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2018/04/30 15:52, Nukafuka: 
Tracking an enemy down is pointless most of the times..regardless of how long the tracks last..since any decently built/geared legend has the possibility of circling arda a couple of times by abusing mounts/bob/draughts/i.e...add a couple of rocks and some stun pouches to that and you'll have a very hard time finding someone with their pants down...

I will also disagree with new zones being a bad thing...i think diversity and options are always a good thing and at least Emyn is a great addition to this game! What i would do instead, is to rework current zones (leave builders pride aside, since its for the good of the community). Big open zones like Lorien or immortality zones like anduin riverbed are a bigger frustration than decaying tracks...

Killing an unique mobile, going into some busher for a rare herb, or smobbing for god knows what, should involve a risk...the higher the reward, the higher the risk. Goblins, Luxzum, Sewers (with the exception of the water part..), Hillmen, Emyn stuff, i.e. are all good examples of zones that offer reward for taking some risks.
We also have zones like shire, that are going to whaste...weakening/spawning less bounders/rangers and such in winter, for example, combined with meybe adding some incentive for darkies to move west of bree...there are quite a few awsome zones that people only visit for tps nowadays...

Some people mentioned timed timed events, like the summer camp or the riders burning vale village...we need more of these and we need to get both sides involved in them (i.e., the tower is under attack message that defending side received, when someone killing their tower).

And lastly, many zones have become way to easy, with new levels, new gear, and mobs remaining the same, only buff being the awareness boost to ruin sneak, but thats another story. I know its nice to faceroll all arda on your fine metal mage with its army of charmies, but its not fun for most of us...rework the whole punching bag stategy most mobiles are using now into something that involves more challenging strategy on the players side and hopefully lenghtens the time the player spends trying to kill that group of mobiles, delaying them more in their path and giving pkillers a chance to catch up...

And lastly, for both pkillers and xpers, interacting with the opposite side is a thrilling experience, and by no means, getting hunted down by pkillers is a bad thing for the expers. On the contrary, for new players its a great learning experience and their first encounter with pkill.

More on the topic, i would add an additional feature for pkillers, like a mobile that they could ask about state of arda, and he could offer information like 'many corpses have been spotted eregion', 'noises were heard in X zone', 'some elf attempted to assassinate our patrols near ohurk', and so on. Having a larger group, would provide more evidence of your passing, vs lets say, a sneaking scout that picks flowers. This service would be provided for all sides, for a certain cost, and it would give yet another nice zone to find pk, when very few people on/no pk is found (given you would avoid this zone when number of players on is high, since risky).

2018/05/05 03:35, Baratheon:  edited 2x   

2018/05/05 03:53, One:   
So what are the cons of having a track normal/carefully/thoroughly option? I personally like the idea of knowing which direction to hunt.

2018/05/18 01:11, Rashnak: 
One thing to consider, is that even though tracks would remain up to 24 hours (or even more), they should still be subject to disappear due to weather effects etc.

2018/05/18 06:13, Isildork:   
What about being able to protect your tracks better, i.e. make them vanish faster, if you are ready to put some effort in it, e.g., if your wilderness is very high? (Which in fact does makes sense, I think)

A poor little BN lass like me otherwise would have no way of moving about Arda and live any span of time worth mentioning.

2018/05/18 07:49, Magog:edited 1x   
@Isildork: It makes no sense to base track decay on wilderness (poorly reflected by str/wil requirements). That would just make trolls decay tracks faster then the smallest/nimblest of them hobbitses.... Instead, it should be affected by the weight of the person, by the weight of their eq, by the terrain, by the weather, by their ride percent (when riding), and so on.
EDIT: also, size of group/speed of travel should affect it (i.e.: a hobbit sneaking shouldn't leave same age tracks as pack of dwarves running in open)

2018/05/19 07:10, Rashnak: 
I like the idea of players having control over their tracks.

Weight is obvious thing, and I would also consider movement speed. Spammers would leave more tracks than those who walk at slower pace.

Maybe the old 'run feature' could work better with trackability than movecost.

Maybe a slow walker could leave tracks same as currently, but spamming would increase the decay up to 24 hours or whatever.

Of course I have no idea if something like this can be implemented codewise.

2018/05/19 07:18, Cur:   
I like that idea. Sneakers would and should be more difficult to track.

And logarithmic increase in track duration for every person travelling together.

2018/05/20 03:11, Gomi:  edited 2x   
You might consider basing trackability on leadership, too: it should be easier to track groups with a poor leader.

(I also think leadership should somewhat strongly influence movecost for both leader & followers...)

Why not also/instead make track much more tightly linked to alertness level --- on both ends? Higher alertness seems to imply more care taken examining one's immediate surroundings, which should in turn aid in moving stealthily or guessing someone's path to quickly follow tracks.

2018/05/20 04:41, One:   
I agree with Cur, sneakers take the “scenic” route and therefore their tracks should be out of the way and harder to find and follow. Scouts move slower to sneak, so the person following in their footsteps would also move slightly slower.

Unless you plan on penalizing groups on move cost, I don’t see why leadership should have any effect on moves.

Alertness is for being aware of people in you surroundings. I don’t think it should help find tracks, but it does help you avoid getting stabbed while tracking.

I think track should have the normal, carefully, and thoroughly options. The later are slower but better for longer tracks and for tracking someone hidden. I would keep pursue locked to normal, finding the tracks is the hard part, following them shouldn’t change. Why complicate it more than that.

What was the old run feature?

2018/05/21 13:30, Rashnak: 
Old run feature calculated your moving speed (move commands per time unit) and if you spammed 'too much', it switched on running mode which was more move consuming than walking mode.

But it worked really bad with lag etc, and everyone hated it.

Basically it was attempt to convert player performance in moving speed into ingame character property.

2018/05/22 00:28, Algroth: 

Beefing thieves are not the way to go! Not surprised Cur suggests advantages for thieves, he's been playing them for 30 years! *lick*

Really like the ideas regarding certain events and quests that happen in a certain tight period of time that can draw all races to a specific area.

Instead of extended track decaying times, maybe something more passive in the description of a room where someone has passed recentely? Eg. - 'You see some flattened grass here'. 'You see some broken branches here'.

Or something of the like, which would catch your eye and make you want to track there. As per usual it would be based on your skill in track and/or wilderness etc..

2018/05/22 01:13, Bardock:  edited 1x   
12 trick tack is just so fucking retarded, all the elves of tolkien are rolling in their imaginary graves, Aragorn is crying to Arwen while she rams him with a strap on, '12 ticks only 12 ticks ya say, im fucking aragorn'


my elf gets like 130 percent track, whats the fukkin point? lel god game is so dumb

2018/05/22 10:20, Cur:   
Making thieves a little tiny bit more difficult to slowtrack is not beefing them up, as they won't be made stronger in meelee, shooting or other forms of fighting.

It would, however, add a little flavour and a possibility to use some tactics, in a mud which is increasingly populated by homogenous multiclassed characters.

That would require this option to be mostly open only to 'pure' thieves, or at least purish ones, though. Or at least more open to them than to multiclassers.

2018/05/22 13:23, Elestir:  edited 1x   
You need to consider the time restriction on tracks duration in the context of how fast travel on MUME is. E.g. it took Frodo 17 days to get from Weathertop to Rivendell while in MUME you can pass that distance in a RL minute (ingame 1 hour). That's 408× faster than in Tolkien's world. Seen in this light, the 12-13 ticks duration of tracks is still pretty long.

As for beefing up thieves, I would prefer to improve their fighting abilities while shooting (perhaps the malus on defense while wielding a bow should be based on missile skill, e.g. 100% missile -> no pb malus). I would also remove nosneak, but at the same time made sneak slower (but more reliable) outdoors and search/reveal/flush faster indoors.

2018/05/22 14:51, Wiseman: 
I'd like to make track even shorter. It's currently extremely difficult to pk solo as you're likely to get hunted down by a group who can track all over Arda using BOB to gain unlimited mobility.

Or maybe make track a passive effect that scales with your %, per, wilderness, and awareness.

For instance, a character with high numbers of all of these would see 'You notice orc tracks leading south' when entering a room. The likelihood of seeing this message would be based on your level of the above items.

This would make scouts the best tracking class, as they should be.

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