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2017/03/15 06:05, Fieldy:   
Zepir, I think you lack the understanding that MUME is a community effort. You are far from it with this attitude.

2017/03/15 14:28, Zepir:   
whatever your opinion may be , regardless , I simply asked a question.

2017/03/15 17:00, Fret:   
What was your intent behind the question?

2017/03/15 17:10, Zepir:   
I made my intent clear, I wanted opinions and that's what I got, we need more polls in Mume to gage what the community actually thinks.

2017/03/15 17:18, Fret:   
And why did you want people's opinion on that question?

2017/03/15 18:38, Barret:   

I think you mean to use the word gauge when you use the word gage. Gage is a word but I don't think it's the one you want to use in this context.

2017/03/15 18:42, Zepir:   
webster lists it as a less common way of spelling gauge as well but w/e , I think its understood what I meant.

2017/03/15 20:43, Telessar:  edited 1x   
Guyz plz take this poll. Very important.

[submitted link]

2017/03/15 20:44, Fieldy:   
Be as political with your answers you want :D All I read from this is that you want to undermine people who really pull their weight around here.

Sorry, but you're a tool in my book.

2017/03/15 20:50, Zepir:  edited 3x   
I full voted for myself, I expect everyone to vote for me! I will be #1 cant be beat out by the likes of SNAKR .

Fieldy do you think a give a shit about your opinion of me? I really do not , hatred for me only fuels me to continue to do what I do, so I thank you for giving me energy to press on. I do not care if every last loathing person despises me on this entire game / forum it means nothing to me. I stand by my principles and values regardless of so called 'social ramifications'. So suck a big titty if you do not like people expressing their opinions. I am not surprised tho begging to see an alarming trend among most the Euro mume population.

2017/03/15 20:51, Telessar:   
At this point I think Zepir really is... the MUME Trump

1) massive troll
2) repeated cheater / bypassing laws/rules
3) slogans like: Make MUME great again!, Power back to the people! Down with the establishment!
4) anti-European players


2017/03/15 20:53, Fieldy:   
I don't hate you. I am apathetic towards you.

2017/03/15 20:55, Zepir:   
I am not anti European , I am anti anything against the free will of the people and freedom. Not my fault Europeans wanted to be dominated and rights stripped away for perceived security etc and as the amazing genius founding fathers once said

'Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.'

I am a fucking patriot, I believe in universal laws of equality and God given rights to every last person on this earth. You can mix construe that as bad in your own sick propaganda but I do not give a shit. Il enjoy watching the evil nazi EU fall the next couple seasons.

2017/03/15 20:57, Fieldy:   

2017/03/15 21:05, Zepir:   
If were talking about 'pointless' polls then yours is Telessar, you do not need a poll to know that I am by far the most annoying person on mume.

2017/03/15 21:38, Merarl: 
There is not God.

2017/03/15 21:49, Zepir:   
according to you but there is many who believe the contrary, replace God with whatever suits you but these rights are not to be infringed and hopefully one day more of the world wakes up to this inherent concept of freedom and liberty for all.

2017/03/15 22:17, Fret:   
So what was your purpose for making this specific poll?

2017/03/15 22:32, Zepir:   
Fret, I made it clear what the purpose was and I am not going to keep repeating myself.

2017/03/15 22:49, Fret:   
No you did not Zepir. What was the point of your question? Are you trying to get information to suggest something? Just saying you want mume to have polls is not the reason for asking that specific poll. What's your long term thought process behind a poll? There is no point asking a poll like that unless you are trying to make a point and suggest a change is needed. Just asking a question to stir the pot and be an ass is not productive to the mume community. So again, what was your intention for that specific poll question?

2017/03/15 22:57, Zepir:   
I wanted to see IF I was alone in my opinion regarding Mume management, also I thought it would be productive to get others opinions because management seems to not care about the opinions of the playerbase.

2017/03/15 22:58, Fret:   
And then...?

2017/03/15 23:15, Zepir:   
in the words of the Asian lady in 'dude where is my car?' 'No and then'

2017/03/15 23:42, Fret:   
If your poll had shown that the majority of people thought mume management was the cause for player decline, then what were you going to do?

2017/03/16 00:13, Merarl: 
Zepir likes cats.

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