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2018/02/02 12:45, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Is it true that Etherum is the only cryptocurrency for which you can pay for via some digital wallet or something?

Edit: So, is the bubble bursting? Quite a bad day for cryptocurrencies.

2018/02/02 17:34, Bardock: 
Its really not a bad day, were still up thousands of percent from last year, considering bitcoin was 500 dollars last year. Its really just back were it was a few months ago, I have no worry in the world, have not sold a single thing.

Ethereum is just an entire blockchain ecosystem that protocols and apps can be ran on, essentially one of the most secure systems you can get.

interesting etherum project coming up check it out.

[submitted link]
mysterious ethereum project in the desert 175 mill!

I honestly think ethereum is going to over take bitcoin , it also may not but its looking like it will. Its just a vast complex system endorsed by more major corporations and world leaders then you can imagine, many people can even create their own coins with a few clicks of a mouse on the blockchain and hey lets not forget crypto kitties!

2018/02/02 20:12, Fieldy:   
So, you buying more?

2018/02/02 20:56, Bardock:edited 2x   
I typically buy during crashes like this yes, I am more focused on mining currently then buying with fiat. I have a 6 GTX 1080 TI rig now. I plan to build another one soon.

Ethereum is a steal of a deal right now! These tanks and drops happen, I like to think more long term, my portfolio may be down thousands these last couple weeks but I doubt that will matter in lets say 1 year from now. Crypto goes up and down drastically like this but overall it goes up about 1000 percent a year.

heres a good article from the creator of litecoin
[submitted link]
seriously people, buy some ethereum, its going to be the blockchain that actually makes significant changes to the world and tech.

look at these partners it has , how can you go wrong? Scroll back to the start of this, I was talking about how great ETH was at 400 dollars and it went as high as 1400 and now its back down to 900. To me its more of a black friday sale then anything.

[submitted link]

ethereum has more partners and recognition then most tech companies in the world. ethereum will be dominate in the next 3 years.

2018/02/02 21:06, Fieldy:   
Wait, how long has cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, etherum or something else) been on the market?

2018/02/02 21:37, Bardock: 
Bitcoin came around in like what 2009? Ethereum did not come until 2013.

[submitted link]
heres a list of all crpytos and market cap sizes, to be honest most crpytos are shit coins with no real purpose but that does not stop people from buying them and making money. I like to stick to the coins that have real world use and utility. Ethereum is one of those coins, Vitalik is a true genius and he is going to lead this company very nicely if you ask me. The projects being spun from ethereum could revolutionize the way we think of security and all sorts of other efforts. He has met with some pretty large tech giants and world leaders and microsoft is a partner so you know its got some traction.

2018/02/02 22:22, Fieldy:   
If Bitcoin came out in 2009 and you are saying the value goes up 1000% per year, should the value of one Bitcoin be already over tens of millions if not hundreds? Just a bold argument, trying to understand that.

Looking at that link, aren't you worried seeing the overall trend going down? What makes you believe in it?

2018/02/03 09:58, Bardock:edited 2x   
if you look at the patterns since 2009 this period is nothing new, there has been far larger sell offs. I have alot of faith in ethereum since it has actually has real world use case and every major tech company and other large corporations are trying to get a piece of the action. Imagine distributed systems that were completely secure and could not be brought down, were talking about revolutionizing technology as we know it via the ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin is nice and all but it does not have utility and functionality like Eth. Look how much ETH was exactly 1 year ago, noobs and stuff are crying about these temporary dips but if you go back even a few months you will see that everything is still up massively. The media is not very good at reporting on crpyto. they are complete failures, kind of like me in the other thread :D

crpyto is not going anywhere, it cant go parabolic up forever. were going to have periods of down time and when we hit those good periods, people will wish they didnt buy into the FUD.

I been in this game for a while now and I find some observations really funny.

People tend to only want to comment or talk about bitcoin when it crashes and then awe about how much its 'gone down' and 'tanking' two years ago Bitcoin was nothing, 100 bucks? Now your telling me your not impressed with that kind of fast paced advancement? Most of these top 20 coins go up thousands of percent a year but people only seem to pay attention to when they crash. I bought into most of these coins at a fairly cheap price like XVG, I bought it at half a penny and it went to 30 cents and I had a few hundred thousand when that was only about 1k USD. My account is most def down from this dip but overall its still up. Only people who are suffering right now are those who are selling from the dip, I have seen this happen over and over.

Dont be afraid to get in Fieldy, I am telling you give it a chance, if you got a couple hundred bucks it could really help you out and it cost the same as a expensive night out! Dont be afraid and give it a shot, get some cheap coins , I would be happy to suggest some good ones and wait on them for a few months. Theres no better time to buy then right now.

2018/02/03 10:22, Fieldy:   
Yeah, thanks for the word of encouragements, but I'm concentrating on other things for the moment.

Overall I think cryptocurrency is same as fidget spinners, just a trend. I don't want to be pessimistic, but being more of a realistic person, I just can't find the value in it. That is what scares me. Yeah, I understand blockchain systems create a value, but I have yet to meet a company CEO or CTO who has told me 'Yes, we use blockchain system.' or whatnot.

2018/02/05 19:47, Fieldy:   
So, what you thinking now?

2018/02/05 20:08, Bardock: 
same thing as before. I im loading up on ETH and LTC and buying more video cards for my miner :D Prices are still well above what I got in at. If Bitcoin drops below 1k then il be worried and might sell off :D

2018/02/05 20:13, Fieldy:   
Ahyeah, so you have quite some room left. Good-good.

2018/02/07 17:31, Bardock: 
and crypto is having a flash recovery, making alot of money as of today! What I tell ya?

2018/02/08 06:08, Fieldy:   
Heheh, you rookie.

2018/02/09 03:30, Bardock: 
Fieldy seriously, what have you got to lose? 50 USD could easily turn into 1000 in Crypto.

why not take a 50 dollar bet and see what happens? Same price as an expensive dinner, going out to the bar, the casino.

You only need 'fun' money with crpyto, sure you could go in heavy like I did but thats probably dumb and does not always work out good. 50 dollars can seriously go a loooooong way in crypto.

2018/02/09 06:37, Täpp:   
Fieldy I completely agree. The only actual value cryptocurrencies have is that you can spend money anonymously and with some cryptos you can transfer instantly without fees. But paying with any credit card is also instant and there are no fees. And companies like Transferwise already allow you to transfer money across borders close to no fees as well. Bitcoin in particular is far from instant, takes like 10 minutes.

So it's just being anonymous. How large % of population REALLY care about that. Just don't see the value.

People talk of blockchain like its equivalent to the discovery of E=mc2. No. It's a very basic idea, the value it brings is that all parties can be instantly sure about the correctness of a transaction. I read somewhere that 30% of bank's time nowadays is helping auditors prove that everything is order. I guess blockchain could eliminate the need for auditors. And I guess it helps in some 3rd world countries eliminate corruption. But not much more. I attended some cryptocurrency conference talks in Tallinn where they showed how enterprises have adopted blockchain. In grand scheme of things you are looking at like 5% cost savings at best, it's nice but not huge.

If you're looking for investment ideas, I would much rather concentrate on large scale data analysis and supervised machine learning. That's going to be even more huge in next 2+ years.

2018/02/09 16:01, Fieldy:   
I have been actually looking into both of those - large scale data analysis and supervised machine learning. Have dealt more with the former, not much time for the second yet, but going there step-by-step.

Täpp, you in the business of large scale data analysis? Or know more? any links for me to get to know more about the current problems and solutions?

2018/02/09 17:34, Bardock: 
Ethereum will be a far better investment if you ask me, were talking about something thats growing thousands of percent a year, has real world use case and is partnered with every major tech corporation on the planet and major governments. I dont think you guys understand what Ethereum actually is and what it can and will do in the future and is doing currently. Check it out.

2018/02/10 09:11, Bardock:edited 1x   
########## URGENT BREAKING NEWS #################

Just got a new breaking money making opportunity guys, this is going to be huge and this is going to sell out gaurenteed instanly.

VICE, the TV network that does documentaries etc is launching a coin and basically you will get paid in crypto to watch porn

[submitted link]

I am not interested in the product at all to be honest, but having a high level name like this involved like vice and involving that with porn, holy shit guys were talking about maybe top 10 icos of all time.

This will be 50x gains easy, invest as little as 50 bucks. Pay attention to the launch date of the ICO and be ready to buy the hour it opens.

contact me if you need help getting into crypto but this will be
huuuuuuuge guys, I made alot of good calls on here so far like XVG going from half a penny to 30 cents and XLM as well as a few others, here is another chance to get some insane gains guys and change your lives financially potentially depending on your situations.

2018/02/13 00:32, Jadin:   
I think I'll just get rich watching the porn then. Looking forward to my hard earned retirement.

2018/02/13 00:41, Bardock: 
XD, its gonna be a funny platform, I cant even imagine. I think it actually will have a chance to work out good.

look at steemit, steemit is a online community like youtube that pays people in crpyto currency to make comments and videos etc and it works out really good, people make a decent living on there.

following steemits populatiry and the notoriety of vice networks, they frequently do documentaries and have their own network in the US.

I strongly urge people to get in on this ICO because its gonna be huge, the hype in the community is alraedy there and tons of big players are going to get in and all that means is the tokens are going to skyrocket in value after the initial coin offering because so many people will have bought them and the market cap will rise due to that. If you buy them at the initial offering at the cheapest price you are already gaurenteed gains of the next round of the sale.

get in on round 1 basically and by round 3 you will be up 20-30 percent already lol. I love crpyto.

option 1: dump the coin the first day the exchange/market opens and gain a nice bump

option 2: hold out till the platform is more developed and sell at a potentially much higher gain

I tend to go with option 1 during ICOs because you never know how they will turn out or if they will be any good so might as well go with that. This specific case tho, I think i will buy some and hold.

2018/02/17 23:10, Bardock: 
Lol, best part about crpyto is riding the bursted bubble back up to the top every time. $$$$ markets are recovering so rapidly, we are back over 500bn market cap. Heres the push to 1 trillion.

2018/03/19 06:34, Savu:   
Another bit on the energy consumption of mining.

[submitted link]

2018/03/26 18:18, Guido: 
buttcoin lmao

2018/04/08 17:00, Praska:   
Hey Mithfucker, hows it going with HODL ? :D

2018/04/08 18:39, Bardock:edited 1x   
its going great, I am so glad I got involved in Crypto, mining is going good as fuck got my 6 card 1080 TI rig and that's pulling in a nice daily sum and then I got my stack of LTC. I have made more money in crypto then anything else in my life so quiet pleased.

a few months back when I told yall to buy XVG at half a penny , I bought a few hundred thousand and sold them all. To bad no one listened to me :D I actually called out 3 different coins on here months before they hit big. So thankful I found crypto. Don't say I didn't try to help yall.

2018/04/15 19:04, Kabysh:   
hodling is propably the worst thing you can do in crypto:D just trade and do what charts tells you to do. But seems we coming back and alt season started:D

2018/04/18 14:18, Bardock: 
that is good advice but in my situation, I got in so cheap like at half a penny, it now hovers between 8-10 cents. I rather just wait and see what happens, If it goes down to 4 cents il still sell at a huge profit.

2018/11/26 06:52, Breaux: 
Am I right yet?

2018/11/26 09:37, Bardock: 
nope! If it goes below 1k then you can be right. Crypto is long term this is just the start my friend. Bitcoin is still up, you realize it was 700 dollars a year and a half ago??? it still 4k

2019/02/19 18:15, Vaelrin: 
Bull rush happening - at least for a lil while longer, depending if the resistances are being broken.

I'd suggest getting some btc once it breaks the 4.1k resistance as its going to go til 6k most likely at least (can't say beyond that, I don't think the bear market is over yet)

XRP has had a lot of stuff happening as Ripple learned that just selling api to banks is not enough and they are incorporating xrp more into their services especially now that xrapid is doing great. Also a lot of new adopters. Id say 1$ is a reasonable new support very soon.

Eth will probably test 150 resistance but id rather invest in ADA as Carano is way more advanced. But also had a long development ahead so it's not quick cash but I can definitely see it raise a lot. It's only fractions of what it will probably be worth by the end of 2020. I'd put few bucks in and see if you can net those 1000% gains over time.

So yea tldr I'd say put some into btc when it breaks resistance at 4.1 and definitely get into xrp. The fake news bots FUDing xrp are already spamming on Twitter so the hype alone should keep it bullish plus actually yeah a lot has improved and last time it went up to 3$ only on hype and no real adoption was made yet.

That's my few cents of what's happening right now. Not gonna talk ltc eos and that stuff. Too much to contemplate.

Peace suckas

2019/02/19 20:43, Bardock: 
Im loving the markets right now, this is what its all about. Buying during the lows selling during the highs. Also still been mining XVG. Im holding them bags for as long as possible.

EOS has been off the chain, I remember when it was 60 cents XD.

2019/02/19 22:21, Vaelrin:edited 1x   
Bardock / others, have you guys tried yet?

I love it. It's amazing for their SmartTrade feature with trailing buy and trailing sell.

What it does is that you set a buy order at certain amount, and it keeps trailing the price as it goes down and buys at the best price for you and same for profit sales. Best described with a quick chart and gif here:
[submitted link]
- it's just fucking gud. It's the best way to get fat like Elestir

And it also has Stop Loss and other shits, here's a view of smarttrade (it has bots too but i dont really need em as i have no life anyway and im a bot basically already anyway)

SmartTrade screenshot: [submitted link]

Just sold my XRP stash and set a smarttrade to rebuy it:

Here's an example: [submitted link]

I'd def give 3commas a try if you are trading - it give you 3 days free Pro sub with no credit card or whatever needed.

Here's the ref link so we both get bonus shizzle for our hizzle:
[submitted link]

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