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2019/04/18 17:15, Samurai:   
Snakr, I'm sorry, I admit that I do enjoy provoking you, and I feel guilty about it. But in my defense, it's not like anyone could have a serious conversation with you. Maybe we could make it a little more creative than just your standard 'fag,' 'nigger,' 'pussy' stuff. I like your roleplay idea about the fat cuckold, so let's roll with it!

I'm a devout Jew with seven kids but the eldest has red hair and neither my wife nor I have the genes for that. So I'm clearly raising someone else's child, maybe yours? I'm 5'10' but I weigh 265lbs and I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I'm very hairy, like a teddy bear, and submissive in bed. I am muscular under the fat, but I eat too much matzo ball soup bagels and lox. I'm terribly hurt by your insults, but I want your love and approval. Please, Snakr, please love me. *beg beg* Don't hurt me anymore *cringe*, you big strong man! I have been wiping my tears with my yamika *sniff*, it's crusty with salt.

<Mithfalen enters the room.> Oh no, not that! Mithfalen looks so angry. Is that a whip? No, no Mithfalen, please spare me! *cower* I'll do anything boys, please!

2019/04/18 17:30, Fieldy:   

2019/04/18 18:40, Bardock: 
I got kids so I got a huge tax return per usual. My paychecks increased by 70 bucks per check. Its been awesome. I got 9k last year and I got 9k this year.

2019/04/18 20:27, Razoor: 
Yeah but, isnt all of that gonna be eaten up by one hospital visit cause you dont have proper healthcare funded? Or be spent on education because that's also not state funded? If I have to pay $500 more in tax every month but pay 0$ on my graduate degree (which I did), then that's a gain in the end. If I pay $30 for a week-long hospital visit, instead of several thousand, that's also a win. There are so many advantages in the longer term from having slightly higher marginal taxes but proper social protection systems if you look at the overall netgains.

2019/04/18 20:31, Bardock: 
My healthcare is fine, I work in the Tech industry and I pay 150 dollars a month and only have to pay a small copay on medications. My whole family is covered as well. Sorry but 140 extra bucks a month gives me a lot more stuff I can do per month with my kids and family etc. Its been a great help and I saw no change in my tax return at the end of the year.

2019/04/18 21:09, Samurai:   
Holy Christ, I had no idea you had kids, Mithfalen. That is tragic. I hope your mental health is stable and you have the help you need to support children. I cannot understand how you would be happy about Trump's agenda given that your children are totally dependent on the institutions he is destroying, but I won't pester you and Snakr here anymore. You guys are hilarious to watch but I feel gross now, like I was throwing sticks at monkeys in a zoo but then I get to go home and you guys have to stay there and sleep on a straw floor with your little monkey babies. Really hope Snakr doesn't have kids too. This is totally creepy now, it's like the Aristocrats joke.

2019/04/18 23:54, Bardock: 
Name one policy of Trumps agenda that would negatively affect my kids. They are just fine and all covered under my company. The economy is much better then its been in a long time. I am getting more money back on my bi-weekly checks. Were great , Trumps done nothing to impact our lives negatively, only positive so far.

2019/04/19 06:06, Razoor: 
Oh I dont know, let's and environmental policies? That's gonna mess up kids royally in the future. The economic growth is mostly beneficial for the top % of population, not middle class. I used to think it would benefit everyone too, but that's just not how the proportional distribution works. Your tax break is just a little treat so you guys wont riot, while the very rich guys take home 100 times more and your public institutions break down (which they dont care about because: private schools and healthcare).

No joke dude - I used to be pretty right-leaning in my political views but it's simply not possible anymore due to how obvious it is that it breaks down vital societal structures and deepens inequality. Bad for everyone in the long term.

2019/04/19 08:04, Fieldy:   
And don't forget to take into account the longevity of economy.

2019/04/19 14:27, Grimble:   
The economy is booming.

Healthcare is better than it was before Obama. Obama was responsible for doubling the cost of health care.

Trump is doing a fantastic job. He lowered taxes. I can understand if you are too stupid to do basic math you cannot understand that tax rates have been lowered. Having more children pays off a lot more now too. The standard deduction is huge now. It is fantastic. Don't give that bullshit argument that the lower class didn't get tax breaks. That's true they got less tax breaks. Why? Because they don't even pay taxes in the first place or they pay an extremely small amount that's why. How can you get a tax break on zero taxes?

Oh yea what about that nuclear war we were supposed to have with North Korea a couple years ago caused by Trump? What ever happened with that line of bullshit? Forget about that one?

I don't understand why anyone thinks there should be free college paid by taxpayers. Why should I pay for you to go and study toxic masculinity for 4 years (6 years now for the fragile little snowflakes who can only bear to take 12 hours a semester or their feelings get too hurt). How about you go enroll in the military for 4 years and save up some money? Or get a job and pay for it yourself. Damn socialists always want someone else to pay for their stuff. Well guess what - not happening in the USA.

2019/04/20 04:04, Bardock:edited 1x   
Hewl ya Grimble, I don't appreciate everything Trump does but he sure as fuck is trying to do everything we elected him to do and for a President that is almost unheard of.

omg you guys, I promise you, you will laugh 100 percent if you watch this

nice break from politics here [submitted link]

2019/04/23 21:34, Resin: 
@Grimble 'Oh yea what about that nuclear war we were supposed to have with North Korea a couple years ago caused by Trump? What ever happened with that line of bullshit? Forget about that one?'

Sad to say, nothing happened with that line of bullshit. NK still hasn't been denuclearized. So its still possible. Thought Trump might come thru on that one but...

2019/04/24 07:01, Thurge: 
Glad this administration's working out for you, Bardock, I really am, but I am not pleased.

Again, all of 10% of my gross for the year disappeared to taxes. It's been awhile since I made this little, but last time I did I got everything back. If I were living off of that? I'd be fucked.

2019/04/25 17:29, Bardock: 
Thurge, your a great guy. I know we don't agree on politics but just wanted to know your a really cool dude :)

2019/04/26 16:01, Ortansia:   
Good article to read!
[submitted link]

2019/04/26 17:52, Grimble:   
Thurge are you saying that you paid 10% tax and that is a lot or a little?

Are you saying that you should pay zero taxes? If so, why?

2019/04/26 18:02, Grimble:   
Resin - can you explain why everyone jumped on Trump about NK and how he was going to cause a nuclear war when the problem was started a long time before he became president? Maybe you have noticed that they stopped lobbing rockets over Japan like they used to when Obama was president? Do you think that is significant?

2019/04/27 16:22, Savu:   
Your memory of awfully short. The rocket tests over Japan happened in 2017, when donald was in charge, kindof [1].

1) now that the full Mueller report has been released which revealed that collusion didn't happen because of incompetence and obstruction of justice didn't happen because of disobedience of subordinates, I'm not sure if we can really attribute anything to the don, be it good or bad.

2019/04/27 20:09, Resin:edited 2x   
'can you explain why everyone jumped on Trump about NK and how he was going to cause a nuclear war when the problem was started a long time before he became president?'
They jumped on trump about NK because trump accepted a seat at the big boy table of the international leader's community.
The US people had a reasonable belief that the relationship between the 2 countries was souring considering how juvenile both leaders became (Dotard and rocket man).
The fact that the relationship was sour before trump became president is irrelevant. He was presented with a problem and therefore should handle it. Every leader before him, including him, has sofar failed to do so.
Edit: the problem im referring to ofcourse being the denuclearization of NK since that's the objective of the current administration.

' Maybe you have noticed that they stopped lobbing rockets over Japan like they used to when Obama was president?'
Trump became president at noon on January 20th 2017. NK fired a rocket over japan on the week of august 28th 2017, after trump became president, so your claim that they stopped is incorrect.

'Do you think that is significant?'
Since your 2nd question contained an error ill void that while considering this question. As for your first question i do believe it is important since it shows the world whether or not tensions between 2 nuclear-capable bodies of power is improving or not. The president influences discussions and negotiations between countries and being able to see how he handles such situations will be taken into consideration when it comes to deciding who the voter will vote for when he comes up for re-election.

2019/04/28 02:21, Grimble:   
NK was progressively increasing their launching of missiles. Trump took office in January. They stopped in November. That's pretty good. Obviously they were not going to stop on January 21 just because of Trump's awesome hair. Give me a break. It took Trump 10 months to do something that Obama couldn't do at all. Sure they might lob another one over sometime but you cannot deny that the pace has slowed significantly unless you are totally blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

2019/04/28 04:09, Bardock: 
I mean its ridiculous look how desperate the democrats are in DC because the American people picked Trump. Now they are trying to say he obstructed Justice for a crime he didn't commit, ROFL its literal derangement syndrome to the point where Bill Mar a huge left symbol is clowning on congress in DC.

I hate to say it but I called it many times over. As did others on here like Grimble.

[submitted link]

2019/04/28 08:31, Razoor: 
He did obstruct justice. That's why they can't prove he committed other crimes. Because he obstructed the process that would lead to uncovering the crimes. Have you even read the report?

2019/04/28 16:15, Bardock: 
'He did obstruct Justice to a crime there was never any evidence for or didn't commit'

you see how ridiculous that is? That was an attempted Coup, did you watch his interview on Sean Hannity? Trump is going after the Coup plotters. Yes I saw the report and its hysterical like everything else, like the fake Russian dossier, Hillary is going down. Indictments are coming, did you see the latest Strohk and Page texts?

He didn't obstruct Justice, tell me how can you obstruct a crime that never happened? I am dying to hear.

Once again, you choose to air on the side of conspiracy while I go with the facts.

[submitted link]

fake news wont air this interview and intervention. So funny that you think he obstructed Justice to a crime he didn't even commit and your totally unaware of the criminal cabal and the fake dossier that was paid for by Hillary and the DNC btw! lel

[submitted link]

You see, I actually watch CNN and MSNBC to get as much data as possible. I bet you haven't heard about the Ukraines evidence of this Coup eh? Sorry to burst your bubble once again Razoor but you should fully investigate both sides before sounding like that loon Seth Abrahamson or w/e his name is.

2019/04/28 18:13, Savu:  edited 1x   
I was wondering who Barr would fool with his ridiculous misinformation that obstruction of justice didn't happen because Mueller report didn't find Donald prosecutable of collusion.

Apparently it was aimed at Bardock.

2019/04/28 18:30, Razoor: 
There were lots of indications that he committed crimes in the report, you'd know if you read it. The problem for Mueller was that he couldn't find enough evidence to prosecute, for which you need proof beyond reasonable doubt. Because Trump committed obstruction of justice, i.e., prevented Mueller from uncovering the necessary evidence, he couldn't reach 'beyond reasonable doubt'. So now you're stuck with a president for which this report spells out a lot of possible crimes being committed to a rather high likelihood, but high likelihood is not enough for prosecution, only for impeachment. This is not even controversial, it's spelled out in the report.

And why would anyone listen to what Trump says on a biased entertainment channel? He lies so much that what he says is irrelevant.

2019/04/28 19:32, Bardock: 
hmm sounds a lot like denial, the same kind of stuff you spewed before that all turned out wrong. There was not one piece of evidence he colluded with Russia. Your saying he obstructed justice for an investigation of a crime he didn't commit. Its the most retarded and hysterical thing. You didn't even watch the information. Its not just coming from Trump, its coming from the DOJ.

2019/05/01 08:08, Razoor: 
Your circular logic fails. The only reason you can say he didnt commit a crime is because you allege that the Mueller report proves it. But if Mueller was unable to prove a crime was commited because Trump obstructed justice (in itself, a crime), then your argument falls. Truth is we dont know if he commited a crime because he didnt allow Mueller to properly investigate.

Also, it's coming from DOJ as in an AG who is now under fire by his own department for mis-characterizing the content of the Mueller report. Mueller himself wrote a letter to Barr saying that his summary was inappropriate and misleading. So it's not exactly clear-cut that the DOJ stands behind it.

2019/05/01 08:57, Nero: 
As far as I've understood, the report concluded that Trump tried
collusion and obstruction but was unable to do either because his staff did not carry out his orders.

Bardock: I would seriously suggest not listening to anything Hanity says. That man is pure slime and very dishonest. I realize Racheal Maddow is just as bad but you obviously don't believe her the way you seem to with Hanity. There are voices on the right and left worth listening to but Hanity is not in that group by a long shot.

2019/05/02 05:38, Savu:   
DOJ is solid and impartial indeed:
[submitted link]

2019/05/02 21:49, Bardock: 
you guys are far too heavily invested to conspiracy theories to actually see the facts as they are. there is still not one drop of evidence Trump colluded, please, I am dying for someone to present one shred of evidence, go ahead il wait.

2019/05/04 06:42, Razoor: 
Read this and maybe it becomes a bit more clear:

[submitted link]

2019/05/04 17:00, Bardock: 
are you totally ignoring the latest news about the FBI trying to set up Trump? Seems like you only watch CNN or MSNBC, big moves happening right now.

2019/05/15 06:45, Savu:   
Seems the results of religious extremism with changes in Supreme Court in US are starting to trickle in.

[submitted link]

2019/05/16 05:46, Bardock: 
hah that's funny. don't live in Alabama I guess?

2019/05/16 09:37, Savu:   
Well, apparently they love having kids from inbreeding and rape.

All jokes aside though, the timing hints that this is due to the changes in supreme court and they needed to make a change somewhere that was so ridiculous that it would certainly be contested and then trickle it's way through to the supreme court.

As a side note - we should start calling conservatives something else because being backwards enough to try to overturn decades old decisions is hardly conservative.

2019/05/16 17:11, Roadkill: 
Fundamentalist extremists is the correct term, by definition.

2019/05/16 21:59, Grimble:   
The funny part was when Alyssa Milano started a protest against the abortion law with a sex boycott. Instead of just not having sex to avoid getting pregnant with an unwanted child in the first place she wants to use it as a tool to change the law to have more abortions. So because the women that actually care what she thinks are the ones who like to use abortion as a birth control tool, and they will be withholding sex and thus not getting pregnant, their need for more abortions will decrease. The irony is so crazy.

You have the extreme of one state giving abortions up until the moment of birth and even after. Then you have the other extreme that says no abortions at all. I think the latter would not have taken place without the liberal crazies pushing on the former. So yes they are setting up a supreme court showdown on purpose.

I wonder if in New York since is legal for the mother to kill an unborn baby at any point in time if it still counts as murder to kill an unborn baby if the murderer does not have the mother's consent, or if the mother is the only one allowed to murder the baby (via a doctor). If an unborn child is not considered a person for abortion purposes, why is it considered a person for any other murder purposes? Also if a mother murders her unborn baby via drug overdose does that just count as an abortion?

Also if financial considerations are reasonable cause to get an abortion, and the father is compelled by law to pay child support regardless if he wants the child or not, shouldn't equal rights between men and women demand that the father can force an abortion even though the mother does not want one?

Lets hear your opinions liberals.

2019/05/16 22:17, Roadkill: 
Does the name Lysistrata mean anything to you?

2019/05/17 14:39, Grimble:   
Typical liberal answer. Trying to seem smart instead of answering the question. I know where her stupid protest comes from. The 'sex strike' has been used in the past for many things from protesting wars to the use of fireworks. Have you heard of 'smug self-righteous liberals'?

That is the irony of her whole protest. She thinks she is being smart but if people followed her protest they would solve part of the problem with their actions. Not having sex - not getting pregnant - not needing an abortion. Get it smart guy? So do you have any comments on my questions or do you just want to talk about ancient Greek fictional works?

Definition of irony:
[submitted link]

2019/05/17 18:31, Bardock: 
Economy is shattering record numbers everyday, Trump was exonerated from any collusion or obstruction, democrats are on life support desperately trying to depose a dually elected president. Life is great here in the US, we finally got a president that cares about our country and gives the middle finger to evil institutions like the EU and China. Fucking life is good here :)

2019/05/17 19:08, Roadkill: 
You seem to have some trouble differentiating between education and liberalism.

2019/05/17 19:08, Roadkill:edited 1x   

2019/05/17 22:03, Savu:   
'Economy is shattering record numbers everyday, Trump was exonerated from any collusion or obstruction, democrats are on life support desperately trying to depose a dually elected president. '

Except all these statements are false.

2019/05/18 05:12, Vidgri: 
in my opinion, any bill about woman's body must be put on country/state women's referendum.
women's, not public.
referendum, not parliament/congress voting.

2019/05/18 09:52, Razoor: 
Let me assure you Grimble, very few women would use abortion as a birth control tool. It hurts, it can be invasive, it's psychologically painful, and stigmatizing. Compare that to using a condom or taking a pill and it's a nobrainer. Anyone who believes women think abortions are an easy experience has not spoken to many women about it. Most abortions are due to accidents, or a lack of sex ed, the latter which is a big problem in more religious states (so essentially, it's the religious fundamentalists that contribute to a rise in unwanted pregnancies by outlawing proper sex ed and access to birthcontrol, then refuse to help people out of it).

Your example of fathers is interesting. In a way I can see what you're getting at, but the problem is that you'd demand a potentially invasive procedure into someone elses body - what right do you have to demand that if they dont want it?

For me, the bottomline is that a wanted child born in a family that is ready and willing to care for it will have a much higher likelihood of a happy life, which is good for society in the long run. And the reverse - so unless we want children, families and society to suffer, we should allow abortions, believing that people have the ability to determine for themselves whether now is a good time to have a child or not. To take away that individual responsibility and judgment and place it with the state - which has no insight into the situation of individual families' life situation - is a terrible idea that benefits no one.

2019/05/19 02:20, Grimble:   
Razoor there are plenty of women who use it as a birth control tool. I know it sounds stupid and crazy but it is true. I personally know one woman who had 5 abortions for this reason. She paid nothing for them because planned parenthood takes taxpayer money to give free abortions. She didn't want to pay money for birth control and she didn't want to deal with condoms etc. She would just screw anyone until she got pregnant, go get the kid killed, rinse and repeat.
Pretty sick stuff in my opinion.

2019/05/19 03:03, Bardock: 
why is it so hard for people to understand that killing human life is wrong? shrug.

2019/05/19 06:46, Savu:   
Extreme behaviors of a few individuals are no reason to straight up ban the procedure though.

Besides that, the state would likely end up like Ireland where people go on trips to other countries to get an abortion, fly in SOS pills with drones and have to find other creative solutions to a stupid problem created by lawmakers.

2019/05/19 08:27, Razoor: 
Sure Grimble, but that's an extreme example. I can provide you an equally extreme example from the other side: [submitted link]

If a person behaves like you describe the solution is not to ban the method she is abusing, if that method also helps millions of people annually, but to properly educate her about the harmful effects this will have on her body. If it's some sort of self-harm behavior, she needs therapy. It doesnt disqualify the method itself.

Bardock - that's a credible argument if you'd also a) change your gun laws, b) develop proper social protection and healthcare systems, c) stop bombing countries. Until that happens, your argument is just a cop-out.

2019/05/19 10:20, Benedictus:   
Even though I disagree with many Shapiro's points on abortion, this made me laugh: [submitted link]
Otherwise I would +1 Razoor's every comment. He actually works in UNICEF, actually physically helping children. Not like everyone else here, most of whom probably won't even donate to charities, let alone actually help anyone. Having opinions is worthless without action.

It's like Ilie introducing nosneak in 2008 without ever being top5 warlord on scout back then. Or talking to one.

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