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New Race - Dunlendings! catchup  discussions

2017/02/02 21:13, Molwynog: 
Rent Broggha

Prac Warrior at Wuda and use BN Ranger Guild only

Can group with BNs like Trolls and Torcs

Mounts are Oliphants

2017/02/02 21:59, Spork:   
Dunlendings didn't ride Oliphants. You'd need Haradrim for that. Considering that we haven't reached Helm's Deep from Bree in over 20 years, I think it will be several more decades before we make our way to Far Harad.

2017/02/02 22:51, Andróg:   
Not the first time this idea has been proposed. (Heck, I might have proposed it myself a decade ago on ER. :-))

But the question here really is: what would they add to the game? What's special or fun about having Dunlendings? Even more, on whose side are they exactly? In MUME they are kind of doing their own thing, not really on either side. They're friendly towards all men, regardless of side. So if we added them, we'd have to make a decision about this and Broggha probably could no longer be open to men of both sides.

So, yeah, when it comes to playable human subraces we don't have in MUME yet, then I can see three races which could be fun to add:

(1) Gondorians (only makes sense since we already have rohirrim)
(2) Haradrim (definitely an addition full of potential for the Evil side)
(3) Dale-men / Men of the Lake (possibly, possibly not, depends on how exactly Lake Town is added)
(4) Easterlings (MUME will probably never extend far enough east to have them, but they certainly could be cool :))

Just my 2c. :-]

2017/02/02 23:17, Vaelrin: 
Why bother implementing new stuff solely for Elestir?

Afterall he is the only person playing this game, rest just drop by every now and then.

2017/02/03 00:55, Telessar:   
The Gondorians ARE Dunedain, brush up on your tolkien! *bonk Androg*

2017/02/03 01:50, Vidgri: 
Subraces for dwarves?

2017/02/03 01:59, Molwynog: 
What would be fun about playing Dunlendings?


Scavenging for EQ.

Having a race with cheap rent spot down south so it's frequented more often.

I think you could leave Broggha open. Just would have fights, and the guards would remain neutral.

Basically make them harder to play than BNs. That way the truly insane people would have another way to scare us even more.

Like they only get 1/3 pracs from warrior, ranger and maybe thief. Only playable at level 75. -4 to all abilities. Move malus.

2017/02/03 10:27, Snort:edited 1x   
@Molwynnog: why stop halfway? I would like to see a class called 'Rock' with 0 moves, 0 mana, just loads of hps. It cannot wear any gear or prac any skills, it just..well..stands there, you randomly spawn all over arda on logon and get to contemplate about your sorry state. That, or they could nerf the scouts a tad more for the same end result.

2017/02/03 11:39, Rashnak: 
Regarding Androgs comments about which side Dunlendings would be on, if there were ways and resources to address all relevant details, it would be interesting to have exactly that - a side which does not have a clear position in the war, and in which player could in effect work with or against either side. And that alone would be quite special thing about the race.

Perhaps the game (or Broggha) could decide their side each MUME year or even month.

But it might indeed be exremely difficult to implement that in a balanced way without opening too many cheats.

2017/02/03 13:41, Zepir:   
that was hilarious Snort

2017/02/03 14:30, Roadkill: 
Snort, we have those already. They're called troll scouts.

2017/02/03 14:39, Molwynog: 
Hey, I'm just trying to make it fair. I'm so awesome, I carry strange white skulls on all my characters.

SNort could wear all Shining with the black sword and I could beat him as this mystical Rock People.


2017/02/03 15:10, Andróg:   
Telessar, my Tolkien is probably not as sharp as 5 years ago, but I stand by what I said before. :)

By the end of the Third Age I think we can differentiate between the Dunedain and the Gondorians, because by then most of the people in Gondor had intermarried with non-Dunedain so much that clear differences between Dunedain and non-Dunedain Gondorians were visible. So yes, in some regions of Gondor Dunedain were still quite 'pure-blood', but mostly not and I think we can certainly distinguish between Gondorians and Dunedain.

2017/02/03 15:33, Barret:   
I suppose having Gondorians and Dunedain wouldn't be much different than having Eriadorians and Dunedain in the North. The Dunedain are the pure-ish lordly folks and the Eriadorians/Gondorians are the descendants of the original peoples of those lands.

But, on the other hand, why bother. If they are just Eriadorians with a different name, then it makes no difference. I think we only have rohirrim as a player class because Rohan was expected to open up like 10 years ago and the rohirrim would have had some special status there.

2017/02/03 15:53, Snort: 
@Molwynog: i fear the Rock race!

@Rashnak: Very interesting idea about side switching race but not sure how you could make it work with current align system. Maybe make it swap sides depending on the align and if neutral, be hunted by both sides?
Then again...people would complain as this race can access all the unique xp in arda, while pukes/darkies are limited in the range of stuff they can kill.
You could also merge BN into this dunadain race, so if the player decides to go evil, they turn into BN, if they stick to being good, they play as pukes.

What i would really want to see, would be the caster version of trolls/bears. A race that can get some mage/cleric stuff, and has more hps and/or innate armour (perma armour up). I proposed a wight race in a different thread but it could be anything really, as long as it gives you the 'i dont give a shit about eq, im in it for the fun' experience.

Another race that i would like to see implemented is ent, in the form of a massive hulk with very limited movement and more susceptible to light/darkness, weather and terrain (mirror orc maluses vs sun, in the dark, gain great bonus to ob/regen/etc from water/sun rooms, unable to drown in open water but unable to go in undeground water sources due to size, gain extra move/hp regen when rain, i.e.). This hulk would be able to stand toe to toe with a troll in a forest room, but not when greatly weakened, in a dark cave or whatnot. Theyr night/day malus/bonus would also partially apply, if inside/outside, depending on day/night cycle. This big hulk would be nearly unstopable during the day, in a forest clearing (direct contact to sun) but greatly weakend during the night, in warrens. The Ent would also be oblivious to the zone align. The factors you would need to take into consideration would be the terrain, time of day and weather. They would also be oblivious to the benefic spells like str/heal/cures/i.e., the right way in maximizing their regen being by changing weather to rain in a muddy/watery room or whatnot.

2017/02/03 16:19, Rashnak: 
@Snort: I would imagine that the inability to choose either side (for long term) would make this race inherently neutral in alignment with no way to change it either way.

Their alignment could also be somehow dynamic, so that regardless of what zone they go to, their alignment would automatically adjust a step to other direction so they wouldn't get zone bonuses anywhere.

I imagine most shops (good or evil) should not make business with this race, and perhaps all other races could be suspicious enough of them to not be able to group - similar to tarks vs trolls, but not even BNs being able to help the situation. They could also appear that way when encountered by 'friendly' race (-A Dunlending Man- is here).

2017/02/03 16:45, Gomi:   
Make them neutral alignment. They see humans (and only humans!) by name, as on the same side. They can group with other humans (one side at a time only -- no mixed-side groups), and see non-humans in their group as -Friends-; otherwise, everyone except humans look like *Enemies*. Anyone can kill them, and they can kill anyone, without repercussions, except other Dunlendings. Nothing stops them from betraying group members in a fight, so they are naturally mistrusted.

2017/02/03 18:04, Molwynog: 
That sounds interesting. The ultimate opportunist, siding with whatever Tom, Dick or Harry that shows up. Kind of like Frank Gallagher. :)

2017/02/03 20:18, Molwynog: 
[submitted link]

The kindreds of Men.

2017/02/03 20:31, Snort: 
so umm...what would prevent any race from spamkilling them on sight, since they yield xp/wps/eq/etc? :D Also id see some very ambiguous situations where puke kills puke while defending his dunleding group member from xp horny random. Its not unheard of puke killing puke for less :) This could also result in some indirect help towards the dunleding, by healing them for example or sancing them while in your group, only so they could later kill a different person.

2017/02/04 01:58, Gomi:   
Yes, the ultimate opportunist. They have no magic except cure light, shroud, and shield. Maybe block too. They can sneak and shoot, but not backstab. Someone should teach them envenom. Access to lots of warrior skills, but maybe not all the weapon classes. Can use Tharbad shops like BNs... :)

2017/02/04 14:01, Molwynog: 
So that's a good question, can a player 'Train' another player?

2017/02/07 07:18, Ridire:   
'can a player 'Train' another player?'

Yes, although no-one ever seems to use it. You can teach up to 2/3 of what you know, if I remember rightly.

2017/02/08 19:07, Molwynog: 
So maybe the only thing Dunlendings could do with other races is get trained, (either side), for gold?

2017/02/08 19:14, Elestir:   
Vaelrin wrote: Why bother implementing new stuff solely for Elestir?

Vaelrin has a point, lets add something for him instead. Upgrade the Morgul Vale or something...

2017/02/08 20:05, Telessar:  edited 1x   
Barret and Androg: I think you're both most's more semantics I suppose. Gondor is where the Dunedain of the South reside, and the remnants of Arnor are the Dunedain of the North. Therefore, both Dunedain :) Not that it matters too much...

2017/02/10 22:31, Molwynog: 
[submitted link]

2019/07/09 18:51, Molwynog: 

2019/07/09 22:25, Aganir:   
I think they should add the Haradrim, evil men who are like BNs except no cleric spells.

MUME is very white-washed; if Disney can remake Ariel as a black woman, we can include the one and only black people mentioned in the entire Tolkien Universe!


2019/07/10 16:50, Andróg:   
Problem with Haradrim is that we're like 30+ zones away from the nearest Haradrim areas...

2019/07/10 17:00, Shaukr: 
Easily solved: we're a billion miles from the Frozen North, so take the same approach: spawn room 'in Far Harad' and then 'travel' to a camp (or randomly to one of several small camps) at the edge of current zones.

Personally I would sooner see tweaks to existing races/classes/skills though.

2019/07/11 07:42, Rogon:   
Introducing the Haradrim would also offer a perfect opportunity for expanding the culinary arts of MUME by introducing new food items such as water melons, fried chicken, and grape soda. Wait, what?

Seriously though, whyever would we need a 4th side. I'd much rather see the sides, skills, spells, etc that we have be expanded on.

2019/07/11 10:31, Rashnak: 
We don't necessarily need a new side, but I repeat my comment earlier in this thread that we could do with mechanisms that explore the neutral or variable allegiance of characters like Gollum or Saruman, who are quite central to this world and the storyline.

The sides that we do have in MUME portray the world more black and white than it is in the books, and we could do with a third 'side' to stand between as grey.

2019/07/11 11:37, Andróg:   
I pretty much agree with both Rogon and Rashnak, but just to respond to Shaukr: whatever would they add to the game in such a case? It's just BNs vol 2?

2019/07/11 11:52, Shaukr: 
I don't have an answer to that Androg as it isn't my idea and like I said, I'd rather see tweaks to existing races/classes/skills. I was only replying regarding the issue of distance to home region being too far from the game zones, since we sort of have precedent for that.

2019/07/17 16:29, Fieldy:   
BN vol 2? BN warriors would be fun.

2019/07/17 20:07, Sarkazein:   
Rogon - :):):)

But I actually love the idea of Bn vol 2; only pracs being thief, warrior, ranger, and slight cleric/mage.

The true ranger; wandering alone in the woods, no spells, sort've like the Zaugurz, but, you know, not.

I don't even think it'd take that much extra coding; like Shaukr said, have them take a 'caravan' or something, and pop in a place like Saab's, just obviously permanent.

This last part is a joke, but OLIPHAUNT MOUNTS.

2019/07/18 12:27, Baratheon: 
Ent class >>>

2019/07/18 17:29, Carl:edited 2x   
With a very large move, melee... Everything delay? I'd love this addition for an April 4th day. Plus you don't eat, only drink... And you get fatigued if you don't see the sun every now and then.

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