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2021/04/20 19:31, Facelift:   

Privacy > all


2021/04/28 08:19, Savu:   
Time to invest!

[submitted link]

2021/04/29 19:13, Merarl: 
Ethereum goes through the roof because a Mutual Fund gets created. Crypto is a pyramid scheme. Nana should whoops some of y'all's asses!

2021/04/29 19:36, Mithfalen: 
some crpyto is but Vechain is king :) real use case

2021/05/08 05:56, Phae: 
Okay I am def reading all 8 pages of this discussion later as I just started investing in cryptos. I fucking remember when bitcoin first came out and I got a fb msg from a friend for free bitcoin if I joined or some bullshit and I was like THIS IS A SCAM! 1000% A SCAM haha. anyways...still believe that but f*ck it I wanna get paid :P

2021/05/08 06:11, Phae: 
I currently have CRO, DOGE, ETC, BTC, and ETH but I'm def looking at expanding my portfolio so I'm reading back to see what yall are watching/purchasing. Wish I had seen this sooner I would've hopped on the VET train! I've got alerts set up incase it drops below .17 since it's currently at .23

I saw someone up above ask if anyone used Coinbase, I have Coinbase but I find myself using a lot more. I also have robinhood but because I set it up in Hawaii I can't trade crypto on it. Of course like all of em rewards ya for referrals but it's $25 USD so hit me up if you don't use it :P

Care if I email ya questions and shit too since I'm also learning and am still new @ this?

2021/05/08 06:12, Phae: 
I currently have CRO, DOGE, ETC, BTC, and ETH but I'm def looking at expanding my portfolio so I'm reading back to see what yall are watching/purchasing. Wish I had seen this sooner I would've hopped on the VET train! I've got alerts set up incase it drops below .17 since it's currently at .23

I saw someone up above ask if anyone used Coinbase, I have Coinbase but I find myself using a lot more. I also have robinhood but because I set it up in Hawaii I can't trade crypto on it. Of course like all of em rewards ya for referrals but it's $25 USD so hit me up if you don't use it :P

Care if I email ya questions and shit too since I'm also learning and am still new @ this?

2021/05/09 19:11, Mithfalen:edited 1x   
for sure, hit me up, all I do is crypto 24/7, I been doing it since late 2016, always happy to help people :)

Vechain is taking over the world!

I don't know if it will drop to .17 again any time soon. Its a huge project, watch this video Phae to learn some stuff about Vechain you will see why its one of the biggest most successful projects in the world with a real use case.

[submitted link]
I got 10 people or so I talk crypto to daily on Whatsapp, just email me and il shoot you that #

2021/05/09 20:14, Prist: 
Well, after holding since 2018, I sold a third of my holdings (from ETH, OMG and XLM bags, some additional bags are locked in exchange that disabled my account). Feels to me just like it felt in 2018 before the big crash. Took out my initial investment along with some small profit, will look how it goes, may sell another third to buy in later if it crashes and if it does not, I'll keep riding with my last third.

2021/05/10 20:20, Merarl: 
safemoon anyone?

2021/05/10 21:18, Mithfalen: 
beware the hype coins going around, those tend to crash the biggest.


all solid choices , chasing those pump coins can be very volatile, not saying you cant make money with them but the risk is very high.

2021/06/24 04:24, Cuuldur:  edited 7x   
Pretty sure VET has dropped below .17 Phae. Feel free to buy as much as you can as fast as possible. To the moon.

It's easy to play around with time frames when it comes to comparing price changes. Since December 2017:

S&P 500: +58%
Bitcoin: +56%

What would you rather invest in? Tangible companies or a currency that is manipulated by the whims of billionaires?

I do love the smell of tulips though.

2021/06/24 06:08, Axel: 
What would you rather invest in? Tangible companies or a currency that is manipulated by the whims of billionaires?

None of the above. Metals :)

IMO shares of companies, official currencies and crypto are all manipulated and totally overrated. I would rely on nothing which is tied to official currencies.

And as long as currencies are handled the way they are nowadays I invest a small part of my earnings into cryptos as well as some very few selected stocks for money will move when official currencies are devalued at an ever increasing pace.

Then again there is no insurance for anything. Never. Best approach IMO is to stay healthy, fit, openminded and not rely on social systems and such being there to catch you falling.

2021/06/24 18:33, Arcanum:   

2021/07/11 03:36, Cuuldur:   
Mithfalen - I am now rudderless in the cryptoworld without your guidance...what am I am supposed to do?

Invest? Hold on for dear life? Pretend I sold at the peak?

I am so confused.

2021/07/11 04:47, Cuuldur:  edited 4x   
I am also not sure how you think crypto can be the be all currency when china can just straight up ban it. You don't think other countries who have devalued their currency wont do the exact same thing? Do you even know the history of the fiat system?

Do you really think the US or Europe will ever let a new currency system be developed? One they can't control and manipulate? The idea of a decentralized monetary system is sound, but is it feasible?

Last post of his was 80% vechain glory from china. LOL. I can't believe you can't trust a communist country. Shocking.

And please don't send me a wall of text.

2021/07/13 02:38, Cuuldur:   
Trolling just isn't fun when you get no response...

2021/07/13 11:48, Arcanum:   
It is all just funny monopoly game money - the vet, the eur, the btc, the usd etc. We know that the criminals do not like competition. Maybe they can kill the independent crypto and maybe they cant.

'Is there a connection between Human Freedom and A
Gold Redeemable Money? At first glance it would seem
that money belongs to the world of economics and
human freedom to the political sphere.

But when you recall that one of the first moves by
Lenin, Mussolini and Hitler was to outlaw individual
ownership of gold, you begin to sense that there may be
some connection between money, redeemable in gold,
and the rare prize known as human liberty.


In a free country the monetary unit rests upon a fixed
foundation of gold or gold and silver independent of the
ruling politicians. Our dollar was that kind of money
before 1933. Under that system paper currency is
redeemable for a certain weight of gold, at the free
option and choice of the holder of paper money.


Under such conditions [fiat currency sustem] the individual citizen is deprived
of freedom of movement. He is prevented from laying
away purchasing power for the future. He becomes
dependent upon the goodwill of the politicians for his
daily bread. Unless he lives on land that will sustain
him, freedom for him does not exist.'


[submitted link]

2021/07/15 11:43, Facelift:   
The China shit is just fud. It's overblown. Stop being lemmings. This is market manipulation 101 - real players are accumulating and keeping the price down on purpose. They have the funds and means to spread any kind of FUD before they turn it around after the wallets are filled with cheapcoins.

If you're so naive nor know any actual details, ya should steer off from investing, this is why 90% of people get rekt because they are filthy casuals.

2021/07/15 20:28, Ytinas:edited 1x   
Looking at how much is being spent on crypto ads (35% of ads for me!?!?), Iím not sure we agree on who are the lemmings here.

Ps: I also distinguish trading from investing. Iím sure you can make (and lose) many a buck on trading crypto, but that doesnít make crypto investable on a private portfolio.

2021/07/19 20:06, Relim:  edited 1x   
+1 ^^ Ytinas - absolutely.

I'm not sure I agree with you, though, Axel... Not only did I run a plc for 7 years where I saw this in spades, I can also assure you that (outside of perhaps your top 100s), the vast majority of mid-caps are valued on a EPS/performance basis. Having a little knowledge of the listed businesses, rather than following the trends of the 100s (ie, you could've made a small fortune from trading up on Tesla, but I'm not sure it was based on performance alone), isn't a bad way to put some serious money away for a rainy day.

Though I also wouldn't leave it alone for weeks/months without serious check in. While most mid-caps have future expectations built into to their pricing, there's still many a slip up where material (-/+ 10%) announcements towards the end of each quarterly/half-yearly cycle can send a share up/down accordingly. But that's where the most fun is.

Dividend plays - GSK, for example, which I still have a soft spot for - can be played as a long-term investment as they tend to stick pretty and are held by the pension companies (who will only really invest into dividend-yielding companies).

But do avoid Reddit. Like HCMC, is all over the place, and can only be hyped so far before the newbies with their Trading 212 type accounts get found out, and for several hundred/thousands, and the rest.

And as for shorting...

Of course, there's always this (but corrections, calculations etc...): [submitted link]

2021/07/20 11:31, Cuuldur:  edited 3x   

2021/07/27 16:55, Mithfalen: 
everyone had a really nice chance to get in low before this next leg up, hope your bags are packed .

vechain is gonna melt faces.

2021/08/12 00:08, Mithfalen:edited 8x   
anyone here buy that nice dip we had before the next leg of the bull run? The cycle played itself out exactly as it did last time, hopefully it didnt shake too many people on here out, holding is the best thing you can do in this game, just look back 5 years and all the insane crashes, thats how it works. Just imagine where we will be the next 5 years, keep stacking bags with dollar cost averaging, have some patience, crypto/blockchain technology is the next major paradigm shift of our time.

oh I see, I missed some posts on here lol. people that watch from the sidelines only like to comment when the markets 'crash' yes there was a nice healthy pullback, as with every bull run I ever been involved with in crypto, its the same thing, in the short term it was for sure a nice little crash, I never sold a coin, just dollar cost averaged to get bigger bags at lower prices, its funny how many 'no coiners' get all excited when they see on the news there was a crypto tank but you do realize that before last summer bitcoin was 7000$ or so the main token I bought #VET was .007 thats seven tenths of one penny. At the bottom of this most recent crash, bitcoin was still 27,000 and Vechain at the lowest went to .055 very briefly. traders got wrekt im sure but long term hodlers like me and people with solid plans were all still well up into profit.

do not trade, research a project that has a use case in the real world and is being adapted by companies, buy and hold, fast forward 5 years, take massive profits. Crypto is simple, its the emotions that get you, its the panic sellers that lose money or the emotional ones or the people who mortgage their homes and go into extreme debt to buy at the top and then sell at the bottom xD

as we have discussed many times in this forum the crashes are well expected and will come but its people who hop into crypto thinking its some kind of crazy get rich scheme who get burnt real bad by being emotional, the crash was such a good buying opportunity, I hope some people here got it at those lows.

Cuuldur was trying to tease on me cause the crash but no worries friend, I was not even close to losing any money :)

and your comments regarding China and stuff, Vechain is a public blockchain , its not controlled by any government entity , you should really study up on crypto and block chain, then you would understand that countries 'banning it' literally means nothing.

oh damn I missed that comment from Facelift too, he is absolutely right, could not of said it better. thumbs up.

2021/09/02 16:19, Mithfalen: 
like I said 21 days ago, get ready for the big movements, the second half of a bull market is always the craziest.

2021/10/14 17:02, Mithfalen: 
and right on schedule Q4 bull run melting faces


2021/10/15 05:05, Ytinas: 
Please define melt faces or your use of the term bull run. Bull runs typically go up.

2021/10/15 09:49, Facelift:   
Considering the world economy as of now, I really suspect a proper crash before anything starts to go up past ATHs for now.

October is going to be crucial for monthly closes.

2021/10/15 15:25, Bardock: 
this is the cycle that repeats , after every halving cycle with bitcoin, the second half is generally insane, like it has been. The real time to make money starts now, prepare yourselves!!!!!! Life is so good, things are doing far better then I could of imagined. This cycle seems to be running longer then the previous one, I am keeping my eyes open to determine when the best time will be to convert some profit into stable coins.

you guys are about to see some crazy moves in crypto!

2021/10/15 18:11, Ytinas: 
Crazy movesÖ You mean like rats fleeing a sinking ship?

2021/10/15 18:59, Mithfalen: 
im talking more about the several trillions flowing in.

2021/10/20 16:47, Mithfalen: 
Waow it seems I was correct again about the record breaking markets :) I hope that mid cycle dip didnt scare everyone out, if you just hold the next couple months are going to be insane gains!

2021/11/02 12:36, Nero: 
I just bought some crypto so I think it's safe to say: crypto is now dead. Get out while you can.

2021/12/04 05:39, Ytinas: 
Now that is a scary looking graph!

2022/05/12 18:24, Ytinas: 
Everyone still hodling on or followed Neroís advice? Anyone fleeing to Ďstableícoins? Leaves, Tulip bulbs or other safe havens? Mith, did your shorts pan out?

2022/05/12 18:45, Axel: 
I was waiting for that post :) No shit - some scary graphs. 'stable' coins? Do we have those? I did not sell any crypto. But that was never my intend. I put them all on paper wallets and hid those under my pillow :p I bought some crypto and mined some months last year. Mining was very interesting from a technical point of view. Setting up various Linux machines and getting the GPUs going and such. I got into a total new community. Great - technically and socially. But I am out since about October last year.

I must admit that there is not much trust left in crypto. About as much as in Euros and Dollars. As I mentioned before I only really trust in other 'shiny' valuables, but well I will keep the cryptos for diversity reasons. Who knows :)

2022/05/12 21:45, Prist: 
I dumped all I had last year during high times with plenty of profits when I felt that crypto is getting too wobbly for me. What I sold for 2 euros or so piece is trading now on cents.

Best decision ever. Got a nicely renovated home now.

2022/05/13 20:22, Axel: 
Good for you and thumbs up. I never had that much invested in crypto.

End of 2014 I got 0.1 BTC for 45 EUR. That is still about 2800 EUR now. In that same sense I have some coins as win or fail in my portfolio. At the moment I do not really believe crypto will make it, but I did not do that in 2014 either. And BTC is still up a few percent from then ;)

I do not believe in paper. I do not believe in financial obligations. We are spammed with colorful words. Is that the key? I believe in substantial values. Metals - for instance. But saying that I could of course imagine that all current values might be of NO value in the future. Who knows? And what does really count?

That is the key. What does really count?

2022/05/14 07:15, Ytinas: 
Life, people, connection are important.

Not important are silly things (which arguably includes metal). Worse are harmful things, things that extract value. Whether you consider crypto *as a currency* a pyramid scheme or not, the sheer scale of resources wasted on it makes it quite special.

Cost of a bitcoin transaction is approaching 2MWh (my family used 1.5MWh in electricity over a year).
Tata Steel IJmuiden consumes ~4*10^7 MWh/a to produce ~7 million tons of steel/a (2012-2014 numbers), or 6MWh/ton.
So a energy cost of a transaction in bitcoin costs the equivalent of making 0.3 tons of steel*. Holy heavy metal, Batman!

So many things we could do with that energy (like not using, it to protect important thing #1).?Over 10.000 transactions in bitcoin per hour (Visa: ~100.000 per minute!). Thatís like sinking almost 2 Moskvas every day**!!

(*vastly oversimplified: this number includes carbon used in reducing the steel. But procured one would need energy to mine and move the ores and coals too. Ballpark the figures should still be valid tho. [submitted link]
(** no, not really, a ship is far from 100% steel, but it may help get the message across).

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