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2018/01/24 06:37, Yutham:   
Greetings fellow MUME people!

I have not been active for awhile, but I have been thinking alot about mume lately. There is not any games like it and I wish more people were active. Both pve, pvp, role play and most of all builders and developers.

That aside! I would love to hear everyone's favorites about this game. So here are some questions, answer any you want, or even add more for me and others to answer!

1. What is your favorite zone/area?

2. What char/build/race do you love? And which do you dislike?

3. How many characters have you made?

4. What is your highest level?

5. If you could change anything about the game, what would it be?

6. If you are inactive, or have inactive friends/labbies, what would it take to bring you/them back?

2018/01/24 07:38, Fieldy:   
1. Moria, New Mirkwood and Emyn
2. Hard hitting/good defense warrior (lets me play as I wish that day), mage, pure scout.
3. 21 are still in account, made about 30 (yeah, about 9 gotten deleted)
4. 60+
5. Downgrade mobdeath xp loss. It is just too much. On the administrative side, fix SEO - its crap and noone can find us via search engines.
6. Nothing would bring them back, they just don't play anymore, because it takes too much time and there are other things to concentrate on.

2018/01/24 15:26, Rashnak: 
1. I like most that there are many differenct large areas to choose from.

2. I think that I will always have soft spot toward clerics with blindness and bow, but more generally I favor sturdier setups in any class.

3. Overall, probably 100-200. In last few years my account has multiplied from some 15 characters to close to 80. I constantly get ideas for new builds, and not infrequently end up making new character with exact same stats that I already had on some other character.

4. 100

5. I'd have to be more active to decide which of my few ideas I'd choose, or who I'd listen to.

6. I can't think of anything that'd make them come back. Nothing I wish for them anyway.

2018/01/24 15:28, Barret:   
1. Moria
2. I love scouts and mages. I don't like warriors much except for trolls.
3. I have 21 currently. I've lost a few heroes to neglect, the sun, or Sauron's list. I've probably made one hundred characters in my career but most fizzle out and delete.
4. 50
5. I would modify all the objectively useless spells and skills so that they would do something new.
6. I'm only semi active but new zones, mobs, items, and such usually get me to log in. And once I do, I unusually play steadily for a while. I have some friends who are much less active. I don't think most of them will come back until their kids grow up or they retire. But I can usually get a group together for short bursts to explore new zones when they are added.

2018/01/24 16:47, Reich: 
1. Moria

2. warm spot in my heart for Bn Mage and troll, dislike dwarf warriors because they're too easy and dull.

3. 24

4. 66

5. Make the game more casual. Its so hard to log in for around an hour and get anything done. You really need to invest an entire evening to play the game.

6. I doubt i'll ever come back. Free or more reduced rent would make me want to log in high level chars without needing to farm gold.

2018/01/24 17:11, Naga: 
1. I honestly can't decide. Moria was the first zone I mapped. I knew BM/GH like the back of my hand. Loved them.

2. Love Troll. Always been a fan of cleric/mage and thief otherwise.

3. 53

4. 37 and Shaper

5. There's lots of things I wish I could change. Things I am actively trying to change/add. Most of all, I would remove the incentives to 'not play'.

6. A lot of people I know pop back in from time to time, which is kind of cool. Others vehemently refuse due to various reasons. That chapter in their life is over, but many friendships remain.

2018/01/24 20:07, Lindisse:   
1) Lorien, for the density of mini quests, speaking mobs, things to discover.

2) Elves keep me dreaming. Lindisse, combo mage scout, is currently my prefered character.

3) 34 (Lindisse).

4) 4.

5) I would open source it, and encourage community development.

6) I tend to get bored grinding, which makes me stop to play for months. Maybe that a better scaled pool of equipment could solve that a bit, but I also consider Mume as a grinding game, so, I just come back when I seek some mindless grinding...

2018/01/25 10:12, Järv:  edited 1x   
1. Idk, I've always liked the area around Malardil and Tharbad. It's probably because of the amount of pickable/lockable doors and fun fight spots around there.

2. Any kind of warrior/war-combo, especially orc ones. Clerics are fun too. The first char I made was a scout and that class always holds a special place in my heart even though I almost never play scout anymore. Trying to get better at mage. I managed to list every class, huh.

3. 30+

4. 50+

5. I'd make more doors pickable. Then I'd remove the bare-targetting system and move on to make PER more useful. The 'strike for a weakness'-change was good, but could be made even more effective, especially for piercers with high attack vs. metals. Or maybe I would even keep the bare-targetting system but only make it work properly if you have high PER.

6. I don't have any inactive friends. But if I had maybe I'd let them know about all the improvements that has been done recently (new zone, new zaug quests, kit upgrades and all that good stuff).

2018/01/25 10:51, Benedictus:   
6. Reduced rent. Currently if you want to burn couple hours, run around kill some smobs with full shining metal character it costs you 50-300g per login. So you spend 1-2hours every time you log in getting those coins from low level mobs. So MUME punishes you by wasting 1-2 hours on every login if you want to play MUME.

2018/01/25 11:03, Fieldy:   
5. Ahyeah, I join Benedictus on that one. For zorcs it is even more impossible :D Nowhere to sell anything. So if you have a nice set for a zorc it is wiser to ship it up north.

2018/01/25 13:20, Boent: 
>> 5. If you could change anything about the game, what would it be?

I think sundeath for trolls is too harsh of a penalty. I don't think it's necessary to have such penalty. Trolls already have big enough penalty which is mobility. This is tactical pk penalty, i.e. being suntrapped and subject to overkill.

2018/01/26 18:13, Slayah: 
1) Favorite area would probably be Moria and Old Forest Road. Learning both of those areas was dearly paid for in my blood.

2) Anything Combo. Combo stat tinkering has been my passion ever since my first character (warrior) tried to get lightning bolt because it was cool and didn't work :(. My favorite type of combo are my quad combos.

3) 30+ (mostly experiments, only play 3-4)

4) 54

5) One thing I liked about Starcraft or League of Legends was how the balance was constantly being tweaked requiring you to innovate and adapt. MUME has a bunch of great spells and skills but some are nerfed into the ground for probably good reason making your actual viable combat choices quite limited. I'd love to see some of the more interesting, peculiar spells make a come back such as Energy Drain to add some spice into a incredibly Bash, Store Quake, Dispel evil, Backstab dominated combat system.

6) Obviously it's a game and you can't play it all the time, and sometimes not any of the time. That's fine and normal. MUME is a GREAT game however, and find myself coming back to it over every other modern game due to its brilliance. One of the reason's MUME has such a (small) but strong community is that many have been rather intimately involved in contributing directly to the game whether it's building a zone, having an idea implemented, posting a great log on ER everyone read and loved. That kind of involvement is one of the reasons MUME has such an ardent base. If MUME management perhaps opened up the doors a bit more allowing more ideas to be implemented there would be a warm response from those who have left the game thinking it's stagnant.

2018/01/28 17:17, Lozen: 
1. Favorite zone/area: moria because it seemed so dangerous when I was first learning it which took a long time. And OW+SD areas for pk

2. Race/build I like: elf mage is the char I feel I've been able to make the most powerful with a good prac+stat setup. But I find bashing warmage and pure warrior to be the most fun to play. Anything with a lot of hps, does high damage each hit, and bashes.
Dislike: scout for obvious reasons and orc shamans because each one I've made, no matter the stats and prac set, they are always so incredibly weak when taking damage

3. At least a couple hundred over the years. Alot of experimenting with stats. Then some rage quits where I threw away chars

4. Got 4 different chars in the 52-54 range. Lozen currently the highest iirc at 54

5. Mules don't deserve the word mountain in their name. I'd either remove the word from their description or increase their effectiveness in mountains to make them worthy of such a name. They are a joke in the mountains. Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing. A lot has changed with mume over the years but adapting to the changes has been a lot of fun. A lot of hard work but a lot of fun. Just like changes IRL

6. Currently been inactive for a couple months now. Life threw me a curve ball and I'm currently trying to adapt. Don't have access to a personal computer and don't know when I'll be able to get another but I hope soon. As soon as I get one tho I'll be back

2018/02/07 04:25, Merarl: 
1. What is your favorite zone/area? Brush/Brolg/DT

2. What char/build/race do you love? And which do you dislike? Humans cuz moves.

3. How many characters have you made? Currently have about 7, lots of ones have decayed. Too many to count.

4. What is your highest level? 27

5. If you could change anything about the game, what would it be? We would all chip in and advertise to get more players, cuz this game is BOSS!

6. If you are inactive, or have inactive friends/labbies, what would it take to bring you/them back? I'm as active as time allows. Thanks for all the hard work people! We should do donation again for adverts!


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