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News 2553: Important change to roots and other snares catchup  discussions

2018/06/28 19:17, Waba:   
Message 2553 : Important change to roots and other snares (Waba)
Written on Thu Jun 28 19:02:40 2018

We fixed two bugs that have been making 'drag back' snares (e.g. old forest
roots) silently release their victims for the past two years.

Bugs: Snares in rooms with random exits (e.g. old forest) would occasionally
release you if you spammed directions, and rooms containing multiple competing
snares would frequently forget about you after dragging you back once or twice.

What changed: Clumps of roots will once again keep you trapped until killed,
other snares will not release you either in the situations above. This will
make certain areas more difficult and re-enable some PK traps, so please be
extra careful if you relied on being able to just walk away!

What did not change: Some less common snares may offer a chance to escape,
and special features may set you free, but always with an explicit message.

As always, please use the 'bug' command to report any cases we missed, or if
you think these fixes have introduced any unexpected side-effects. We want to
hear about it if you escape from a snare without a message.

2018/06/28 21:01, Rohik: 
Did I understand it correctly that now trees+roots rooms in Mirkwood are Mob-DT`s for single players?

2018/06/29 01:28, Wiseman: 
Sounds that way.

This bug saved me from mobbing a couple days ago :)

2018/06/29 03:23, Rashnak: 
I always thought that with sufficient strength (and luck) you could break from roots, and that's what happened when there was no message about it. But guess not.

2018/06/29 03:36, Sedad:   
One less 'feature' for Elestir to use.


2018/06/29 07:45, Mosh: 
How come every thread turns into Elestir bashing? *facepalm*

2018/06/29 14:06, Fredde: 
Ay Rashnak, that was what we all thought back in the day.

Elestir still playing or is this 15 year ago bashing still going on?

2018/07/01 07:08, Livien:   
I had a suspicion that roots recently were more forgiving than they used to be. Am glad this bug has been fixed.

2018/07/02 12:52, Algroth: 
Huh, as previously mentioned, I always thought that it was str based if you could (luckily) flee-escape roots. It always appeared that I could flee roots easier on trolls then any other char, guess it was just a misconception :P

Sorry Svarten, no more soloing Eblees! :)

2018/07/02 17:10, One:   
I believe black roots in mwood were made to give a chance to flee out. I heard roots got bugged in an update in 2016 and have just been reverted to their original intent. Before this fix you could just walk out of roots by moving a direction 3-4 times.

2018/07/02 20:43, Vaelrin: 
Make the roots burnable like cobwebs, they can be the biggest and worst source of frustraton for newbies, especially in noscout rooms.

not everyone knows rootspots by head or have them mapped.

Wtf you do with a lowbie who gets stuck in roots? Guaranteed mobrip because odds are that with today's low pop, there won't be much of a help coming on your way...

So yeah, as mentioned above, back in the day with healthy pop it was not a problem for a lowbie and encouraged interaction and having fun having your starving ass saved, but now it's going to be depressing af.

Perhaps adjust it that with PK adrenaline you can't burn roots as your 'hands are shaking' or whatever shit.

2018/07/02 22:20, One:   
I would rather see a delay untangling from roots, similar to delay for dig rubble at mrak but longer. It would also cost something close to 20 mvs.

2018/07/03 02:58, Rashnak: 
It could also work so that when you get tangled, it'd be ÷possible to get out without killing it but doing so would have chance for a random piece of your equipment getting stuck in the roots and staying behind.

Maybe a ring, or a piece o shining. Something to sacrifice, less so for newbies.

2018/07/03 04:19, Fieldy:   
Doing Mirkwood will be a real bitch now : P

2018/07/03 12:09, Svarten:   
Nuh, I just today escaped some black roots (not that I had to.) I remember those dragged me like 100 rooms into Eblees once though... maybe that was what triggerd someone to do that other change in 2016?

Livien you you didn't walk out, you fled out. Fleeing around can make you travel more rooms per second so you could flee 2 rooms faster than the roots would drag, and they wouldn't drag you 2 rooms if you got that far. Doublefleeing can otherwise be Very Handy when up against actionhunters. Now, you can't doubleflee out of roots because I just did that and got dragged 2 rooms. Through an unclimbable exit if I had tried to walk the normal path, but the roots made me just skip past a room, I think.

I actually tried flee+walk out of roots too. It said something like I could not concentrate. On walking! What silliness!

As a Troll, I cannot but applaud this change and look forward to long stationary sessions. Might I also ask for some more roots added to the roots loadspot near EP since it apparently is Christmas? *evil laughs*

2018/07/03 12:13, Svarten:   
Also Algroth you goof where do you think I FIRST tested whether I could escape from roots (not that I have to.)

2018/07/03 12:47, Cohen:   
The change explicitly mentions 'Clumps of roots'. This should not be a big deal for newbies, as there are not many non-hidden places westish with roots, one around bm and old forest (and here you can call Tom).
I checked logs from Mirkwood with black roots and i can see
'With effort you break free from the grasp of the roots.'
- so these roots should fall into 'not changed', where is chance to break the hold with dedicated message.

2018/07/03 13:19, Elestir:   
I wonder what would happen if in the moment you flee from roots, you would get transfered/summoned by some cleric. Will you get dragged back to roots across half Arda?

I assume so, because if they can drag over 2 rooms now, they can probably do so over any distance...

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