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2017/06/16 23:15, Zepir:  edited 2x   
well Roadkill, I am glad we finally agree on the facts on the damage refugees cause, took you long enough of refuting police statistics to come to terms.

and of course by refugees I am including the economic migrants , you know the 6/10 paying to be smuggled in and 'rescued' off the coast of Italy. Paying to be smuggled in so they can come live on the great welfare systems of Europe.

btw Trump approval hits 50 percent :) from Rasmussen most accurate poll 2016

2017/06/16 23:34, Lens:   
I don't see Neanderthals everyday, 1 to 4% is nothing. Plus I was being facetious, the strong survive, it's just going to be a wild and incredibly violent century or at least that's my prediction based on human nature.

2017/06/17 02:31, Zepir:  edited 2x   
[submitted link]

oh boy 100's of Islamic militants to 1000's now in Sweden, interesting , nothing to do wif dem nice peaceful Isis loving migrants.

I find it a little concerning you don't seem to mind the cost of all these things even it would bring down your own economies.

2017/06/17 06:24, Roadkill: 
@Lens you men unlike the 20th century, which was a haven, 100 years of blissful, unbroken peace?

1-4% of the strongest, most dominant species ever to walk the Earth is quite a lot, actually. Evolutionary speaking.

@Zepir, don't be daft. I have conceded none of your delusional, paranoid and prejudiced claims.

2017/06/17 11:11, Ortansia:  edited 2x   
Being so busy lately, anyway I couldn't stop laughing at ' Tawhidi is over-qualified for imam job lol

Tawhidi lied about his credentials, he claimed in interviews to have achieved both bachelor's and master's degree in Islamic theology, from Al Mustapha international university, but it turned out he was a drop out, and failed at the first preparatory year . Here is document released by Al Mustapha university which prove it :

[submitted link]
[submitted link]
I quote again the document :

'Hence the Aforesaid person has no educational degree( or any given score) in his profile. And Al Mustapha University does not recommend him for lecturing in any way.
Accordingly, he has no competency to do religious activities or to preach sermons

It is worth mentioning that getting a BA degree in Islamic studies takes at least five to six years in addition to one year in preparatory period; nevertheless Mr.Towhidi failed in the first year preparatory entry and he had placed on probation and dropped out.'

Concerning the licenses and turban, I already explained that Iranian religious authorities are handing licenses and turbans, like candies to student coming from the west, so it is not a big deal, or even something he should brag about it. Here is a link from Shiachat that prove it [submitted link]
Now get over it, he is not qualified for being Imam or cleric, he is a fraud, and a fame seeker, followed by brainless sheep like you. All what matters for him is to create a buzz in order to stay in the spot-light.

Look at this pic of Tawhidi Posing giving roses to One nation ( radical right wing populist party). If This is not attention seeking then what it is? [submitted link]
Before answering your questions, you need to keep in mind, that if I don't address all your points, it is mainly because : your questions are silly, like when you asked me if I speak and read Arabic,
or because your posts are so long and incoherent, that it is difficult for me to follow, to answer properly.
That's to say, in order to make your posts more meaningful in a debate. You need to cut down personal attacks, and use logical short arguments, so people can answer your points properly.

What happened to Karbala? Imam Hossein the grand son of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH and his relatives were savagely killed by the Army of Omeyad Calif, and was betrayed by the people of Kufa who promised to protect him, but didn't help him when he got attacked.

After the event , people of Kuffa started mourning the martyr-hood of Imam Hossein, and deeply regretted their betrayal. So They started hitting themselves, and self flagellation, as expiation for their sin, That's how Tatbir ritual started.

Sunnis consider that event as a tragedy, in which all those who got massacred were Martyrs. Sunnis as Shia hold Imam Hossein in high esteem. All those who were involved in Imam Hossein death, are considered as criminals and unjusts.

About Boukhari Hadith book, you need to understand that for Muslims only Quran (Holybook) which is considered to be the absolute and infallible word of God.
Other books such as Boukhari or Muslim hadith books , are trustable secondary source, but not infallible, even though hadiths were transmitted through rigorous methodology. That's to say, For us, no book is infallible except Quran, which is Divinely protected from corruption and falsification.

2017/06/17 11:44, Roadkill:edited 2x   
Ortansia, understanding the different standings ascribed to different texts would tequire the ability to understand abstract proportions, so not much hope there, I'm afraid.

It's easier for him to just attack you (or us) personally, calling you a cheat, fraud, liar, radical or fat and greedy - none of which you obviously are - and me an assortment of equally mysterious and random supposed insults (quite why it should offend me to call me homosexual or transgender is baffling, though I'm sure it makes sense in Zepirlogic [TM]).

I've wondered at the seeming abscence of punishment for this odious behaviour, but I guess pity plays a role.

2017/06/17 20:09, Zepir:  edited 1x   
lol Ortansia complete use of Taqiyya as to if SHE accepted the Bukhari and Hadiths. Complete dodge once more, the events of Karbala are why we even has ISIS today and once again you down play every little thing and pretend its all good. I am done with someone who cant just be honest and not try to use subterfuge at every last answer.

like I was saying it does not matter to me you think he is an Imam or not. That changes nothing and is completely your opinions and I have no intention to keep pecking at it.

2017/06/17 22:05, Roadkill: 
Proportion (noun).

The relation of one part to another or to the whole with respect to magnitude, quantity, or degree.

- Merriam-Webster.

2017/06/18 02:20, Zepir:   
you really dont get it Roadkill lol, I can make transgender jokes and not be homophobic, I am not PC and I dont care who it offends. I was just saying it looks like your boob job was successful and im glad you had the courage to come out loooooool.

2017/06/18 02:36, Slevin:   
I think Zepir should of been banned ages ago. Seems there is a lack in monitoring.

2017/06/18 02:37, Zepir:   
free speech hating fascist.

2017/06/18 03:10, Slevin:   
I'm all about free speech. Your talk is just incentive and improper. Why am I fascist for saying I think your posts lack proper monitoring? Is clearly states: offensive (sexual, racist, personal, ...) remarks will be punished.

2017/06/18 03:33, Zepir:   
that was offensive? I am sure Roadkill is not daunted by my child like swipes at him lol

2017/06/18 06:03, Roadkill: 
Please point me to the place where I said you're homophobic.

2017/06/18 06:23, Roadkill: 
As mentioned earlier, a border wall would effect wildlife that is already pressed.

Also featuring a 'now-you-see-it-now-you-don't' border fence.

[submitted link]

2017/06/18 08:15, Razoor: 
When on the topic of free speech - given these theater debacles in US lately by the far right it seems pretty clear that US will drop further on any human rights index worth its salt. Alt-right now trying to suppress cultural expressions - great!

And Zepir, we dont worry because your sources arent credible. And even if it was true, any issues we get from migration is nothing compared to your every-day crisis with gun violence. You dont seem to worry enough about that to take away people's guns, so clearly we arent going to worry enough about a lesser issue to restrict migration further.

And Ortansia pretty much wrecked your argument, btw.

2017/06/18 11:01, Zepir:  edited 1x   
lol if that's what you think Razoor you are entitled, hows the thousands of Islamic terrorist doing living in Sweden? All taken care of with welfare and all that :O)

look like truthfully guys, I honestly believe you guys are crazy and the insanity that you are welcoming and pretending is not happening is just ridiculous..... look at whats happening in Sweden now, you guys have thousand of Islamic militants, legalized ISIS flags, welfare to returning fighters and 'therapy' its literally a big joke and will be the downfall of your great country, its like that cartoon when the dog is in the burning building and says 'this is all fine' that is literally you guys and you don't see it. I truly feel sorry for you people like its sad and I'm not just saying this to be a dick or condescending, it absolutely boggles my mind how a population can get so entirely domesticated.....

2017/06/18 11:40, Roadkill: 
Astrid Lindgren would probably have written a book about this.

2017/06/18 12:06, Zepir:   
I wrote a poem for you Roadkill it goes like this

roses are red

violets are blue

Roadkill has a mangina

2017/06/18 15:06, Lens:   
The US does have violence problems but the solutions leftists think up always achieve the opposite result. What is funny is its the pro 'human rights' groups who are always the ones dressed in black beating up or harassing anyone who disagrees with them, at least for now.

2017/06/18 17:13, Razoor:edited 1x   
I also think the situation in Sweden is bad, and I am not at all happy about our incompetent government's poor solutions. But despite that we dont even come close to the level of violence you experience, so some perspective is still called for. Violence is likely to rise in Sweden, I think, but our current levels are so extremely low that we will still be fine in absolute terms. I think that's why Swedes are generally not so concerned right now. We'll be less well off which is a shame, but still fairly well off in comparison..

Lens - could well be that the lefties dont have good solutions either. But in every country in the world where you control gun access, the level of gun violence decreases massively. Recent statistics from UK will support this as I believe they introduced strict gun control laws fairly recently, but there is lots of multi-country evidence of this from other sources.

2017/06/19 01:09, Lens:   
Before and after is a better and more true comparison, a small mostly homogenous country to the US is incomparable. Maybe you can compare to some of the northern us States that have large Nordic immigrant populations like South dakata or minnesota but still that will fall flat in my opinion. If anything our level of crime is what you have to look forward to.

2017/06/19 01:49, Zepir:   
more trucks running people over in London, time to ban trucks? My money is on a refugee or a 2nd generation refugee...... watch

2017/06/19 03:21, Slevin:   
Canada vs US perhaps lens?

2017/06/19 06:23, Roadkill: 
Zepir, it was an islamophobe attack on people leaving a mosque. Turn that gloat off. It's unseemly, to say the least.

2017/06/19 06:47, Roadkill: 
The rapid melting of Greenland's glacial cap caused an unprecedented landslide, causing a tsunami to hit Nuugaatsiaq, a west-coast village with 101 inhabitants. 4 people are confirmed dead, 78 have been evacuated from the remains of the village, and the rest is missing but believed to be safe.

Locals say climate change is so rapid that it is requiring them to adapt practically on a daily basis.

[submitted link]

2017/06/19 06:57, Razoor: 
Incomparable how? Besides gun access, what country-level factors do you see driving gun violence? Cultural? Family values? I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong, I'm just curious which factors you think come into play. Since you mention heterogeneity - are you suggesting gun violence is genetically driven?

2017/06/19 07:07, Savu:   
I think he means that gun violence is less likely in a homogenous community. I wouldn't know if that checks out tho.

2017/06/19 07:43, Roadkill: 
If by that one means racially homogenous, Latin America ought to be a tranquil peace haven...

2017/06/19 08:18, Roadkill:edited 2x   
In Europe, the majority of terrorist attacks carried out between 2014-2017 were non-islamist, with ethno-nationalist and separatists being responsible for more than half the attacks. Jihadist attacks were by far the worst when considering fatalities and number of injuries, though.

[submitted link]
In the 20 years between 1995-2015, 3503 Americans died worldwide due to terrorist attacks, which is about the same number that die every 3 months due to gun homicide in the US.

So the local death tolls by gun homicide are 64 times higher than the global death tolls of Americans by terrorist attacks. And that's when including 9/11.

This data sheet also shows the drastically dropping number of attacks per year, when compared to the 90's.

[submitted link]

2017/06/19 12:54, Lens:  edited 1x   
I honestly think the rate of violence in the US, and in general, is a combination of culture, economics, human nature (forming tribal groups) and maybe some biological factors which drive all of the above. Murder rate in South Dakota was 2.3 and for Minnesota it was 1.6 according to FBI statistics for 2014. Not that great but not terrible even by European (southern) standards.

Some Latin American countries are more diverse than others, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina for example. Immigrants from many places plus the indigenous people who themselves are from many different tribes which have different cultures.

2017/06/19 17:23, Savu:   
On a side note - Japan rams into US warship and US downs Syrian plane as retaliation. Jokes aside, whose escalation would the latter be?

[submitted link]

2017/06/19 18:15, Zepir:   
yep if the UK government doesent start trying to help its people your gonna get dumb asses trying to take matters in their own hands, that was the mosque that was preaching about homosexuals needing to be executed and kaffir etc. They want this to happen tho. Plan Balkinization commenced.

2017/06/19 19:31, Roadkill: 
If by 'that was the mosque that was preaching about homosexuals needing to be executed and kaffir etc'

you mean 'the mosque that has recently won prizes for their enormous success in reforming and leaving behind a troublesome past, while improving interfaith relations' you are correct.

The new imam there is a real-life, real imam of peace. You might want to check him out, since that's something you're interested in.

[submitted link]
[submitted link]

2017/06/19 19:34, Zepir:   
oh I am so proud of them, they have moved past their preaching about murdering the homosexuals. How progressive.

2017/06/19 19:41, Roadkill: 
Isn't that what you've been asking for, among other things? Or would you rather they continued? I'm confused.

Turns out the perp is Welsh. That explains a lot.

[submitted link]

2017/06/19 19:44, Roadkill: 
Well done, GOP!


[submitted link]

2017/06/19 19:49, Zepir:   
I said neither, my point is vigilante retards are going to be doing this kind of stuff. So long as the UK government keeps sacrificing its people for this sick experiment on civilization.

2017/06/19 19:50, Roadkill: 
What, you mean by allowing Welsh people to coexist with other nations, and even interbreed?

2017/06/19 19:52, Zepir:   
no so long as radicals are allowed to preach their hatred and radicalize people who will blow themselves up surrounded by precious little girls.

2017/06/19 20:10, Roadkill: 
Actually, Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch is not a hate sermon, it´s a real place name - a Welsh village.

Don't know about their girls, though. But I suppose living in a place with a name like that is likely to make anyone feel combustible.

2017/06/19 20:30, Zepir:   
have no idea what you are ranting on about and you say I'm hard to have a discussion with.....

2017/06/19 21:03, Savu:   
It's not that difficult to understand.

Roadkill is referring to the fact that the current perp was Welsh. And throwing some exotic names of places out as well to further illustrate the similarities between your image of an average terrorist and the current one. But if my memory serves me right (and it hasn't failed me ever!) the role of girls in Wales is filled by sheep (of both sexes). But that actually is a similar to average terrorists as well. Bush has a ranch after all.


2017/06/20 18:29, Thurge: 
I actually heard somebody refer to the latest London attack as 'reverse terrorism' the other day.

The world needs more dictionaries.

2017/06/20 18:46, Savu:   
I'm rooting for someone to use 'counter terrorism' to describe it.

2017/06/20 19:05, Thurge: 

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