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Message 2544 : MUME moving to a new machine (Dáin)  catchup  discussions

2017/11/07 18:07, Naga: 
Message 2544 : MUME moving to a new machine (Dáin)
Written on Tue Nov 7 18:02:16 2017

MUME will move to a new machine in the next very small (1 or 2) number of days.

Its new IP address will be but nothing else should hopefully

The DNS entry ( will be moved at some point, but I'm not sure exactly
when. Jot down the IP address somewhere if you want to continue playing until

The game will be closed for a while during the migration. I don't know when.

Sorry for the short notice.

- Dáin

2017/11/08 20:16, Fieldy:   
What colour is the new machine?

2017/11/08 22:29, Waba:   
MUME is up on the new machine (thanks Dáin).

Please use the IP address until we can get the DNS updated.

PS: as pointed out by Golwac, you have to restart MMapper when you change the server IP in its configuration.

2017/11/08 22:42, Fieldy:   
Wow, that was damn fast! Thanks!
But I don't understand how to reset the MMapper. Changed the host to that IP, nothing. Or what am I doing wrong?

2017/11/08 23:06, Valr:   
In mmapper - preferences, mmapper config, remote server, swap with, close mmapper, restart it, then your clientside alias to connect should work.

2017/11/08 23:19, Dakota: 
I've got the same thing going on as Fieldy. Swapped out with, closed mmapper, restarted it, and went to enter my mume clientside alias to connect (#connect localhost 4242) and Server not responding!!! What am I missing?

2017/11/08 23:31, Elestir:   
Make sure you are using port 4242. The port 443 for example isn't supported yet on the new server.

2017/11/08 23:32, Pilois:   
Dakota: Is your port 4242 in mmapper as well?

2017/11/09 00:30, Dakota: 
All set! It was the Remote port number that I still had set to 443. Thanks guys!

2017/11/09 13:35, Naga: 
@Waba: what about your MUME web client? Do you have an ETA?

2017/11/09 21:39, Rohik: 
Afaik version 2.3 of Waba`s web-client is working atm.

2017/11/12 13:26, Fieldy:   
So what up with the server?

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