you dont understand crpyto, its decentralized. It does not matter who buys into it, large groups cannot control the markets as fiat. Do some research and get back to me and tell me about decentralised block chain systems and cryptographic currency. Its the future Savu, I am in the IT field. I understand the technologies and the direction they are headed. It will be the future and the banks are scared shitless of it. If you have watched the growth of these markets as I have, you might understand a bit more. We have seen an 8x expansion of the market in under a year. Its going to keep exploding and more and more banks are accepting it as well as retailers, you can now buy a debt card that you can swipe anywhere and it will instantly convert crypto to usd via debt card swipe. This will be the shifting of how the world spends money , watch. I hope you do some research on and then you will understand why it does not matter if the bankers buy into it, they cannot control it and thats the point.

Savu check this out , its interesting
[submitted link]
if anyone is interested in getting involved I would be happy to show you how. Lets not forget bitcoin started from a penny and goes between 3500 and 4500 today with a high of 5000. Its gonna hit 500,000 in a matter of 5 years. Buy a single bitcoin now and in 5 years you will thank me.

2017/09/23 21:39, Savu:   
So you think the fact that they can't create fiat money from cryptocurrency is going to break the banks? That would only be true if there wasn't any dollars and whatnot. Which is unlikely to happen.

As it stands now cryptocurrency is like a weird minable resource that people trade because of their belief that it has any value. And people (and instituations) with money will always profit more from those.

2017/09/24 00:12, Zepir:  edited 1x   
did you watch the interview clip? I am telling you right now, research the growth and numbers, crpyto is fucking exploding. get in on it now and thank me in 3 years. I know you think its unlikely, but how many hours have you spent investigating it? The rate it is growing is something that is unseen and heard of in financial worlds, this is going to be the biggest revolution in the past 1000 years watch.

2017/09/24 05:55, Savu:   
Dude, I'm not talking about growth, I'm asking why it is a problem for the banking industry.

2017/09/24 15:54, Zepir:   
you really cant think of any reasons on your own?

2017/09/24 20:57, Täpp:   
I don't fully agree with all of his points but it's an interesting perspective [submitted link]

2017/09/25 18:45, Zepir:  edited 1x   
interesting you guys claim migrants are not doing anything when we just have refugees in the UK and now in the US kill more people, sad you guys are so delusional you cant accept reality.. pretty much completely disprove everything that retard shill Razoor and Roadkill have said thus far.

[submitted link]
and you idiots complained theres no purpose to Trumps travel ban from places like Sudan? eat your words shit heads, your 'good feelings and intentions' are killing people, the blood is on your hands.

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