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2017/10/29 01:13, Zepir:   
just shows how uneducated you are, Etherium has far more use and alot more transaction per day. Not to mention ERC20 tokens which every ICO uses now. I am gonna laugh when it goes up this year alot XD. BTC is going to be the gold standard but there is plenty of room for other cpryto.

2017/10/29 12:39, Rashnak: 
Totally not into this, but can you guys inform me how this works out when there is no more Bitcoins or whatever to be created?

In this discussion alone a number of different alternative currencies have been discussed. I believe the idea of Bitcoin for example is that eventually no more can be generated and that expectation drives the value up now.

So when that happens, what stops anyone from just starting a new currency, like there are alternative currencies now?

I understand the security and other factors coming from blockchain technology, but that aside, how is this different from let's say central banks printing more dollars or whatever? Instead, just anyone can create their own currency?

2017/10/29 16:34, Zepir:   
bitcoin has a finite amount at some point it wont be minable anymore. so the difference is you cant keep printing it. this is why it will be worth as much a 20,000 a coin in no time. People mine it thus creating the decentralized network for the transactions and contracts to be ran on. Its gonna take long long time for it to hit its final amount but it will happen. there is other crpytos out there besides bitcoin and some have multi billion dollar market caps, such as etherium and litecoin. anyone can create a new currency but it has to have good use case and technology, investing in crpyto is the same as investing in stocks and are sold and bought on online exhcanges in real time , 24/7 it never shuts down. The ICO's that have new implementations of the block chain tech and are innovative tend to get bought up etc. take a look at and look at the top 100 currencies, each item on the list has a website you can reach and a forum etc. its pretty fun to invest in these penny coins and watch them blow up and pull in decent returns.

2017/10/30 14:44, Rashnak: 
@Zepir: 'bitcoin has a finite amount at some point it wont be minable anymore. so the difference is you cant keep printing it.'

Totally not what I was asking about. I didn't mean the eventually limited supply of any single currency, but the seemingly unlimited supply of currencies overall.

Doesn't that render the limit of individual currencies pretty useless?

If someone needs money but no more BTC or whatever is cheaply enough avalable, they just start a new currency and voila?

He wouldn't even necessarily need any start capital or resource to sell to the market to create the money, just start a currency, lure some suckers into it and there you go?

2017/10/30 17:37, Zepir:   
there will always be trading of BTC even more cannot be created, people will be trading the current supply. you can buy any ammount of btc down to thousands and hundreds of thousands of a single coin. people do create more currencies, all the time almost daily. only the new coins that have a use or technology behind it or major companies seem to make it. One recent company called stellar lumens just landed a deal with IBM for cross border payments, that just made the price skyrocket. its like a crazy stock market where you can make 40 percent gains all the flippin time. get into it asap and dont listen to noob fudders like kirby.

2017/10/30 18:53, Kirby:   

To answer your question of 'why wouldn't people just create a new currency once all bitcoins are mined/created?':

The answer is in the Bitcoin whitepaper I linked a few replies back. But for a 'TL;DR' :

The strength of the real and proper Bitcoin network has to do (among many things) with the fact that that particular blockchain has reached a point where the chain is so long that it makes an attack unfeasible. An attacking node would need to redo the proof-of-work for all of the blocks hashed after the 'double-spend' block they are trying to inject, i.e. they would then need to catch up to and then -outpace- all of the honest nodes in order to get that block included.

As the chain grows in transactions and node coverage, this type of attack becomes less and less feasible, by a huge factor.

So, in other words, nobody with money to lose running a Bitcoin node is going to switch to accepting this 'new currency'. As they would be accepting transactions from a much much weaker chain. There would be no incentive.

2017/10/30 18:59, Kirby:   
Zephir, you are quickly crossing the line from 'innocent and misguided' to 'full-on scammer' with responses like 'time to get in on this ASAP'

I ask the audience, without understanding the technology, would you trust: person A who is trying to warn others to simply take the time to learn becore jumping in, or person B who says to ignore learning and warnings and jump in anyway?

This is personal for me. I've seen too many people get burned by mindsets like that. I'm only asking those thinking of getting into 'crypto' to stop, and learn a bit first. Is that unreasonable?

2017/10/31 02:08, Tyrion:   
Like Zepir's playstyle of jump right in, this is what creates excitement in life.

2017/10/31 02:47, Zepir:   
I just feel like you dont know what you are talking about at all, I got two of my friends into crpyto when i started pulling in returns weekly, they were astonished and jumped right in. I got a friend who just buys bitcoin every paycheck and for him its payed off greatly , he started buying in when bitcoin was 4k a coin now its and 6.2k . Stop spreading fud, crpyto is retardedly easy to get into, you are making it seem like some hard fucking thing, its not. its super simple, step 1 put money into bitcoin step 2 collect profits. I invest into all sorts of fucking shit including ICO's. People should be cautious when getting into this but literally its two steps

step 1. buy bitcoin

step 2. hold bitcoin

step 3. earn a bunch of money

if anyone is interested in getting into this and need help feel free to ask. dont let kirby get to you lol.

2017/10/31 06:40, Rashnak: 
@Kirby: 'nobody with money to lose running a Bitcoin node is going to switch to accepting this 'new currency'. As they would be accepting transactions from a much much weaker chain. There would be no incentive.'

I didn't previously understand that the proper BTC and those alternative currencies are somehow linked to each other - is that what you are saying? Can't a guy run a Bitcoin node and node for some other currency side by side but completely separate?

Now I am only interested in the time when no more bitcoins can be mined, and the only way to acquire more bitcoins for yourself would be to trade something for it - for example your work hours, house, or potatos that you farm.

What stops people from launching a new currency, however weak in the beginning, just to create money out of thin air from and by people like Zepir here?

2017/10/31 08:41, Razoor: 
From what I understand: because the technology isnt mainly a currency. As I think Zepir is trying to explain, it's a piece of software that fills a function that someone needs to be willing to pay to use. The currency is what you receive for contributing to letting the software run on your machine. So unless you can produce a software that people want to use, you're not going to get any one to buy in...and then you have no currency to speak of.

What I wonder is what will happen if/when people realize that most blockchain services arent convenient enough for everyday use and everyday users...that could cause a pretty nasty crash by killing demand.

2017/10/31 10:54, Vaelrin:   
Blockchain is obsolete already.
Hashgraph is the future.

2017/10/31 13:32, Zepir:   
The exact opposite is already occuring, blockchain is becoming far more easier and convenient to use, all the major tech companie are now switching to block chain because of the security, it is inevitable that the rest of the world will fall like dominoes, i am telling you once a company manages to launch the internet 2.0 on the block chain its game over. people who have money in crpyto will be rejoicing in the future, put any money you can in bitcoin and hold it you will be happy.

Rashnak even when bitcoin runs out miners will still get paid to process transactions on the network. Bitcoin is the gold standard it wont go anywhere, all other coins are bought and sold in bitcoin value or etherium. This is the future of tech theres nothing else that comes even close, the worlds first true super computers are being built now on the bloochain, aka golem (gnt) and etherium.

2017/11/01 14:07, Breaux: 
Bitcoin/blockchain is already becoming obsolete? Interesting read on hashgraph

[submitted link]

2017/11/02 10:38, Nimfea: 
Anyone looked into whats quantum computers are gonna do with cc in some years to come? I have very fuzzy understanding of it all but its going to impact cryptography hard, right?

2017/11/02 18:57, Zepir:   
I honestly dont see that as going anywhere, its not open source. The community will reject it. @Nimfea, thats a good point but i dont think they will ever be able to accomplish that. Its a pipe dream really and by the time they do it wont matter we will be dead.

2017/11/02 19:38, Plip:   
@Nimfea, white paper on cryptocurrency security against quantum computing attacks.

[submitted link]

2017/11/03 02:59, Kirby:   

'I didn't previously understand that the proper BTC and those alternative currencies are somehow linked to each other - is that what you are saying?'

They are not linked. There have been numerous 'exchanges' over the years that will list sell/buy orders for both Bitcoin and other supposed 'altcoins' together, but in terms of the function of their respective protocols, no they are unrelated.

'Can't a guy run a Bitcoin node and node for some other currency side by side but completely separate? '


'Now I am only interested in the time when no more bitcoins can be mined, and the only way to acquire more bitcoins for yourself would be to trade something for it - for example your work hours, house, or potatos that you farm.

What stops people from launching a new currency, however weak in the beginning, just to create money out of thin air from and by people like Zepir here? '

Nothing stops them, of course. I am just saying that the nodes running the original Bitcoin codebase form the strongest network (and, in my and many smarter than I's opinion, the only -relevant- cryptocurrency network), on the basis of many factors. So you can create an infinite number of alternatives, sure, but they won't be Bitcoin no matter how hard they market themselves.

I do agree with Zephir that people DO make tons of *short-term* gains by arbitraging these different cryptocurrencies. I am merely trying to warn that this is a risk gambit. It is essentially gambling (and the games are rigged).

There's also two separate ways to look at this whole cryptocurreny thing:

1) Try and manipulate the hype to gain short-term gains by *betting* on the lifespan of the latest Not-Bitcoin (ether).

2) Just ignore the hype and hold your value in Bitcoin proper, understanding that the REAL value in Bitcoin is that it is a store of value that is not dependent on any particular Nation's currency to back that value. Really, Bitcoin is more of a country than a currency. That is what gets lost in mindset 1) above..

2017/11/03 06:33, Kirby:   
@Rashnak: 'launching a new currency, however weak in the beginning, just to create money out of thin air '

Re-reading, I think notion here is what is tripping you up. Razoor already answered this though; Bitcoin is just a protocol, like TCP/IP. You would need people to use your new protocol for it to have any value.

@Zephir: 'Etherium has far more use and alot more transaction per day'

I just noticed this quote. This is a notion I know you will not let go of, but I am telling you: transaction volume is not indicative of a strong protocol or even a strong network. Node coverage, sure. But volume?

A strong network needs node coverage, large-enough hashpower, and a large enough block-chain to make double-spend attacks less feasible.

2017/11/03 06:37, Rashnak: 
Well I'm interested in effect of bitcoin (or crypto currencies in general) on real economy, investments, and dedevelopment of humanity.

It sounds that beyond the hype, the use of bitcoin is to function as new gold standard, and gold has traditionally been used as safe haven for wealth when it is too risky to have it in circulation.

And now when more and more people are (or are being wanted) to invest in crypto, it means more and more money will be out of the real economy - out of trade, out of investment, out of building roads, bridges, schools and hospitals.

Furthermore, the hype at grassroot level seems to be exactly there, in the grassroot level, which means that the profit will also be there, rather than in big financial institutions.

And that means that there is wealth moving to hands which are not accustomed to handle wealth - which is obviously feeding the hype even more.

2017/11/03 09:47, Savu:   
Let the speculations begin
[submitted link]

2017/11/05 04:17, Zepir:   
this is what i predict for 2018, the year of crpyto. The year people actually start paying attention to bitcoin. Massive money will flow into the markets from China and India and bitcoin will hit 20k by 2019 or far earlier. With the Amazon rumors and now soon there will be futures trading on forex with crpyto and other commodities. Seriously guys just buy bitcoin and hold it, easiest way to get into it and probably best way to multiple your fiat. just hold bitcoin for a single year and you will be happy.

2017/11/05 11:34, Vaelrin:   
What you experts think of this article?
Seems legit or?
[submitted link]

2017/11/05 14:30, Svarten:   
It's an opinion piece and the 'you' rhetoric is not inspiring confidence. I see graphgs but don't see the statistical analysis. Though, m nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn¨'

also I don't think the stock analysts' toolbox even if correctly applied can really make any accurate predictions, as these resources are too volatile and (probably) dependent on a very small number of large actors. But I don't think he's scamming, it just seems to me to be a very pointy and targeted message.

(sry, my cat gave an opinion in the middle.)

2017/11/05 18:03, Zepir:   
I dont agree about PIVX, when XVG drops wraith protocol tomorrow, it will be the only privacy coin out there worth using. XVG will start to explode exponentially this year, i got in while it was half of a penny. its reaching about a penny now and should hit 5 cents in no time. Its gained 40 mil in value in the last week ramping up for wraith to come out and steal the market cap from monero and pivx. its the only coin that completely obfuscates IP and uses i2p and tor. if anyone is into crpyto i would buy some xvg before wraith drops tomorrow and hold it for a few months.

2017/11/06 10:09, Vaelrin:   
Zepir, we need to talk.

PM me on FB - Miko Laas (the one with ginger pic duh)

2017/11/06 17:55, Zepir:   
so I told yall to buy XVG at 100 sats its now 130 stas and going to hit 180, buy XVG asap. ok il try to find you. You guys still have 8 hours for wraith to drop seriously buy in now while its barely under a penny, it was half a penny now its almost a penny. I have made 60 percent on my investment this week alone of XVG, moon is the next stop friends.

2017/11/20 21:22, Arcanum:   
Hi. I know very little of cryptos. And even less what's written in this thread. Nevertheless, here's something bullish for cryptos for you:

[submitted link]

2017/12/08 18:59, Arcanum:   
2017/11/05 04:17, Zepir:
/.../ Massive money will flow into the markets from China and India and bitcoin will hit 20k by 2019 or far earlier. /.../

Looking it now, the far earlier part seems almost done. How do we set up a little home mine once again?

2017/12/13 12:36, Prist: 
I don't think it's profitable to mine bitcoin at home. BTC is dominated by miners based in China. I guess you could try mining Monero or somesuch.

Those last few days have been pretty insane in cryptoworld. Been pretty crazy bull run on BTC, shooting to 18k. Two days ago Litecoin tripled in price, now seems that every single altcoin is booming. I'm wholly invested in altcoins so missed BTC crazy rally, my portfolio gained in USD but lost more than half its value in BTC. Insane amounts of money flowing in, seems people are buying anything they can get their hands on. No clue what will happen or when there will be correction - all depending on how many people are sitting on sidelines waiting for dip to buy in. I'm starting to slowly cash out I guess, this is too emotional even for me to hold.

It's pretty crazy world out there right now.

2017/12/13 16:44, Orlanth: 
[submitted link]

I haven't really been watching this thread closely but, personally I doubt that bitcoin will survive very long unless something will be done to the insane electricity usage.

2017/12/13 17:05, Razoor: 
A researcher at oxford made a really good point that the scarcity of BTC is not enforced by cryptography but by man-made protocols, so it’s a fake scarcity that can be changed at any time. So yet another fiat currency.

2017/12/16 04:59, Bardock:  edited 5x   
Crypto is the future of technology, its like getting involved with the internet before it was the internet. This is much bigger then most people even realize. They have been crying its a bubble since it was 200 dollars. This is not a bubble this is the inevitable evolution of technology and currency.

I do got a small mine running at my house, not as large scale as I wanted but I am slowly building up. I got a 6 GPU mining rig that earns about 30-35 dollars per day at market value, since I started mining VTC coin they have gone up 5x in value. Mining is not that expensive to get into, you can spend like 1800 dollars to build a rig that will mine 15-20 dollars a day. You also got to remember these coins constantly go up in value so your stash grows over time . Mining is the equivalent to having a money printing machine sitting in your house.

My next prediction: BTC to 1 million in the next 1-2 years. Start a coinbase account and get some, I am telling you, you wont be sad.

The China mining thing is insane, thats why I am mining VTC (Vert) coin which is a ASIC resistant coin, its a coin for the GPU miner so it keeps the coin decentralized and not in the hands of large Chinese farms. Anyone who has a gaming graphics card, I would suggest to have it mine VTC when you are not using it. Pretty profitable.

Edit: Looking back at my posts regarding Etherium, funny how I was scoffed at by whats his name but ETH has grown by 50 billion since our disagreement. The entire market since I last posted is up 300 billion dollars? I would say not to wait a minute more if anyone is getting involved in Crypto, this is the future here.

ahh it was Kirby, lol what do you have to say now Kirby? Pwnt XD

If you scroll back you can see I made a call to buy XVG when it was half a cent and its now 2 cents. 3x initial investment right there. It was a nice run :D

2017/12/22 14:42, Prist: 
Dedicating this to all crypto buyers-sellers-traders.

[submitted link]

2017/12/22 16:56, Bardock:  edited 1x   
Lol, this is normal to me. I am buying while the blood is in the streets. Holding everything and buying for the ride down, we all know what comes after this :) the ride up will far more thrilling.

BTW that coin I told you all to buy


was a half a penny when i told you guys to load up it hit 15 cents the other day from half a penny. I literally made 30,000. Its dipped down right now cause of the crash, buy in if you can :)

the other coin I told you guys to buy XLM which partnered with IBM was only a few cents and is now .25 cents. Honestly now is a great time to get into crpyto with the prices low before the next all time high, make a coinbase and buy some crpyto and then contact me, even if you have 100 dollars to get started , I can help you turn that 100 into 1000 in no time. Just let me know and I can discuss a good portfolio and the strategies that I use.

2017/12/27 09:11, Razoor: 
Thoughts on this Zepir/others? ”In ten years nobody has come up with a use for blockchain”. Pretty good I think. Flaws?

[submitted link]

2017/12/27 22:19, Bardock:  edited 6x   
not a very well researched paper to be honest, block chain has been implemented in every aspect of technology imaginable. Banks are using it look into XRP aka Ripple and XLM. I cringed the whole time reading that paper, feel bad that guy didnt even do the neccessary research and find out which major corporations have already encompassed it. Not to mention large government bodies. The fact that the writer did not implicate smart contracts or anything ran of the Ethereum network should be the biggest clue that he has no idea what hes talking about. That guy does not even mention the benefit of a distributed network or decentralized network, that should be the biggest hint and clue he has no idea what hes writing about.

read some of the comments and arguments of things the writer completely missed and didnt even bother to write about. Its more eye opening then the article itself.

heres some other perspective

[submitted link]
why the service industry needs blockchain explained also on the site is about 10 other articles explaining the current use of block chain systems in banks and in corporations and the huge demand for block chain systems now. That article was from the opinion, honestly of someone who is not versed in the actual technical side of the block chain nor can grasp the need of decentralized networking systems of the future.

bookmark this site for really good crypto news
[submitted link]

[submitted link]
charles schwab cheif strategist, bitcoin bubble is something diferent

[submitted link]
bitcoin mining can power neuro science [submitted link]
blockchain will fulfill the broken promise of the internet

2017/12/28 22:58, Razoor: 
First article only talks about its utility in theory. That’s the point of the paper I linked - the author cant find many examples of where blockchain tech is actually used. Can you link me some papers writing about where it is currently used in industry? Like link to some known corporations and such?

2017/12/29 19:26, Bardock:  edited 2x   
I have mentioned it a few times

XLM - partnered with IBM to create IBM blockchain for almost fee-less cross border payments

Substratum - decentralized internet that cannot be blocked by governments

Ripple XRP - partnered with what 100 banks now that are using their system

XVG - 100 percent stealth and anonymous currency transactions that cannot be traced.

Civic - unbreakable identity protection on the block chain

GNT - blockchain system that is creating a global super computer that can be rented out for processing power for science , for video production and many many other use cases.

literally the internet is broken in its current state, it is now being rebuilt on the block chain so it cannot be manipulated and silenced. Security is a joke and block chain is pushing us into the future. Decentralizing networks is an astonishing task, imagine an internet that cannot be taken down by the government or silenced or hacked.

Razoor , I urge you to listen to this interview with Tai Lopez and Brock Pierce. He puts it into much better perspective then I could.

[submitted link]
The guy in the article didnt even touch over the hugest use case of blockchains. Decentralized systems that are unbreakable and cannot fail from a centralized system being down. Imagine google, if you take down their headquarters you no longer have The decentralized super computer system of the future will not be able to stopped and this is simply because of thousands upon thousands of decentralized nodes being utilized to push services and features in a way never before thought possible.

@Prist, congrats are you ARK investment. Curious if you dont mind me asking, how many did you get and at what price? Did you get in really early? I bought some back when it was 2 dollars when we were discussing it :D totally forgot about it.

just found another

blockchain is being used in healthcare now

[submitted link]
now do you see my point Razoor? Guy was completely uninformed.

2017/12/30 02:24, Prist: 
I hold few hundred ARK, paid between 1.06-1.23 euros for one (bought in several parts). Don't even know exact number, I smacked it in my Nano S, put it up to staking and forgot about it, guess it has earned me something extra by now. Actually wanted to increase my holdings in ARK some time ago but decided to put extra money in ETH and XLM instead. ETH decicion was kind of meh, XLM turned out pretty ok though.

Generally I'm still pretty happy with my portfolio consisting now of ARK, XLM, LSK, NAV (all with entry points around 30% of what they currently are) and some ETH and BTC as well. Always bit painful to miss those insane pumps like currently with XRP and RaiBlocks or ADA but on the other hand I can just shrug off all those 40%-a-day-drops with my cheap entry points. Seems like insane amount of money chasing pumps on coins which to my understanding hold very little real value. I don't think anyone currently has any idea what is going on ther and people just throw their money in whatever and pray.

2018/01/02 02:57, Patience:   
My question, dudes, is how do we know the Illuminati (or worse, the MUMEinati) aren't the ones controlling this and making bajillions?

2018/01/14 10:33, Muff:   
Zepir and Bardock how can i get hold of you guys?

2018/01/17 12:30, Fieldy: 
Checked out coindesk for fun today. Nothing fun there I must say... Pretty horrible start of the week for cryptocurrency traders.

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