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2019/09/05 12:18, Nilin: 
It's always easier to think that the others are idiots then to fact check. It took me like 5 minutes to fact check this idiocy.

The woman who was foraging for mushrooms posted her adventure from North Branch Trail which resides in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. She was pickin mushrooms in a forest preserve where even picking flowers is illegal...

Imagine an american coming to Estonia, visiting Matsalu nature preserve to shoot birds. He would be arrested and fined pretty fast :)

2019/09/05 17:29, Fieldy:   
Nods, exactly! That's why the question from the source :D
But yeah, news articles today aren't about what is the truth, but who is the first :P

2019/09/06 15:27, Savu:   
I disagree. I'm pretty sure one could shoot birds in Matsalu and get away with it.

2019/09/06 22:29, Bardock:   
praise the lord and pass the ammunition. America will remain America were not afraid of another 1776 the patriots are ready :)

2019/09/07 07:25, Nilin: 
[submitted link]

Matsalu is divided into national park and 7 nature reserves. All the reserves are completely closed to human activity and there's a no-fly zone of 1 km above them.

You can fish in the national park side of it and hunt game (the law explicitly allows hunting the american mink, guess there's a problem with it) but not the birds.

Wiki lists a number of protected species to watch: the white-tailed eagle of the highest conservation category, a lot of bird species of the second and third protection categories, 22 strongly protected plant species, the natterjack toad, and ten species of mammals of the second conservation category.

I guess you could get away with a shot or two before all the bird watchers in the area start noticing.

2019/09/07 08:03, Thurge: 
The real question, of course, is how many of the birds are *worth* shooting? =P

2019/09/07 09:24, Fieldy:   
Yeah, I have to say in my personal experience Savu is more correct.
And no, that doesn't mean I have weekends off shooting birds :D

2019/09/07 11:48, Savu:   
@Thurge All of them. Damn Chirpy McChirpers. And all the birdwatchers as well. Damn those good-for-nothing people for having time to watch birds.

2019/09/09 00:56, Bardock:   
Grouse are fine birds to shoot, grew up hunting them and eating them. Great meal.

2019/09/19 08:56, Savu:   
Goddamn the West's sensitivity has gotten ridiculous.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore 'brownface' at a private school gala nearly two decades ago, a photo obtained by Time Magazine shows.

Addressing the image, Mr Trudeau said he 'deeply regretted' his actions and 'should have known better'.

[submitted link]

2019/09/19 13:18, Fieldy:   
What the shit :D

2019/09/26 16:39, Resin: 
How many nails can fit in 1 coffin, am I right?

2019/10/15 13:03, Savu:   
Bardock, whats your opinion of the Don abandoning Kurds all of a sudden?

2019/10/15 17:30, Bardock:   
no me gusta eso, estoy muy triste :(

2019/10/19 11:08, Ortansia:   
Syrian Kurds were stupid and naive to think that USA will help them to create their own independent state, they were just used by USA as pawn to fight ISIS, when they finished, they were thrown like garbage. Now they are facing Turkish army assault, and they have no other solution, but to ask help from Syrian government to protect them. So back to starting point. Here is a nice article for you to read if you are interested [submitted link]

2019/10/19 12:44, Vidgri: 
I only see that Syrian Kurds were stupid and naive to think that rule of DemParty will help them... Typical islamic position, that US responsible anyway.

2019/10/20 07:33, Savu:   
I think it's mostly the stupidity of Turkish people electing a religious nationalist government. Those always have so narrow-minded 'solutions' to every problem.

Probably the best thing one could have done in the power-vacuum created by Syrian civil was to back the creation of a Kurdish state inside Syria. Instead of working out a solution to get rid of PKK and whatnot they give more incentives to possible future terrorists.

2019/10/20 17:45, Diggity:   
[submitted link]

2019/10/20 17:55, Vidgri: 
2019/10/20 16:31, Rogon:
Also in the site rules of things you shouldn't do:

*uploads copyrighted or other proprietary material of any kind on without the express permission of the owner of that material.

Since you seem to be familiar with the rules.. That beta has been ok'd for sharing publicly?

2019/10/20 18:20, Diggity:   
Authors and publisher made the book in full text publicly available online, go ask them?

Much of OPSO is available freely online in full text form. I know knowledge and science that is not for-profit is a shocking idea for some, but may I suggest that is their own problem?

2019/10/20 18:32, Vidgri: 
It was a post for Rogon lol

2019/10/20 18:51, Slevin:   
Wrong thread I think

2019/10/20 18:54, Vidgri: 
Are there nra-mumers?

2019/10/20 19:24, Dawnborn:   
The NRA is too weak and pathetic. They really stand for Negotiate Rights Away. They won't take a firm position and weasel out of things.

2nd Amendment Foundation and GOA are the way to go.

2019/10/21 20:15, Bardock:   
yo estaba en la disco perreando

2019/10/26 19:55, Ortansia:   
@Savu I can say the same about American people being stupid to vote for a white nationalist president, but that's not the question, Both Erdogan and Trump were democratically elected, so you have to respect People's vote.

Creating a new independent Kurdish state inside Syria will not be an easy task, first Syria will object, because it will be carved out of its territory which is rich of oil, and vital for Syria economy , secondly, the neighbour countries (Irak, Iran, Turkey) will be hostile to the new Kurdish state, so this means that USA needs to permanently protect the new Kurdish state from its enemies, to guarantee its independence, and I'm not sure USA is ready for such long term security committent.
Moreover the new Kurdish state will not be recognized by many other states, particularly states who have separatists minorities.

2019/10/26 23:08, Vidgri: 
cmon, if you put in same sentense elections in us and turkey, that is enough to stop any discussion with you about anything. you're stupid.

2019/10/27 09:16, Savu:   
If the people do a retarded thing, such as elect Erdogan or people like him to power then I don't see why I have to 'respect' it. I'll call the voters idiots because that's what they are. Before Erdogan relations with Kurds were getting better. Fast forward 15 years or so and you have Erdogans military incursion into Syria to fight the 'threat of Kurdish terrorism' that he himself created. So yea, to everyone that voted for him - you're retards and I don't respect your vote.

2019/10/28 20:48, Ortansia:   
@Savu I understand your point, but whether you like it or not, call people retards or not, it won't change anything to the fact that he was democratically elected, You can only accept it.

The Relation between Kurds and Turkey was getting better even during Erdogan term office, until Syrian civil war started, which messed up everything .

Syrian Kurds PYD took the opportunity of the civil war, to try to create their own independent state, they were helped and trained by PKK, which is considered as a terrorist organisation operating inside Turkey.Side note: The PKK waged an armed war against the Turkish state since 1984 which resulted to over 40 000 killed.

Those ties between the PKK and the PYD are why Turkey sees the Syrian Kurds as a threat.So Erdogan doesn't want any Kurdish autonomous or independent state near its, border, because it will strengthen the PKK inside Turkey, and create a high security risk for the country.

2019/10/29 15:45, Savu:   
I accept it because there isn't really anything I can do about it realistically. The fact that a countries population is democratically (or not) elected someone is not a reason why other countries have to respect or accept it if said country goes raiding other countries. Democracy isn't some holy cow that just lets your country do whatever.

What creates high security risks for a country is attacking people and subjecting them to unbearable conditions.

2019/10/30 16:56, Enforcer: 
Donald Trump is white, and he is nationalist - nothing bad with either of those things.

2019/10/30 18:39, Lozen: 
Except the fact that nationalism is a common cause of war between 1 nation and another. Its just as poisonous as religious intolerance and racism. Tribalism doesnt fit into a democratic society. It causes chaos and fighting amongst neighbors as we're all seeing every day.

2019/10/30 19:43, Bardock:   
porque lozen esta muy MRK? jajajaja

2019/11/01 09:14, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
@savu your double standard is amazing, USA invaded whole countries such as (Irak and Afghanistan) that are far from its border by million of Km, because they say they represent a high security risk for them, and Turkey is not allowed to just enter by 100 Km inside Syria which is at its doorstep, in order to create a buff zone to secure its border from PKK threat, and also help millions of Syrian refugees that are inside turkey, to go back safely to their country.

2019/11/01 22:08, Vidgri:edited 2x   
double standard is amazing - ok, you're liar, Turkey's got experience in genoside
by million of Km - ok, you're liar, that is 3 times further than Moon
help millions of Syrian - ok, you're liar, moving several millions refuges is an obvious stress

2019/11/02 13:35, Ortansia:  edited 1x   
So does USA and even your country have a very long experience in genocide, Im not Fan of Turkey government or Erdogan,I'm not even denying they committed genocide against Armenians, but I'm just pointing your double standard and hypocrisy, before pointing finger at others, make sure yours is clean.

2019/11/04 21:27, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
USA is like a very awful circus act. At least that's the impression left by its current leaders.

2019/11/05 22:40, Bardock:   
jajajaj que loco

2019/11/06 10:44, Fieldy:   
Tu loco

2019/11/06 17:30, Bardock:   
yo pense que es 'tu eres loco' no tu loco

jajahjaj tu eres MRK

2019/11/07 09:12, Fieldy:   
Alaarenenud abordijäänus :D

2019/11/07 16:49, Bardock:   
no entiendo amigo, porfavor solo espanol. :D :D weon

2019/12/05 20:57, Bobertson:   
Next time you meet an antivaxer, please show them this, so they can keep those 142.000 people in their thoughts and prayers.

[submitted link]

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