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2018/01/08 19:40, Thurge: 
So, about those domestic, US-based problems... no thoughts?

2018/01/08 19:50, Bardock:  edited 1x   
Just as the founding fathers said there is a price to pay for freedom, look at that south park song you linked before, freedom isnt free! Yes we have problems and they are being worked on, we also have the most powerful wealthiest nation on the planet. At least we dont have roving band of migrant rapists engaging in Tahrush Gamea. Thats one thing I am fine without tho others in this country desperately want to import it.

2018/01/08 19:56, Razoor:edited 1x   
So you think gun violence and murder rates that are off the charts are a fair price to pay for 'freedom'?

2018/01/08 19:59, Bardock:   
I am not going over this again, you know my position on this, there is no point for me to spout my whole spiel again for the 10th time.

Apparently you think that the exploding rape rate, violence , terrorist attacks, giving ISIS fighters homes and allowing them to wave their flags is a fair price to pay for good feelings in your heart.

2018/01/08 20:04, Thurge: 
It was Team America: World Police, not South Park. =P

2018/01/08 20:06, Bardock:   
oh its the same people :D come on I was close.

Freedom cost a buck o five XD

2018/01/08 20:47, Thurge: 
Also, forget Sweden for a minute. We know you disapprove of them right now. This is the Americuh thread though, so what do you think about *here*?

As Razoor mentioned, there's a fairly ridiculous gun violence problem, often perpetrated with legally-procured weapons.

Shootings in schools are becoming ever more prevalent.

Human trafficking is steadily rising.

Opiod addiction is affecting pretty much all demographics in all areas, and has been declared an epidemic and commented on by everyone up to and including your man, Trump.

There's a pretty significant homeless population in major cities across the country.

Infrastructure projects across the nation lack funding and support. This includes the interstate highway system, power grids, water delivery systems, etc.

There's a raging debate over the use and existence of public lands, a debate where white men with guns are winning over indigenous communities and others who actually follow the law and stage peaceful protests.

Coastlines along the Gulf of Mexico are being washed away at a rate faster than wetlands in just about any other part of the world. This affects offshore oil drilling, commercial and recreational fishing and hunting, shipping to the interior of the country up the Mississippi River, and thousands of people's homes.

Honeybees, the little critters that pollinate the crops that produce the food that you and your family eat, are dying off at an alarming rate, and nobody knows why.

STD transmission has risen to the point where it's estimated that 1 in 2 sexually active people will contract one by the age of 25. This could be cut down by simple health education, but vocal, Christian groups keep suppressing this much-needed step. Linked to this same remediation, teen pregnancies in the US are higher than in any other western industrialized nation.

These are just a few issues off the top of my head, but they are all very relevant to you as both an American citizen and as a parent. Why do you not rave about them instead of some issue in such a far-flung place as Europe?

2018/01/08 21:17, Bardock:  edited 5x   
Yea and some of those issues are close and dear to me thus why I want to ban many dangerous pesticides and chemicals they use that kill those poor lil honey bee fellas. Gun violence, I am against destroying our constitutional rights, perhaps we could implement some new gun regulations and ban people who are on dangerous pills for depression from owning them. I am for alot different things. Did you miss my whole spiel on the gay frogs and the chemicals in our water supply from pesticides that are destroying human bodies and hormones as well as killing wonderful little friends like honey bees?

I do not get why I cant have a voice because I do not live in Europe, whats happening in Europe is exactly what I want to prevent in the US. I am using Europe as an example of why we should not allow vast and unvetted migration.

Trump is launching a massive infrastructure overhaul to work on that issue. I never said we dont have problems Thurge, I agree with you but I also do not think we need to further our current problems by adding a bunch of people into our system who hate our western culture with a passion and want to implement sharia law. I have no problem with anyone at all who wants to come here and build a better life for themselves, any race or religion is absolutely welcome if they are willing to respect western values, respect women and respect the rights of others. We can look no further then to Europe to see that this is not the case at all.

this is our reward for allowing these people who have so much hatred for our country and values into our country.

[submitted link]
If not for Trump, my country would look like Europe right now. This is why we need the travel ban. How many more refugee attacks in the US do we need before you people change your tune?

I have a group of friends who reside here from Iraq and Afghanistan and let me tell you what , they love it here, they love our country , they respect our values and they love having a shot at the American dream and one of them my great friend Omar even advanced to a top position above me. I love migrants like these, those who served with the US overseas and earned visas through the military. These are the kind of people we need, those who want to live the American dream and put the destiny of their lives in their own hands. Makes me proud to see immigrants come from all over in different situations and make the best out of life. Very different from the Europe situation where migrants are essentially handed welfare and never have to work or learn the language and create break off civilizations within the society they come into.

I could give two shits less what race or religion someone is as long as they respect western values and come here legally. You must follow the law and you must earn your way here, no handouts.

2018/01/08 21:24, Fieldy:edited 1x   
Mithfalen, are you one of those people who thinks Europe is a country?

2018/01/08 21:49, Thurge:edited 1x   
Sooo what you just said was, 'Yeah, America's not perfect. I like bees, but fuck those Islamic guys in Europe!' right?

2018/01/08 22:20, Thurge: 
Also, we can play the spam-link game! Below is a more or less random selection of links to some of last year's larger mass shootings as listed by the gun violence archive ([submitted link]
). If I were being thorough I'd list them all, but I'm bored with this argument and have to go do real things. Enjoy!

Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]

Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not immigrants: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
Not an immigrant: [submitted link]
An immigrant! From Puerto Rico. Who served in Iraq: [submitted link]

2018/01/08 23:40, Prist: 
this is our reward for allowing these people who have so much hatred for our country and values into our country.

Aannnnnddd clicked on the link to see what evil have refugees wrought again in America.

Under the picture the following is written:

[While the photo above is a photo of the accused, it has not been confirmed that the individual is an immigrant or refugee]

Only place where I could see reference to refugees was Al Gouhti's tweet. Checking the guy out and it's altrighter alright whose twitter feed is full of anti-islamist, europe-enslaved-by-muslims stuff. He also posts a lot of stuff that Zepir likes, so I imagine you'd get along well. On his feed he's retweeting calls to shoot and lynch the guy.

Clicked on source: The hotel is designed to help homeless people get back on their feet. It's also a place where violence is known to break out and police visit often.

Monte (CFO of the place)says what happened Friday was a mental health issue and it's illegal to screen for that.

So, a homeless guy with mental issues attacks a volunteer in place which has history of violence and refugees get the blame, even though nothing in any articles (besides tweet by altrighter which I am unable to corrobate) actually say anything about the guy being a refugee or even immigrant.

2018/01/08 23:57, Bardock:  edited 7x   
Not at all Thurge, not the jist of any of my points.

Dude is defiantly a somali immigrant and not the first one to commit attacks in the US. Luckily the travel ban is saving us from a Europe situation.

and who cares if hes calling for the guy to be shot? The guy deserves to die, you guys are apologist and disgusting ones at that. Thanks for proving my points over and over.

exactly why we need the travel ban and thank God for Trump.

Once again you try to associate someone with me someone I did not reference or endorse. Keep trying Prist, you come here and try to attack me for literally pasting in the title of an article but when it comes time to get down to the facts you vanish and then reappear once you can again attack me for something not related. I have no affiliation to whatever dude you are talking about on twitter, all I did was reference an article. You are a coward and could never face me intellectually in a debate. If you have any courage you would but you dont. You have no honor.

This disgusting human being attacks a women in her 70s who is trying to feed homeless people and you attack someone who called for his death. He is a refugee, thats confirmed.

2018/01/08 23:59, Fieldy: 
Are you dyslexic?

2018/01/09 00:37, Bardock:  edited 12x   
@Prist, yes refugees get the blame for something when they are refugees and attack people with machetes, thats called reality. This isnts Prist imagination land where anything goes. Try googling his name and let me know what you find then come back here and apologize for not doing your due diligence. Thanks I will be waiting.

Its really sad the evil spirit within you Prist, you have no care for the ramifications your disastrous policies bring, you only care about appeasing your own ideological dogma. Its frightening. You care more about a guy calling for the death of someone attacking a poor old woman then the actual attack. You truly are a terrifying nihilist.

This is what the 6th Somali attack this year in the US? Absolute proof and vindication of the travel ban. Thank god get these disgusting rats out of our country. Line these people up and execute them, save the tax payers money of putting them in prison.

Thurge, any chance you can come up with relevant links that deal with the topics I am talking about?

1. Rape gangs of 100+ people
2. Complete shutdown of music festivals
3. Not able to hold Holiday events without massive security and military force out on the streets due to migrants

you linked things that involved shootings, none of those are even closely relevant to the topics I am going over. Please try to provide something that even remotely relate. Not sure how any of that has to do with large groups of men that rape women together.

Google Tahrush Gamea

educate yourself on the matter.

none of our police officers are coming out on national TV begging for help saying that they are so inundated from refugee rape gangs that they cannot even begin to cope.

Video: What German police thing of the holiday situation were migrants were rampaging and raping

[submitted link]

Yea, not even comparable, you cant find anything comparable. This is simply not happening in the US. Only places that have allowed mass migration. Very interesting. I hope you can find something that is relevant to the subject Thurge, I was never speaking on shootings.

'at the end of the shifts many colleagues were standing and crying together saying that things cannot continue like this'

they cant even fucking celebrate holidays anymore, they cannot even have music festivals anymore, the police are on national tv begging for help. The police are gathering together crying as their nation burns and you people are still defending this.

Nothing to see here move along, refugees are great refugees are wonderful, our women are being raped in mass , we cannot celebrate our own culture anymore and we have totally lost control of the country but move on , nothing to see here. According to Prist everything is wonderful and refugees never did no thang wrong.

its 100 percent absolutely not worth it

I am glad you guys in Europe are ok with no longer celebrating music festivals and tearing down every last christian cross to appease the invaders and I am glad you love large islamic rape gangs, I am so glad you guys want this so bad for yourselves, by all means take it , its all yours. Enjoy your road to hell, whatever appeases your feelings I guess.
It really does not matter, when the Nazi regime of the EU crumbles, It wont affect me , I will still be in Gods greatest nation on the planet. My people will be free to go to music festivals without fear of being raped by 100 men, we will celebrate our holidays without having the military deployed to the streets and we will enjoy our freedom. Enjoy the warzone that is Sweden, Germany and France.

2018/01/09 02:05, Thurge: 
Mm, food. =D

You're completely missing everything Prist is saying. You will also completely miss everything I am saying. But, sucker that I am, I will say it anyway. You lucky troll, you. =P

1. I found a handful of gang rape (mostly 3 to 5 perpetrators, though one claimed 25) reports in the first few pages of a Google search, though most of them go back to that incident in Cologne in 2016. Have you wondered why there has been no repeat?

2. We talked about the music festival. The ONE (1) music festival, in Sweden, with German organizers and a history of several rapes per year, going back at least to 2013. Not a migrant one is mentioned in any reports of that festival shutting down, so your point is moot unless you can find a real example.

3. Come on, man, you can do better than that. When was the last time you were at a major event in the US? I can assure you you're never far from armed security personnel. Shit, I've even been seeing armed cops and soldiers *inside the secure area* at airports in this country for years. You can't even fly across the nation without having people with guns eyeballing you. In addition to that, most of Europe has had armed guards wandering around in public spaces for as long as I've been traveling, so at least as far back as 2005. That includes train stations, public venues, large festivals, and all the rest. That is a sign of the modern day public gathering, to paraphrase Sadiq Khan.

4. Here's an interesting article regarding this tahrush gamea thing you keep saying. The whole thing's worthwhile, but the last three paragraphs are the actual point of it all, if you get bored with the top: [submitted link]
5. A video about the thing you keep posting links to. With a guy who says he's reading emails from bona fide police officers. Uh huh. See answer 1.

6. You're absolutely right! You can't find anything about this in the US. Unless we're talking about some of these gang rape stories that occasionally pop up in the States. I'm not feeling motivated enough to dig up the statistics myself, but if you care, which with the arguments you're making you should, the official stats are here, at the Bureau of Justice Statistics: [submitted link]

7. The mass shooting links were to highlight a particular problem in the US, one of the many that has fuck all to do with immigrants. But you want to rant about immigrants in Sweden and Germany. That's cool, I just wanted to offer an alternative. Back under the bridge with you. ;)

8. You keep saying you don't care about the EU, then you keep talking about it. So you're either lying or you're trolling. Which is fine, but just remember: You can lie to us, but you can't lie to yourself. And you'll never be able to really enjoy that molasses with a guilty conscious.

9. Ooh! I almost forgot. Found this while I was looking for shit that doesn't exist. It's fascinatingly disturbing and yet highly educational! Check it out (page 34 if it doesn't automatically take you there): [submitted link]
Ciao! *drops mic*

2018/01/09 04:53, Bardock:  edited 1x   
Well atleast you are not denying the fact that these things have happened.

Thurge, there is more then one source regarding Tahrush Gamea, why is it you pick out huff post! You completely skipped the first link that is the most relevant and has no political overtone such as huffpost would have.
[submitted link]

the only thing Huffpost got right was that it does not translate to arab rape game etc, I actually asked Omar about this since he speaks arabic and he said it directly translates to 'harassment in a group' the word itself has nothing to do with rape or sexuality. So I will give you that but that does not negate that its a very real thing occurring in Sweden and Germany right now and thats my point Thurge. The only places is it occurring in the world right now are those places and were alot of this started, the middle east.
This is happening in Sweden and Germany, there is many documented cases.

Thurge, these are very detailed reports with sources cited
[submitted link]

Like I said, I love immigrants. I love the idea of people coming from all over the world that desperately want to be part of the American dream, the idea that you are in control of your own life and you can achieve anything through your hard work and determination. This is the same ideals that great grandfather brought from Mexico when my family came to chase the American dream. We have laws to protect our citizens and our economy, I believe in the rule of law for immigration. Like I said before I have many successful friends that came from very oppressive places to chase these dreams and ideals and they never want to look back. They respect western ideals and they respect the laws of the country and they are not trying to enforce their ways of life on other people.

Is that to much to ask for? Asking people respect our homeland and culture. I welcome anyone who comes here and follows those principles and works hard to achieve their dream. This is the land of opportunity and everyone deserves a shot at working hard and creating something for themselves. People who cant respect the rights of women and homosexuals do not belong in America. America is about equality. If they want to live out their Sharia law fantasy they can do that in the hell they left behind.

One thing I will not just happily accept as you guys do

1. giant gangs of men who rape women
2. isis flags being proudly waved
3. holidays and festivals no longer able to be celebrated

Thurge did you see the scenes in Hamburg? Did you hear the police accounts I posted here. Did you see the response they had? Crying in the streets together asking why?

I know you guys want to help people and do good things but look there is real world consequences, I guess I really need to ask a simple question to truly determine how far you are willing to go.

Please answer this honestly

knowing what we know now, would say all of this rape and violence and death upon the local population was worth it because you guys did 'a good thing'?

would you honestly trade over the thousands of lives we had lost or the thousands of young girls brutally raped, some in massive gangs of men, many children as young as 3 years old. Would you willing accept that trade off knowing what we know now and what has happened? Would you sign that document? Would you sign that migration deal, knowing thousands of little girls would be raped, some to death?

would you sign that order?

helping 1 million refugees but 100k people would be brutalized in so many ways , is that the trade off you are willing to make to feel good about yourselves?

2018/01/09 06:30, Savu:   

2018/01/09 20:16, Bardock:   
Savu , I missed you buddy.

This is how well mass migration is working France
[submitted link]
fire fighters cannot even rescue people from burning buildings without getting stoned from refugees.

So lets see

no more music festivals

no more holiday celebrations

police crying in the streets and begging for help on TV

live grenades being frequently found

cell phones refugees holding containing many isis videos, rapes, murders etc

'no go zones' were cops cant even enter without full swat support

news teams that come to prove to the world that Sweden is safe get brutally attacked by migrants

rapes increased by nearly 100 percent

yea sounds like heaven on earth, glad you guys are so willing to sacrifice your own population for the befit of people who despise you more then anything on the planet.

but refugees didn do nuffin wrong , they are perfect, wonderful third world citizens that believe in honor killings, stoning gays to death, beating women all the wonderful things from the archaic days.

2018/01/10 09:34, Razoor: 
Did you see latest on the Steele dossier? Republican funded for first 9 months by major Russian experts now shown to not be in bed with Russia, following simple financial trails open to everyone and finding connections between Trump and Russian maffia. And the GOP knew the whole time about the accuracy of the dossier from a closed hearing, just didnt wanna release the information to the public. Checked the released Fusion GPS transcripts yet? Im sure Infowars is calling it a scam without checking the content. #winning

2018/01/10 09:36, Razoor: 
Did you see latest on the Steele dossier? Republican funded for first 9 months by major Russian experts now shown to not be in bed with Russia, following simple financial trails open to everyone and finding connections between Trump and Russian maffia. And the GOP knew the whole time about the accuracy of the dossier from a closed hearing, just didnt wanna release the information to the public. Checked the released Fusion GPS transcripts yet? Im sure Infowars is calling it a scam without checking the content. #winning

2018/01/10 18:22, Bardock:  edited 6x   
The dossier thats been entirely discredited. I was waiting for you to come touting some new fake development. Funny I hear you have no mention of the federal charges being brought out to find the sources of the dossier. The congressional hearings regarding the matter have come to a consensus that the dossier is entirely discredit and when they win the warrant to reveal the author, its game over. You act as if a senator revealing transcripts of a fake dossier means literally anything at all. When the court gets their way and the person is revealed this story is dead in the water, like all the other fake stories you immediately hop on. This will be what exactly the 200th time you have done this. This is hillarious, Razoor is at it again :)

[submitted link]
[submitted link]
[submitted link]
cant wait to further show everyone here another instance you jump on the fake news band wagon with 0 research.

this will literally be the 6th or 7th time, no exaggeration on that. This will be another blow to your already zero credibility.

[submitted link]

yawn, can you ever come up with anything besides what you obviously hear on CNN a well discredited network or buzzfeed?

[submitted link]
lol this is to easy to pwn you. make it a little harder please? [submitted link]
[submitted link]
Fusion GPS is going down for this fraud, you are so clouded by your dogmatic bias you dont even have a slight clue to current events.

[submitted link]
lol this one is the best, MCabe is gonna go to federal prison as well I assume .

A report in December from Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s seven-hour interrogation by congressional investigators claimed that 'when pushed for examples of what was verified in the anti-Trump dossier, McCabe was only able to identify the fact that Trump campaign advisor Carter Page traveled to Moscow — McCabe could not even verify anything about the meetings that Page supposedly had.'


damn Razoor, what now? You going to sit patiently for the next fake news report to come out and tout here once again the moment it hits the presses? Life must be boring for you.

McCabe was supposedly a “friendly witness” to the Democrats that were present in the room.
The Democrats tried to push McCabe into helping them build a case against President Donald Trump — and were unsuccessful.
McCabe apparently described how thoroughly the FBI worked to verify the anti-Trump dossier and claimed that it is was credible.
When pushed for examples of what was verified in the anti-Trump dossier, McCabe was only able to identify the fact that Trump campaign advisor Carter Page traveled to Moscow — McCabe could not even verify anything about the meetings that Page supposedly had.
“The sources said that when asked when he learned that the dossier had been funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, McCabe claimed he could not recall — despite the reported existence of documents with McCabe’s own signature on them establishing his knowledge of the dossier’s financing and provenance.”
Assuming all the information from the Fox News’ report is accurate, this is disastrous for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged and unproven 'collusion' between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

Mueller’s investigation has taken several major blows to its credibility, including the revelation that DOJ official Bruce G. Ohr was demoted from his position for hiding his connection to Fusion GPS, the firm behind the anti-Trump dossier. It was later revealed that Ohr’s wife, Nellie H. Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS.

Last week, lawmakers released text messages from a key FBI agent on the case, Peter Strzok, that revealed the presence of an extremely strong anti-Trump bias in the government agency — and potentially on the case.

One text message is proving to be especially troublesome for Mueller’s investigation, CNN reports:

Later in a text from August 15, 2016, Strzok tells Page: “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office” – an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe – “that there's no way he gets elected – but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40 . . . .' Page does not appear to have responded, according to records reviewed by CNN.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro weighed in on the gravity of that text message, noting how it changed the dynamics of the investigation in terms of who might be guilty and who should be investigated:

This looks an awful lot like motivation for launching an investigation into Trump in order to sink Trump as a hedge against Trump’s victory. The FBI’s investigation into Russian governmental interference in the election began in July 2016, just weeks before Strzok’s text message. And that means that there is now more of a smoking gun of FBI corruption against Trump than there is of Trump colluding with Russia.

rofl my fucking chopter, so cute Razoor :)

2018/01/10 21:40, Fieldy: 
Aaah, hadn't read so much vomit in so short time for awhile. Thanks, Mithfalen!

2018/01/11 20:09, Bardock:   
always had my suspicions on Bannon.

[submitted link]
I fully disavow Breitbart, looks like they have become an aditional arm to try and enact the 25th amendment. Insiders were speaking of a Judas in the white house, turns out it was Bannon.

2018/01/11 21:03, Razoor: 
[submitted link]


2018/01/11 21:55, Bardock:  edited 1x   
Lol dude , I should of known you didnt have the capacity to read the link I posted, your story is dead in the water. The only person you are Wretking is yourself bro :D

and of course you continue to take information from someone who has been proven time and time again to steal others work and not cite sources rofl.

il continue to appluad your self destruction from the sidelines. Man your like Hillary at this point.

'and so she persisted'


notice you couldnt have a single response to anything I posted but again reference that shmuck XD. Its so easy demolishing lemmings with facts.

[submitted link]
[submitted link]
[submitted link]
lol even your beloved liberal publications completely discredit the guy, he continues to steal work from people and not cite sources, am I surprised Razoor listens to a nut job like this?

absolutely not.

2018/01/13 11:03, Razoor: 
Really good article about extreme poverty in US today in The Guardian: [submitted link]
Illustrates some of what Thurge was talking about above. Unfortunately Trump probably isnt the man to fix it...these guys dont benefit from a booming stock market.

2018/01/13 22:18, Bardock:  edited 2x   
Lazy drugged out homeless people I can handle, band of 20-100 middle eastern rape crews, thats something only Sweden can accomplish. I would take the homeless people anyday over that.

Homeless people dont exist in the town I live, you would have to drive 1 hour to Seattle before you saw any homeless people. Thats what liberal policies get you. Interesting you show the worst place in America which is in California. California + Seattle most liberal places in the US and worst problem with homeless. You know what they do? Give them welfare and food cards and enable them to continue their lazy and miserable life of begging for drugs and alcohol. Cut them off, those people do not deserve my wages when they have lost hope in life, its not my job to take care of people that lost the will to live, they are on their own. Huge mistake to give them government benefits without any requirements, they need to be in work programs etc if they expect any handouts.

It just keeps getting worse with your theory and plot line
[submitted link]

2018/01/16 02:42, Bardock:   
[submitted link]
lol to all those un researched who claimed Obama is the reason for the good economy, prepared to get destroyed by absolute facts.

2018/01/16 15:18, Savu:   
absolute opinions - there, fixed it for you

2018/01/17 18:23, Bardock:  edited 4x   
no its non partisan top economist who are analyzing data, just like the same doctor Obama had just cleared Trump for having outstanding mental and physical health. Must suck you guys have to take reality eh? Its really sad when your dogma is so powerful you cant accept standard facts. :(

literally Trump got 30/30 on mental and outstanding freakish results for physical. Sad, what will you guys try now, Russia narrative has catastrophically failed and now 25th amendment is GG, I wonder what will be next? Soros will keep pumping billions into whatever new fake narrative, its gonna be hilarious watching you guys panic into oblivion.

Sadly Savu, you will just look silly for not even looking at the facts and data :(. I dont understand why you guys would rather die then admit your fault and obvious bias.

The Wall Street Journal asked 68 economists spread across academia and throughout the business world who was responsible for the booming economy, and, 'happily for President Trump, the pros agree with him,' The Hill reported. 'A recent survey of economists suggest it is President Trump, and not Obama, who should be taking a bow.'

Key takeaways from the report:

Most of the economists said Trump was ''somewhat' or 'strongly' positive for job creation, gross domestic product growth and the rising stock market.'
The experts said Trump’s decision to cut regulations and cut taxes were a major factor.
The group gave Obama 'neutral-to-negative for GDP growth and negative for long-term growth,' while scoring Trump as 'neutral to positive for long-term gains.'
The group of economists said Trump scores higher than Obama because business confidence is higher and business investments are increasing under Trump.
The report comes as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said the recent GOP tax reform bill was 'insignificant,' and only gave 'pathetic' 'crumbs' to workers — which stands in stark contrast to how she described Obama’s $40 payroll tax cut.

As previously reported by The Daily Wire, major economic victories for the Trump administration include:

Dow Hits 25,000 For The First Time Ever
Job Creation In December Smashed Expectations
Job-Cut Announcements In 2017 See Lowest Level Since 1990
Manufacturing In The U.S. Had Its Best Year In 2017 Since 2004
Approximately 100 Companies Have Announced Or Are Planning To Announce Bonuses, Wage Hikes, And Charitable Donations Due To GOP Tax Reform

all sources cited as well, you look really foolish dismissing something that is so well documented and verified. Oh well standard play for you guys so nothing new here.

[submitted link]
poor Razoor, Savu and all the other dogma clan(TM) must be having a rough day dealing with the facts.

LOL more pain for the feverish deniers of reality incoming

[submitted link]
Whats that? Apple investing 350 billion into the US economy and American jobs? Oh looks like that entire narrative of only helping the rich is dead in the water, companies on mass announcing wage hikes and benefits for employees. Liberals must be so upset jobs are now becoming available for people and increased wages.

your parasitic narrative is over, Trump is saving the US and we all know a successful US is Europes worst nightmare :) I would be terrified for the EU and not the US :)

ahhhh proving you guys wrong is just so good and too easy.

[submitted link]
EU Collapsing and America more prosperous then ever, you guys must be shitting your pants.

2018/01/17 18:33, Eldaril:edited 1x   
>absolute opinions - there, fixed it for you

Someone tried to peddle this article in another forum as well. Even ignoring the fact that an undisclosed amount of those people are on the industry's payroll, I find it fascinating that the article is specifically trying to highlight capital spending as a linchpin of Trump's economic success.

'Spending on capital goods accelerated sharply over the first three quarters of last year, growing at an annualized rate of 6.2 percent.'

Not only hasn't growth accelerated 'sharply' in 2017, it's been riding a surge that started in May 2016 (and all in all isn't displaying any unusual pattern to either way).

[submitted link]

2018/01/17 19:12, Bardock:  edited 6x   
lol nice, you dont provide an argument only basically anecdote congrats bro. Cool graph, the link I supplied was heavily sourced and cited. Please do describe and point out which sources are not accurate etc. Try actually providing an argument.

Dow Hits 25,000 For The First Time Ever
Job Creation In December Smashed Expectations
Job-Cut Announcements In 2017 See Lowest Level Since 1990
Manufacturing In The U.S. Had Its Best Year In 2017 Since 2004
Approximately 100 Companies Have Announced Or Are Planning To Announce Bonuses, Wage Hikes, And Charitable Donations Due To GOP Tax Reform

all facts and none of it is from Obama. Why?

utterly simple

tax cuts have brought US companies back from over seas in droves. Not only that but employers are now vastly expanding. Due to those little facts the stock markets continue to soar as well. 0 of that can be attributed to Obama and economist agree on this. Cute you still stick to dogma over reality.

[submitted link]
Eldaril, I really must thank you for continuing to be a living example of what dogmatic fervor looks like.

[submitted link]
LOL, another Bloomberg article about manufacturing breaking out massively due to the tax cuts. In Eldarils fantasy world this must be due to Obama since it was obviously Obama who massively cut regulations and taxes, oh wait a minute , Obama actually created more regulations and forced many manufacturers over sea. In Eldarils delusional world Obama is still president and signed all the bills and orders that have allowed the economy to explode to unheard of levels.

:) its just so easy to put the dogmatic clan in its place lately.

[submitted link]

GG EU, hello new American renaissance.

2018/01/17 20:40, Savu:   
I'm not debating whether their opinions are unbiased or not but the a survey, by definition, shows opinions, not facts. If the answers are facts you don't need a survey.

Very long responses for such a simple comment :D

2018/01/17 20:54, Eldaril: 
>If the answers are facts you don't need a survey.

Well, technically this isn't always accurate (data collection surveys are a thing). But it is in this particular case.

Moreover, the overall opinion stated in this piece is that Trump deserves 'at least some credit'. Leaving aside the fact that this is a pretty tepid endorcement, I also happen to agree with it. I think Trump certainly deserves credit for not having the entire country crash and burn despite the fact that he has little to no clue what he's doing. Can't take this away from him.

2018/01/17 21:45, Savu:   
Good point, sometimes surveys indeed gather factual data, but this isn't the case.

On the tax reforms I just have to say that I don't think lowering taxes and at the same time raising military expenditures, trying to build a useless wall etc in an already thin government can not end well in the long term. Rich will be well off, poor will have a little bit more money to spend, but the increased income will never cover the expenses of good education and healthcare that should be human rights, not a privilege.

Good to hear that companies are actually willing to share the extra profits with their workers, never would have expected that to be honest. On the other hand the cynical bastard in me thinks this is just a smoke cover :D

2018/01/17 22:45, Eldaril:edited 1x   
>Rich will be well off, poor will have a little bit more money to spend

That's until the personal income cuts expire, which will be about 8 years from now. Now convenient :)

>Good to hear that companies are actually willing to share the extra profits with their workers, never would have expected that to be honest

Firms that are in line to save billions of dollars are willing to hand out a (highly publicized) one-time bonuses and modest raises that are an order of magnitude smaller than the tax break they got.

That's before considering that part of those one-time payments would have been distributed as Christmas bonuses regardless, and that the low-skill labor market is so starved for workers that wage raises are necessary to stay competitive. A job opening and a dollar will no longer get you multiple applicants, figuratively speaking.

I guess that's better than nothing, but it doesn't measure up to the amount of public services that will need to be cut and new debt that will get incurred to finance these tax cuts.

2018/01/18 03:32, Garfunk:   
About Trump's '...outstanding mental and physical health'. I'd look at what the actual test is he passed before proclaiming him superhuman.

Here's an example. The cognitive test is designed to be sensitive to indicators of something serious being wrong. If you fail to score 100%, you should get a thorough check.

[submitted link]

Acing this is not exactly hard. Remember, Reagan also aced these tests during his second term in office, when he was already ill with Alzheimer's.

2018/01/18 06:07, Savu:   
@Eldaril that 2. part is exactly what the cynical bastard in me thinks :D

2018/01/18 14:54, Eldaril:edited 1x   
>@Eldaril that 2. part is exactly what the cynical bastard in me thinks :D

Since a lot of that information is public, I did some back-of-the-envelope math when that AT&T announcement came out. Their $1,000 bonus was perhaps 10-15% of the tax cut they were getting. Don't need to be cynical, just realistic. I think that's representative of what most corporations will do; which what is expected anyhow, since their stated objective is to maximize shareholder value. Not that this is a problem, but the result is probably not what you'd hope it to be.

2018/01/18 15:01, Eldaril:edited 1x   
For those who are interested, here's my post from another forum. It was made in late December in reply to someone who brought up AT&T announcement about their end-of-year bonuses. Quotes from the press are italicized..

AT&T (NYSE:T) said Wednesday it will give its U.S. employees a special bonus as a result of the Republican tax reform bill.

More than 200,000 employees of the telecom giant will be eligible for a $1,000 bonus, AT&T announced. The company will cut the bonus checks over the holidays if President Donald Trump signs the tax bill before Christmas, as expected.

AT&T also announced that once tax cuts are made official, it will enact a plan to invest an additional $1 billion in the U.S. next year.

That's not news, by the way. They were running their mouth as early as November.
[submitted link]
Some notable points from this article: AT&T ... says that it has paid more than $100 billion in tax over the last 5 years.... The company argues that it pays significant taxes, at a rate close to 34 percent in recent years

So, taking them at their word, that's about $8 billion per year in tax savings. Of these, they plan to hand down $200,000,000 as an one-time bonus plus $1 billion as reinvestment. Their 'trickle down' rate is officially 15%. Supply side economics ho!

And since we said 'taking them at their word', there's some on that, too:

In return for its 2006 merger with Bell South, for example, AT&T was supposed to offer high-speed internet to every customer in its region by 2007. According to a report, that still hadn’t happened by 2012. AT&T now claims that it has met its merger commitment.

In return for AT&T’s 2015 merger with DirecTV, the company was supposed to offer GigaPower fiber to 12.5 million homes by 2019. An analysis last year suggested it would miss that goal, although the company says that it’s “already ahead” of its commitment to reach 5 million homes by the end of 2017.

2018/01/19 00:34, Bardock:  edited 4x   
[submitted link]


George Soros: EU on Verge of total collapse
[submitted link]
burn baby burn, disco inferno! turns out you cant bring in millions of migrants that increase crime and rape by 90 percent and still sustain an economy. So glad we got a brilliant leader like Trump to bring us into a new age of prosperity and wealth while the commie strong hold dies out in flames! Good luck with that, we will be over here having our new renaissance :)

Eldaril says he has no idea what he is doing yet the economy is a stark contradiction to his statement. You can obsessively try to paint a different reality but its pretty obvious that Trump is far more successful then any of his predecessors in the past 20 years.

Black unemployment is at record lows, under Obama it was record highs, Trump is creating jobs and helping the economy and regulating welfare so freeloaders can actually get jobs.

Its funny that all the policies you guys are applauding will be your downfall and meanwhile America is entering a golden age.

[submitted link]
that is such a great laugh, Canada vs US economic policy.

2018/01/19 04:04, Bardock:   
wow, breaking news

[submitted link]
and whos been saying this all along?

2018/01/19 07:43, Savu:   
Again, do you even read the stuff that you post. In the EU collapse article the reason he claims is the rise of 'nationalist-populism', not economic reasons.

2018/01/19 12:25, Fieldy: 
No, he doesn't. Don't bother.

2018/01/19 14:03, Benedictus:   
He wouldn't understand the articles even if he did read them. Understanding them would make Mithfalen unhappy.

Mithfalen focuses on other things in the links he posts.. colours.. shapes.. words.. sometimes imagining what the words might mean.

2018/01/19 17:30, Bardock:   
thats right, I forgot things had to be carefully spelled out to you guys.

yes nationalism otherwise known as people rejecting the migrant invasion horde. Countries in the EU rejecting and rebelling against insane immigration quotas. Sorry, I forgot you CNN types need spoon feedings.

funny how all of you are silent on the latest revelation to the Russia investigation.

its over folks and people are going to be fired and going to prison.

[submitted link]
Il give you guys some time to cope, its hard being on a burning sinking ship struggling so hard to hold hope. GG EU your satanic reign is ending.

2018/01/19 19:16, Savu:   
Stop trying to mask your illiteracy.
'burn baby burn, disco inferno! turns out you cant bring in millions of migrants that increase crime and rape by 90 percent and still sustain an economy'

Article had nothing to do with economy.

2018/01/19 23:57, Bardock:   
Sounds like a butt hurt rat on a sinking ship to hell. Have fun with that, so lucky we have Trump and not going down the path of desolation and despair. Now the Russia collusion narrative is completely dead and you nihilist have nothing anymore. Must be real sad I have been correct about every last detail :) I'm excuse your sad desperation

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